Tina Fey Welcomes Daughter Penelope Athena

08/12/2011 at 09:00 PM ET
Amanda Schwab/Startraks

Tina Fey, already mom to 5Β½-year-old Alice Zenobia, has introduced a new addition to the family.

The 30 Rock star welcomed a healthy baby girl, Penelope Athena, on Wednesday, Aug. 10 with her composer husband Jeffrey Richmond, 51, her rep tells PEOPLE.

The Bossypants author, 41, first revealed her pregnancy to Oprah Winfrey in April.

Fey spoke about agonizing over having a second child – but explained how she and Richmond decided it was time to expand their family.

“My husband and I really decided that we felt rather than risk having 30 Rock end in several years and feeling like part of our family is missing that we were going to prioritize our family.”

— Blaine Zuckerman and Sara Hammel

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klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to Tina and her husband!

I absolutely love the name. It’s on my list of favorite celeb baby names now!

Julie on

It made me smile to read that gorgeous name.

showbizmom on

Love her! I’m happy for the family of four.

anonymous on

Love the name! Enjoy the kind of quirky yet normal names that family chooses.

Adrienne on

Penelope is becoming increasingly popular now-a-days.

Indira on

Two girls! Congrats to her. Kinda like the name of her first daughter better. I love her comment about prioritizing her family, good for her.

Daniella on

Congratulations to Tina, Jeffrey & Alice on the new addition to their family. I love the name, it has a very classical Greek feel to it.

Rosy on

What a pretty name, congrats!

Mira on

Does she have Greek heritage? If not, that name is a bit too Greek.

Congrats to the family. I think they made a great choice

Crystal on

LOVE Tina Fey!! Congratulations!! Not a fan of Penelope but ADORE Athena! Congrats again!! πŸ™‚

Shawna on

Alice and Penelope – those names fit very nicely together! They are both more old-fashioned names.

MommytoanE on

Tina’s Mother is Greek, for the pp Mira.

Beautiful name. Congratulations to Tina and her family.

Alyssa on

@Mira: Yes, she is of Greek heritage. Her mother is from Greece.

Irene on

Absolutely love her! Congratulations or as they say in Greek “Na Zisete”! God bless Tina, Jeff and their beautiful daughters. Xox

Liz on

Mira – yes, Tina is half-Greek, hence the Greek names. πŸ™‚ (Alice has a Greek middle name, as does Tina).

Anyway, many congratulations to Tina and her family!

amw on

love it! congrats to tina and family!

jen on

Yes, Mira, her mother is from Greece I believe. Tina’s real name is Elizabeth Stamatina Fey.

SadieA on

Mira, I remember reading somewhere that she is of Greek heritage

Erika on

I was just thinking about her today, wondering when she would have the baby! Congratulations to her and her family! I am glad it is another girl- sisters are so sweet and it seems like so much fun to have 2 little girls! I like that her girls have different names, yet not weird.

Ali on

Awwwwwwww I LOVE her!!! She is hilarious & sooooooooooo REAL! I adore the name too!!! Penelope is such a darling, lovely name. Congrats to her!!!! I had a feeling she was having another girl! Yay!!

Stella Bella on

Love the name!

Cate on

I love the girls’ middle names. Zenobia was a 3rd century Syrian queen of Palmyrene who lead a revolt against the Roman Empire and Athena was the Greek Goddess of Wisdom. Not common, but definately meaningful.

Congrats to the Fey/Richmonds. πŸ™‚

Leigh on

Ah! Love Tina Fey, love 30 Rock, love her elder daughter’s name (my great-grandmother’s), and love her newest addition’s name.

Incredibly happy for the Richmond-Fey family, buuut . . . Penelope, while wonderful? Is totally what I’m going to name my coming baby if it turns out to be a girl. But now? Now all I’m going to be asked by everyone I know is if I named her that because Tina Fey did, as most people in my life know I love 30 Rock, because – as my grandmother puts it “you’re so incredibly picky about nearly everything so when you deem something even slightly passable it’s breaking news.”

So now I kind of need this kid to be a boy.

Still, though – congratulations to Tina, Jeff, and Alice! I’m sure your Penelope is beyond lovely. Also, Athena is awesome.

Alli on

Congrats! I love both of her girls names.

Mathilde on

I think this is an adorable, quirky name!

Zoey on

Congrats Tina, Jeffrey and Alice on your baby girl. πŸ˜€

I love love love the name. All of their names are on my list actually!

I love Tina Fey! She is one of my favorites!!

soph on

Julie: agreed. Penelope Richmond sounds great.

LEC on

Alice Athena is on my list

Athena for the Greek goddess of wisdom and Alice because it’s sweet and feminine

Corrie on

Congratulations! I love the name.

mks on

Congrats to them! I like how her name unique, but not odd or crazy. And love how her middle name is an homage to Tina’s heritage, and is something Penelope will have in common with both her mom and sister.

avamarcel on

Congrats to Tina! love the name! πŸ˜€

Nella on

Love the name, very cute! Congrats to Tina, her hubby and Alice on becoming a big sis! Tina seems like such a nice mom

ClaireSamsmom on

Congrats to her & family! Tina is one of my favorite actresses and I love the name, too!

sara on

How is a name “too Greek”? What does that even mean? Even if Tina were not of Greek heritage, why should she not be allowed to give her daughter a Greek name? What a bizarre comment.

Ashleigh-Faye on

Leigh… If you love the name go for it. My son is Paxton and when he was 3 months Brad P and A.J adopted Pax… So I know your frustration. For a bit I got.. Oh you named him after blah blah blah… But I bet once you have your baby TF’s daughter will be abit older and no one would really care. Not like your having your daughter tomorrow.

alicejane on

Congratulations to Tina and her family! I’m pretty partial to the name Alice of course, and it’s also my niece’s middle name, and my sister’s top girl name is Penelope so hopefully I’ll have one in the family one day.

When I saw this announcement I had totally forgotten that Tina was pregnant, so this was kind of a shock!

JMO on

Leigh it doesn’t have to be that deep lol. I doubt people will ask if you named your daughter Penelope after Tina Fey’s daughter! The only way I stop with a name I like is if it becomes overly popular. Penelope in 2011 is not overly popular so go for it! And don’t worry people will always find a way to spin a name. All you have to say is that you liked it…end of story πŸ™‚

Leigh on

Oh, I know. I have no problems sharing a baby name with Tina Fey. Victoria Beckham might have been another story. πŸ˜‰

It’s just, yes, I live in New York now, my husband’s family is Awesome with a capital a, but my family? Ninety percent of them believe every word printed in grocery store gossip magazines. Also, my mother is currently in the process of lobbying for me to name my baby (gender happily unknown!) Murphy (as in Murphy’s Deli, a small chain where I’m from) because “we’re franchise owners, honey. Think of the business! Why, I’ve already got the cutest signs in mind.”

Le sigh.

ang on

I LOVE the name. As a greek woman, I would have named my baby (had it been a girl) Penelope after my yiayia. Our name was Penelope Lane as my husbund is a HUGE Beatle fan. Penny Lane, still love it but I’m done having kids. 😦

AllisonJ on

Congrats to Tina and her husband! Love the name. It goes well with Alice.

I totally thought Tina would have a boy – I was wrong! LOL

Romy on

love it, normal but a little kick to it

eribri on

Congrats to Tina & her husband! I’m shocked shes in her 40’s! I honestly thought she was in her late 30’s.

Bella on

Yay, Tina!! So happy to read this news – I’d been wondering for the past few days when she’d have the baby. I had a feeling it would be a boy but how lovely for her to have two little girls!

Jen DC on

Aww, adorable! Love the name. Congrats, little family!

Niche on

Congratulations! Love the name.

Sabrina on

Leigh, if anything I’d worry more about people thinking you named your daughter (if it is a daughter of course) after Agent Garcia on “Criminal Minds”.

Keli on

Oh I hate her(not really I adore her) but I had the girl name Athena Penelope picked out since I was like 12. And I still love it 14 years later if I ever had a girl. But I had two boys. I honestly dont think it flows the greatest either but both names are really really pretty that I dont think it matters. Congrats to the whole family

torgster on

Don’t like the name.

Sophia on

Oh, congratulations to Tina, Jeffrey and big sister Alice! What happy news! I’ve been checking constantly because I was so sure the announcement that they’d had a baby girl was going to come through any day, and sure enough, here is little Penelope Athena πŸ™‚

Robyn on

Darn! There goes a name I was contemplating using 😦 My daughter was THISCLOSE to being a Penelope. She’s now an Ariel and we were gonna name this baby I’m pregnant with Penelope, but there goes that! I know of 4 other women trying to name their daughters Penelope. It’s increasingly popular.

MommytoanE on

Leigh…sorry, this sounds horrible, but you are reading WAY too much into a name. Honestly, if anyone asked you if you named your DD after anything, it would be the movie “Penelope” that came out a few years back. Unless you plan to name your child some extremely outlandish name….there’s going to be some celeb out there with a family member, and possibly child that has the name you picked. Ignore everyone’s comments and name your baby what YOU want to name her.

I’m asked all the time if my DD was named for the queen….but alas, her name is a family name, and my favorite name ever, so that’s her name. I’m sure you’ll have your own story as to why your beautiful baby has his/her name. So ignore comments, stop reading into things so much and name what YOU want to name your baby.

Brittany on

Tina Fey & her Hubby pick the best baby names. I love how they mix classic timeless names with really rich exotic names.

Alice Zenobia & Penelope Athena is hands down one of the best sibling name combos EVER!

SAR on

I had a feeling she was having another girl.

Pretty name, and definitely in keeping with Tina’s Greek heritage.

Leigh on


It sounds like I’m reading a lot into I know, but I promise I’m not.

For one, I was kind of just making an idle comment, just something that was rattling around in my brain immediately after reading this post.

Two, my family really is that crazy. Thankfully, I’ve finally learned to laugh at it all. Admittedly, that’s easier half a country away.

And three, yes, there is a reason I’ve loved and thought of naming any eventual daughter Penelope. I’m a self-professed poetry nerd, and the first poet I fell head-over-heels for was W.B. Yeats, *and* one of his earlier works was long my favorite poem and still ranks very high, indeed: Brown Penny.

The only two things I know for sure? Tina’s got great taste, and any child I ever have will NEVER be named Murray. πŸ˜‰

J on

It must really depend on the celeb as to whether these baby names suck according to some here. Some of the same people who rave over Tina Feys kids names poopoo other kids names that seem to be on the same level of uniqueness.

soph on

Examples, J?

Jana on

Congatulations to Tina and her Family! I’m sure Penelope is beautiful:)

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations! I love the name Penelope ….

Jane on

She has flawless taste in baby names.

MiB on

Penelope is actually a Greek name as well, at least she is the name Homer gave Ulysses wife all those years ago… πŸ˜‰

JMO on

Well Leigh I agree with the Murphy or Murray lol.

But as someone posted above undoubtedly someone will eventually have the name of your future child. I have a boy and girls name picked out. Both different, not popular or weird, but I know a few celebs who have the names and yes I stole it from them lol. I actually dont mind saying if someone asked oh named after so and so. I’d say well sure that’s how I found it first. I know two girls I graduate with that named their daughters Leighton which isn’t very popular (yet I guess) and everyone always asked oh like Leighton Meester. What are they to say, no? When clearly they liked the name when they found it on her first πŸ™‚

Annachestnut on

Yay Tina!!! Well done!!

Leigh on


My very favorite girl name is actually one I came across because it was the name of the last wife of a very “old-time” movie star. I just fell in love with it the second I heard it, despite generally liking names that have natural nick-names and it most decidedly NOT having one. It’s what I would consider *very* unusual and, yet again, that’s something surprising for me as I grew up with a name my grandmother made up and hated my whole life, until I was old enough to change it legally.

My first girl, though, will be named Penelope because the middle name I have planned to go with it is my grandmother’s and I want her to have the best chance of getting to meet her namesake. My crazy name doesn’t work with it.

kakakoritsia1 on

Greek Heritage is one of the Eyes to our world !!!!! Penelope Athena is a great powerful name a lot of the celebrities select Greek names from all of our Mythology and Greek Gods of the past there all strong names. Congrats Tina & Jeff ( Oti Epethimimite ) measn what ever you wish for may it come true in life. Tina my full name is Stamatina also how interesting and a small world around us. Good Luck in your success !!!!!!!

Laila on

Great names!!!!

Davida on

That’s a pretty name. I’ll name my baby Penelope Athena 1 day

Daniel on

Congratulations to Tina and her husband!

I absolutely love the name. It’s on my list of favorite celeb baby names now!

tnbc on

Tina Fey fan, but those names she gave her girls are HORRIBLE, Penelope and Alice? Really? Old ladies names.

tnbc on

Horrible names, Penelope and Alice. Old ladies names.