Kevin Federline Welcomes Daughter Jordan Kay

08/16/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
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Kevin Federline is a dad again!

The former backup dancer and onetime rapper welcomed his fifth child, daughter Jordan Kay, at 6:33 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 15, PEOPLE confirms. This is the first child for girlfriend Victoria Prince.

Federline, 33, and Prince, a former competitive volleyball player from Washington state, began dating toward the end of 2008. In April, Prince, 28, glowed as she showed off her growing bump, posing with a grinning Federline.

Jordan joins Federline’s expanding brood, which already includes sons Jayden, 4Β½, and Preston, 5Β½, with ex-wife Britney Spears and son Kaleb, 7, and daughter Kori, 9, with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson.

— Sara Hammel

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Romy on

Jordan and Jayden are really close sounding names for siblings

Mallory on

Not a fan of his, and don’t know who she is, but a new baby is always something to celebrate. Congrats to them!

cris on

Very 90s-ish name! Def overused, but to each their own. Congrats to the ever-expanding family!

Ashley on

I really hope someone neuters him after this one.

hjkl098 on


momto3 on

Jordan is far better a name then some other interesting ones that “celebs” these days come up with!!!

Jordan is pretty however I like it spelled with a Y, “Jordyn” makes it look more feminin!!!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

He’s been a busy man, lol. Nice for Britney’s boys to have a little sis. He’s a fan of ‘j’ and ‘k’ kids names! Haven’t heard Jordan used for a little while really, a bit outdated to me, but sure they’re all excited about the new arrival.

As a person happy with two kids I can’t having imagine 4 kids, let alone 5! (mind you, he doesn’t live with the other 4 kids full time I guess, not so hectic, but a juggling act I’m sure…!).

daniela on

LOL @ Ashley!

And I actually like the name. Better than Clover or Apple or Bing.

Renee on

I love the name. It could be because that is also my daughters name. Very ummmm, lets see, 90ish, lol. But of course my daughter is now 19, so she was born in the 90’s. Congratualtions on your little Jordan, hope she is as perfect to you as mine is to me.

Jordan on

Woo. Awesome name! There need to be more girl Jordans in the world. Also Kay rhymes with my last name, so this child basically has my name πŸ™‚

Meghan on

congrats! i think jordan is a great name for a girl. im sure shes a beautiful baby!!

JMO on

It’s always nice to have 5 kids with 3 different mothers πŸ˜€

Well Congrats to them! Jordan is common but it’s cute.

Jordan on

Im a girl jordan and i was born in 1993 lol. I think dierks bentley had a girl earlier this year and he called her jordan as well. Im always happy when i see a girl with the name πŸ™‚

Ella on

I love the name – very pretty. Congrats to them all!! πŸ™‚

Cynt on

Pretty common nowadays but not my baby. couldve been bear, blue, apple, or some other ridiculous name celebs come up with. and even though im totally against the kids-to-moms ratio he has, hes a wonderful hands on dad who has those kids as much as the moms and as long as hes providing a nioe living so theyre happy and comfortable (even if its being a reality tv “star”), hes ok in my book and can name HIS kid whatever he likes.

Toya L. on

Congratulations to them. Five kids by 3 different people seems like a lot on paper/ “reading it” but when you really look at it, he has 2 kids with someone he was with 3-4 years before even having the first child (less than my husband of many years and I shared before our 1st) then 2 kids by someone he married and divorced and then another one by a current relationship. My mother had my siblings and I, by my father and he was killed when I was 2. She remarried when I was 12 and had my brother with her new husband. He died of diabetes and she remarried a 3rd time “they have no children together” but if they had, that would be 5 children with 3 different men that she married. To each their own!

Jordan on

I’m a girl Jordan born in 1980 and where I grew up it was only known as a boy’s name, so when I see girl Jordan’s I get very excited!

brown on

I don’t want to sound negative congrats to the new family but this man has to stop really 5 children is enough does he even have a job to support all these children. Is he involved in all there lives. Brown

Jordan on

Brown – Maybe instead of worrying about someone you don’t know, you should go get some grammar lessons.

Kevin is involved in all his children’s lives. I don’t care what you say about him as a person he is a good father. He stood up when Britney went off the rails and he is often photographed with all his children.

mrscabrera on

I think it is interesting that people are defending him for having children by different mothers with no clear job, but when women celebrities who are professionals with clear jobs who have children by different men are picked apart. I’m glad he’s there for his kids, but it is distasteful for him to be making more kids when he doesn’t have a job, whether he is a good father or not. He dated Shar Jackson and he at least had a job, but it seems after he was taking care of his children with Britney Spears and getting crazy child support, he stopped working. Those kids were big enough to be in school full time so he could have had a job by then, but it seems he is just living off the child support that if a woman was doing the same thing, she would get bashed. This last baby it seems as with his previous children, he is using the child support money to support her as well. I feel if a woman would get bashed for it, he should as well.

Patrice on

Toya L,
To have had 5 children by 3 different women by the age of 33 is quite ‘unusual’. It doesn’t exactly scream committed and responsible.

Jordan on

I’m another of the female Jordan’s (born in 1984).

Not understanding how some can label a name ‘outdated’…. really?

Mel on

Sign me up as part of team Jordan. (1986)

I’ve always hated my own name though…I go by middle name.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations πŸ™‚ I’m sure she will be beautiful just like his other children ….

Allie on

Jordan – I’m not understanding how the name is “outdated” either? Look at the top 100 baby names in the US — they’re almost ALL old, late 1800’s, early 1900’s names. Some are even from the Bible!! But, because it’s Kevin Federline and Victoria naming their daughter Jordan, it’s all of a sudden not cool, because it was popular in the 90’s?! Oh, okay. I guess instead of being just Jordan, she should have been named Isabella F., Sophia F., Olivia F., Emma F., Ava F., or Madison F..

Jordan on

I wasn’t saying it was outdated, I was questioning other commentors saying it was.

Read carefully before you post. It helps to not make yourself look like a fool.

jordyn on

i love the name jordan but i love it more with the y because it makes it more girly… i grow up with people putting the A in my name and i used to tell them it is spelled with a Y so i understand y they did the A

What of it? on

I believe Allie was agreeing with you. Oh Jordan, the irony!

Melissa on

@mrscabrera-Do you know Kevin personally and know for a fact that he is not working? He’s usually only photographed when he’s with Britney’s kids, for all we know he works 9-5, 5 days a week. Also I’m not sure about this tour but I know for Britney’s last tour his JOB(as in he was on payroll) was touring around with Britney because he had full custody and she didn’t want to be away from her kids for that long.

Tee on

Jordan, Allie was agreeing with you. She said, “Jordan – I’m not understanding how the name is β€œoutdated” either?” Either implies that she was agreeing with you. For you to tell her she looks foolish is downright rude! You’re the one that didn’t read carefully enough, not Allie.

mrscabrera on

@ Melissa–Well for one thing, he is being listed as a former back up dancer and one time rapper, if he had a job they would have plug it here. They do it for every one else. No I don’t know him personally but it seems pictures and what is on this website seems to be enough for people to either like a person or not. I was just pointing out how every woman on this website gets judged for having children by more than one man even if they support them, unlike him who doesn’t have a full time job. Even if he went on tour with Britney and was being paid by her, what does that say about him? He can’t even get a job, he has to be employed by his ex wife. I say all of this because if he was a woman he would be getting the third degree.

Shannon on

He’s probably a stay at home dad. Congrats to them!

Diane on

Kevin’s fat again!

Sophie on

typical redneck name for a typical redneck couple.

cheryl on

a) he is FAT b) what makes her think she will be the last woman to breed with him?

Mamasan on

@ Cheryl & Diane – What, exactly, does the fact that he’s gained weight have to do with the fact that he has kids?? Completely and totally irrelevant. Not to mention rude. His weight has nothing to do with parenting skills.

e on

It is kind of gross and you wonder where it will end – in 10 years will there be another 2 women and several more children? Yuck on Kevin and these women too (not the kids!)

eribri on

Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think Preston’s name is….Preston. Isn’t his name SEAN Preston?

Congrats on his newborn, I have nothing against him but I wish he would stop having kids with the people he’s with for only like a year or 2.

Jay on

Hmmm, is Britney paying for all of these kids?

Cassie on

Congrats on the 1st and 5th!

Im on britneys side on

The way he has these women popping out kids,britney will be paying for these kids and more probably forever…scum in my eyes..(britneys kids with him r the cutest anyway)

anon1 on

mrscabrera, yea unfortunately in the US there is a double standard when it comes to number of sexual partners. for men it is almost glorified the more women they sleep with, while for females they are judged poorly if they sleep with more than one man in their lifetime. its what happens when there are gender biases and discrepencies in rights.

Danni on

@Sophia….I highly resent your statement about Jordan being a “Redneck” name. I have a daughter that I names Jordan in 1989 and we are anything but redneck. Don’t sterotype…it makes you look ignorant and uneducated.

Danni on

@Sophia…I have a daughter born in 1989 that I names Jordan and your remark about it being a “Redneck” name is highly insulting and sterotypical. Neither her or any of my family could be considered redneck and it’s saying that points how how ignorant you really are.

Toya L. on

It’s a good thing that Victoria was a teacher before Kevin and continues to be one. She can take care of her own child if need be.

Traci on

I happen to love the name Jordan. Ha ha I have twins, a boy and a girl. My son’s name is Jordan and my daughter’s name is Taylor. I personally picked those names because they’re unisex.

I also have a daughter named Savannah.

While everyone has there own opinion, whatever someone names their baby is their business and noone elses. IT’S THEIR BABY! Enough said.

Jana on

Wow…another baby for K-Fed! Congratulations!!

Chauntria on


Laila on

I wonder if she would have given him a second look if he hadn’t had Britney’s cash…

Laila on

LOL, Brit’s picking up the tab!

cate on

I just keep wondering how he’s SUPPORTING all these kids.

Terri on

Cute name, and I like it spelled as is.

soph on

Anyone who thinks Jordan is a pretty girl’s name has seriously questionable taste.

Savannah on

Congrats Kevin! I bet Grandma Gloria would love to see all of your babies πŸ™‚

CK on

Kevin: you can go to a store, and buy condoms.

That way, you won’t keep being a baby daddy, which would be good, because Mother Earth really can’t handle the 7 billion she has now.

Better than condoms: get snipped. You’ve contributed too many children to the world already.

Jillian on

Why soph?

dede on

i feel for her… Baby Mama Drama shall soon follow suit

Terri on

Yes, Britney calls him by his middle name Preston, but his first name is Sean. I’ve always liked the name Sean.

Shauna James on

Seriously, Kevin Federline needs to get a vasectomy or something. As you can see he has a thing for women with money. He also apparently stays with them long enough for the women to get pregnant twice by him and then he leaves them. He already doesn’t take care of the previous children he has. He really needs to get a life before he starts to provide the necessary things to give life. I didn’t like him when he was with Britney Spears and I most definitely don’t like him now. Hopefully his girlfriend will see what he really is before she decides to have another child with him.

Lauren on

ladies…STOP SLEEPING WITH K-FED!!!!! he is just going to leave you after baby #2…notice a pattern here?? 2 kids w/ shar and 2 kids with britt….hmmmm??? ewwwww he is gross and fat 😦 ick

Sophia Garcia on

Ruining lives one baby at a time…. seriously we all know shar jackson was better before him, britney was WAY better before him, and now victoria… well i don’t know too much about her, but I’m sure when they end she’ll be a hot ass mess too. It’s really gross that he has 5 children with 3 different women. He needs to be sterilized.

Pat on

He has a job! He is Britney Spears’ baby daddy, the best damn job in the world!

I saw him on Celebrity Fit Club with Shar Jackson and he came off as a sincerely nice guy, and he seems to be a good father. I grew to like him so I wish him and his new daughter well! πŸ˜‰

ruby on

He must have a 3-lb c0ck. LOL.

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