Kingston Rossdale Shaves His Head

08/11/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
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Gone are the blond mop and blue Mohawk.

Yesterday, Kingston Rossdale debuted a new summer-worthy hair style.

The mini hair experimenter, 5, is now rocking a shaved head.

We’re not sure why Kingston chose this easy-to-groom style, but we do know it’s strikingly similar to dad Gavin Rossdale‘s close cut from his Wanderlust album days.

Plus, we think it’s super cute. And we can’t wait to see what he decides to debut next.

TELL US: What’s your child’s favorite hairstyle for the summer?

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mandii on

Super duper cute! I love the mohawk tho too! 🙂

cn tower on

He’s 5 – not 15. While he may provide some input and opinion, I doubt he’s the one making the decisions…

Mel on

Well for everyone that was wanting Gwen/Gavin to cut his hair…there you have it.

Now let’s all post nasty comments about how we don’t like it…

melissa on

Wow he looks so much better like this!


I am sure Kingston’s hair was seriously damaged from all of the bleach and dye Gavin and Gwen allowed stylists to put in his fragile hair….it was probably best to shave it off and start over again. At least the buzz cut is appropriate for the summer.

Emily on

So that’s what color his hair actually is..

Patrice on

Very cute! I wish I could get away with this look for summer. So easy and cool.

Patrice on

Are you saying that you don’t like it or just stirring the pot?

ForeverMoore on

He looks super cute with ANY haircut! He looks even more like Zuma in this pic

sonya on

aww, i liked his lil funky hairstyles. i think it’s great gwen & gavin encourage their kids to be creative – even with their hair!

MiB on

Mel you obviously never met a 5 year old like my brother, he knew exactly what hairstyle to have and what clothes to wear and would totally have sported a blue mohawk if our parents had let him get away with it. Now the compromise was a short haircut that he could style into a mohawk or spikes ans spray colour blue, green or red if he wanted (which he usually did). Anyways, I usually don’t like that close cuts, but he totally rocks the cut!

Brooke on

He looks like J.P. from “The Bachelorette” now ….. 🙂

Cathy on

He probably had to cut it before he started school. He does look cute in any style but I like the little boy cuts.

Bugs on

cn Tower, no one doubts Shiloh makes decisions on her clothing since she was like 3 years old, so why doubting Kingston?

As for the look, it’s not that i like it, but these parents are finally letting his natural hair color grow. I hope they don’t bleach it again. He’s just a kid.

Violet on

@cn tower – Obviously. Have a sense of humour.

Super cute!!

Mom Of Twins on


NM on

A buzz cut is a hell of a lot better, than that ridiculous mohawk!

tomfool on

Sometimes a kid just gets tired of having to deal with looking after their hair… nothin’ wrong with that at all.

Magda on

Why is People mag covering the hair cut of a child? Yes I know he has famous parents but please, give me a break.

Crimpe on

He looks fine – I mean come on, he’s a cute kid! I have a friend who’s a hairdresser, and her son always has very strong opinions about his hair style (and color!). He always looked adorable and a bit kooky…until the day his head was shaved. His expression was just like Kingston’s here. Due to a common classmate bug.

J. Love on

The one’s with the problem with all of this cutie’s hair styles obviously have no children. And the one’s with children who have a problem with it I think of as sad!!! My kids are allowed to choose their hair style, in the summer if he/she wants highlights, mohawk or what ever they get it. Its their hair and a form of THEIR expression. And who cared about people’s hair that does not make the person!!!!

canada girl on

He is a cute kid not matter what

Twin Mom on

My 6 year old begged us for over a year to give him a buzz cut like his daddy. We finally let him have it after we made completely sure that’s what he really wanted (he’d been waffling back and forth the entire year) and he LOVES it. So, yes, a 5 year old is completely capable of making decisions on how he wants his hair. Sometimes it’s the parents that hesitate. LOL

Granny on

Looks like he caught a head full of lice and this is the quickest way to get rid of them. Rich people get head lice just like the poor.

heather on

i agree, he’s 5, not 15. do you see how these kids are dressed? i doubt they are that fashion forward. it’s too bad their parents have to make sure they look cool instead of looking like kids.

Claudia on

I think it’s cute. There’s no other way to get rid of a mohawk – you have to shave it and start over so that it’s all one length. The good thing with hair that short is that you can see changes week to week – it’ll be visibly longer in two weeks, which might be fun for him to see.

Plus … whatever, he’s five. He’s moved on to thinking about the next thing (hair-related or not) by now, I’m sure.

heather on

kids looks like ‘sick patients’ when their heads are shaved like that. im not sure its the best haircut. people may think he is sick. i think the mohawk was much better.

but then again if we shave our kids heads like this, maybe it will be a positive thing and make actual sick patients feel better about themselves because a celebrity kid has the same hair cut. that would be a nice thing actually. but im conflicted.

Heloisa on

I also agree to whoever said the poor boy’s hair was damaged from so much peroxide… to the point they had to shave it so it can grow in a healthier manner.

I don’t understand why Gwen does that to the kids – and it seems to me she dyes their hair exactly the same color she dyes her own.

showbizmom on

i think he looks cute, like the poster said in the summer kids should be kids. Dyed hair, Mohawks whatever that is fun for them. My girls have the summer to do whatever to their hair, except cut it! That’s my personal hangup, I hope to get over it soon 🙂

Ash on

He’s a kid, he looks cute no matter what. Gwen and Gavin aren’t lame, they gave him so character with the blue mohawk.

June on

Yeah he’s 5 years old HE is not the one shaving his head. I highly doubt he is even making these hair decisions. I imagine he is giving some opinion but ultimately it is not HIM doing it.

jennifer on

I think he is so cute. I hope he is enjoying his summer, and I wonder if he is excited for kindergarten. I know my boys are. they are sporting their curly hair right now but it will be cut nice and short for school. Twin boys off to kindergarten this year for me, I can’t wait for peace and quiet 🙂

Traci on

Kingston James Mcgregor Rossdale – I think you’re cute with long, short or no hair.

I’m quite sure Kingston made “HIS OWN” decision to have a buzz cut.

Get over it all you haters.

I think he’s a very cute little boy as is Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale so “BITE ME” people.

orangekitty on

Who cares? I find it odd that his mother regularly bleaches and highlights his hair. It probably needs the break. Poor little prop – i mean boy.

acsheldon on

My first thought was LICE!

Ari on

He is adorable! His parents are gorgeous so that’s not surprising but I liked his long hair best. It’s just hair though.

MEF on

My son is 7 and has had a mow hawk for about 2 years now…his choice. I decided that since every time we went for a cut that was what he wanted then fine. It was not worth the argument it was just hair. I had a parent on his sports team tell me that it was inappropriate and I was his mother I should put my foot down…honestly as long as he was well behaved and doing well in school I did not care what his hair was like. At the awards at the end of the year my son was not only the only one with a mow-hawk (sprayed with blue colored hair spray) he was also the only one wearing a shirt and tie…his choice as well.

Becky on

I like it..Actually my 9 year old grandson has this same hair cut..LOVE IT..

Jester on

Buzz cut, crew cut, whatever you call it, it’s not anything new and at one time or another, most young boys get their heads shaved. I guess because this is new for him, it makes it news worthy? Then again, I tuned in so I obviously answered my own question here.

Chris on

who cares!

Leandra on

Kingston’s hair was not dyed. Zuma has very blonde hair and Kingston does too. The hair right next to the scalp always looks darker because it has not been lightened by the sun. With Kingston’s mohawk, again the shaved hair on the sides was in contrast because it was not sun bleached.

leigh on

I think this kid is so precious. These kids always look happy and healthy and are clearly adored by their parents. Allowing them to have different hairstyles is nothing…why don’t you jump on all the parents with obese, lazy children. THAT is unhealthy!

Rebecca on

Knowing most 5 year olds who usually have access to scissors, Kingston may have had something to do with his shorter “do”, but who really knows. It looks super cute on him either way!!!

Leandra on

Not dyed before. Just sun bleached. Hair next to the scalp always looks darker. Look at Zuma, a natural blonde. Kingston is the same.

Ginger on

I think he looks cute. For the record. My cousin who is now 18 has been having his head shaved since he was 4 years old. He absolutely hates hair on his head. HE has been making that decision, no told him he had to do it. Kids are much different then they were 10-20 years ago. They are growing up and are allowed to have their own opinions. They tell their parents what they want to wear and eat. I see nothing wrong with this.

blondie on

Maybe he had lice

Robin on

You people need to get a life. Writing and reading articles about some 5 year old with a shaved head. Seriously, what are you living for??? Obviously nothing going on in your own boring lives!!!

jenna on

wow, slow news day, huh?

ellen on

Stop the presses, call CNN are you serious who tf cares

Amanda on

I love how some of you seem to think a five year old doesn’t have a brain.

Susan on

He looks mean. He has mean eyes.

Ana on

Wow…he looks just like Gavin :)) I like it 🙂

hazynight on

Who says they ever dyed his hair with peroxide?

He was alwyas a blond & so is his toe-head little brother.

There are many safe colors – I doubt they styled his hair to the point its damaged.

Stop being so judgemental!

He a kid it’s hair- it will grow back.

Susan on

He has mean eyes.

Sabrina on

I cant believe people are actually complaining about how this child is being raised because he had a mohawk. Wake up people, it’s hair. It grows 1/2 inch a month and for a boy thats pretty fast, and the best thing about it is if you dont like the way it looks you can change it without doing harm to anyone. People need to butt out of other peoples lives and parenting skills and concentrate on their own. Glass houses!!!

Anonymous on

They are children, they do not make the decisions. That’s whats wrong with the world.

leslie on

Kingston is precious- but I doubt that at 5 years old he does serious thinking about should he shave or not? I would imagine it comes from his very fashionable parents who I tend to believe waaaaayyy over think not only how they look but how the children look especially in highlighting kingston’s hair all the time- the boys’ clothing always looks so purposeful – of course they look darling in anything but gosh lots of effort and thought to look casually cool at 5 years old-

KC on

Cute kid, cute haircut. I agree with others that there is something seriously wrong with parents that bleach a young kids hair over and over. I don’t care if he wants it – as the parents you say NO because it isn’t healthy. This boy is an extension of the parents and they are using him as such. Quite sad.

KC on

LOL @ those who say his hair isn’t dyed. LOL again! Clearly it’s dyed AND Gwen said it was.

Got a bridge for sale.

Any takers?

nicole on

just look at the people home page now, this kid is sticking out his tongue. people says its teasing i say its rude. and my guess and it may be wrong is that this kid is a brat. when my son tries this i tell him to stop it.

nicole on

i agree with Susan, he does have mean eyes.

edie day on

its just hair. i dont understand what the big deal is. HAIR!

Karen on

These little boys have always creeped me out and it’s not their fault. They are kind of the male version of JonBenet Ramsey. Mohawks, Billy Joel shirts?? I realize his parents consider themselves very cool, but I have always felt sorry for their sons who never really got to be little. on

he still looks like a brat. his parents may have already missed the boat in setting limits with this kid…good luck to them.

Wren on

You’d be mean too if you had cameras following your every move too… He has always been agressive toward paps, poor kid.

kat on

so, they are letting their FIVE year old choose his hairstyle? Way to parent!

showbizmom on

lay off the kid! come visit certain sections of LA where celebrities frequent and see how you would deal with the mobs of rude and inconsiderate paparazzi that follow them everywhere they go. I’ve seen it and I’ve seen the parent or nanny tell them not to do it, but they’re kids and it’s intrusive and they don’t understand why. Walk a mile in their shoes then judge if you must, till then lay off the kid.

JMO on

Well for one I think it makes him look older. I’d like to see zuma with a little bit shorter hair too. I think this hairstyle will literally have to grow on me but he’s not the first boy to shave his head. My nephews always shave their heads bc it’s cooler for them in the summer. In winter they keep it short but not buzzed.

I also agree 5 yr olds know what they like. For instance I have a 6 yr old nephew who will only wear black sneakers and t-shirts! He also refuses to wear jeans! If you buy things he doesn’t like better believe he’s not wearing them! So whose to say Kingston didn’t say mom let me cut my hair off. Or yes maybe Gwen decided to do it for whatever reason. It clearly was dyed/bleached multiple times and anyone with eyes could see that!

I don’t necessarily find dying your kids hair to be wrong. But I also thing you need to set limits and make sure it’s what the child wants not what you as the parent wish to see. I sometime do think Gwen and Gavin have these kids more as accessories. I actually don’t mind the styles however I do sometimes look at pics and think gosh those tight jeans must be so uncomfortable!

Mimi on

Is this really worthy of a story ?? Really

Shannon on

Probably fell out from the chemicals!

Hoopla on

My 15 year old brother went over to my aunts house to dye his hair blue, and while he was doing that some of my cousins that were there got blue and pink highlights in their hair too. A few days later my 5 year old cousin wanted his hair dyed too, and he told my aunt exactly how he wanted it. He wanted a blue strip down the middle with pink on either side so when he put his hair in a fauxhawk it would look really cool. He came up with it himself, none of the other kids had that style done.

hj on

He and zuma are blessed with good looks! Future lady killers in training!

Karen on

I love that he’s carrying a sun umbrella! I use those all the time at the beach. The sun is a dangerous star!

MommytoanE on

THIS ISN’T ABOUT THE STORY OF KINGSTON, THIS IS ABOUT “TELL US: What’s your child’s favorite hairstyle for the summer?” Don’t like it, then I have to ask why youare bothering to reply?

First off. Kingston looks adorable! I wondered if a buzzcut was in his future after the blue hair.

To answer the question….my DD’s favorite hairdo is ponytails. With dark brown, waist length hair, her favorite way to wear it is up. She spends much of the school year with her hair in a braid, but loves the length so won’t go for more than a trim.

fuzibuni on

This little boy is a Veruca Salt in training. I can just picture him screaming “Mummy, I want a GOLDEN egg!!”

lulu on

Totally refreshing to not see a young boy with long hair. on

A friend of mine just called and said, “I can’t believe what you commented on People’s baby section!” I said, “What are you talking about, I haven’t been on there for a few days?” I just came and looked and can’t believe someone posted under my website’s name.

Anyway, I apologize to anyone offended by what someone wrote under my URL name and I assure you that’s not at all my thoughts or anything I’d EVER say about a child. Wish me luck in locating the poster…

Aviewer on

It’s about time. Finally, even if it’s just shaved, the poor kid doesn’t have bleach or dye on his 5-year-old head. He’s probably shocked at what color hair he really has. As a mother of 3 small sons, I know that at such a young age, they aren’t the ones to choose color, their parents are.

Capri on

He looks mean, really people? He’s a child…how would you like to go play at the park with ur mama n have a million cameras following you!

Some of you people on here are so immature it’s ridiculous. He looks very handsome, too bad they didn’t post the shot of him sticking his tounge out at the paps!!

shirley ann on

grow up folks… in the south in the summer… they are called BUZZES, nothing new… been doing them for 100 years… he isn’t starting a FAD…

Victoria on

Shaved it because he got lice?

AllisonJ on

Kingston looks cute. A nice cool cut for the summer!

Oh, and you don’t HAVE to shave your kid’s head when they get lice. Some girls with long hair at my children’s school got lice last year – you just use a special shampoo, and pick out the nits with your fingers or a comb.

Kinda gross, but my daughter caught the lice, too, when she shared a hat with one of the girls who had lice. My daughter has long hair, and we didn’t have to cut off any hair to get rid of the lice. Just an FYI.

lawinz on

this kid needs to be told to “”stop sticking his tongue out at the cameras” those photos are his parents bread and butter, she smiles and doesn’t stop him, next comes the middle finger, so on and so on, i don’t like her parenting skills, he has his tongue out in todays photos! he needs better manners since “we” will in effect be buying him his first porsche!

Splum on


Someone had to say it.

JAG on

Seriously…. who disses a 5 year old for any reason, get a life people

Michele in Ohio on

Maybe it’s for school? He may be starting K. Or maybe he wanted a change. I always let my son choose his hairstyles (within reason). Whatever the reason, they have some darling kids. I’d love to see what their daughter would look like.

Anonymous on

I know exactly why. He starts a private elementary school in a few weeks where his former hair style is a no no!

Amy on

You people are utter as*holes! He’s 5!!!!!! Give me a break.

Noneya on

It truly amazes me how many “perfect” parents post on these threads! #1) Shaved heads don’t necessarily mean lice – OR damaged hair! #2) So he stuck his tongue out at the paps! Bet if you were famous you wouldn’t like being followed around all the time – and kids of celebs don’t have to like it either! Your kids NEVER stuck out thier tongues? YA RIGHT! #3) You don’t HAVE to approve of Gwen & Gavin’s parenting style – THESE ARE NOT YOUR KIDS!!!

Rock on Stefani-Rossdales!! AND ignore the haters!

stephanie on

the color of the boys hair can depend on how often he gets outside and plays in the sun. i dout gwen dyed his hair. even if she did why should it matter to us?? we are not his mom so we cant make that choice. only gwen and gavin can. and i think its a cute cut for him. all the hair styles iv seen on him have been adorable. its a toss up if he decided to get this done. he might have wanted something from a picture or a movie he saw. or gwen and gavin wanted to start over from scratch to do the hair styles you have to have short hair for.

im a mom to a 12 month old. and till hes older i make the hair choices for him. i even let a friend of mine play with his hair to see what works. when he gets older i do kno hes gonna get a mohawk at some point. cause i think its pretty amazing!

Colette on

Was it all this outrage when Heidi’s boys decided to cut their hair I doubt it

Amanda K on

How would any of you know if this child is mean or a brat? You don’t know him. To pick apart a little kid is mean in my book. As for kids picking out their hairdos, I used to be a stylist and many children even younger than him would have ideas of how they wanted their hair.