Spotted: Mario Lopez and His Darling Daughter

08/12/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Tiffany Rose/WireImage

Say cheese!

Mario Lopez poses with his daughter Gia Francesca at the official launch of VINCI, held at Fred Segal on Wednesday in West Hollywood, Calif.

Gia, 11 months, is the Extra host’s only child with girlfriend Courtney Mazza.

“Everything has changed. The way you look at life, the way you look at relationships, the way you approach everything,” Lopez, 37, says.

“My mornings are better because I get to see her. I enjoy coming home. No matter how hard of a day I had, I get to see her little face and everything works out.”

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Shannon on

This guy doesn’t seem to age!

Crystal on

Is it me or does Gia seem small for an 11 month old? She looks more 6 months than 11. IDK? Maybe she’s right on target. The above poster is right………Mario does not seem to age. He looks the exact same as he did on SBTB but with shorter hair! Ha!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Agree with Crystal, I was going to say the same. Thinking back to when my daughter was almost a year old and in comparison – to me at least – Gia looks around 8 or 9mths old in size. She’s a cutie though, looks like a little doll here…!

Brooke on

She is a little doll!! I see both Mario and Mazza in her face.

Mina on

I actually thought she was a midget the second I saw the pic. Even her head is tiny. Time will tell…

Sun on

What a little doll! I want to nibble on her chubby cheeks and arms!

HappyGoLucky on

Or maybe she’s just short?

Soco on

So he didn’t enjoy coming home before his baby? That must make his girlfriend feel really great!

Sarah K. on

Mina, I don’t see it at all. She’s not even 1 and babies tend to be short and have small heads. She’s sitting in his arms, so we haven’t seen her standing so none of us can tell how tall she really is.

Kay on

A 5 year old would look small being held by those biceps! Haha!
I think she looks perfect!

Serah on

Soco,Lmao I said the same thing to myself;)

Lau on

Not to be mean but the baby looks like a teeny tiny Mexican lady. I hope she doesn’t have Special Needs.

Anonymous on

She might be 8 or 9 months in this photo but when printing article she is now 11 months. Very cute, and i agree mario still looks young.

Mina on

I love how he is like “no matter how hard of a day I’ve had”…exactly what does he do?

Me and my hubby work manual labor and I can tell you its exhausting comming home to kids.

I hate when rich pampered celebs claim they have it so tough. Thats just one of my pet peeves I guess.

neža on

Mina, some jobs exhaust you physically, others exhaust you in other ways…

Gia does indeed seem like a doll 🙂 And her head might seem small, but if you look at Mario’s girlfriend, it’s clear she takes after her in that case. 😀

Tina on

Love the “teeny, tiny Mexican lady” comment. Wow, some people need to get a life … Babies are all different sizes. And, really, enough with the special needs comments. This is a beautiful baby girl!

Fab on

HEY LOOK…. She has on clothes in this pic!!!!! Is everyone happy now!!!…. LOL and SMDH!!!….. Cute baby and Dad!!!

Margaux on

Ahem, Mina, don’t be so ignorant, as the pc term would “little people” not “midget”.

And, Lau, you are being mean, no matter how you say it. Lucky for you, you can be anonymous here, huh? I’m sure if you would never walk up to someone you knew or did not know, and say, “Gee, looks like your child has special needs?” And wth would you care if this child DID have special needs….as if you would really care.

Okay, having said that, this little Gia is darling 🙂 Well done, Mario and Courtney!

TM on

She’s absolutely stunning. That white dress paired with her dark hair is pure perfection!

fels on

This baby is one of the most beautiful babies I have seen! She is perfect! People are just jealous!

Toya L. on

She is a doll! Boy I tell you people are bold as hell when they can remain anonymous sitting behind a keyboard!!

daniela on

she’s funny looking to me….

Lillian on

Gia does look like a little doll, she’s adorable. While she does seem tiny, there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone knows people come in all shapes and sizes, this includes babies also. That “special needs” comment was ignorant and uncalled for.

Megan on

“Not to be mean but the baby looks like a teeny tiny Mexican lady. I hope she doesn’t have Special Needs.”

Wow, comments like that are allowed her now ? Really ?

Shawna on

She is absolutely beautiful and there is nothing wrong with her size. What is wrong with you people???

Anonymous on

Im sorry,i dont want to be mean,but I have to agree with lau.most of the pics ive seen that baby, she does look she has special needs.(down syndrome).hope she is ok though

MommytoanE on

When, oh when will people learn #1 to stop judging. #2 people come in all shapes and sizes. There is no right size for a baby. Good gracious. Mario is close to 6′ tall. Of corse she’s going to look tiny on his shoulder. My DD was big for her age, but looked tiny as heck on my 6’1 bro’s shoulder. She’s a BABY for gracious sake. She’s perfect the way she is.

Gia is absolutely adorable. Love all that long beautiful hair of hers. 🙂

Jess on

my daughter was that size when she was 11 months old. each baby is different so why should his daughter be any different. she is still a beautiful little girl and her daddy must be proud. And I don’t think he meant that he didn’t enjoy coming home to his girlfriend. I think he just meant that coming home now has added joy because he’s a father.

RKF on

Maybe I need my eyes checked, but Gia looks like any other 11-month old baby girl to me! She doesn’t seem small at all.

The comments about her looking like a “midget”, little Mexican lady, and having special needs are foul. Where do you people come up with these things?

torgster on

She may have special needs because she looks like a teeny Mexican? WTF sense does that even make – are all petite Mexicans challenged? I’d laugh but it’s too stupid to even be funny – jeez.

KRS on

I think it’s her hair – she has a TON of hair for her age. Lots of kids don’t have that much at 1.5 to 2 years. She just looks like she’s got the head of a 2 year old on a baby’s body….I think that’s where the size comments are coming from. Either way, she’s perfect just as she is, and if she’s lucky she’ll inherit her dad’s dimples!

meghan on

Sound like people are taking their dislike for Mr. Lopez and projecting it onto his innocent (and beautiful) little girl. Pathetic.

KikiOttawa on

I agree with Lau that Gia looks like a little Mexican lady: but not the rest of the post.

She is a baby and they tend to be smaller than adults. Size and weight for babies is all over the map and now a days as long as they are thriving there is no reason for concern. She may be small, but she is chubby, alert and inquisitive and that’s all that really matters. She is loved and so if she is special needs she is in a good loving home.

JMO on

“hope she doesn’t have special needs!”

Is there something wrong with having special needs? I have a nephew with special needs and we love him just the way he is and thankfully he’s thriving and doing awesome and in our eyes we couldn’t picture him any other way!

I guess my eyes need checking to bc Gia looks like a normal 11 month old child to me. And nowhere do I see a child that looks like she has downs. And even if she did who cares she’s beautiful!

AllisonJ on

cute baby! It is so mean of people to speculate about her head size and possible special needs issues. It is no one’s business!

She just looks like a cute baby girl to me, and Mario looks like a doting father. The End.

Heather on

Gia is adorable!! She looks like a living doll. Mario may be tall but Gia’s mommy is very petite. She might just take after her mom. Gia also has a ton of hair for a baby her age. That special needs comment was hitting below the belt. Grow Up!

Mina on

There is nothing wrong with being a midget….or a mexican or having special needs. Lau and I just brought it up that she looked that way…didn’t mean any offense by it. You girls are the ones who clearly feel midgets, mexicans, and special needs are BAD for saying what we said was “offensive”.

showbizmom on

Mina, I have no doubt your job is hard, but you’ve obviously never been on a film/TV set. It can be hard too! And trust me he’s no A list celebrity so he’s not getting treated like one. Even so those folks don’t always have it so great,the mental toll it takes on some actors to preform a role can kill. Heath Ledger is a great example of that. Yes, it might look easy and non taxing to you, but the grass is always greener……

Sarah K. on

“Lau and I just brought it up that she looked that way…didn’t mean any offense by it. You girls are the ones who clearly feel midgets, mexicans, and special needs are BAD for saying what we said was “offensive”.”

Mina, I’m sorry but that is the worst excuse I have ever heard. I’ve seen you say that before on other posts and it never holds any water. You meant for your original comment to be offensive. You implied there was something wrong with this child based on her appearance. Of course, people with special needs are fine the way they are BUT no one would wish a special need on their child and you know that.

Erica on

lol, the baby looks small because Mario is tall and built.

Anon on

She’s cute! I love that amazed/confused stare that babies have, so funny 🙂

Mina on

Sarah please, you dont know me. I dated a midget. I have relatives that have special needs. Differences dont bother me…they clearly bother you. I was just saying she looked that way.

Showbiz mom, I am not talking about Heath Ledger or any other action film performer, especially those who do their own stunts. I’m talking about going on a set, getting make-up and hair done, then talking in front of a camera or doing interviews, and claiming thats such a hard job.

But then I can argue that even the toll it takes on them to do those action films…first of all, nobody is forcing them, and second of all they get paid for 5 minutes of a scene what I get paid in a year. So really, their basis for argument would be quite laughable that these celebs ever work as hard as an average person, especially those who work manual labor. Even if they do get “exhausted” from their jobs they have the money to hire a nanny to help so they can get some extra sleep. Regular people have to suck it up and bear it.

Capri on

Some of you people never seem to surprise me…always so disgusting with your comments…smh…grow up ladies.

He looks HOT for 37 & always having a tan…no wrinkles…n she’s a cutie pie…

Toya L. on

@Mina – HE never complained about work, he never even mentioned his job!

Sarah K. on

“Differences dont bother me…they clearly bother you. I was just saying she looked that way.”

There is nothing I said that implied they bother me. I said that people with special needs were fine the way they are. But, I also didn’t make any assumptions about a baby based on the way she looks…that was all you

Mina on

Toya, he said he “enjoys comming home” and “no matter how hard of a day he had” he gets to see her at the end of the day. This clearly indicates when he is not home, he is working. Otherwise, where in the world would he be?? What kind of “hard” day would he have if it isnt work related?? Unless he is taking care of severly ill or disabled people all day, or traveling to foreign countries to feed the needy, then more than likely he is getting his hair n makeup done and doing that show he does. I dont even know what its called. But its something thats not all that hard to do.

Terri on

I was thinking how small she looked as well. Cute little girl.

Holiday on

I agree with Lau that Gia looks like a little Mexican lady: but not the rest of the post.

She is a baby and they tend to be smaller than adults. Size and weight for babies is all over the map and now a days as long as they are thriving there is no reason for concern. She may be small, but she is chubby, alert and inquisitive and that’s all that really matters. She is loved and so if she is special needs she is in a good loving home.

– KikiOttawa on August 14th, 2011

Babies tend to be smaller then adults? Well that is something very informative that I am sure most of us didnt know LOL!

MiB on

Having worked in many different areas, I can say that I have never been as exhausted as when I had a mentally abusive co-worker and a boss who wouldn’t/couldn’t deal with it. None of my physical jobs or child minding jobs have been even half as strenous because at least I had good co-workers and/or felt appreciated for doing my job. I’m not saying that he’s got psycho co-workers or anything, I’m just saying that physical jobs are not necessarily the most exhausting.

Annachestnut on

so cute

Toya L. on

@Mina – Hard days could mean mentally/emotionally hard not just physically hard. Yes he does charities and matter of fact one will be airing this Thursday.

He may have a nanny but his daughter does go on the set with him sometimes and I saw a picture of him feeding her between an interview. He is currently now the solo host for Extra, he also is the host for America’s Best Dance Crew and is filming a reality show plus charities. I doubt if he just sits five minutes in the hair and make up chair and that’s it, doing all of that.

Toya L. on

Again we don’t know what he is going through in his personal life except what he chooses to share. He could be going through personal things that makes it hard for him to cope some days more than others, mentally/emotionally. These celebs are human just like us and EVERYBODY have hard days that have nothing to do with physical work.

f on

She is a cutie pie. Nibble on those fat jaws. Mario’s not bad looking either. Love his dimples.

k on

Wow does she ever look like her daddy! Such a sweetie pie. You guys are rediculous, picking on a little baby! Always trying to pick at a comment and turn people’s words around. He’s just excited to go home to see his little girl, im sure he was just as excited to see his wife as well. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

showbizmom on

@Mina seeing how I’ve spent the last 15+ years in this field, I can say without a doubt that you are wrong. I can’t even go into where you’re wrong, but trust me you are.

I’m not comparing my job to your job, or your job to Mario’s job, both probably have hard aspects. Is all I’m saying……

Mina on

My sister has a desk job where she takes peoples information at a computer all day in an air conditioned facility. She has people who complain and complain and complain and even yell at her….however, its NOTHING compared to being outside in a hot sun in 100 plus degree humid weather working up a sweat on a roof top or in an attic where the dead still air can reach 130 degrees, while crouching down for 8 hours a day everyday. The back pain, the knee pain, the foot pain, the sweat….its really laughable when my sister comes home from work and complains after what I have been thru all day. I’m sure she FEELS like her job is hard…but it isnt. Look at soldiers who dont see their families/kids for months or years….deployed to Iraq carrying 100 pounds of equipment in the hot sun….now their jobs are hard. I’m sorry but I dont buy that any of these celebs’ jobs are hard.

Karin on

She is adorable!! Looks like a mini-Mario 🙂

Dee on

WOW, some of the comments on here……wow!!!!

to MINA on

@mina: if you are so tired from you back breaking work, why are you on here? Go to sleep!

Lia on

@Mina, I completely understand that your job is hard. Nobody is challenging you on that. But what on earth is wrong with him mentioning that he has had hard days before? Is nobody allowed to have a bad day except for you? It’s not like he went on and on about how his job sucks, which you’re acting like he did. He just happened to mention something about having a hard day while talking about something totally unrelated. C’mon, this is a pretty stupid thing to be offended over.