David Beckham Excited to Finally Feed Harper

08/16/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

After a “few weeks of waiting,” David Beckham is thrilled to take his bonding with baby — daughter Harper Seven — to a whole new level.

While mom Victoria has been busy nursing the 5-week-old, the couple is now adding pumped bottles to the mix.

“It’s so important that they have that mother-daughter bond and breastfeeding, I think, is really an incredible thing,” Beckham, 36, told PEOPLE during Sunday’s Do Something Awards in Los Angeles, Calif.

“We’re in the process of putting it in bottles now, so that means I get to feed her — which has been amazing.”

Equally excited to take care of their new sister are brothers Brooklyn Joseph, 12, Romeo James, 8½, and Cruz David, 6½, shares Beckham, who insists that a strong family core is top priority.

“It’s just the way [Victoria and I] were brought up as kids; it’s the way we are bringing our kids up,” he says. “We make sure that the most important thing to us is our family and we’re all grounded. No matter what goes on around us, no matter what situation it is, we come together as a family and we deal with it.”

Reaffirming his dedication as a dad, Beckham is sporting some new ink these days, which only adds to his collection of tattoos.

“Obviously it’s a special one because it’s my daughter’s name,” he explains. “My first tattoo is my oldest son Brooklyn … I have all my sons’ names on me. I have my wife’s name … and I have a picture of my wife.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Vanessa Diaz

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Maggie on

Wow, pleasantly surprised that Victoria’s nursing! Good for her.

saydee on

@Maggie – I was thinking the same thing!

Appreciate on

Its not surprising when you read the article – their number 1 priority is family. That makes them the same as all of us. Don’t get confused between a public persona and cultivated image, and a private self.

Stacey on

Its wonderful that he gets to bond with her. They seem so grounded!

Catherine on

The Beckhams seem like a really lovely, welcoming family! They are so sweet and they are very caring and loving with their children. David and Victoria seem like exceptional parents!

christa on

His comments about his daughter are just heart warming. We can see, that for him family means a lot.

JC on

It really is nice to see a celeb family actually putting Family first and not fame. The fact that Victoria is breast feeding just makes me respect her more.

Kiki on

A man who knows what fatherhood is all about. Good job Mr Beckham.

molly.one on

I have to say, despite the fact that I have never seen a picture of V.B. smiling and that she always comes across as some Ice Queen(!), they are always spotted with their children and doing family-friendly things. They definitely seem like they are grounded and very much make family a #1 priority! Maybe it is just that they don’t guard their privacy as much as other celebrities, but it is refreshing to see them so open and sharing of their time with family!

(Not saying this to ignite a fire because I think B.F. or bottle-feeing is A-O.K. for a mom to choose…just curious)
I wonder if she will B.F. long because of her European background? They don’t seem to have the stigma of it like some can in America. It is a fact that, overall, they seem to accept B.F. more and for a longer period of time than our part of the world. I think we are slowly changing but not just yet…

KPR on

Well said “Appreciate”!!!!! Seriously people … don’t be ignorant and silly. It’s the equivalent of your 5 year old son saying … “Oooooooooooooh so you mean Superman isn’t real?????”. We are adults here … learn to differentiate between fantasy and reality …. we are all people. If YOU love your kids and do the best for them … chances are they do too. We aren’t a special kind of person or parent just because we aren’t famous …. give the poor woman some credit. She has 4 kids!!!!!!!!!! If she didn’t like em … she would have hopefully stopped by now!

Casey on

@Appreciate – I totally agree with you. I think they appear to be very loving parents who put their children first. A lot of people aren’t fond of them (or at least, her), but I like both of them.

J. Mary on

I have only heard wonderful things about them as a family and how well behaved and grounded their children are. It is hard enough to parent without the scrutiny and judgement of the whole world. Congrats on your beautiful family Victoria and David.

queen on

I think its great that people get to see the real side of them now. So many have hated on Victoria for being skinny, or a fashionista..where as now they get to see that she is a real person, that loves and cares for her kids. So does he. Thier private life is obviously nothing like what is portrayed in the gossip rags.

Maybe on

Loving getting the inside scoop from David! David and Victoria have the commitment and desire to do the very best for their family! Best wishes and continued happiness to their family!

star on

They are a beautiful family! its nice to see that type of dedication..

Steph on

Love this article! There so down to earth and grounded. I love how David says family first and how Victoria is nursing! One of my favorite families in Hollywood!

supermom on

I hope she’s eating enough…nursing takes a lot out of you!

Mom Of Twins on

Why are people surprised that Victoria would breastfeed her child?

Susan on

I figured when it hit the news a while back that she had her implants removed that they were probably wanting another baby and she wanted to breastfeed this time. Good for her.

Colleen Moro on

Men like that are a dying breed it seems.. I am happy for them to finally get their baby girl..He is right about being grounded and family pulling together.. At the end of the day, there is nothing and no one more important than family. The example he is setting for his children will last for generations to come. Hang on to this man, Victoria!

Nichole on

This family has really grown on me. I breastfeed and my husband really enjoyed giving my daughter her first bottle.

anonymous on

What does it matter if she is breastfeeding or bottlefeeding??? Either way the baby would be fine. I’m glad that they seem like a happy family.

Colleen on

Men like that are a dying breed. The example that is being set for the kids will last for generations to come. At the end of the day, there is no one or nothing that is more important than family.

Maria on

What’s next David has a hang nail. Enough!!!! With David!

yepitsmeagain on

…she didn’t BF the other kids but she’s suddenly doing it for this one…is that because she previously had poison sacks in her chest? I’m trying to figure out what’s different

Lynn in Alabama on

I am not at all surprised that VB is breastfeeding. From every interview I’ve seen or read, she seems like a such a warm, loving, caring and fantastic Mother.

I’ve seen her smile on television many times. I remember once in particular where she was being interviewed by two children. It was one of the sweetest things I’ve seen on television. It was obvious how much she enjoys all kids. She was all laughs and smiles.

I’m just thrilled to bits that they have a little girl now.

KB on

Did anyone see that special/series about the Beckhams coming to the US. I forget what it was called. I don’t know what possessed me to watch it, because VB was not my favorite person – she seemed so snooty and unpleasant.

I was shocked. She was funny, warm, and charismatic, with OBVIOUS love and affection for her kids and husband. I got a whole other side of her. I think in public she puts on the serious face – in part just to get a decent picture I think (laughing, smiling and talking pictures often suck), and also just as part of her armor against the paparazzi.

I really came to admire her. I think they are so famous, and they really try to balance keeping their personal lives private with also being normal – being able to just go out as a family and do stuff. (Sometimes I think celebrities can go to such an extreme to maintain privacy that that in itself become abnormal and paralyzing.)

Good for her. Hope nursing goes well – it can be hard after breast surgery, but so worth it.

WendyL on

It’s a baby. Not the messiah. Their 4th. Good grief! Hundreds of thousands are born every day. Enough already!!

layla on

I have to say that I have always thought that the Beckhams were good parents. They seem to let their boys be boys and don’t act like they are accessories, or try to dress them for attention. They really seem to try and give them as normal a life as possible. I really respect that about them.

I love the VB is breastfeeding. Wasn’t sure she even could, having implants. And her dedication to nursing her child herself for 5 weeks before pumping is heartwarming. No nannies doing the feedings for her!

DB sounds so in love with his little girl! One thing is for sure, their children are well loved! Best wishes to them.

heather on

i’m glad he’s happy, but there’s way too much publicity going on with these people, like they’re trying to hard to show how awesome their lives are. enough already.

Steph on

Why some of you always assume? She has breastfed all her kids.

nicole on

how do you breastfeed with implants?

jess on

Great article, they do seem to be genuine when they speak of their family and their love for each other. I enjoy reading what he says about his family because you can tell he’s a hands on dad even w/his busy sports sched. & other commitments we’re always seeing pics of him and the kids or them as a whole family. Way to go & keep it up

danni on

it surprising since she didnt breastfeed her first 3 children!

lw on

I’ve always found Victoria Beckham to be intriguing. Like people have noted, she has her fashionista public persona that would lead you to believe she would be the type to have an army of nannies surrounding her so that she wouldn’t need to get her hands dirty. But, that clearly is not the case.

It seems like most of the time she’s photographed, she’s with her kids (David Beckham too). And not always with nannies in tow. They seem like very hands-on parents and their kids always look happy.

Marie Vitou on

I just wish whe would smile more. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of her with a smile.

Amanda on

Actually molly.one I think that Europe’s breastfeeding rates are better than those in the U.S. the U.S. is known for some pretty bad long term breastfeeding rates…and I’m from the US. Europeans are far less caught up in the breasts = sex way of thinking plus they are much more helpful to new moms than we tend to be in the US.

dawn on

I deperately want to hate these two, well that shallow jr hi girl side of me does, but I can’t. They really seem to be great parents and a great couple. And she does all this with more style than most single ladies with way more spare time. It’s been 16 years since I had my last (twins) and I still look like something the cat dragged in. And don’t get me started on David, how hot is a man who is a great Dad??? Health and happiness to the Beckham Bunch!

m on

you can breastfeed with implants. read about it in Jenny McCarthy’s first book (she decided not to but was told she definitely could by her doctor and lactation consultant.)

Connie Taylor on

LOVELY, Lovely, lovely……..
What a sweet family and such a loving a adoring set of parents.

Hope they have a couple more kids!!!!

NeeNee on

What gets me is that it doesn’t matter how she feeds the kids as long as they get fed, period! if she doesn’t want to smile in public and put on a fake face for the world to see, that is her perogative They have 4 kids and they love them obviously, so why rip in to them at every opportunity?

If I had the media following every fart I let, I would be giving them something to hear and see for sure but this family has done nothing but mind their own business…bout time the rest of us did as well.

Brooke on

Who would not love a daddy who is excited to feed his little girl??? What a nice guy.

anna on

Why is this news!!!!

Lisa on


dwh on

You can breastfeed with implants. I did it. My doctor never told me not to. They’re saline, so don’t know what the big deal is. Kudos to V.B. for breastfeeding her daughter!

Erika on

yepitsmeagain- Why does it matter that she bottle fed the first 3 kids and is now breastfeeding this child? My mother bottle fed me, then breast fed my sister because I had severe food allergies as an infant and would not gain weight otherwise. The important thing is that the kids are healthy and all 3 boys seem to be very healthy. Breastfeeding can create a great bond and is good for the baby, but sometimes it can’t work out. However, the ultimate goal is the raise smart and healthy kids, and as long as that happens, it really doesn’t matter how they were fed.

I’m glad she is breastfeeding Harper though, I’m sure it is wonderful for both of them. I think pumping milk into a bottle is great, because the father can feed the baby and the mother can have a break!

hj on

@Maggie @saydee, nursing helps shed the baby weight. for women in my family, we lose our bay weight when we breastfeed

Jenn on

I read an article once where Victoria was discussing the fact that the family had no live in help. I think she said something about how they all liked to walk around naked and didn’t want anyone else to see. It was very clever. It is wonderful when families can afford to have help and use it to make their family time together more seamless. This couple definitely does not seem to use help as a replacement for actual parents. The Jolie-Pitts appear to do this too.

Diana Fetterman on

I had read an article in Vanity Fair that she never felt pretty and knew that she didn’t have the beauty that some other’s had. She also said that her singing voice wasn’t very good. I respected her after reading that, she was being very honest. I think she is a really nice person and the whole family is so nice. A welcome change and they seem so down to earth, just like all of us. A normal family together despite all the wealth, they are just normal.

Dave on

This is certainly the most noteworthy news item of the day – nobody has to worry about unemployment that has rendered millions helpless, a double dip recession, the Euro financial flu, conflict in Syria and Libya, a dysfunctional political system – life is just great for the Beckhams.

Surprised. on

Wow. That is amazing that she is breastfeeding. Kudos

Rach on

So if she chose not to breastfeed, she’d be a biotch or a cold fish only thinking of herself? Everyone on here is saying how great she is cuz she’s breastfeeding. So what? I’m sure she’s just as great of a parent if she’d decided not to, or couldn’t, BF her baby. Breastfeeding a child does NOT make you a good or loving parent. Feeding them makes you a good and loving parent. Some of you people are so ignorant.

Sarah on

I LOVE this family. I think Victoria is an awesome mom and every time I read an article about her or see a picture of her with her kids I love her even more. She is all about her kids and family and I love it.

She has this public persona that is so obviously not who she really is. A couple years ago I saw the video other posters were talking about where she is interviewed by the two kids and she takes them shopping or something and it was so funny. Love them!

Sally on

The fastest way to get your figure back after giving birth is to breast feed. When the baby suckles, the mother can actually feel the uterus pulling which shrinks it back to its normal size much quicker. Also, babies are much less likely to have food allergies when they are breast fed.

Kelly on

love this family. Victoria is a lucky woman to have such a loving husband and father around for their kids. I love his tattoos….and I think it’s great he has everyone in the family represented in them. He seems so thrilled with their newest addition!!!

Shawn on

It’s not a problem to nurse with saline implants and if they were implanted under the chest muscle they don’t interfere with milk ducts and nerves. If planted over the chest wall and silicone, it can get into the baby’s milk.

Betsy on

I read that this is the first child she breastfed. I don’t know why. Maybe she likes her better.

Anonymous on

Nicole … I never knew Victoria had implants. Wow, haha.

In other news, I am glad that this family is happy and all, but how are they more special than other parents? And David is “showing his love” by getting tattoos? I have a couple friends who got tats for their kids, too. It’s just ink on your skin – you can’t show love from that.

Helena on

I thought VB’s boobs are fake? I also thought you can’t breastfeed if you’ve had breast enhancement surgery?

I guess I was wrong about her boobs

Maggie on

She had her implants removed in the last year or two – there was an mention of it in one of the magazine cover stories she did for her latest line.

Vanessa on

I am surprised that every woman breast-feeds, but “Victoria” should be in the hall of fame because she breast feeds? The only concern I have is that how can she do it with the fake breasts? And does the ink from tatoos get in the milk?

jamtx on

Rach, I am with you….can you imgagine if she bottle fed the comments these people would be posting. Just raise your child to the best of your abilities. I was not breastfed and have/had no allergies to food, my son was breastfed and was sick all the time, my daughter was not and is hardly ever sick. Breat is BEST I do agree but spare me the negative comments on bottle feeding. Being a Mom is hard enough without having people chime in from the peanut gallery with their ALL KNOWING attitudes.

gottabelieve on

Said it before, there’s nothing sexier than a devoted father!

Nicole P. on

I really think VB gets a bad rap. People are always so negative about her because she never smiles. I get the impression she thinks if she smiles and is more open in public that it will invite the papparazzi to want to photograph her and the children more often … when she really just wants to do normal things with her family.

She said once that’s why she ALWAYS wears sunglasses in public – to avoid eye contact with photographers.

I’ve seen a couple of interviews with her and she really is quite engaging and has a wicked sense of humor.

Say what you will about her but I don’t think anyone can deny her boys appear to be healthy, happy and well-adjusted … as Harper will undoubtedly be. So cut the woman some slack, people.

Amy on

Just an FYI….you don’t need to have your implants removed to have another baby, OR to be able to breastfeed. Both work just fine with implants!!

RoastLamb on

I think it’s wonderful she’s breast feeding. I b/f my two daughters for a total of 3.5 years between the two of them. It’s important to b/f for at least a year. And I live in Canada. The problem with the states I think is that working mothers only get a few weeks maternity leave so breastfeeding would be very hard to do, whereas in Canada we can take a whole year of paid leave.

They seem like a really great family. I’m always hearing how well mannered the kids are in public. And their parents help out too. Great family all round!

momof5 on

I’ve breastfed my last 3 children with implants – why is it so surprising? There are people out there who can’t breastfeed with natural breasts…

WendyB on

I absolutely love the fact that she’s breastfeeding, not many women do that these days (no judging here 🙂 just saying). So what if she didn’t do it in the past? Why judge her for that?? She might come across as a very cold person. But you can tell that her family is very important! And at the end of the day that’s all that matters. Happy to see them being great parents! We all provide for our kids in the best way we can…

P.S. to the people judging her and making rude comments about the baby and things like that… Why do you read things that are going to make you upset, you’re not her fan, it’s ok. Just don’t read it 🙂

Olivia on

The way he always talks about Victoria and his children in such glowing terms is endearing. He sounds like a wonderful father.

suzie on

Holy Shit you people are just ready to rag on anybody that seems to have a good life.We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors and never will but I’m sure they have their struggles just like anybody else,nobody’s perfect no matter what their persona is.Give the guy a break and let him feed his daughter in peace and quiet.

Stephanie on

>What does it matter if she is breastfeeding or bottlefeeding?

Well, it matters for the baby. It is none of our business, but since they are talking about it, yes we feel great that this baby will receive the best.

Breastfeeding is so much more than just feeding!

Hoopla on

Here’s a picture of Victoria smiling for those of you who said you’d never seen one. She actually has a really pretty smile: http://img.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2008/05_04/poshonGMTV_468x319.jpg

kara on

how do you lose weight while breastfeeding

Crystal on

Victoria has said in past interviews that she breastfed ALL of her children. You can breastfeed with implants. Kourtney Kardashian is an example. Good for her. Love Love Love David and Victoria! She’s always fun when she cohosts The View! 🙂

Shawna on

Why are people happy she is breastfeeding? Because breast is best. Period. Formula will make a baby grow fine but breastmilk is what nature intended. It is not an insult, it is a biological fact.