Celeb Parents Love the Piggyback Rider

08/12/2011 at 10:00 AM ET

As parents of multiples know, it isn’t easy to tote around two or more tots.

Double strollers are great, but they can also be a little cumbersome, especially if you’re going on a nature walk or hike.

That’s why we’re loving the new Piggyback Rider ($80). And we’re not the only ones.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have been spotted out and about using it with their kids, Liam and Stella. Spelling even wrote about it on her new blog.

Designed to carry children up to 60 lbs., it features well-padded straps and a sturdy waist-level metal foot bar that evenly distributes your child’s weight so dad (or mom!) isn’t left with an aching back after each trip.

And because kids get to stand up, they’re more engaged in what’s going on. Ready to snap one up for your next outing? Go to thepiggybackrider.com.

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aimeedus on

this looks so weird to me…lol Liam is 4 years old and more than capable of walking on his own.Whats up with hollywood babying and carrying their kids around at 4 and 5 years old.let the kids grow up #imjustsaying

Lila on

Ah. I was waiting for the “aren’t these kids capable of walking on their own” comments because we should NEVER hold or carry our children- EVER!!! (eyes roll)

What is so wrong with someone carrying their children? Is it hurting you? Is your child jealous that you never pick him/her up? I carry my 4 year old all of the time- and I definitely would if strangers were following us around with cameras. I don’t get the whole uproar about it on here all the time. Lets be glad they love their children and spend time with them!

Kelly on

I carried my son a lot even up til he was 4 and 5. Of course he is autistic and has muscle problems but he loved to walk. He would just get tired quickly. Nothing wrong with holding your child…even at 5.

kristen on

@aimeedus do you have children? I’ll never understand the people who are so bothered by a parent holding or carrying their child. And if you do have children aimeedus how comfortable would you be if everywhere you took your child grown men were calling them by name and taking their pictures?

How about we allow parents to parent in the manner that they choose and stop judging and making assumptions based on what we would do in their situation…which none of us are in.

Daniella on

My mother always says that she carried us for as long as possible when we were three or so years old, mostly because she could tell that we were going to be very tall kids & she’d be losing that opportunity in a short amount of time. Which she was right about, since we were way too tall & heavy by four or five for her to comfortably pick up.

Yes, we could walk, we did that all the time, but it was just something our mother enjoyed doing & now with a grown daughter (me!) who’s 5’11” & sons who are all 6’2” or taller, she often says that she misses when she was actually bigger than us.

Kids grow up fast & I certainly don’t fault my mother for enjoying the ability to carry us while she could.

Jen DC on

If it got me away from the double stroller, I’d probably do it. Those things… Annoyingly large. And it’s not as though people are rushing to hold the door for you, either.

I’m sure Liam walks a lot, just like Stella walks a lot and this is just a back up when one or both gets tired.

Angela on

We don’t carry as much as we used to. We do use a stroller when we travel. My girls will be four on the 22nd, but is a very small, and tires easily. My oldest is five and a half, and she still will ride. Leah, the little one doesn’t usually sleep in the stroller anymore, or even take a nap any more, slept for two hours in the stroller on Wednesday while we were out of town.

Melanie on

LOVE the Piggyback Rider…makes outings with toddlers SO much more convenient for adults…and FUN for kids!

Karen on

The kids are cute! Liam is looking more and more like Tori’s brother.

Micheley on

I still carry my 7 year old. Now before everyone freaks out it is definitely not an all the time thing. But if he’s having a hard day and something has frustrated him, I’ll usually give him a hug and then just pick him up for a few minutes and walk around wherever we are. He thinks its fun and it puts a smile on his face. Definitely a quick fix when we need it.

Plus it gives me a few moments back from when I used to be able to hold him all the time. 🙂

megan on

“up to 60 lbs”

Anyone who wants to tote a 60 lb child on their back, God speed and good luck. But no way in heck would I do that.

jane on

I wish mine were young enough to pick up…they grow up so fast…enjoy as long as you can

MommytoanE on

Micheley, I do the same with my 8 yr old! Sometimes our little ones just need that extra few minutes of mommy snuggle.

I definately agree to little ones getting tired easily. Even at 8, my daughter will tire after a while….DH and I aren’t always tired when she is. As an older child, we just find benches to sit on and rest a few minutes. But when she was younger it was easy to just toss her onto daddy’s back for a little short ride, or into a wagon, cart or stroller (AND YES, 4 yr old children CAN go into a stroller and often do).

I find it a good idea. Definately a safer alternative to a regular piggy back ride….and it looks quite a bit more comfortable for both parent and child. But I can’t see using it for very extended periods of time.

AmandaC on

If I was one of these celeb’s I would certainly carry my child – those paps are crazy stalkers as well as fans!

cn tower on

I don’t have an opinion on the product one way or another, but I liked what Kristen had to say.

A lot of the criticism and negative comments about parenting matters on this site seem to be from people who don’t even have kids themselves. It’s sometimes worthwhile and interesting to engage in debates with other parents and I appreciate the many different perspectives. I have a problem being preached to by people who are in some cases, half my age!

lac's mom on

Melanie – do you have the piggyback rider? It looks interesting. Do the kids have to hang on or are they carried/supported while they stand? Does it fold up easily and easy to carry around? My 3 1/2 year old walks most of the time but this would be great for vacation or day outings when they get tired after awhile. The stroller gets cumbersome. I’m curious about how it all works and would like to hear from people who actually have it and use it.

typical on

i love your comment lila, and i agree completely!! my six year old daughter is more than capable of hiking up a mountain or running across the soccer field, but she is also a kid and every now and then wants a cuddle from mom and dad while we stroll 🙂 lets be a part of HUMANITY and let these natural fun things for children go by without criticizing the parents for it please!!

mayasmom on

It is not about if a four year old can walk or not. You want to wear your 4 yr old a bit – awesome. But at least choose something safe, ergonomically correct, and comfortable.

Think about it. You are carrying your kid because they are tired. But now you are relying on them to stay you and hold on otherwise they are dangling 5 feet (or more) from the ground by that flimsy looking harness. What if they fall asleep? Then they are left dangling by that strap. That is not safe for anyone.

TC on

Hmm I clicked the link and read the description. The kid has to stand up, I don’t see how that would help a tired kid.

Neat idea though, just I don’t know how it would work for a kid who’s feet hurt from walking

Shannon on

What’s wrong with carrying your own child? I think it’s sweet.

ClaireSamsmom on

I agree with Lila and Typical….there is nothing wrong with carrying your child on occasion…and if paparazzi were hounding you and your child…I would be carrying mine as well! My kids are 5 & 2 and they occasionally love to be carried…even my 5 yr. old…when I picked her up from preschool last year, she would run to me, jump into my arms and I would often carry her to the car. It made me feel good to cuddle my baby girl and she knew Mommy was happy to see her, too!

MiB on

After looking at the design I don’t really see how this could be useful other than on occations where you want to raise the childs hight (like at a concert, at the zoo or in a crowd). If they have tired legs or are generally tired so that they risk falling asleep the carrier won’t help much. I mean last time I carried a 4 year old the 4 year old in question was asleep, the time before that, it was a 4 year old with a sprained ankle, so this would not have worked in either case, no matter how much I would have wanted to relieve the strain.

Kelly on

I’ve tried this product (for a publication review) and is is SO uncomfortable. A metal bar on your hips, does that sound comfortable? Don’t waste your money!

Wil on


I know what you mean but there are 2 adjustment to get the bar at the perfect height and not at all uncomfortable?