Tori Spelling: My Kids Mended My Relationship With My Mom

08/10/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
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Life has come full circle for Tori Spelling.

Following a public feud with mom Candy, the expectant reality star credits her children — Liam Aaron, 4, and Stella Doreen, 3 — for mending the distant mother-daughter relationship.

“The kids [brought my mom and I back together], especially at their age,” Spelling, 38, recently revealed to Good Morning America.

“When they were babies it was important, but now they ask for her, they want to be with Grandma.”

And as much joy as the kids bring to her mother, Spelling is equally as emotional when watching the three together.

“When I see her doing things with the kids it reminds me, ‘Oh my gosh, I remember when she did that with me,'” shares Spelling. 

“She was giving Stella butterfly kisses one day and she turned to me and goes, ‘Do you remember?’ And I said, ‘That you used to do that with me?’ And she goes, ‘Yeah.'”

Having left their tumultuous past behind, Tori and Candy are now nurturing a completely new bond.

“You get to have a whole new relationship with your parent through your children and I think that’s a really nice experience,” the actress notes. “No matter what has happened or has been said, you still love your parent no matter what and the parent loves the child no matter what.”

Expecting her third child — a delivery surprise! — with husband Dean McDermott this October, Spelling admits her decision to get breast implants haunts her now more than ever.

“I got my boobs done … in my early 20’s and if I had known that it would or could possibly impact the production of milk I would never have had them done,” she explains. “I mean, I love being a mom. I’m on my third baby [and] we want to have more. That’s my role — these [breasts], these don’t matter.”

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Sarah K. on

I’m not always Tori’s biggest fan, but this was a sweet article. It’s funny how kids have a way of healing old wounds.

Angi on

I am glad she and her mom mended their wounds and came back together. I wish them all and the new baby the best.

chevjuls on

I am with you Angi, I am so glad that Tori mend their mother daughter relationship,nothing like mother and daughter and grand-kids wishing them all the best.

fuzibuni on

Stories like this give me hope. I’m so grateful to have a wonderful relationship with my mom, but my mother in law is a totally different story. She’s one of the reasons the hubby and I are holding off having kids until we can move a bit further away. We have our fingers crossed that when we have a baby things will get better with her, but more than likely it will make her “kick it up a notch.”

sarawara on

Amen. Same here. Kids have a way of doing that.

Lis on

Tori looks very pretty here. 🙂

nicole on

i like her, like watching her show, she seems like such a nice person.

angie on

I love her show! And her kids are so cute! Glad that her relationship with her mom is doing well!

95mom97 on

I’ve always liked her and it’s nice she has mended her relationship with her mom. You can tell she loves being a mother.

aimee on

Love her!

Karen on

So glad Tori and her mom have patched things up. My mom discovered a lump on Memorial Day Weekend. Since then it has been confirmed to be Stage 4 breast cancer. I’m just trying to enjoy however much time we have left. You just never know.

Diana on

What a sweet article. I don’t have issues with my mother like Tori; but my kids have definitely brought me much closer to my mother. I think partly it just makes you really understand them better.

Nic on

Love her and Dean. Liam and Stella are adorable and I can’t wait to see the new baby! So glad that she and her Mom are speaking again. All children need their grandparents in their lives.

Sweet article.

Lila on

I agree that you get a whole new relationship with your parents when you have a child. I love watching my parents play with my daughter, and she just adores them. I am happy that Tori has finally, finally found a peaceful relationship with her mother. I know it has been such a struggle for her.

sweetnana on

I am happy for Tori & her children that are going well with her Mom, I lived to watch Tori& Deans shows, will be glad when it on again. Congrats on the new baby, mine & my sons birthdays are on Oct.6.