Meet Bingham Hawn Bellamy

08/15/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Courtesy Matt Bellamy

How’s this for a bundle of joy?

Rocker Matt Bellamy Tweeted out the first photo of his son Bingham Hawn on Sunday night, as the 5-week-old nestled with mom Kate Hudson.

“Family life!” wrote the Muse frontman. How sweet it is!

“For those wondering, Bingham is my mum’s maiden name and Bing Russell was Kurt’s dad. Family connections all round!” Bellamy said last month.

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— Tim Nudd

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Bancie1031 on

Awe what a cute picture …. he’s so cute πŸ™‚

neΕΎa on

aww he’s already trying to do the rock sign πŸ˜› lovely baby and mommy

klutzy_girl on

So adorable!

amw on

beautiful pic, love the moment. and his name is growing on me. congrats kate!

Mel on

It may be an “odd” name, but I love the meaning behind it.

It means something to them, that’s all that matters.

Kate seems like she holds her family very close to her heart.

ForeverMoore on

My heart is melting! Seeing these newborn babes makes me long for the day I will hope my new baby boy…just a few more months! Why does it seem like the second time around goes so much slower yet fast at the same time? LOL

Brooke on

I agree with Mel, I love what Bing signifies to both of them. I think it is cute.

Sweet picture.

Manal from Jordan! on

Umm whos Kurt?!! beautiful baby!!

Kris on

Awwww, what a sweet little peanut. Makes me want to scoop up my preschooler & give him a big squishy hug. πŸ™‚

FWIW, I like the name Bingham & the meaning behind it. Unique, but not over-the-top.

klutzy_girl on

At Manal from Jordan – Kurt is Kurt Russell, Kate’s dad.

ClaireSamsmom on

Now that is a sweet picture….very natural.

Kasia on

Cute sleepyhead πŸ™‚ And I just love Muse and Matt Bellamy.

Hea on

Lovely pic.

em on

That is a great picture. She has the tired but soft expression of mother to a newborn. Very sweet.

Toya L. on

Sweet picture, I love how he got his name.

Leslee on

Such a beautiful candid shot.

Maria on

There is something very sad about Kate- I feel sorry for her. How long was she even with this guy before they had a baby? she seems unsettled

blessedwithboys on

Oh, she spends time with him? I didn’t realize that. I figured once she abandoned him to go out to lunch on DAY FIVE of his life she was done with him for good. Nice to see the poor little bub actually in the same room as his mama!

Mia on

What a beautiful baby! πŸ™‚

ForeverMoore on

Wow @blessedwithboys…I’m kinda stunned and laughing at the same time, your response is borderline crazy. Because she is a new mother she can’t have any time to herself and enjoy her OTHER little boy?! For all we know she was gone for an hour while baby Bing was asleep…way to go, judging another mom without knowing the context of the photo. I don’t think he is a “poor abandoned baby”. Sheez.

kimmie on

Isnt Kurt her stepfather?

Cecelia on

Blessedwithboys, please tell me you’re joking. No one can be that foolish, right?

Holiday on

Cute picture! She looks so happy. I love the newborn stage, this pic almost makes me wish I had a tiny baby again!

Jennifer on

blessed with boys – not sure your boys are so blessed by the sound of your crazy talk…

I agree with em – exhausted mama so in love with her baby boy. This is a beautiful picture and looks to have been captured with a phone camera (Instagram maybe?).

Sara on

So lovely. Love his name.

Elizabeth on

I love how she names her children after important family members, they both seem to hold their families very close. Bingham is an odd name, but it is perfect for them and I love it!

As for her stepping out with her elder son without baby, I see nothing wrong in that. It is important to make your elder children feel included when a new baby comes.

She is a beautiful new mom, with a beautiful family. She clearly loves it and them!

Shawna on

From imdb – “Kate has never been particularly close to her birth father, musician Bill Hudson; she considers her true “Pa” to be Hawn’s longtime partner, Kurt Russell, who has lived with the family since she was three.”

He IS her father – blood doesn’t make a family.

MollyF on

It’s sad she was never close to her birth father, Bill Hudson, but I’ve heard and read things about him being a difficult person. I know him and Goldie Hawn had an ugly divorce. Blood doesn’t make a father, Kurt Russell raised her and she and her brother, Oliver, consider him their real father. I feel sad for Bill though, but it was his doing. And this is a from a fan of The Hudson Brothers. *lol*

That is such a great picture. Kate looks so happy with Bing. πŸ™‚

Janna on

@blessedwithboys, you made me laugh out loud. Abandoned? LOL, that’s hysterical!

Do you also think that she “abandoned” Ryder to go to the hospital and give birth to Bingham? LOL

You, my friend, need to focus on your own boys and maybe judge those around you a little less harshly because frankly, you sound like a crazy person.

soph on

So calling someone a crazy person isn’t harsh at all, huh, Janna?

Rebecca on

@Soph, Janna didn’t call blessedwithboys a crazy person, she said she sounded LIKE a crazy person, which is, sadly, true.

Claiming Kate abandoned Bing while she only went for a short time to give her older son time with Mommy (and to maybe get out of the house a little bit so SHE didn’t go crazy), is dramatic at best, and at worst, a bit crazy. The little one probably didn’t even know she was gone, since he’s at the stage where he just sleeps and poops and cries.

I’m sure Ryder appreciated the time with his mother, and no one should begrudge her for that. If she had spent all the time with the baby, I’m sure people would have complained that she was ignoring Ryder and that Bing had replaced her. Kate can never win on here, from what I can see.

It’s their family, and they should do what works for them. People should just mind their own business and quit being so catty.

Holiday on

Honestly I dont get it when celebs leave their brand new babies to go to the office or make an appearance someplace. However Kate was spending time with her older son which makes sense. I feel a bit guilty because I never left my dd in the care of someone else to do alone things with my son but we all did things as a a family so I guess thats ok.

soph on

Rebecca, she is still making a judgment about her…right after saying blessed should judge others less harshly.

shalay on

Relax, @soph. blessedwithboys DID sound a bit crazy. No one’s calling her a “crazy person,” they’re just saying that her statements were absurd. That seems like more of an observation than a harsh judgment. To me, anyway.

soph on

Well, that’s great for you, shalay. Allow me to state how Janna’s comment came off “to me” then as well, hmm?

shalay on


Robbin on

LOL I’m not sure what I’m entertained more by, the story or the conversation about “blessedwithboys” idiotic comment.

Emily on

idyllic picture, great family name

Taylor on

Adorable picture!

Leigh on

What a gorgeous photograph!

Incredibly happy for Kate, Matt, Ryder, Bing, and all the rest of family.

I’ve always been impressed with how Kate and Chris Robinson handled the dissolution of their marriage, always keeping a strong relationship between the two of them not just for Ryder’s sake, but for their own, as Ryder keeps them tied for life. Everything I’ve heard says that everyone gets along, including Chris’ new wife and baby girl, and now Matt.

A rare example of civility in Hollywood and one to be admired, no matter what you may think of them separately.

Cassie on

Beautiful candid. I bet their whole big family would be a blast to hang out with!

N on

shut up, soph…you sound like a complete moron, just like blessedwithboys

soph on

Wow, N, got a lot of anger, do you?

Baby on

Muse rocks

Stormey on

The baby is really cute but it’s probably because Matthew Bellamy is the father.

The sad thing is…people who have babies out of wedlock usually don’t last as a couple. They might be all happy for now and thinking this is going to last forever but most likely they will end up separating in a few years. That’s too bad. I wish Matthew Bellamy would have married first then formed a family.

Skye on

Kate Hudson looks like Elisabeth Rohm in that picture.

m on

For all those reacting to blessedwithboys or whatever her name is…we don’t even know tht she was being judgemental…for all we know she was trying to be sarcastic due to previous comments on other Kate posts where people have attacked Kate for going out without the baby

Petra on

Oh my…reading these entries, I feel ashamed for a lot of the readers. Why so much bitterness towards Kate? She looks great, a little tired, but great, and now has two beautiful children. Don’t dump on someone you have never even met. Could this be a little bit of an jealousy issue coming out of some of you?

Holly on

@stormey – they will likely separate in a few years because they’re not married? She WAS married to Chris Robinson when she had Ryder, and they still divorced. I agree that marriage can build a good foundation for a family but it doesn’t mean things won’t work for them. Besides they are getting married. Your comment sounded quite bitter.

Well everyone else seems to have already addressed the fact that a woman is allowed to leave her house after having a baby, especially when it’s to give her other child attention.

I’m not a massive fan of the name, but love the meaning and therefore it makes me like the name more πŸ™‚ I suppose when someone famous names their child they are never going to have the same struggles as a regular Joe, and can give them an out there name. Love Kate Hudson, and think it’s very thoughtful that she & Matt Belemy have named the baby after family members.

shiela on

Kate looks incredibly happy.

Windy on

What a great pic! He’s adorable and she looks like a proud mama! Very happy for Kate and Matt! I bet Ryder is happy to be a big brother!

Monie on


Blessedwithboys wasn’t hugged as a child… 😦

Anonymous on


Debra on

Welcome to the world, wee Bingham! You’re gorgeous–just like your mum and dad. So when do you begin with guitar lessons? πŸ˜‰

Thanks for sharing, Matt. Congratulations and best wishes to you, Kate and Ryder.

Louise on

Soph can you please get out

Annie Gillespie on

It is very sad Kate Hudson is a victim of parental alienation in reference to her dad, Bill Hudson. Goldie did everything to keep her from a relationship with her Dad, who was guilty mainly of taking Goldie’s precious money in the divorce. When you make a child hate a part of them, you are selfish…and maybe the reason Kate has not been successful in a relationship is because she still has unresolved issues regarding her dad.

chuck on

I agree with Maria, Kate does look sad,,something is wrong. I bet the boyfriend is out of the picture within a year. Kate seemed most stable when she was married to the Black Crowes guy. She is freefalling..down..

Susan Albert on

What a beautiful picture. The name is growing on me to. It is a beautiful name because it means so much to them.

Jade on

Don’t get the name? If Bingham is a maiden name why give it to the kid as a first name? Sorry but I just don’t like the name just because it was a family name; I think the kid will be ridiculed. Actually most celebrity baby names are cause for ridicule. Most of their names are simply preposterous. Apple, Honor, Bingham, Monroe, Morocco, Egypt, Rumer & Scout & Tallulah, Max Liron, Piper Maru, Camera, Seven Sirus, Puma, Denim & Diezel, Kalel (Superman’s birthname), Sailor Lee, Fifi Trixibelle & Peaches Honeyblossom & Little Pixie, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily, Moxie CrimeFighter, Free, Audio Science just to name a handful of weird celebrity baby names. I think Celebrity Parents have no idea that a name should be well thought out because it stays with you for life and it’s who you are. These Parents are obviously bored and connect only with “material things” so they name their kids after objects and it makes me wonder what’s wrong with their ideology of life itself.

Stephanie on

Kate is an old soul. She’s beautiful, as is her family.

As far as blessedw/boys, she’s always on these posts disagreeing with the majority and saying every celeb is a terrible parent, when we all can see she’s self conscious about her parenting ability. Maybe she should quit abandoning her boys by playing online. :-p

And Soph, no one is biting your plea for attention. I’m certain we all agree, it was funny, but didn’t get a real rise out of us sane people.

soph on

Nah, that’s all right, Louise.

Stephanie, methinks you’re the one looking for some attention, sweetie, what with you chiming in more than a month after the story was posted…just a little late to the party πŸ˜‰

CarlaW on

Oh Joy…yet another illegitimate Hollywood baby.

sweetAmanda on

blessed–it’s a thing called a Baby sitter or a nanny. Even the stars need a mommy min to themselves every now and then.