Layla Kayleigh’s Blog: Temper Tantrums and Sponge Minds

08/12/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew Insiders host Layla Kayleigh is letting readers follow along as she tackles motherhood.

Layla and Sirius/XM talk show host Steven Covino‘s daughter Melody Rain is now 21 months old!

In her latest blog, Layla fills us in on the latest with her toddler (throwing and setting boundaries) and shares her latest embarrassing mommy moment in the grocery store. Tell her your own!

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh


My little Melody is not so little anymore — she is walking, talking, jumping, running, bouncing, singing and having temper tantrums like nothing I’ve seen!

For the most part, I have to say we lucked out, because she has a great temperament. She is a really happy, silly toddler, but I’ve noticed recently that when she gets mad, it has escalated from pouting to hitting to throwing (heavy) objects across the room, to the point where Steven and I have to literally duck! He says she has a good throw and that he’ll teach her how to pitch, but if she throws like this now, I’m not sure I want her to become better at throwing! 🙂

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh


We both have to hold back from laughing when she gets really angry, ’cause she looks so darn cute, but we know that they start testing the boundaries at this age, and we really need to let her know that hitting, biting, etc. is not okay.

I would say Steven has the more militant approach and he says I have more of the hippie approach! I guess he’s winning because Melody tends to listen to him more. I try and have a whole conversation with her and tell her why what she’s doing is wrong, while Steven rolls his eyes at me in the background, as if to say my way doesn’t work!

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh


It is teamwork though. I feel like he sets the boundaries to where she knows not to cross them, and I explain to her why those boundaries have been set.

Look at me trying to sound like a pro, but who really knows?! This is our first time at the rodeo, so we’re doing our best as we learn and go along, and I’m sure every child will be different with their personality traits. It seems it is a learning journey where they’re always teaching us about us!

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh


Aside from Melody’s temper I’ve noticed what a sponge she’s become, soaking up EVERYTHING around her. And I mean everything! The other day I was changing her and she kept pointing to my chest. To take her curiosity away, I said in passing, “They’re Mommy’s chi chis.”

I never thought about it again … until we were at the grocery store checkout a few days ago and Melody starting yelling at the top of her lungs, “Chi chis! Chi chis!” and pointing to my chest, the lady’s chest next to me and everyone else’s chest in the vicinity!

I went beet red with embarrassment. I couldn’t believe it! She had absorbed and picked up on something I had said in the comfort of my own home and given no second thought to. Needless to say, that was a huge wake up call to be even more cautious about what I say and don’t say around her, because even when you think they’re not listening — they are picking up every single word!

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh


Would love to hear some of your stories! Thank you for always sharing — I love the feedback.

Much love,

— Layla Kayleigh

P.S.: So sorry about the delayed blog — we moved into a new home and have been settling in and spending nearly every day at Ashley Furniture!! Here are some pictures of Melody loving our new space and enjoying having a front and back yard. 🙂

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Antoinette on

Melody is beyond adorable, thanks for sharing Layla.

You and Steve make beautiful children.

K on

What a beautiful girl!

Shelly Crosta DiPuma on

I cannot believe how big Melody is getting. She is beyond adorable! And you’re right – watch what you guys say around her. They really are sponges and you never know when something they have retained will come flying out of their mouths. Sometimes it’s cute and other times quite embarrassing. But all in all loads of fun. Keep enjoying every minute w/her. It goes so fast. Miss you guys. xoxo

Beckster on

She’s growing up so fast!! Such a cutie!

Irish Ben on

Wow Melody is really starting to look like her mother! Wonderful job Lately & Covino!

Heidi Fischer on

Cute story about “mommy’s chi chis”! My daughter, now age 23, was hooked on the Beauty and the Beast Disney film around 3 years old. Anyway, one day I was watching Oprah, and the word “sex” was mentioned on the show, and Alyssa wanted to know what it meant. So I simply told her that the word meant kissing somebody (was not ready to explain the birds and bees to her yet!) So we are in the theater watching the movie for the first time when the Beast started to kiss Belle. So my little sweet girl starts yelling, “They are having sex!”

I slid as low in my seat as possible as other mothers stared me down!

Just wait, Layla, you can get her back when she is a teenager…just start singing while at the grocery store. She will be totally embarrassed! Parent Payback-lol! But they are certainly worth it…

Anonymous on

my son was having his nappy changed by his father the other day and he is the same age as Melody. my boy, Leo politely looked up at his daddy and said “bubba Leo have wee wee” (referring to his penis). when my husband told me this story i laughed hysterically as i had never heard him say that before.

well, at the park the other day he and his twin sister Sailor were playing on the jungle gym and all of a sudden i hear my little boy yelling out “doodle wee wee” to the other kids in front of their moms and dads. i was completely mortified.

my first instinct came in handy as a grabbed Leo by the arm and sat him down on a park bench and tried to explain to him that it isnt okay. well at his age all of this went in one ear and out the other.

before i knew it this continued :/ with Sailor in my arm and half dragging Leo behind me i took him home kicking and screaming while i was almost dying of embarrassment.
he screamed the whole way home but persists on asking me why we had the leave the park on “firday” (thursday).

reasoning with a child that age proves to be very very difficult.

Melody is beautiful. x

Matt Ellis on

It’s been fun to follow along as Melody has grown and to see the little girl she has grown into! My daughter is one month younger than Melody so it’s funny to see that you’re going through the same challenges and joys that we’re facing!

Melody certainly has been blessed with two wonderful parents!

Congratulations on the new home!

Jules on

Haha, what a great story!!!!!

When my daughter Elina and I was three, we were at the grocery store, and the re was a very stuffy looking businessman next to us. Well, my daughter just turns to him matter of factly, and says, “my mommy has a vagina.”

I was mortified, but hey, now it’s just another funny story to share. 🙂

Jen DC on

Reminds me of the time my neighbors 2-yr-old son asked if he could touch my breasts because he “really liked them.” I thought his father was going to sink into the sidewalk in embarrassment.

Hilariously funny to me, clearly mortifying for dad.

Pete Nice on

Drill Sergeant Covino, keep up the good work guys!

jes on

I’ve never lived down while grocery shopping w/my mom when I was about 5 getting so excited when I saw a Nun. I started pointing & jumping up and down & saying mommy-mommy, look there’s a bride.

The sisters got a kick out of it, explained that they were Gods brides then walked away laughing, & mom who was a Catholic school grad was hoping the floor would open up and swallow her.

cindy on

Melody is so cute & getting so big!

Alaina on

Never been on this blog before but Melody is very beautiful : )

Antoinette on

Melody is the spitting image of her dad

Iva on

Wow Melody is getting so big…she’s a little girl now, no more baby, and along with that comes the fun little temper!!!!! What a beautiful, happy little girl. I know I say this every time, but I really look forward to your updates with Melody….Thanks Layla and Covino.

Iva on

P.S. I love the pic with her hair in a little pony tail….too cute 😉

BigFan on

Covino for father of the year!

billy on

When are we going to see a little Steven?

Marlin Five 0 on

Good article Layla !!! Covino told us to check it out on his ManBoy show !!! Covino and Rich !!!

annie saavedra on

i love your post! it feels so good to read about other 20 months old that do the same things that your little monkey.

my son luca also throws everything that is on hand everytime so fast and so hard it amazes me i still got all my teeth.

and about those temper tantrums i thought i was the only one who got a baby as stubborn and angry as mine… but he is the sweetest, funniest and loveliest little boy alive! and cutest… well at least he is all that to me!

he also says chichis and points at my boobs with a smile on his face.

your daughter is so lovely and beautiful! enjoy the ride because we are blessed with pretty smart and funny babies. xoxo.

Sun on

OMG, the “chi chis” story is too hysterical! We’ve all been there, don’t worry. Layla is absolutely adorable!

Marlen on

I love that story!!!

Lala on

kids will say embarrassing things it is a joy of parent hood. you baby girl will do and say a lot more things you wished she didn’t. try not to let it embarrass you. and personally i couldn’t discipline by son for a long time he was just too cute and funny! for a lil kid he has perfect comedic timing.

so far his best moment was when we were at my friends house and he wanted to watch curios george and i hate the show, movie and the monkey and he knows it. so he gets the dvd and says mommy can i watch curios george, it’s not assholes!! we all looked at each other and busted out laughing. too funny and so cute. he was like 3 or 4 when he said that and so far every year he has a had a similarly hilarious moment.

jen h. on

My oldest daughter was always very curious and was aware that tampons were for Mommys. (thats all she knew about them) I was SO embarrassed when we were in the line at the grocery store one day (VERY busy day), and she pulled one out of my purse, held it up as high as she could, and announced extremely loudly so everyone in the store could hear her, “I get to use one of these when I’m a Mommy!” I wanted to be invisible!

joan on

Layla your little look a like is beautiful just like her Mommy best wishes

Jan on

I totally know how your feeling, I have a 21 month old son and we think the terrible two’s came way too early and sadly he yelled “BOOBIES” in public once or twice. Although at the moment he is obsessed with ELMO so when he is fussy I sing the ELMO song with him, he might be 21 months but he knows the words to the song and sings along with me

Diana on

At a recent community wide yard sale with a huge crowd around two men in their early 20’s entered our garage without their shirts on. Our just turned 4 year old grand daughter began to laugh and point. The men became uncomfortable and quickly left just as she said “Look granny at the boys showing their who who’s”, our name for the boobs. Yep, I was red from top to bottom.

Tammie on

My daughter-in-law was in the grocery line a couple days ago when a state police was in line in front of them, my grand son spotted his gun and kept saying to his momma GUN, GUN, GUN. (His Daddy and Grandpa both are avid hunters) the cop turned around and said to his mom “OH I see he knows what a gun is?” My daughter in lawsaid “Yes my husband is a hunter” at the same time my grandson who is 20 months continually repeated “Not Me, Not Me” pointing to his chest. His Daddy has drilled him that he is not to touch them that they are for Daddy’s. The cop said I am very impressed that he knows at such a young age that the gun is Not for him. Just thought it was cute.

Rachel on

When my cousin was about 2 1/2, she watched Home Alone on video over and over. She picked up a line from the movie the kid plays to try to scare away the bad guys. One day at the mall her mom stopped and got her a cookie, and when the lady handed the cash back over the counter, my little cousin looked at her and said, “Keep the change, you filthy animal.”

Be careful, she will pick things up from you, from others, from TV… who knows where 🙂 Don’t let Covino play his C&R band songs in front of her.

sat on

great stories!

Vanessa on

What a beautiful little girl!
I can totally relate to ur “chi chi”s” story, I have a 2 year-old who was nursed until she was 18 months and thats what we call mommy”s chest as well. One day we went shopping with a friend of mine who was wearing a low cut top and when she picked my daughter up my duaghter pointed at her chested and started saying chi chi’s!!! I was so embarrassed, luckily my friend laughed it off and said yes those are my chi chi’s lol

Jennifer on

Melody is adorable and getting so big! I hope she is enjoying her patchwork bear that we created just for her. Don’t forget about my little mom-business, The Patchwork Bear when you need more bears- especially one made from her outgrown clothes. Would love to make one for her.

ariana on

she’s so beuatiful, god bless!~

shayla on

layla is soooo cute and soooo funny hope alls good for your you.