Jessica Alba Welcomes Daughter Haven Garner

08/14/2011 at 08:30 PM ET
Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren have added another little girl to their brood!

“Cash and I are so excited to announce the birth of our daughter, Haven Garner Warren,” the actress, 30, posted on her Facebook page.

“She was born on Saturday [Aug. 13], weighed 7 lbs, and was 19 inches long. Healthy and happy! Big sister Honor [Marie, 3] couldn’t be more excited about the new addition to our family.”

Alba, whose new movie Spy Kids: All the Time In the World hits theaters this week, adds, “Thank you for all of your support during my pregnancy. It means the world to me.”

— Sara Hammel

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Emma’s Mommy on

I guess when a celebrity’s career is going down the drain.. just have another baby to stay in the news… And ugly name … just like Honor

Shawna on

I actually really like the name Haven, it goes well with Honor. I don’t get the middle name though. Honor has a very normal middle name. I wonder who the Garner is for?

Jenn on

Aww congrats! Honor and Haven are cute sibling names!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! I don’t really like the baby’s name, although Honor and Haven does go together well. I kinda wish they had gone with the rumored Eva! Or Sophie, like Honor wanted! LOL.

toni on

I fear the crazies will go nuts. I don’t know why people hate her so much. This place attracts women who love to tear down others… I’m happy for Jessica and her family.

Tee on

Another daughter! Congratulations to Jessica, Cash and big sister Honor! I’m sure little Haven is as beautiful as her sister is!

Cecelia on

Congratulations to Jessica, Cash, and Honor! I had a feeling they’d have another girl.

Emma’s Mommy, you must be a smart one. That’s EXACTLY the reason she had another child.

Melanie on

Emma’s Mommy, your kid has an overused name. So what? Not your child.

Shawna, Garner is Cash’s middle name.

Congrats to them! Haven is nice – baby came earlier than I thought it would!

Romy on

Honor and Haven are just over the top together imo! like Sunday and Faith

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Prefer Eva or Ava, can’t remember which was reumoured to have been blurted out by Honor?! – but finding myself also preferring Haven to Honor. Obviously a fan of ‘H’ names! Not the worst celeb bub name out there, however, lol. Congrats to the new parents and big sister on new arrival. I have similar age gap between my two (3 years, 3 mths in my case), and it worked out well.

eribri on

Congrats to her & the family, so happy for her! Haven is a cute name to me. Different opinions for different people I guess….

Jess on

Honor and Haven…sounds like strippers.

Emily on

Totally guessed this one would be another girl. Cute. Not sure what I think of the name. I’m not usually big on people calling their children names starting with the same initial – H in this case. But each to their own. Congrats to them all.

Sus on

Congrats Jessica & family! I can’t wait to hear her birth story! 🙂

ELO on

Congrats to Jessica and her family! I love the name. Honor must be so excited.

JustMe on

Love the name 🙂 And it’s in line with her older sister’s name.

Even behind the anonymity of the pc, if I don’t have something nice to say, I don’t say it.

Good words to live by y’all 🙂

Indira on

Not a fan of either name although I’ve gotten used to hearing Honor’s name. Honor is no different from when people name their kids Charisma or Precious. Same with Haven. I know most names have a meaning but its a little ridiculous when its the language you use yourself. Either way, congrats to them!

Erika on

Congrats to them! I like the name Haven and 2 little girls sounds like SO much fun! Honor will have a little playmate!

KRS on

Congrats to the family – very exciting news! I was a little thrown for a sec by the name, almost wanted to say Haven with a silent H like Honor. Little bit of a tongue twister when said together. But the only thing that matters is if Jessica and Cash like the name(s), and obviously they do.

MommytoanE on

I guess shes “Truely” a mom now since the birth of #2.
Congratz either way.

Katie on

Ugly name. Just like Honor. And Honor is not cute.

Lauren on

congrats!!!!! haven is a cute name! 🙂

Lacey on

Awful name! It’s quite hard to say, Haven Warren. and Haven Garner Warren just does not flow.

klutzy_girl on

Now that it’s been a few hours, the name has sunk in and I actually like it! Honor and Haven go really well together.

Sophia on

Congratulations to Jessica, Cash and Honor Marie, who I’m sure is a very excited big sister 🙂 Haven is a sweet name and goes nicely with Honor. Sweet baby was born on my birthday! 🙂 Can’t wait to see pictures.

Anonymous on

congratulations to Jessica, Cash and Honor. very cute name 🙂 i love Haven. i am a fan of h names. all three of my kids have them (Harrison, Harley & Heavenly). best of luck to them.

Shea on

Man…..I wish all of you hateful people could have a group sit and rip apart each and every thing you do with your children….sit and talk about how your children have “ugly” names….dress wrong, are brats, etc…. You people really need to look deep into your lives and figure out what has sucked the joy and happiness out of you so that maybe you could have souls and be nice people….it’s sad and pathetic how you all rip apart a newborn’s name, call a toddler ugly and judge someone’s parenting by a photograph.

This board used to be (when I first started reading it a couple of years ago..) a place where people caught up on who was having a new baby or to see pictures of our favorite celeb’s children grow up….now it is just a hateful cat-fest…..I honestly feel like I am reading crap off a Jr. High facebook or listening in to a bunch of catty barfiles that have had a few too many and are getting in a fighting mode. It’s sad.

As for Jessica, Cash, Honor and new baby Haven….I wish them nothing but happiness, health and joy.

New babies are beautiful and joyous occassions. Thank goodness we all live our lives for families and ourselves and not for outsiders. Trying to please people we don’t have to deal with and the ugliness they create would be enough to drive someone over the edge…

KK on

Some of you women are so mean. It’s not your baby so you don’t get to choose the name. No one cares if you don’t like the name anyways. And seriously emma’s mommy some people don’t want to name their kids the same name every other child has…like you.

Sarah K. on

I like the name and it goes well with Honor. Congrats to the family!

On and Emma’s Mommy, thank you for figuring why they would want to raise another child – it makes perfect sense…

Margaux on

Awww, congrats on the healthy baby!

So disappointed with the name, though 😦 Not a fan of her girls’ names. Just my humble opinion.

kendrajoi on

I like the name! Congrats Warren fam! Ignore the haters!

Cynthia on

I love the name! Very unique, but not so over the top as some other celebrity names can be.

ForeverMoore on

I actually like Haven better than Honor, which I thought was a very cute name. I have to agree that Haven Warren is a bit of a tongue twister but whatever, it’s still cute. How fun to have two girls…I’m having my second boy in a few months and my babies will only be 18 months apart. I think having two of the same gender is going to be so great!

ren on

I was so sure that her and Tina Fey would have boys. Obviously I guessed wrong.

Holiday on

Congrats to her! I think the name is really cute. I have never heard it but I liked it right away!

E.N. on

I’ve never heard Haven as a name before. It sounds a little awkward to me since both Haven and Warren end in -en.

But yes, not my baby so I don’t have to like it lol

Congrats to the family

Anne on

umm, how the hell did this site get her due date so wrong. Supposedly, she was supposed to be due a week before me, mid-September. I always thought she looked a little small for that date though…and she was on Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night and looked smaller than she did on Leno a few weeks earlier. WTF??

Grandma on

I don’t mind either name on it’s own; but, the they are awkward sibling names bc of the hard H vs the silent H.

soph on

“You people really need to look deep into your lives and figure out what has sucked the joy and happiness out of you so that maybe you could have souls and be nice people”

Ha! And maybe you should look deep into yours and find the reason why you’re taking this so seriously.

Haven Warren…nope, not pretty.

Melanie on

Anne, Jessica never said when she was due. So obviously anything this site had on their calendar was a guess, probably based on when she announced her pregnancy. The baby also may have come a couple weeks early. No need to get all worked up about it.

Stella Bella on

I like both Honor and Haven, but maybe not together. Too much H for my personal taste. But I like that Haven is a bit off the beaten path. Good for them. Congrats!

Jana on

Congratulations to Jessica, Cash and Honor! Beautiful name, it goes wonderful with Honor! I was wondering if they could actually top the name Honor!!

Ashleigh-Faye on

I agree… Lay off them with the name… I could not even call my son by his name for the first month because people I didn’t even know would ask “the baby’s name” I would tell them and almost every time they would make a rude comment how its a last name or its just not pretty… Yeah not fun for a mom to have to hear that. Forgive them for not wanting their child to have the same name as alot of other people….

dsfg on

Grandma, how is that awkward? Sibling names don’t have to match or start with the same sound.

Anne on

I think the name is awesome…much better than the boring ass Avas and Emmas or the Jennifer and Jessicas 2 decades ago. It’s better to be UNIQUE.

Emma on

I have a hard time comprehending why people feel they need to make hurtful and unneccesary comments about a childs looks or name. A child is such a blessing and welcoming one into this world is such a beautiful and joyous moment in life. I tell my 3 boys all the time- If you wouldn’t want it said about you, don’t say it about others… this applies to us too ladies. AND to Emmas Mommy- My name is Emma, and 30 yrs ago it was NOT the “it” name. I was teased constantly. My own uncle called me Enema (still does). But now it is very popular… maybe in so many years Haven will be the “it” name. Who knows. I like the names and I think their a sweet family. CONGRATS to them.

Cherise on

I think Haven is a beautiful name! My friend’s oldest daughter is named Haven, she is 17 yrs old now and I’ve never heard it anywhere else. Love it. There’s always going to be people who feel it’s their place to criticize other people’s choices of baby names…too popular, too unusual, etc.

MommytoanE on

Well Shea, Opinions are like bumholes….everyone has one. Don’t line an opinion, stop sniffin that bumhole.

Elena on

Haven’s not bad, not my style but MUCH better than Honor. Then again, I think Honor is pretty terrible, so nowhere to go but up! I had a feeling she was having another girl.

Emma on

In response to MommytoanE- That phrase is very out dated. And yes everyone has an opinion and everyone has a “bumhole”… however we don’t walk around showing our “bumholes” to everyone. So maybe we shouldn’t walk around sharing our unwanted opinions either.

Rosy on

I like the name Haven, I think it’s really pretty. Gives off an enchanting vibe. Congrats to the Alba family! I thought they were having another girl, mainly after Honor’s incident with the name and then that interview that was posted about just the other day.

shalay on

I actually like the name Haven, probably because it goes so well with Honor. They’re not names I would choose for my own children, but I like them for her girls. I’d much rather hear the names Honor and Haven than Madison, Ava, or Sophia, which are overused.

soph on

And who are you to decide which one is “unwanted,” Emma? PEOPLE certainly seems to welcome all comments, now don’t they?

Emma on

I wasn’t speaking of PEOPLE. I was speaking of the Alba/Warren family. LOL…temper temper.

Marky on

Wow, I really hope all you hateful posters get a whopping taste of your own medicine. You can “cover” your hatefulness with all the “just my opinion”, and “I have a right to my opinion”, and “don’t sniff that bumhole” comments you want to, but the truth is, NO ONE ASKED YOUR OPINION. Really, being hateful seems to be the latest hobby for posters, and it stinks, for sure.

Haven is a nice name which will stand the test of time, i.e., it will be a really nice name as she grows older. Garner is her dad’s middle name, and that’s a sweet gesture, too. Honor’s name is another name that will be nice as she gets older, not some “cutsy” name that sounds adorable all the way until the child is 1. Neither name is overly common, but not bizarre. Some names are so common, they are just completely over-used. I loved the name Amy for one of my daughters, and guess what?! Of the 5 baby girls that day, 4 were named Amy! The only thing that set her apart was her middle name. Her name is special to her for family reasons, but wow! Also very common, so it’s kind of nice Honor and Haven have the sort of names they have.

This is a nice family who seem to love each other, be happy, and live a pretty normal life. People should be happy for them, instead of being so insulting and rude about their sweet new blessing.

torgster on

Why don’t some of you pathetic immature losers get lives? Oh yeah, you can’t because you’re obviously social misfits who have no other options than to vent your ignorance on blogs.

Sophie on

I’m having trouble now with pronouncing Honor correctly without the ‘H’ sound with it when it’s written next to Haven. I keep saying Hon-or (strong H) and Haven.

Congrats on the new child though. For some reason I thought it was known she was having a girl? Didn’t take me by surprise anyway. Not a fan of alliteration, mostly due to avoiding documentation saying “Miss H. Warren” – which one is it for?

I can’t wait for Hils’s bub!

soph on

“I wasn’t speaking of PEOPLE. I was speaking of the Alba/Warren family. LOL…temper temper.”

Still didn’t answer my question. Same goes for Marky. You look like idiots telling others “no one asked you.” Because…who asked you, again?

Good one, torgster. Oh wait, you’re venting on a blog too. Then that must mean…?

The hypocrisy here just never stops.

LisaS on

Congrats to the Warren family on their new baby girl! I usually don’t like “unique” names but I think Haven’s a very nice, pretty name and would sound lovely on a little girl, and I love the meaning of the word. Honor must be thrilled to be a big sister!

Emma on

You really are an angry individual Soph. And actually I did answer your question… I wasn’t speaking of PEOPLE allowing everyone to post whatever they want… I was speaking of how society should be more mindful of what they say. Our opinions (including mine) are not always necessary nor wanted, especially if what is being shared is rude or hurtful. Also, I could care less if individuals such as yourself think I look like an idiot, however you should feel like one because I never stated “noone asked you…” in any of my comments. I stated, “Maybe we shouldn’t walk around sharing our unwanted opinions.” That’s a suggestion, it’s your choice if you want to listen to it or continue to post rude comments. I am done with you and your comments, so have fun bashing me all you want. My life goes on.

RKF on

@Marky – your long tangent is fascinating, but I don’t recall anyone asking for your opinion either. Don’t like opinions? Don’t read blogs.

Bancie1031 on

Love the name! Congratulations to Jessica, Cash and Honor …. I can not wait to see a picture of her, I’m sure she’s beautiful just like her sister 🙂

Mel on

Congrats to Cash, Jessica and Honor! One of my favorite students was named Haven, so I’m a little partial to the name! There’s nothing wrong with expressing opinions, I just wonder why some people have so much venom behind it. Anyway…can’t wait to see pics!

Mel on

Congrats to Cash, Jessica, and Honor! One of my favorite students was named Haven, so I love it! There’s nothing wrong with expresing opinions, I just wonder why some people do it with so much venom. Anyway…can’t wait to see pictures of little Haven!

Samantha on

All these celebs that name their kids odd ball names need to get some help. I mean the next thing you know they’ll be naming their kid ‘dirt’ ‘trash’ ‘it’ or ‘yogurt’ cause its different or unique…… Wow

RachelJane on

Isn’t it possible that the Eva/Ava that Honor allegedly blurted out was actually her child-like way of trying to say Haven?

Not my favourite names but I think they work well as a sibling set. Congrats!

Ali on

I have to agree with Katie.

alicejane on

Congratulations to Jessica, Cash, and Honor!! I think Haven is a great name and I bet she’s beautiful.

stephanie on

I did not no she was that far along in her pregnancy just see her on The Talk anyway congrats to her family never here that name Haven before it sounds like Heaven.

ClaireSamsmom on

Honor has a little sister! Very exciting! I think the name is pretty…Haven Garner…while it is a different unique and old-fashioned in a way, too. I like it! Can’t wait to see a picture of her!

JMO on

I actually like the name Honor and Haven. Both different withouot being outrageous. I knew she was having another girl bc on Jay Leno he guessed girl and she smirked and said, “well see” IDK I got the girl vibe right there! Congrats to them!

Anonymous on

I’m sure the baby is a beauty, just like the rest of the family. Name is not my cup of tea, but so what. There are thousands of names out there, and I’m not going to cry myself to sleep because a celebrity named her baby something I, someone who lives thousands upon thousands of kilometers away from this celebrity who I will never ever have anything to do with.

People whining that it’s turning into a cat-fest are usually posting a whiney comments themselves…hence another cat-fest and hypocrisy loop. I don’t understand why the people who don’t have any comments about the originally posted acticle HAVE to take it upon themselves to ‘parent’ the rest of us commenters, and try to put people in their place by scouring through the comments, and scalding people that have posted “mean” comments (although some of you are severely overreacting with the word MEAN. A comment is NOT mean if it disagrees with your own person opinion. Saying a name is not a person preference is not mean. Calling the baby an ugly smelly poo-head, THAT is mean.

Lyoness on

I love her name! It’s unique and not widely used but she can definitely be an “adult” with that name no matter what industry she goes into. Good job!

Went to college with a girl named Haven. It really fit her.

AmandaC on

I really love the name Haven, very pretty sounding!

Pamela on


Sidenote: I miss the ‘old’ cb site so much

Capri on

I think it’s cute….why are some of you women so bitter? Sheesh…smile once n a while…or how about saying something nice.

Serena on

Congrats! I’m sure Honor is so excited to have a baby sister! I think her name is pretty and goes well with ‘Honor’ … why would they go with something as common as Ava when their first daughter doesn’t have a common name??? Congrats! I’m sure she is beautiful like her big sister!

I too miss the old cb site …

Pippa on

God, some bitter people out there …

I actually think it’s an alright name, and as long as the baby is healthy who cares really! I’m just happy for them. Cute little family they are 🙂

Tatiana on

Cute name! And Jessica Alba is one hot mom!

sara on

I have liked the name Haven for a while now.

I hope it doesn’t get too popular now that a celebrity has chosen it for her baby!


KRS on

Marky and torgster (and others), I think there’s a couple of reasons why some people are so bitchy and negative on here 1) they’re cowards who’d never say stuff in real life, but hide behind their computer screens and let their true selves show and 2) they just like to stir the pot and instigate trouble for fun (ie: to get reactions from people). And when we get upset and offended we’re only giving them exactly what they want. Come on…most of us are probably mothers here, and we all know to never, ever react and give undue attention to the bad behaviors, tantrums and bullying. My advice (that nobody asked for, I know) is to ignore or have a little private chuckle about it all, then go about your day.

anon on

Haven is alright… but I LOVE Garner!

emily on

Cash went to Yale, which is in New Haven, CT. I wonder if they got the inspiration from that?

criticaleye on

I actually like Haven. Much better then Bear Blu, Moroccan, Bingham or Zuma. It has a feminine melody and goes well with Honor.

BTW, it’s okay not to like a name and post is. But you can do it with respect or…with no EQ.

Jen DC on

Honor and Haven – I like them together. But whomever said Haven Warren is a bit of a tongue twister is right! Still adorable, pronouncable and spell-able.

Wonder if this little one will take after Mom since Honor so clearly looks just like Cash?!

Janie on

Not a huge fan of the name. It’s odd that one “H” name is a hard H and the other is a soft “H”.

And I really think many of the hostile comments stem from the fact that Jessica isn’t really that likable.

soph on

“Our opinions (including mine) are not always necessary nor wanted, especially if what is being shared is rude or hurtful.”

“I could care less if individuals such as yourself think I look like an idiot, however you should feel like one because I never stated “noone asked you…” in any of my comments. I stated, “Maybe we shouldn’t walk around sharing our unwanted opinions.””

Oh, Emma…really not very smart, are you? You didn’t have to say the “no one” part, your statement about others’ unwanted opinions said basically the same thing. And that prompted my question (still unanswered), which was who are you to decide which opinion is unwanted? Or what is rude? It’s subjective. What’s hurtful to you may not be to others. You don’t like or care for what some people have to say on certain topics? Guess what…they don’t care about you either! I think the Alba-Warrens are doing just fine without little ol’ Emma speaking up on their behalf. Oh, and if you “could care less” that means you actually care less than you do, so I think what you meant to say is “couldn’t care less.” Happy to help. And of course you’re “done”…people here always flounce off when they get called on their hypocritical bs. Bye-bye!

RKF on

@KRS – Now people are negative “bitchy” “cowards” for stating their opinion? Your whole first paragraph reeks of cliches. Do you not understand that anonymous forum posting affords people the ability to say something they (clearly) wouldn’t say in person? I’m not saying it’s right or wrong – but it’s the reality of blog commenting.

As for people “hiding behind their computers”? How many times can this hypocritical statement be made? I equally dislike the names Honor and Haven, and I’d like to see you say to my face I’m a negative, bitchy coward. Wouldn’t do it, now would you? So, it appears you “hide” like the rest of us.

Karen on

Haven is a fine name. It’s not that outlandish. Lots of negative feelings expressed here about the name…I have a visual of her tossing the name “Haven” into a river and a bunch of pirhanas attacking it.

nancy on

awe!!!!! thats my 14year old daughters name. very good choice!!!!

AllisonJ on

Congrats to Jessica, Cash, and Honor on little Haven! I actually LOVE the name Haven and thought about using it for my daughter when she was born.

Honor and Haven go well together as names. Interesting and pretty, without being too odd.

Can’t wait to see a photo of the little cutie! Honor looks so much like Cash. I wonder if Haven will look a little more like Jessica.

Toya L. on

I agree with others, even assholes have opinions or however the hell that saying goes!

Romy on

I only miss the old CB site because they had so many more articles! Every time I see Haven it reminds me of the trendy Nevaeh (Heaven backwards)

MommytoanE on

Point is. EVERYONE is entitled to an opinion. Weather you ladies like it or not. Point is ITS NOT WORTH IT TO GET UPSET over an opinion. YOU DO NOT LIKE IT DO NOT READ IT. THAT’S what the point behind the phrase is. Its freaking annoying how all you ladies sit bashing on someone on one post, then bash yourselves on another. No, you are right, Jessica and Warren didn’t outright say *Gee whats your opinion* But by putting their children’s names out there, they are setting theirselves up to have those opinions put out there. EVERYONE has an opinion about everything. You dislike it FIND ANOTHER FORUM TO READ. I’m fairly positive there’s more than just Celeb babies for these cute baby pictures. Point is….the arguing is getting freaking sick, and pathetic. You’re grown adults. ACT LIKE IT. Its sad when you can look at a room full of children and see them acting less catty than all you women are behaving. Stop fighting, realize everyone has their own opinion, and read something else. I don’t get how all of you say you are such wonderful mothers, but neglect your children to bash someone else on a forum. I don’t get how all of you say how wonderful you are, then bash someone. None of you all are any better than anyone else. You are all equal. Now stop fighting, because honestly, its not worth it.

lucy on

I actually like Haven better then Honour, I hope this one got the looks, cause man, Honour looks just like Cash, and has a slightly “piggish” look about her, they’re right to say pretty people make ugly babies

Sarah K. on

“But by putting their children’s names out there, they are setting theirselves up to have those opinions put out there.”

Exactly, but by posting on a public blog you are also setting yourself up to have people respond. If you don’t want people to respond or react to your comment, then don’t post it. It works both ways.

Also, you seem to be the most upset on here with the excessive use of caps and insults. So, you should take your own advice and act “less catty.”

Leslee on

`So happy to hear they have a healthy baby and happy arrival to announce. I appreciate and respect their willingness to be open about the pregnancy and the baby details. I love their daughters’ names, beautiful choices 🙂

Clara on

Cute name, I little out there but not to weird.

KRS on

Thanks for your input RKF, but it should have been pretty clear to you that I’m not talking about having differing opinions and respectfully stating likes/dislikes. My comment was in response to Marky and others who are bugged by the rude and ugly comments that are sometimes left. The anonymity of the internet affords us all the ability to say whatever we want with no filter, and it’s obvious that some people like to take full advantage and let out all kinds of nasty, mean stuff they’d NEVER have the balls to say in person. And I doubt I’d ever have to be the one to call you out on a hateful comment in person, because I don’t believe for a minute that you’d say half the stuff you say on here to anybody’s face. Now, I’m heading out of town for a few days, so looking forward to checking back later in the week.

AM on

I was hoping for a boy because I was curious to see how she would dress him up since I LOVE the way she dresses Honor. But yay for another girl! I can’t wait to see her.

mia on

at least it aint agnus or Elda or Fransica

Maddie on

Aw, another girl. Congrats to all of them!

I never thought I would like the name Honor, but it has really grew on me. I like Haven too, it goes nice with Honor.

Momwifedesigner on

To whomever was mentioning the old website, I have to agree that CBB was so much better before it was overrun by People magazine. I remember it from years ago when all the moms were nice and uplifting, we played games and had giveaways, and it was all about the children of the future.

Cortney on

Jessica did it! Watch Haven become the new Harper! And I agree with whomever said they got the name from Yale being in New Haven, CT!

Hailee on

Wanted to name my baby Haven.

Donna on

I, too, miss the old Celebrity Baby Blog started by Danielle and she had sweet pictures of her daughter Anya. People were kinder then.

I come here because I still like to get the baby news and pictures, but comments from some are needlessly annoying and as mother always said “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Just get the news here and move on to a site where vitrolic hyperbole is invited.

Emily on

All of you that post comments on these need to get a life. I mean really,
get off the computer and play with your kids or get back to your desk job.

danielle on

oh my goodness!!! How do you people hate an innocent baby…

“they sound like stripper” , “Honor isnt cute” THEY ARE CHILDREN!! You dont say such hate filled words towards a child!

I wouldnt call my children that but they are nice unique name.

oh ! n congrats to them (i think thats what this page is actually for!!!!!)

Amanda K on

Congrats on her little girl! I do like the name Haven. Haven means harbor or sanctuary, which sounds like a nice soothing name to me. I bet Honor will be a fun big sister too 🙂

Emma on

Totally agree with you Danielle. LOL, you got me on my grammer Soph. I guess that’s what happens at 2 am.

Emma on


It is 11 pm where I live, my children are in bed, my husband is at work and I am bored. I don’t feel like a book or watching tv, so I am on here…

Cassie on

I like Haven – and the subset is very cute together. Congrats Alba-Warren family!

Sarah K. on

“All of you that post comments on these need to get a life. I mean really,get off the computer and play with your kids or get back to your desk job.”

Uh, Emily? I don’t know if you noticed, but you also posted a comment…

robyn banks on

You people are nuts!! Who cares what she names HER children!! Just the same as no one cares what you name yours! Get a life!

soph on

“LOL, you got me on my grammer Soph. I guess that’s what happens at 2 am. – Emma”

Second that lol because it’s grammAR. And I thought you were “done”? Jeez, how many times are you ladies going to say you’re done, then come running back? It never fails…

Kate on

Honor’s middle name “Marie” is also Jessica’s middle name. So picking up Cash’s middle name as the baby’s middle name goes along with their own tradition 🙂

soph on

Please…all of you need to come up with something better than “get a life.” Unless you can’t…which is probably the case.

Emma on

LOL, again you got me Soph. I am not perfect and at times I misspell. Oh well. I never stated I was done reading stories or posts on PEOPLE. I stated I am done with you and your rude comments (reread the post if you must). Meaning- I don’t wish to argue with an individual who enjoys to irritate, upset and/or annoy fellow commenters. You will see an occassional comment from me (just a heads up). I am enjoying my day and will continue to do so. I hope you have a good one, as well. I truly mean that, no sarcasm intended.

Terri on

My co-worker’s daughter is named Haven. I think it’s a beautiful name.

soph on

You are truly a moron. I know what you wrote — if you were really done with me and my comments, you wouldn’t have replied to me AGAIN about getting you on grammar. Didn’t respond to anything else I wrote, just that bit on grammar. Of course. “Don’t wish to argue”? Yeah, meaning you never answered my question because you knew I was right. I don’t “enjoy to irritate” (again, moron) anyone, sweetie. I’m merely posting what I want, when I want, just like you choose to. But if you say you’re going to stop talking to me? Yeah, then actually DO it.

mandy vickers on

Why do people judge others I love jessica alba the first comment was she had a baby for attention I dont think so. She is a married women with a husband. I love watching her act and I love the name my daughter is Haven to I love it. It seems you have nothing better to do but say what you want its only your opinion.

Jaime on

Haven is my almost 13 year old daughter’s name so of course i think it’s a beautiful name for a little girl. 😉

Anonymous on

Directly to Emma’s mommy. How can you say that??? She is a wonderful person. Yo need to work on your serious jealousy issues because she has a better heart than you do!! Quit saying things that offend people not to mention to make you look like an idiot in the comments section!! Get a heart!

Clara on

soph the troll strikes again…

soph on

And yet you just can’t ignore me, can you Clara?

Clara on

As soon as you can crawl back under your bridge we can.

soph on

Ooh, clever. Not.

soph on

And I’m not going anywhere. Deal with it, sweetie pie.

Elizabeth on

Soph, PEOPLE is an “it,” not a “they.” Although the noun “people” is plural, the magazine “PEOPLE” is singular.

Because you care about grammar, I knew you’d appreciate the correction.

soph on

Thanks, Elizabeth.. I do appreciate it (honestly!)

Clara on

soph if you want to be that insect that just won’t go away, who am I to judge. Darling…

soph on

Ha! Hilarious how you keep replying to a “troll.”

Daniela on

what’s wrong with you people? It’s really shocking to read such comments.
How can you be so hurtful in a moment that is so beautiful.
Congratulations on this happy event.
The name is a choice from the heart, it’s beautiful.

Jamie on

Cash Warren went to Yale, which is in New Haven, CT so my guess is she’s named after that…it’s a fine name, not common and not too out there.

MollyF on

Guys, the personal attacks need to stop. I mean, if someone states their opinion, no matter if they don’t like Jessica, Haven’s name or whatever, does it give you the right to attack the poster? They have every right to their opinion as everyone else here. Just because you don’t like what they say, doesn’t mean you have to personally attack them?

I personally love the name Haven. It’s pretty and unique.

Becky on

She was on The Talk last week and right as it went to commercial, the camera was still on her and Sharon Osborne asked her something and she very clearly said “3 weeks”. I thought for sure Sharon was asking when she’s due so I was surprised to see the baby news.

I LOVE the name Haven! It’s very feminine and precious. Congrats to the family!! And ignore all the haters…..they have nothing better to do and obviously lead miserable lives. I feel sorry for them!

Anonymous on

Thats my son’s birthday! I like the name, its different. But all that matters is that everyone is happy and healthy!

Rosemary on

Congrats to Cash, Jessica and Honor for the arrival of Haven. At first I didn’t like the name Haven but then I remembered what it meant – a place of safety, of home, of security. And I love the name Honor. So good going, everyone. Can’t wait to see Haven’s pix.

T on

I’m sure the baby will be beautiful! I thought poeple weren’t supposed to put incredibly rude, ridiculous comments about others on this site? It just seems wrong…what did these celebs ever do to any of you?

Marcus Father of 5 on

Seriously some of you should really grow the hell up and stop acting like 3 year olds. Emma’s mommy where in world do you get off being so snarky about what they choose to name their child. I read you post and its disgusting. Jessica and Cash chose to have another baby which is their right. Love the name haven.

joyce on

haven = new haven, where cash went to university?

Lizzie on

Seriously “Emmas momma” you need to grow up. Can’t believe you’re a mother & you’re calling other people’s baby names ugly. How judgmental. I feel sorry for your kid to have a mother like you.

Lizzie on

Soph, I bet you’re 16. Because you sure as hell act like it on here. Or fat and bitter about the way you look, therefor you are on here bashing people about their comments.

Emma on


I am in no way defending Soph. She has harrassed me on most of my comments. However, I am livin’ large and LOVE the way I look. Just because an individual is “fat” doesn’t mean they are bitter. Maybe she is just ugly inside and out…

J&Hmommy on

Wow, ‘Emma’s Mommy’ I hope you aren’t teaching those manner’s to your daughter. Do think before you speak (or write).

Rose on

Honor always looks so happy. She doesn’t know yet that she isn’t “cute”. But soon enough she will google her own name and find out – and maybe this will wipe the smile off her face… Some people are just DISGUSTING!

Ashley on

LOVE the name Haven! So pretty and unique!

Laila on

Please let this be the last because she really doesn’t need to name any more children…

reader717171 on

Agree w/ the others posters Honor and Haven sound like stripper stage names.

Evelyn on

I have always been a huge fan of Jessica Alba. When I found out she was pregnant with her second child, I was extatic! Now that’s she’s given birth, I can’t wait to see her little girl. Judging by Miss Honor, she’s going to be gorgeous! And I love her name, Haven. Perfect to go with Honor; Honor and Haven, Honor and Haven, Honor and Haven!

Jenny on

Congrats on Haven 🙂 I am definently not a hater cuz I love y’alls family- super cute! I personally wouldn’t pick haven for my own kid, but its not my kid and who really cares about the name as long as the family and haven are happy is all that matters. And I hope and expect y’all are very happy 🙂

RachelSun on

Congratulations to Jessica, Honor, Cash and welcome to the world Haven. I know they are smart enough not to read any blogs due to the meaness, hatefulness and pathetic existence some peole lead that cause them to hate on a child and family they do not know and has never done anything personal to them. But I felt the need to add a positive comment.
Also that they keep beautiful Honor away from any blogs. She will be learning how to read soon and I pray to god she never has to see any of these hateful comments.
Honor and Haven are nice names. Honor is a beautiful little girl. I luv Jessica as an actress since her Dark Angel days. I wish her and her family nothing but peace, joy, happiness and continued success.

Mel on

all you haters out their! did you give birth to the baby? well then i suggest you shut your bloody mouths up. judgmental; its their descision to what their gonna name their babies so therefore you have no say! anyway congrads on baby Haven!

Celise on

My daughters name is Haven.She was born Dec 2010, I hope the name doesn’t get over used now 😦

Tressa on

All you people who are arguing over opinions. Whether or not they should be shared, because sometimes it’s better to keep our mouths shut, they have the right to it. Offensive or not. It’s very unfortunate and sad that people can be so mean, but for goodness sakes, instead of having your cat fights on here, just exchange addresses and duke it out in person.

EmilyHarperV on

Love the name 🙂 & I actually like the middle name as well… Congrats! 🙂

jasmine on

Its just hilarious how you ugly people make fun of JESSICA ALBA’S baby names and how her career is “going down the drain”. She is a beautiful millionaire with a lovely family, so you worthless stay at home mothers with plumber husbands should reconsider.

jasmine on


Emma on

Wow Jasmine, that wasn’t stereotyping was it? I am a stay at home mom, and I love this family and their children’s names…So yea.

Davida on

Bing is one cutie and he looks like Matt. Cute And Charming.

Jasmine on

CONGRATULATIONS to Cash & Jessica. I like both names, Honor and Haven. I really like that they named her middle name, Garner after her dad. I love the tradition. My name is Jasmine, a name that was not common when I was a little girl. It became too common as I was a teenage, and many Jasmines were stripper names, so if Haven & Honor are considered stripper names, I think they will be okay! I wish this lovely family continued good look and happiness.

CP on

PEOPLE, please actually “use your right to remove comments at [your] discretion” and get rid of all these nasty, unproductive comments going back and forth between your readers and have nothing to do with the article itself.

soph on

Haha, nice logic there, Lizzie. Did a ten year old help you come up with that one?

hellohello on

I’ve never heard of the name “Haven” before.

This is just my opinion (please don’t yell at me), but I don’t like the name…

What’s with celebrities giving their child weird unusual names? Does anybody else recognize this pattern?

soph on

Of course others recognize it (not trying to be mean here), but keep in mind that some do stick to more “normal” names (like recently, Tina Fey). If you’ve never even heard of Haven being used as a name, then yes, you’ll think it’s weird. I don’t, I just think “Haven Warren” is not that appealing. It is a bit nicer than some other names celebs have used for their girls, though, imo.

Angie Girl on

Congrats to Jessica and Cash.Haven is a beautiful girl.And a good tie in with honor.

P,S.:To all the haters stop juding them because you wish ou were in the news,They are experincing a wondeful thing and should be commended for it.

HavensMama on

We have our own Haven 🙂 We are Alaskans and we know the necessity of having a Haven, whether out in the bush or on the water. It is a lovely name and easy on the ears besides having personal meaning for us.

Sometimes also called/pronounced: Heyv, Havey and when being a stinker to her little brother The Havenator!

Alina on

WOW Emma’s Mommy so judgemental! Don’t you think Emma is so over used. I mean Haven is so cute and so unique, but not too unique like Apple. You really don’t think Jessica Alba is famous, I mean come on she’s way more famous than you. Your so scared that you didn’t even use your real name!