Spotted: Alicia Silverstone and Bear – True ‘Blu’

08/09/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Guillermo Bosch/INF

Taking a break from filming Gods Behaving Badly, new mom Alicia Silverstone snuggles up to her 3-month-old son, Bear Blu, on set Monday.

The baby boy is the first child for the actress, 34, and husband Christopher Jarecki.

The couple wed in June 2005 in Lake Tahoe after eight years together.

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aj on

I know that this is kind of weird, but Bear is one of those babies that you can tell is a boy by just looking at him. All babies are adorable to me but there are some that you really can’t tell just by seeing them. He is also one of the cutest little things that I have ever seen!

Toya L. on

He is a cute baby. Weighing 1 oz less than 8lbs at birth, he looks healthy but tiny for 3 months.

Kristen on

I agree AJ, he definitely looks like a little man. He is a cutie though.

stephanie on

What a name for a boy WOW.

AllisonJ on

sweet photo!

I’m not a huge fan of his name, but he actually kind of looks like a “Bear!”

Lo on

Wow Alicia looks great!

MommytoanE on

I agree with the above…he definately looks little boy. Sweet little guy.

I guess I didn’t realize tho that there’s a right or wrong size for a baby at 3 months. He looks perfect to me. Some babies are just smaller, others are bigger. Every baby is different.

Jessica lee on

I think it’s awesome that they were together for 8 years before getting married and are still married 6 years later. Amazing for a hollywod couple!

amw on

i feel the love in this pic. congrats and good for her.

Nella on

He is a little cutie! I also admire Alicia and her hubby for being together so many years, it’s very rare in hollywood. Btw Alicia looks great, in this pic she reminds me of her look back in the 90’s, the “Clueless” days hehe.

ewa on

he needs more food

Mira on

Alicia looks great. And Bear is a cutie.

Keli on

I also agree with aj. At that age it can be hard to tell what sex the baby is. At least for me. I have two boys myself and for the first few months EVERYONE thought they were little girls. They had those pretty faces I guess. My youngest is now 4 and still has ‘pretty’ features. If I let his hair grow real long I bet he could pass for a girl no problem, lol. just looking at bear you can see little man features and hes so darn cute. Congrats!

Kat on

Ewa, lay off. I don’t know if he is nursing, but babies that do tend to be smaller. My daughter nurses, and at 8 months is now on solids she eats like a horse. She is still a peanut. Babies can be healthy and tiny, it is just how some are made.

MammaDucky on

He looks normal sized to me. Problem is that people are OVER feeding their babies these days leading to obese children. Formula fed babies tend to be bigger due to over feeding. Yes, put a bottle in baby’s mouth and they’ll suck. It’s a reflex, not necessarily an indication of being hungry. I had a sitter (for a very short time!) that blew through all of my pumped milk in a week and then started giving my son formula. Her response, ‘Well anytime I put a bottle in his mouth he sucks. He must be hungry!” She was mother to 3 chunky kids.

alicejane on

Adults naturally come in all different shapes and sizes, it’s just a normal biological thing to have different body types, why should babies be any different??? Some are bigger and some are smaller.

He’s a cutie, I love how he’s all hunched up against Alicia. And she looks beautiful also.

Jen DC on

I think he has her nose! He’s an adorable little guy.

tlc on

My daughter is 2 and a half and weighs less than 28 pounds. She is very tiny but also very healthy. Our peditrician has NO concerns about her. Mind you, I am not even 5 ft tall myself, so my girl is tiny like me. 🙂

I think Bear is adorable and I love his little feet! :):):)

Annie W. on

He is so cute and tiny!

Toya L. on

@mommytoane – I wasn’t aware there was a right or wrong size for 3 month olds either, which is the reason I have never stated that, actually no one on this post has said, “there is one size when it comes to babies”. I agree with you though, “some babies are/seem to appear, smaller/tinier and some bigger (not imperfect/malnourished/over fed)”. My daughter is tiny, healthy and perfect and my son was too until he was 7 months and hit a growth spurt. – @ewa – to ME he looks tiny but healthy, then again he’s not stretched out and his weight could very much be proportionate to his height. He is only 3 months; there are slow eaters in the beginning, babies who spit up, have inaccurate appearances, growth spurts, genes etc… Either way I believe he is a blessing. @tlc- I have you beat, I’m almost 5’1. : )

tlc on

@Toya! LOL….My ten year old is about an inch taller than I am! He was so tiny at birth (6#6 and 18 inches), that we were sure he was going to be small. My hubby is 6 Ft 2 though, so he must have his genes…our daughter though, she’s going to be so tiny..she’s still in 18 month clothing and soon to be 3 years! 😀