Viola Davis Adopting a Baby

08/10/2011 at 03:10 PM ET
Sara De Boer/Startraks

Viola Davis and her husband, actor Julius Tennon, are in the process of adopting a child, the couple tells E! News.

Speaking from the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie, The Help, Davis, 45, confirmed: “Yes, we’re about to adopt a baby.”

Davis said she and Tennon are planning to adopt “domestically,” but did not elaborate.

This will be the first child together for the couple, who have been married since 2003.

Tennon has two children from previous relationships.

— Liz Raftery

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AllisonJ on

Fabulous news! I wish Viola and her husband the best of luck in their adoption!

Shannon on

Lucky baby! I hope the little one comes home soon!

Toya L. on

*\ o /* Congratulations to them, I hope everything works out in their favor!

nyc on

Wonderful news! Best of luck to them and can’t wait to hear more details!

showbizmom on

Very happy for them. She is one of the best actresses we have today.

Terri on

Congratulations to them. She is beautiful.

M on

Why not adopt an older kid in foster care? Its cheaper and there are no waiting lists. You can get a foster kid in less than 6 months as opposed to having to wait years for an infant. Also, an older foster child truly NEEDS a family, a baby doesn’t need a family because its window of adoptability is much longer than an older child’s and it will have no problem being placed in a forever foster home. Its pretty sad that people get added to long lists waiting to claim the first available infant. How about you become a foster parent and take whoever you can get regardless of their age, gender, or race?

Sarah K. on

M, they didn’t say whether they’re adopting privately or through foster care. They might be adopting through the foster care system, so it’s a little premature to judge.

Also, given your criticism, I assume you have adopted an older child in foster care, right?

dsfg on

M, if they were trying to conceive would you say the same thing?

RKF on

@M – Let’s see – maybe they don’t want to adopt an older child in foster care? Ever think of that? How dare they want a baby! Way to ruin perfectly beautiful news.

Steph on

It’s time that people stop commenting on who they think others should adopt and how they go about it! It’s none of your business who and why and where and how people choose to grow their family! A simple comment of what wonderful news a new member of the family brings…is enough!

Leslee on

I’m with you, Steph. It never hurts to discuss issues politely and share our own experiences respectfully so we might actually learn something, the constant criticisms get really tiring.

So glad that they can find parenthood together and blend their family into one.

Steph on

As a former social worker, I used to work with a lot of these older foster children. It takes an incredibly skilled, patient, loving, brave, and open family to adopt some older foster kids. Many of them have issues that most couples are not prepared to deal with or even know how to deal with…sexual abuse, constant rejection, failure to bond…it’s terribly sad, but true. ANY child of any age or race who is adopted is no more worthy than another.

Indira on

I’ve had multiple friends and a boyfriend who was in the foster care system(althought my boyfriend was eventually adopted). These kids go through a lot that most people are nor equipted to handle. Even the young ones, two and three year olds can have tons of emotional issues that they may never overcome. Anyway what difference does it really make?? An infant or a seven year old still needs a home.

Nancy on

M–Why don’t YOU adopt an older child through foster care. Viola can adopt whomever she wants to adopt!

Viola, congrats to you and you look so beautiful in that coral dress!

mrscabrera on

I don’t understand the criticism either of them possibly or not possibly adopting an older child in foster care. I went through foster care and chose not to be adopted. I know of other girls I was in homes with that did want to be adopted and I know with the issues they had, it would be hard for a first time parent to deal with. They do come with a lot of baggage and if you hadn’t already raised a child or had some kind of experience, it is not an easy thing to do.

My sister works with Wednesday’s Child to get children adopted, mostly older children, and it’s hard. One large part is that they don’t always tell you what is wrong with the child. Most of the time you find out when they are already in your home and if its something hard to deal with, it might not be easy on the child as well as the family. They have the right to adopt an infant if they want to, why should they have to be the bleeding heart that takes all the older children. Regular folks don’t even do it so why does it have to fall on a celebrity?

MJ on

God bless their family in their endeavors!

christa on

I am glad they are adopting here in the USA. So many babies are in need of a good home here too. Congrats and the Best.

Anna on

3 children with 3 women, hope this one lasts.

dsfg on

Christa, it’s actually the older children in foster care who need homes in the US, not the babies. A common misconception is that when someone adopts an infant from the US they are “saving” them, when, in fact, there are way more people trying to adopt babies than there are babies available. Either way, congrats to Viola and her husband!

missnorcal on

Viola Davis is so beautiful!!!

Dee on

YAY, congrats to them. I love Viola…such an amazing actress!!!

J-Lin on

Anna – Are you positive your marriage will last? If so, you need to sell whatever you have.

Congratulation to Viola! She’s amazing.

Sarah K. on

Anna, I’m a little confused by what you mean. Viola and Davis have been married for 8 years and I was under the impression that both of his kids had the same mother.

meghan on

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Ms. Davis’ eight year marriage is perfectly solid, Anna. Not that that (or Mr. Tennon’s past) is any of your business. Viola is a class act and a loving stepmother. Julius has been a very involved father. She will make an exceptional mother.

Sarah on

“A common misconception is that when someone adopts an infant from the US they are “saving” them, when, in fact, there are way more people trying to adopt babies than there are babies available.”

That doesn’t even make sense. It doesn’t matter how many people want a child, it’s been born to parents who don’t want it and being given a second chance at life, so whomever adopts it IS helping it, no matter how many people wanted to.

I agree with Steph. Adopting is a wonderful beautiful thing, no matter how or where or why you do it. Why do we have to criticize people who do it? I am in the process of adopting myself, and my stomach drops when I come on here and see such vitriol. It makes me wonder if people will berate my future child and me. Not every situation is right for everyone else. Also, I don’t see where this actress shared the details of the adoption, so stop being so quick to judge things you know nothing about! Geez.

Colette on

His 2 kids are in their thirties. Anna Christie Brinkly has 3 kids by three men. I guess you have a problem with that too,right.

Steph on

Good luck with your adoption, Sarah! You and your new child will be lucky to have found each other 🙂

Nancy on

Colette, I know someone who is a non-celebrity who has 3 kids from 3 different dads and she is in her 20s.

Marky on

M, Having adopted more than once, and having had a failed adoption through the foster care system, I wish all you people who have so much advice for others would just stop!! We had our child for 6 years, after the child was placed with us at age 8. We loved that child, cared for that child, and invested so much emotionally, physically, and financially in that child. We were in therapy with that child for a long time, with the best money could buy, and it failed miserably with resultant destruction to our other children that reverberates to this day.

You have no idea how much pain your type comments make, even to seasoned SW and former foster parents like myself. I was far more experienced than many who adopt older children, and it was one of the most painful experiences of my life, as well as the rest of my family. Many times these adoptions are successful, but many times they are not, and your flippant “why don’t they adopt an older child and help them out?” kind of comment is not helpful at all to anyone. those who are foster parents may, or may not, adopt a child in their care, but that couple needs to know what they are dealing with and most of the time, they have no idea what has truly happened to that child and whether they can help that child at all.

There is only one reason to adopt, as one SW said to me once; that reason is that you want to be a parent and you want a child. If you are trying to “save” a child; that is not a good reason, unless you are willing to be a caregiver, not a parent. Laudable, but not what these people want.

Sarah on

Thanks, Steph!

dsfg on

Sarah, I was responding to Christa’s comment that “So many babies are in need of a good home . . . ” which implied that there is a shortage of good homes available in the US for babies eligible for adoption, which just isn’t true. Yes, every child “needs” parents, whether they are adopted or not, but that wasn’t the point I was trying to make. My point is that there is not a shortage of people in the US willing to adopt American infants . . .

Anonymous on


Susan M on

Sarah, as an adoptive Mom and someone who has been involved with adoptions for over 20 yeras most parents or women who place baies for adoption do it because it is best for the child, not because they “don’t want them” It is the greatest sacrifice and unselfish act a woman can make