Spotted: Owen Wilson and Ford – Daddy’s Boy

08/11/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Splash News Online


Owen Wilson shows off his love for Hawaii while taking his son Robert Ford out for a stroll with girlfriend Jade Duell (not pictured) Wednesday in Venice, Calif.

The new dad recently said that changing his 7-month-old’s diapers is much easier than expected.

“Changing a flat tire is much harder. I thought changing diapers was going to be challenging, but from the first day, I jumped right into it,” Wilson, 42, admits.

“I have my whole system down and I’m able to just knock it out. I sort of surprised myself by being a fairly adept dad.”

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Shannon on

Cuteness times two!

Brooke on

Ford was a little on the scrawny side when he was about 3 months, but looks like he is chunking up nicely.

He looks just like his Mom.

Lucillle on


She’s no longer his girlfriend.

Jade moved back to New York with the baby a while ago.

Owen just picked her and Robert up from LAX on Monday. On Wednesday, he’s photographed just standing there with the little boy, looking like he’s waiting to get his picture taken. Doesn’t he usually hide his face when the paps try to snap him?

Someone needs some positive press, maybe?

Valerie on

What a cute baby! Love the sneakers too. I see a resemblance to Owen too.

meghan on

Are you a stalker Lucille? Get a life.

RKF on

@Lucille – Yes, I did read he is no longer with Jade, but I doubt that minimizes the love he has for his child. Absolutely nothing looks staged about this, and frankly, your “insider knowledge” seems a bit stalker’ish.

Adorable baby!

Sophia on

Oh, Ford is just adorable! He’s gotten a bit chubbier and he looks even cuter that way! @Lucille… just because his ex-girlfriend and son live on the other side of the country, doesn’t mean that it’s “staged”. A father’s got to see his son!

Melissa on

Actually Lucille other websites have this picture and it is from a set of them leaving a house and Jade is in the other pictures as well, so I highly doubt these photos are staged.

Cute baby tho, he does look a lot like his mom.

AllisonJ on

aww…Ford is a little cutie!

Lisa on

just because they broke up Lucille doesn’t mean he and his baby and the mama can’t spend some time together as a family! Actually it’s kinda nice to see them co-parenting so nicely!! Very handsome dad and baby!!

Lisa on

OMG what a cute baby boy!! Just love him and daddy to pieces!!

Cecelia on

It’s called being completely civil and co-parenting the child. Nothing staged and everyone wins.

Melanie on

I never saw anything official about them breaking up. As far as I knew, it was all rumors? He’s been a pretty private guy about all this so who knows. Baby is adorable.

Karen on

Nice picture. He looks real involved in that child. I wish he wasn’t the voice of Lightning McQueen.

Romy on

I thought they did break up because Owen is not the bio father? Jade had another boyfriend at the time. Maybe Owen would like to stay in his life as his dad anyway or maybe tests proved the story wrong.

Lucillle on

@Melanie – Not rumors. He has made a couple of trips to Long Island this summer (where Jade’s family – and now Jade, once again – live) to visit the baby. Now she brought the baby to see him in Cali.

@Melissa – Actually they weren’t coming out of a house. That’s a store in Venice. The paps were called to catch them as they came out so these pics could be published in People and US and everyone would still believe the “Happy Family Man Owen” story. Everyone was in on it.

I can’t believe that some people STILL don’t realize how Hollywood works.

Roshonda on

Awwww, i think that that is so adorable… the kid is so cute.

Maggie on

Kind of creeped out by how much people seem to know about this family … WTF? I just googled and cannot find anything legitimate saying they split. For all we know they are together and if not it’s really no one’s business but theirs.

meghan on

Lucille, what I can’t believe is that a person can take an innocent picture and turn it into something ugly. Maybe Owen wanted the baby to come to California to see his family. Of course Jade came with Robert. It would be crazy to not accompany him at his age. He’s likely still nursing.

The only one suggesting they are putting up some show of a happy family is you. It’s funny that you don’t make these ‘phony, staged family moment’ accusations for any celeb other than Owen Wilson. And every time he appears on this site. Why? Did he cut you off in traffic? Shoot your dog? Take a leak in your rosebushes? What? He has never struck me as the type that plays the publicity game. I can’t imagine why he would start now.

Lucillle on

@meghan – I’m offended by this guy because he was the axe in Kate Hudson’s marriage then had his “people” try to throw her under the bus for HIS problems when he overdosed in 2007.

Female trainwrecks have to carry the burden for the rest of their lives (Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse (RIP)) but when a man is exposed, somehow it has to be a woman’s fault?

So, yes, I think he’s shady and not a good guy.

And ALL celebrities play the publicity game. If you don’t believe that, you’re more stupid than you sound.

Anonymous on

Lucille, You are offended by him? Clearly you must know him then and he must have done something to you personally because how else can you be offended by a celebrity?!? What you are saying is speculation/gossip/rumors. They may have broken up, but it has not been confirmed, so it is therefore, speculation. Unless, of course, they have told you the truth because you know the couple. Maybe that is true and Owen has confided his story about his relationship with Kate and everyone else…..but I am not buying it for a second.

No one is saying that celebs don’t play the publicity “game” because they do.

And I have seen hundreds of pictures of Owen in the last many years where he has NOT convered his face. I have no clue what you are talking about.

Anonymous on

And Lucille, he isn’t “just standing there.” He is walking with the child and Jade out of the store. Why is HE to blame in your game of blame? Why not her, since she is doing the same thing as him?

Lucillle on

Also, try EMPOWERING women, instead of being such a bunch of sheep.

meghan on

I’m stupid? Right. I least I don’t sound like an unhinged stalker. YOU DO NOT KNOW THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie on

Have we forgotten this guy tried to kill himself? Let him be for pete’s sake! Who cares if the photo is staged or not? His boy is adorable and he looks good and happy. Leave the guy alone. He could be dead, but instead he’s busy raising this beautiful baby boy. ANd who cares if he broke up with the mother. That happens all the time even if you aren’t in Hollywood.

soph on

meghan: uh, if YOU don’t know them either…why all the rage then?

soph on

And funny that someone screaming in all caps is calling someone else unhinged…

Kristin on

Back to the topic at hand ladies,,,, Ford is just adorable.

Amanda K on

Wow, Lucille your obsession with Hollywood is borderline psycho. Maybe you should try focusing on a life of your own? Cute pic of Owen and baby though 🙂

Melanie on

Lucille, I’m curious how you think you know all this stuff? Maybe you’re right…but maybe you’re not. Just because you said it doesn’t make it true–where is the proof to back up what you think you know? I’m genuinely curious.

I mean, I could go on a blog tomorrow and write “Britney Spears had a secret baby when she was 9.” Doesn’t make it true…

rejena on

what a cute baby boy love him & his father 😀
so cute ❤

purplepooch on

Owen will make a great dad. I love how confident he seems with Ford, and his self-deprecating sense of humor… The little one totally looks like a Wilson, with his brows and awesome lips. The make a great duo!

MiB on

Well, if Owen isn’t Ford’s father, then it must be his doppelganger, he looks just like him minus the broken nose!

Kim on

Really? All of you need to get a life… He’s a celebrity. Every photo is an opportunity for publicity. Do you really think his publicist was not aware…