Jessica Alba: Two Kids Take Parenthood to ‘Another Level’

08/08/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Jessica Alba and her dog Bowie – Lance Staedler

Pregnancy certainly hasn’t slowed this mom-to-be down! Between film promotions, starting a company, and being mom to 3-year-old daughter Honor Marie, Jessica Alba has been keeping busy.

“It’s a really exciting and fun time,” the Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World star, 30, tells PEOPLE of expecting her second child.

“It feels like you’re really officially, really truly a mom when you have two kids. [With] one kid you’re a mom for sure, but two takes it to another level.”

The actress has been getting the nursery ready, re-finishing second-hand furniture for the room.

“I use stains and paints that are eco-friendly and safe,” she explains.

While her husband, Cash Warren may not share her passion for vintage furniture and the work that comes along with it, he is happy to pitch in where needed. “He’s been very agreeable since I’ve been pregnant,” she says with a grin.

Alba has also devoted much of her time to The Honest Company, an ecommerce eco-friendly baby brand — named for her daughter — which will launch in the coming months. “Hopefully other parents love it as much as I do. I put my heart into it,” she says of the start-up.

But don’t count this entrepreneurial mommy out of acting.

“Doing the Spy Kids movie I got a taste of doing action again,” the former Dark Angel star says. “I liked it and I miss it … I’m really looking forward to finding a good action project. I was trained for so long on doing my own stunts.”

As for adding to their growing family in the future?

“I just turned 30. It’s hard to tell what will happen,” she says. “But I’m set for now.”

— Jennifer Garcia

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Margaux on

One, two, twenty kids, you’re officially a mom, thank you 🙂

cn tower on

“It feels like you’re really officially, really truly a mom when you have two kids.”

Obviously she’s entitled to her opinion, but I find that quote a little strange. After my second, I didn’t feel more of a mom than when I had my first – sure there’s twice the amount of work (and fun!), but having a second child did make me more of a mom. I was “officially” a mom when I had my first.

Anonymous on

I found that to be rude when she states that you are “officially” a mom when you have two kids. I think that that’s BS. You can be a mom whenever – to your pets, to your kids, to your nieces and nephews…does it matter? Another idiot.

Indira on

She looks really pretty in that pic. Maybe her statement was just worded strangely, she does that a lot.

anonymous on

Get a grip people it was just an expression. I get what she means. She is just excited an happy. I am happy when others are happy and so I share in her delight! Rock on Jessica!

suzie on

i dunno i think w/ one child there are things that are “easier” to do in a sense … w/ one child its “easier” for us to find a sitter, or take an extended vacation, or buy that one big item for the house … its “easier” to get ME time or time w/ the hubby BUT … when baby #2 or 3 comes along things that were “easier” w/ one may not be “easier” any more … thats just MY opinion … some, like a celeb, are just luckier then others but I wouldnt trade all my mommy struggles for nothing 🙂

Guest on

Your officially a mom with one child

Anonymous on

Interesting how she’s says having 2 kids makes her feel like “really, truly, officially, a mom,” yet her second child isn’t even born. Please. I was just as much a mom with my first as I am now with 3. I love how she quickly started backpedaling, too! Feels a bit like a slap in the face to those who only have one child, for whatever the reason.

Celebeauty on

“really truly a mom?”.. Personally, I felt that with my first on a MAJOR level.. with my second I just felt more in tune and aware of what to expect.

ellen on

I just want to thank her for always dressing tastefully while pregnant some of these other “hollywood” moms give us more than we want or need. God bless and good luck.

librababe on

She looks darling in that photo! Beautiful 🙂

And everything she states is her opinion, *shrugs*… nice to see her happy!

PeopleReadingHousewife on

You can almost literally see Jessica’s career going down the toilet these days. She just landed the big starring role in, what, Spy Kids 5? Sad, sad, sad.

But I guess it was to be expected from an actress whose initial popularity and fame was entirely based upon her looks and her well-toned body. While she still looks good, she’s far from breathtakingly beautiful, and she still can’t act.

But hey, at least she’s always got something stupid to say on the subjects of motherhood, marriage and family! Add “you need two kids to be a real mom” to that list.

MS on

I don’t agree with her. She has a reputation of saying stuff like this.

Anonymous on

she is an idiot for saying this. as if one child is not blessing enough? I never liked her anyway…and i dont think moms of only children will be happy with this one.. seriously a joke.

R. D. on

Yes, because having 2 children makes you a “real, true, official” mother. She must have felt so crappy about herself before she had another child.

Olivia on

I agree with the other posts. She hasn’t even given birth to her second child yet. So how would she know what it feels like yet? And the more you have doesn’t necessarily mean the better of a mom you are. Some of my relatives have more than 6 children, and they say taking care of one should be a cinch for me. But sometimes it’s even harder with one child, since you have no help from others. Either way, motherhood is a blessing regardless of how you got there.

Kelly on

I officially became a mom when I had my (one) son. I totally felt completely like a mom….and it might just be an expression~from that person that posted that reply~(probably that was written by a man), but still….it’s taking away from a mother who has only one child. Maybe I am MORE a mom, because I am a single mom who has raised an amazing child all by myself???

K's Mom on

I have one child and became a Mom the day I conceived. It’s not any easier as some have stated esp. since I became a widow. I don’t think she meant anything by the comment, but people really need to learn to think before they speak.

Robin on

I know she did not mean any harm, but I found her statement disrespectful. After 6 ivf attempts, I now have my blessing. my son is the only one I will have, not by choice but because of the struggles to have just him. I am really truly a mom in every way, even though I have just one. By the way, my son had some serious issues when he was born that we struggled through for 3 years. He is fine today, but let me tell you, Jessica, your hardest day with 2 will never compare to what I went through with one! Think before you speak my dear!

Noneya on

“It feels like you’re really officially, really truly a mom when you have two kids. One kid you’re a mom for sure but two takes it to another level.”

Read the WHOLE quote before you start hating!! Jeeze!!!

offended on

I’m pretty sure she opened her mouth before she thought about it (or she just doesn’t have a brain). I have only 1 living child, does that me less of a mom than her? Good for her that she’s having yet another perfectly healthy child, not all of us can be so lucky…people need to think before they speak. It’s very hurtful to hear that I’m not a real mom because only one of my babies has lived…way to go Jessica…too bad I used to like you!

Crimpe on

What a great picture! Love her dog – looks just like mine. Of course you are a mom when you have one child. One child is also incredibly difficult, since every step is uncharted territory, plus you are the focus of all attention – it is exhausting. I have four children, and I agree wholeheartedly with Suzie: having more than one child changes the game. It becomes a more complicated balancing act. Who knows what she meant, however I doubt she was casting aspersions to parents of one child. We all struggle, in one way or another.

Soco on

I really don’t mind what she said, I understand where she is coming from. Besides it is what she believes and there is nothing wrong with that. What worries me is that dog in the picture; I hope it isn’t theirs, and if it is they better give it away before the new baby comes. If not, that is just a tragedy waiting to happen, poor helpless baby being injured.

Evy on

Personally I dont think it is right for her to say that you are more of a mom when you have two children. Are you any less of a mother if you only have one child. I find that comment extremely inapropriate and insensitive to women who are trying to concieve, have one child or even multiple kids. The number of children you have does not determine whether you are a good and capable mother, the way you treat your children does.So good job Jessica Alba, youve pissed off a good chunk of the mothering population.

Karen on

I’m trying to like her..I really, really am. But I can’t. She doesn’t strike me as bright. Pretty, yes. Smart, no.

Emma’s Mommy on

She is such a tool

guest on

Her comment struck me as odd at first about being an official Mom with two kids, but I think I see where she was trying to go with it. Maybe the cliche image of a minivan, kids runnin wild, the “stop fighting with your sister”, “you have to share,” etc lol. @Suzi I read it the way you did and I agree. One child is such a blessing, it took us years to get pregnant with our second and I was totally and offcially a Mom with my first child. But I can understand maybe what she’s trying to get at and we don’t know what they asked her or said that she was responding to.

Dina on

What a dumbass

Shon on

leave her alone people, possibly, just maybe she worded it wrong or the person writing the article reported her words incorrectly! you lot always go on the attack!

Noneya on

Once again – READ THE WHOLE QUOTE!! She isn’t saying you’re LESS of a mom – she actually states that 2 kids takes it to another level!! What a bunch of morons!!

Lila on

I am only going to have one child, so I guess I will never be an official mom (insert eye roll here).

I get what she is trying to say, but as the parent of an only child (and one myself) I have heard that for years. I think only having one gives you more time to parent, and less time playing referee!

anonymous on

Wow people- take it with a grain of salt! As a mom of 2, I felt like a mom with one, yes but I am thankful I don’t have people everywhere tearing apart/analyzing every comment I make. However she meant it, it is HER feeling, not forcing this statement on the world. And I would guess she did not in any way mean to intend that one child does not make you a mother. It’s just how she feels and expressed her excitement. And I’m sure these celebs don’t intend for every comment they make to become an ‘article’ for people to comment on but I guess that is the price they pay for the fame.

Congrats to Jessica on her new baby to be and company too, how cool to name it after her FIRST child.

Sarah K. on

Not really a big deal. It should be obvious to everyone that she’s really just saying that more kids equals more work. How is that not obvious? Stop getting hung up on every tiny word and making a stink. You all know what she’s trying to say. It’s so clear that she doesn’t think women with one kid aren’t actual mothers. No need to take everything that a celebrity says so personally.

annoying on

I knew that comment she made about being an “official” mom would irk people and I’m one of them. How annoying and dumb that made her sound. However, she sure did look beautiful in that picture!

Teri on

I think that was kind of a dumb comment, but what struck me as funny is that she is refinishing used furniture for the nursery! As if she can’t afford new stuff. LOL.

klutzy_girl on

I read the whole quote, and I understood what she meant.

I loved Jessica in “Dark Angel” and I’d love to see her in more action movies.

MV on

You people are idiots taking what she said to the heart. Its her opinion, her expression. Stop taking it out of context and stop hating on her!

klutzy_girl on

Teri – I’m sure she can afford new stuff, but what’s wrong with using old stuff? Nothing.

Anna on

I feel like she just meant, I don’t know like she’s not Jessica with her daughter, she’s “mom”. Like more of a stereotypical soccer mom when you have 2 as opposed to 1, does that make sense? Sorry I’m not the best with words ha.

Crimpe on

Soco, the dog was there for baby number one, I’m sure he’ll be fine with baby number two.

Cat on

I found nothing wrong with her quote because I remember being there. It’s not that I am more of a mom now that I have more than one child, but it really illustrates the anxiety that precedes the birth of a second child. I kept second guessing how I would love another child as much as my daughter and panicking about how everything would turn out. Moms of only children are most definitely moms, but there is definitely a feeling of “holy cow! I am a mom!” after the second.

No one has the perfect response when put on the spot. Taking the words of celebrities personally is just kind of ridiculous. We all have different experiences with motherhood and her comment is merely a reflection of her feelings on her current state.

Nicole on

I think all she meant was she feels more certain. Not that having only one doesn’t make anyone less of a mother. As we age, we grow more wise. I too, have one child, but didn’t take offence to what she said. I don’t believe she meant that as an insult. Its a huge thing to have a child, then to have another….its yet another miracle. Try not to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Katie on

I think what she said make sense, read the whole quote! I recently had my second child and know just what she’s talking about. The first baby is a huge change but you have a little more time to adapt and can still do many things you did before with one child in tow. With two, you have to revert back to all of the baby stuff PLUS grow with the older child. I spent a lot more time walking around the mall and going out to eat when I just had one to keep an eye on!

fed up on

To: Soco, Re: the dog…What??? Maybe I’ve missed all the reports about the horrible things her dog has done to Honor (not!)… are we to assume you are talented enough to judge a person’s temperament based only on one photograph, just like you’ve judged this dog? Try reading up on Jessica and Bowie. You’ll find information on what responsible pet owners do with their well-behaved pets in order to have a happy and healthy family.

Catherine on

Umm..why, may I ask, is this news?

ClaireSamsmom on

As a blessed Mommy of 2, I couldn’t imagine my life without these two little beings keeping me so busy! I admit, it was a little easier when my daughter was the only child…and she got all of my attention. When my son came along, things got busier and more hectic…but it was good for all of us. The number of children that you have doesn’t make you more or less of a parent…it is the quality, time and love you put in to their little lives that matters the most!

MKA on

To Soco and anyone else here saying that she should give her pit bull away, you are idiots. I volunteer at a humane society and can personally say that pit bulls can be some of the sweetest dogs. You might hear of pit bull attacks on the news and think it’s the breed’s fault, but it’s not. The top 4 breeds for dog bites are: German shepherds, rottweilers, cocker spaniels, and golden retrievers. Dumb people go get pit bulls to intentionally make them aggressive for dog fights or protection. Responsible people can raise dogs responsibly and teach them good manners.

It is ignorance like this that creates bills to ban certain breeds. Think of all the innocent animals that will die because of it.

josy on

I thought her quote was not very well thought out, obviously having 1 kid does not make someone less of a mom. There’s people out there with 6 kids that are less of a parent than a person with 1, but whatever.

Emmers on

I’m always amused to come to CBB and read the ridiculous things women can get offended over. Good job, ladies!

ecl on

People must enjoy being offended because they look for every little thing. Now all people with only 1 kid have to be upset? I only have 1 kid and what do I care? I am well aware that adding 1 more kid more than doubles the work load. It’s really hard to have 2 kids. Just realize that was what she meant and move on.

Dakota on

Wow… some women need to let their ovaries drop and get over it. Not everything is directed at them personally. Save the drama for your mama!

Liz on

I agree with Jessica and all the Moms on here who understood what she meant. Of course you are a “Mom” with one child, but yes, with two you are officially in total Mom mode. I say this because I have one son right now, and life is pretty easy and not too different than it was before him. We travel, we go out, we can easily find him a sitter. I know that when I decide to have #2 it will be a WHOLE different story- and I think that’s what Jessica meant as well. She didn’t mean Moms of 1 are not Moms.

Aj on

I agree with Noneya… She never said that you are not a mother with one child. She said “one kid you’re a mom for sure, but two takes it to another level.” Did you not read the article thoroughly? Read it before you go on hating. I do not have any children, but I completely understand what she is talking about.

anonymous on

You are very sensitive people if you take these comments she made so horribly. As a mom of 3 I totally understand what she meant. When you have one child as compared to 2,3 or 4 it just changes. With one child there is just them to focus on, no fighting and different dynamics. I actually remember saying similar statements when I was pregnant with my second. If you are offended by her statement than they are your own issues. She didn’t say she wasnt a mom with one, she was saying it’s going to change things with 2..very normal reaction to have.

Kelly on

i think people are missing the part where she said having one kid.of course you’re a mom….she just meant having two is an entirely new thing..different. I tend to agree. Having one was tough, but adding another was tougher…definitely rewarding but still tough. I do believe that is all she meant!!! I swear people make mountains out of mole hills and lets remember…these interviews are very often taken completely out of context!!! Chill out!

Charlotte on

Some of you guys really need to grow up and don’t comment if you don’t have children. She was just saying when you have one child everything is new and it doesn’t really feel like you are a mother it is new to you. She is saying once you have the second one you know a lot more than you did before. Don’t take her words out of context she is a nice person and has a loving family. You guys are really ridiculous just let her say what she wants to say she didn’t mean it in any bad way.


MommytoanE on

She also says that you are “TRUELY” a mom after two kids. Read the rest of the quote. Quotes like that, make moms of only children look bad, and most importantly feel bad. We shouldn’t have to feel like less of a parent because we did not have more children. There is NOTHING wrong with having one. Nor does it make us any less of a “True” mother.
There is a LOT of negativity towards parents of one child. Somehow, only having one child makes us less of parents apparently. I *LOVE* being the mom to one. I love every single moment of it. And I do not feel like I am not “Truely” a mom because I chose not to have more.
KUDO’S to all the other parents of only children out there. Just remember. We’re not alone. There are more of us than we realize. Hug that little bug of yours. 🙂 And stand proud.

Anon on

Noneya – we did read the whole quote but that doesn’t help her much! It just makes it obvious that she knows she said a silly thing and is desperately trying to backpedal.
I’ve heard people say before that you’re not a ‘real’ mum until you have more than one. A very thoughtless thing to say, and yes, I think Jessica has a history of saying slightly weird things. I find her comments about Honor wanting to drink vino and drive very strange too … I’m sure I’d blather and say stupid things in an interview too but I’m surprised she’s not more practised at it!

K on

Well said, MKA! People are ignorant about dogs, specifically pit bulls, which is sad. I actually grew up around german shephards and other breeds. I have no bite marks, scars, or horror stories. I can only say that my life, from a child into adulthood, has been enriched by my pets.

Kathy on

Yes, she needs to edit herself before speaking. She has done that a lot with comments. I am sure she didn’t mean you are officially a mom with 2, just like she made a comment years ago that to call her a latino actress was not something she wanted. I think things just come out wrong for her. Happens to all of us! She does look pretty in that photo. I am glad to see that with all her money, she is still doing things like normal people would do such as refinishing furniture and caring about the environment with eco-friendly products!

amandaK on

I don’t think she meant any harm with the comment. You just can’t please everyone though. She looks great in the picture and the dog is cute.

As for the comment against her dog,my brother has a pitbull and he is wonderful with children. A very loving and well behaved part of the family who is often at numerous functions and activities without ever having an incident. I’m tired of people stereotyping this beautiful breed of dog.

julie on

One kid, two kids, a Duggar brood, either way your sanity is tested on a daily basis.


Olivia on

Pit bulls just have a bad reputation. You can train the aggression out of dogs when they’re young though. And I’m sure the Albas’ dog is just fine, since they already have one child.

Melanie on

I’m “truly” a mom with one child! Doesn’t matter how many you have. What an arrogant, ignorant thing for any woman to say. Jessica is out of touch…completely just lost respect for her.

Sarah K. on

“Some of you guys really need to grow up and don’t comment if you don’t have children.”

Really Charlotte? A lot of people who said they didn’t have kids actually agreed with your point. Did you even realize that? There is no rule on this blog that only parents can comment. It doesn’t take a parent to realize that Jessica didn’t mean mothers to only children aren’t moms. It was actually more the parents to only children that were making that comment. It appears you also need to grow up.

Cindy on

She always sounds so…uneducated.

Cute dog though!

christina on

she says such stupid things sometimes! children are mazing whether one or more than one! finally she thinks of others things than the garbage about her face! i don’t see what’s likeable both face and perosnality.i never liked her; thought she should be a model and not an actor; posing and being quiet.

Allegra on

If you’re getting offended by this it’s because YOU have issues with only having one child. If you’re fine with your one child, why would this bother you? You’re only making yourself look bad by flipping out at a harmless comment.

Melissa on

I feel bad for her b/c I’m sure she didn’t mean anything by it, but as a mom of a six year old girl, I’ve always been made to feel like I have “just the one,” like that means I’m not official yet. We are now expecting our 2nd child and I’m being welcomed into the “real mommy” club, but, give me a break. Mom’s of singleton’s are real moms, just as much as my mom was who had five kids. I really don’t think JA meant anything by it, but she inadvertently touched a nerve and a prejudice that does exist in our society for sure.

natalie on

good grief people, quit getting your panties in a wad. i get what she meant. i have one child too and one on the way, and i’m pretty sure she was joking. do you ever joke? she looks beautiful and so happy. i imagine having two children is a pretty good bit more work than having just one.

leanne on

Who is she?

Stephanie on

“It feels like you’re really officially, really truly a mom when you have two kids. [With] one kid you’re a mom for sure, but two takes it to another level.”

Even though she didn’t mean to be offensive, it is. As a mom with one child, and struggling to have another, that really rubs me the wrong way.

LisaS on

That’s such a sweet picture of Jessica and her dog. Anyone who takes in a rescue dog can’t be all that bad in my book. Jessica just seems to have an odd way of phrasing things but I think I get what she’s trying to say, and don’t see why so many people are making a big fuss over how SHE feels about being a mother of one vs two.

I look at the photo above and I think: she may not be my favorite actress but she seems like she’s quite a beautiful person both on the inside and out. Best wishes to Jessica and her family on their forthcoming new bundle of joy.

Jane on

I’m just repeating a lot of what has been said, but that is a really strange and crazy comment that Jessica made!

lighten up on

Ladies.. do you really have nothing better to do today than sit behind your computer and bash a famous mother for making a slightly insensitive comment. Seriously, it’s as big of deal as you make it, and most of you probably simply don’t like her because she’s beautiful and privileged. Admit it, it’s normal. Perhaps this time could be better spent, I don’t know, spending time with your kids, and being a “real mother.” Just a thought.

jessica on

What a stupid statement to make!!!! Just another uneducated Hollywood dimwit.

Jayne on

As a mom of one I’m not offended by what she says. As others have pointed out, it’s not like we’ve become used to nuggets of wisdom from this person.Proof postive that even the dimmest bulbs can reproduce.

soph on

“If you’re getting offended by this it’s because YOU have issues with only having one child.”

Really, Allegra? It’s the readers’ fault that Jessica is so inarticulate?

jessicad on

I have one daughter and I look at other women with two or three and I understand what she means, they are working hard compared to me! It looks like it takes a lot more patience to handle more than one, but of course I still feel like a Mom now.

ab on

Wow some of you people need to get a life. It was just an expression. I’ll totally mean what she is saying and I felt the same way.

Nathalie on

I remember some other celebrity saying the same thing. I’m not sure but I think it was Matthew McConaughey. With Levi he and Camila just took him along to everywhere they wanted to go. But with Vida it became a lot more tricky to get everything organized. So I think that is what Jessica meant, though not very well phrased I admit.

Btw, she seems like an incredibly beautiful person inside and out and I love the fact that she is aware of what’s going on in the world ecologically. The people who are bashing her for something that might even be misquoted or taken out of context would be better off thinking about the projects she supports instead of just criticizing her.

Allegra on

Soph — Yes! Because why are people getting all upset over something that an actress said in an interview? Her opinion on parents with one vs. two children is just that, an opinion! It will only be offensive to the ones who have some kind of “issue” with only having one child. If you’re happy with one, Jessica’s comments shouldn’t bother you. If they do bother you, take it with a grain of salt and move on. Her opinion shouldn’t matter in your life.

Jayne on

Using any number as an absolute to decide how much of a mother someone is is really rather ignorant. You can’t tell me that Jessica, who likely uses at least one nanny–probably two in the future, will work harder as a mom than a woman with just one. Bytch please.

soph on

“and most of you probably simply don’t like her because she’s beautiful and privileged.”

So anyone who doesn’t praise Alba is “OMG JELLUS”? Thanks for revealing your third grade mentality.

Joli on

wow…some people take expressions way out of context! i have one child, and i wasn’t offended in the least by what she said. question though: if she is such an idiot and disliked by so many on here, WHY are you reading an article about her again? hmmm…

Danielle on

Wow. You ladies just think everything is about you. Haha. Jessica is just talking about her perspective for herself and no one else. Talk about self important folks who preach…

Realitybites on

Yeah, insert foot in mouth. 1 kid mother here not by choice. But I really don’t give a crap. The economy is going to the dogs, and who cares about pampered celebs.

Jenn on

why do people have to say such awful things? Just so you can be mean to someone? I highly doubt she meant it in any sort of bad way. It’s just how she feels and how she sees things, but I don’t think she was trying to be rude about it so I don’t understand why people have to get so riled up and offended by the smallest things people say.

Kim on

Moms with only one child think the world revolves around their one child…when you have a second child it’s a total game changer..and you can’t understand it at all until you have that second child.

Mina on

I LOVED Robin’s comment

[After 6 ivf attempts, I now have my blessing. my son is the only one I will have, not by choice but because of the struggles to have just him. I am really truly a mom in every way, even though I have just one. By the way, my son had some serious issues when he was born that we struggled through for 3 years. He is fine today, but let me tell you, Jessica, your hardest day with 2 will never compare to what I went through with one! Think before you speak my dear]

Perfect, simply perfect!

Also, this bytch will never understand what normal regular poor non-celeb moms struggle thru…not ONLY one or more kids, but money issues too. The stress level of a non-celeb mom to 1 kid is more than Jessica’s will be if she had 4 kids!

RKF on

How can anyone here take her words seriously? If you’ve ever heard her speak, she is inarticulate to the point of embarrassment. I doubt she meant it in a rude manner – she just has a hard time putting coherent sentences together. (And before anyone says it, no, I’m not jealous, envious, bitter, or [insert cliched adjective here.]

Kate on

Stupid is as stupid does…another classic Jessica Alba quote!

K.M. on

Read the whole quote, and I still think it’s offensive. I guess moms of one child will always be on a different “level” than those who have more. I won’t be holding my breath for her to own up to her condescending statement…..

RKF on

@ Kim — “Moms with only one child think the world revolves around their one child.”

Well, of course it does, considering they have ONE child. Would their lives revolve around their one child, and a second imaginary child?

Sage on

RFK- I think it’s kind of embarrassing when you have to take heap shots because you don’t agree with someone.

I personally question people’s intelligence if they don’t understand what she means. But then again people love to be offended over nothing. It’s funny that people try to play it off like celebs don’t have influence. You guys are fight over a harmless comment.

Jess on

This takes me back a few yrs ago when she stated “be Sweden” when clearly she meant Switzerland LOL! I dont know, there’s just something about her that just rubs me the wrong way.

Jill on

She’s an idiot! She needs to think before she speaks or better yet be quite all together.

Claudia on

There are WAY too many sensitive people complaining about an individual’s opinion. I understand what she meant, and I have six kids!! I am happy for her and wish her and her family well.

Guest on

“It feels like you’re really officially, really truly a mom when you have two kids. [With] one kid you’re a mom for sure, but two takes it to another level.”

Some of you posting here need to get your heads out of your asses and read the ENTIRE quote! I am in no way a fan of Jessica, for I do think that she isn’t the brightest lightbulb around, but damn, some of the posters here really don’t understand the concept of OPNIONS and NOT TAKING THINGS TO HEART.

Jill on

She is one of the most unintelligent women in Hollywood. Jessica Alba is simply an ignoramus because normal people think before they speak which clearly she knows nothing about.

MommytoanE on

The posting on this thread so needs to close. So much ignorance.


If you’re getting offended by this it’s because YOU have issues with only having one child. If you’re fine with your one child, why would this bother you? You’re only making yourself look bad by flipping out at a harmless comment.

– Allegra on August 8th, 2011



She didn’t say anything NEGATIVE….I am a mom of 1 teenager….I am NOT offended by her comment…..Why, because I can comprehend….

Ratty on

I’m not really a fan of her’s but the moment I read that comment I thought ‘this place is going to go off’. So predictable! Haha!

toni on

I think that some people have too much time on their hands. Is everyone really that upset at her? I guess Jessica is hated just like Gisele and Rebecca among others.

andi on

I have one child myself and I get what she is saying about it being different with two kids. I’m not offended. It makes me even more thankful for my “only” who is 10yrs old. I have been through almost everything a mother could go through when raising a child, I have stayed up many nights with a sick kid, been thrown up on, dealt with public tantrums in the grocery store, been the “bad guy” when it came to discipline, spent many hours at the kitchen table helping with homework etc..dealing with all that and more makes me glad I only have one sometimes. 🙂

kelly on

To Soco RE: the dog comment.
Dear Soco,
My name is Kelly and I have developed a dog training program to prepare a dog for a baby’s arrival. In this program, I discuss educating families about dog body language, prey drive, safety measures anyone with any dog should take, and training exercises. It seems from your comment you would benefit from brushing up on some dog knowledge.

The breed of Jessica’s dog is not sentence to her children in any way. For your information a Pomeranian killed a infant in Cleveland, and a stray dog in Russia curled up around a abandon baby and saved it’s life by keeping it warm (while the mother was off drunk).

So Soco, I do hope you open up your mind to the dog’s personality and not just sentence them by their breed alone. Yes, there are dogs that are dangerously interested in newborns, and some that are not good with toddlers. That has very little to do with the breed package they come in and more to do with their personality, care, training, and owner. Please visit our website and learn something about dogs.
Kelly King

babylover on

The first baby is always the “experiment” baby where you go through all the stages and you are so scared of everything. My mom told me she was so scared of being a bad mom, not doing things right and then she had my brother a year later and she said she definitely got the hang of it. So I think that is what Jessica is referring to. She feels more comfortable!

KJ on

Wow, ladies. Who really gives a diaper full about an off-handed remark by JESSICA ALBA? Let’s save our ire for real issues that affect our families (of any size) like education, good nutrition, access to medical care, and, I don’t know, the host of other problems we’re facing (high unemployment, economic insecurity, Congressional gridlock). Why waste your energy being offended by something so silly?

kazumi on

i like jessica alba a lot and find her very attractive, but sometimes these celebrities try too much to be philosophical in their interviews that without meaning to, they end up sounding like airheads and complete jerks..

anonymous on

Maybe she comes from a large family with siblings and to her the prototype of “mom” is someone who takes care of more than one child and never ceasing hub. Also, pregnancy is exhausting- you definitely get a taste of being a mom of two when you have to chase a toddler when all you want to do is sleep! You have to juggle the needs of two very dependent people.

Marky on

Mina, I am so worn out with people getting on CBB and whining about how they are so angry with celebs who have more money than the poster! I grew up in a 700 sq. foot house, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and it was the house my parents lived in until they died. For goodness’ sake, half the young couples I know think they have to have more than 2500 sq. feet and 3 bathrooms if they have 2 children. My sister and I shared a room that was so small the door wouldn’t open all the way when we got twin beds, and guess what?! We were fine. My parents were poor, and we both went to college, both graduated without debt, and were very successful. We had no family around, and my parents raised us themselves. I don’t even remember being left with a sitter once.

The idea that you are so bad off because you don’t have as much money as a celebrity is just pathetic. Raise your children yourself, and if you can’t live in a McMansion, they will be fine if you don’t teach them that money is the only thing that matters. My youngest has been raised with much more money than the others, private school and a very nice car–he’s got an attitude of entitlement that makes me wish we had acted as if we were broke the whole time he was growing up. All this “stuff” is not an advantage; it can be a curse, and you really need to think about how hard it is for celebs to raise really nice kids, with great attitudes, and a desire to help those in need. That takes a lot of work, not a great nanny.

Jessica Alba is just a normal type person who is trying to respond to questions asked her, and what she said was not designed to be an insult to moms of one child. Get a grip, and stop being so sensitive no one can talk to you without a bag ful of “I’m sorry’s” hanging over their arm. Good grief…….

BB on

Wow what ever happened to freedom of speech I mean shit leave the girl alone she seems like a good mom and if she said she happens to feel like with 2 kids she is in real mommy mode versus the one leave the girl alone all you lonely ass desperate bitches on here need to leave her alone venting on people if she was in your face you would ask her for an autograph and no one on here would tell her she is wrong or she can’t act or to reword herself so please shut the hell up remember the interview was about her what she feels and thinks !

BB on

FYI mina if you couldn’t handle getting pregnant there is a thing callled birth control you and your silly crying single mom she doesn’t know what we go throught is it her fault she is rich she made right decisions reached her goals found a guy settled down and made a family wow ur a hater it sounds to me like the girl did it text book and that i think is what makes you mad not to mention she is stunning go Alba!

Rave on

People need to grow up. I really highly doubt she meant it as a dig toward people who have one kid. She worded it wrongly (which, by the way, everyone has worded something wrongly in their lives), and now you’re all attacking her to make you feel better. She didn’t say she was a ‘better’ mom, she said she just felt like ‘more’ of a mom. Maybe because her ideal of a mom was someone who had more than one child? Everyone has ideals of a family, and how a mom, or dad should be. Please don’t rip her apart for something so silly.

Silly Silly on

I can understand her comment. Many of you that have more than one child might compare the work that is done by yourself and say someone that has one child. Sure you are still a mother with 1,2 or 3 kids, but you may feel yourself on a higher level than someone with one child because you have more experience. People are just being to hard on her. Take it easy folks…she is working with a pregnancy brain. All of us that are moms know a pregnancy brain is not easy or very functional all of the time.

knowitall on

The majority rules! The negativity here is NOT because of anything Alba said about “being a mom of two children”,
… anyone that knows much about Jesssica Alba doesn’t fall victim to her nonsence and lies, she has displayed a history of contradiction, lying, breaking laws, condenscending, arrogance, and most of all deception…. loss of respect unfortunatly results in “NEGATIVE COMMENTS” …. people really dislike like Jessica Alba not because anything here she controversaly said, it is firmly a reflection of who she has shown us she really is.

knowitall on

I have tried to like jessica alba but everytime I do she says or does something to throw a wrench into it. She is average at best in the looks dept and sadly if she were not hot for dark angel days she would never be known today, she cannot act, she is annoying and air headed, knocks people down when she has so many areas for improvement herself, I could care less if she has one or twenty kids, bottom line is she is a biotch, and just like so many others here I could care less about her or what she does or doesn’t do.

Down With Reality TV on

I just hope that is not a Pitt Bull

Gaia and Laban's mom on

Actually Soco, pitbulls and I believe that is a pit or a bit mix were called nanny dogs at one point and were used for a long time to look after children. Like any dog it depends on how your raise them but pitbull terriers have really good temperaments. I have a lab Newfoundland mix , and a pitbull Rottweiler mix and both dogs are gentle and playful with my kids and cats. I’ve never had any incidents.

Jessica Alba is notorious for these types of quotes. Personally having a second child was a lot less daunting and less stress than my first. They’re fairly close in age so that they’ll experience everything together more or less.

Diana on

I can see what she is saying to a certain extent; think she just said it wrong. I do find it odd that she said this though considering she hasn’t even given birth to her second child yet… she has NO IDEA what it is like to have two kids yet!! I agree that two kids DOES take it to another level; but I don’t think it makes you more of a mother.

ewa on

that dog must be just a souvenir, never seen her with a dog on any photo before. wonder why she gets a dog when she dont want to spend time with it. bet she has dog nannys.

Tatiana on

I sometimes wonder why I actually read the comments as everyone gets testy about literally every comment a celebrity makes. I totally agree and I am a mom of 3.My first 2 are 18 months apart and even though I was “officially a mom” with the 1st, the 2nd reinforced that now I had 2 people to take to the grocery store:) It’s just an expression. And yes, you can be a mom to a fur kid. I have no idea why Giselle and Jessica Alba create such ire amongst peeps!

Veronica on


I personally felt like a mother the moment they handed me my first child. Then the day I went home with him and I’m looking around my home and it’s my husband, me, and this tiny little baby.
When I had my second it was another Wow moment, but I was already feeling like a mom. With my third it was another wow moment, but again I already felt like a mom.

I must have missed the memo that we’re not real mothers until we have more than one baby. Or maybe now that she has more to do she is feeling a little bit of the stress of actually being a mother.

flmomof2 on

I have three kids, I wonder if that makes me a professional mom? why do celebrities have to turn weird when they have kids? one kid, 5 kids, pretty sure you’re a mom. you have more work, but that doesn’t make you less of a mom.

huh on

Everyone just needs to get their panties out of a bunch. Don’t take things so personally. That may just be how she, personally, feels. She’s not directing it at the 100+ of you up in arms here. I’m a mother of one, and I’m certainly not offended.

Lila on

Sigh. My “panties are not in a bunch”. It’s a debate. If you can’t debate with calling people “haters” and talking about panties then maybe YOU need to grow up some. She gave her opinion, and I am giving mine. It’s nothing personal against her, just the comments.

Parents of onlies DO get frustrated because we hear it all the time. I know there is nothing wrong with having one child, or with my child for that matter. But people still feel the need to tell me that I am depriving my child of a sibling or that she will be all alone or that I truly don’t know what it is like to a mom because I only have one. When you hear that crap over and over and over and over it does tend to get annoying, and you want to shout to people that it’s not true!

SNA on

I have one child and am not in the least offended by this. I’m sure she didn’t mean to offend anyone….why would she want to? I agree she meant it’s a total different ball game with 2 kids. Too bad everyone forgets that she is not only a celeb but she is also human and she’s not perfect and won’t always say things absolutely correct at all times.

I mean, I’m sure all of you say the right things all the time and never offend anyone!! Who cares….you know you’re moms with 1,2 or 10 kids….why get offended. Take it easy

Sarah K. on

Lila, the problem is that Jessica never said only children are deprived or that mothers of only children are not real moms. You’re taking out your frustration about what other people said and attributing it to Jessica as if she also feels that way. She said, “[With] one kid you’re a mom for sure, but two takes it to another level.” She clearly states that mothers of one child are moms. It’s right there in black and white. A debate is one thing, but a lot of these comments are directed at Jessica and what she said as if she were personally attacking all mothers with only children. She never said anything negative about only children or their mothers. But, you cannot deny that generally more kids means more work.

Happy With 2 on

Family Dynamics change when you have your second child. Why is this offensive to people with only 1 child?

I totally understand what she meant by this comment, and I was over the moon about being a mom when I only had 1! 🙂

Lila on

“She clearly states that mothers of one child are moms. It’s right there in black and white.”

Yes, and she also says “It feels like you’re really officially, really truly a mom when you have two kids.” And I am just saying that I really officially, really truly feel like a mom now. I don’t need a second child to make me feel like more of a mom- or go to the next “level” with my parenting.

I don’t think she is attacking parents of onlies, but someone saying your not TRULY, OFFICIALLY, REALLY TRULY a mom until you have two does bother me. I know it’s not true, but it bothers me that someone would think I am less of a mom because I choose not to continue to procreate.

You can take what you want out of it, but that is what I am getting from her direct quote.

vogs on

As a mother who recently welcomed her second child, I completely understand what she is trying to say with this comment. I really don’t think she meant to offend anyone. The only thing about this article I find upsetting is how many people are getting worked up and bashing someone they don’t even know, why do you care? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and sometimes we have to agree to disagree and get over it.

Sarah K. on

“but someone saying your not TRULY, OFFICIALLY, REALLY TRULY a mom until you have two does bother me.”

She didn’t say you are not officially a mom before then. She said SHE FEELS like it. She is talking only about her experience and what she feels about moving from one child to two. It is simply not an offensive statement to anyone. Being bothered or offended by her statement has nothing to do with what she said and everything to do with people’s insecurities.

She’s only had one kid for 3 years now, so obviously she knows she was officially a mom already. In fact, pretty much everyone starts out with only one child. She never said anyone else was “less of a mom.” I’m sorry, but you’re just attributing your past experiences to Jessica as if she said that only children are deprived or that you are less of a mom. No one said that. If you want to read in your own interpretation to change what she said, that’s fine, but at least acknowledge that she didn’t say you or anyone else was “less of a mom.”

Crimpe on

Well, I’ve been told that when you have a child you lose half your brain. I have four kids, so clearly I am operating with a deficit. Blame it on pregnancy brain babble, but don’t take her words to heart.

Also, I hope the dog IS a pitbull. I’ve had two therapy dogs, both pits. Fabulous dogs, too bad we can’t ban the scary people who seem to abuse them.

Mina on

Marky and BB….the POINT I was trying to make was that Alba will sit there and claim how exhausting it is to have 1 or 2 kids, then turn around and hire a nanny to help with her millions of dollars (or however much she has). I dont care if she (or others) are richer than me. There are even people more poor than I. I am saying her experience with motherhood will be easier…she will experience less stress. Has nothing to do with what goals I did or didn’t reach. It has to do with money, stress, and child rearing…because money is a big factor in stress and child rearing. And what Robin said was perfect…its much more stressful, tiring, and trying to have a child with medical issues too. Yet these celebs who have millions and healthy kids complain how hard it is. Sheesh yeah right. I’d like them to step into the real world and watch them crumble.

Drew on

As an only child and a new mother of one, I think the statement could’ve been worded a little differently (me and I instead of you, you’re), but I’m definitely not offended. I think what Jessica really means is with her first, Honor, she felt like she had the little sister/best friend she always wanted (instead of a mom). Some women may instantly ‘feel’ like moms, but for others it can take some time to set in, mentally.

smilenow on

Whimsical poll here –
Would a second husband / partner make one really feel like a wife / partner or does one fill the bill ?
no haters now
…let your humor come out and play

Suzy on

I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been said previously on the thread, but Jessica really needs to grow a sensitivity filter before saying something like that. The number of children does not a mother make.

Traci on

Hey – all of you who have negative comments about Jessica need to “GET A LIFE”.

Can you say “JEALOUS” cause that’s what you are.

I think Jessica is a good person and a wonderful mother and who cares that having 2 kids is going to make her extra busy. She’ll get the hang of it so leave her alone.

Geez people – I raised 3 children single handedly (a set of twins (boy and girl and another daughter “BY MYSELF” so it can be done. I rest my case.

seaghda on

Everyone is attacking J.A. for what she said, which I feel was worded badly but conveyed her feelings about motherhood and not a definite thing for everyone, but I found it more insulting what Anna said early on about “To me once you give birth you are “oficially a mom” 1,2,3 kids no difference.” According to her, I’m not a mother because I adopted my child. See how this works? I seriously doubt Anna meant that adoptive parents are less of a mother/father than someone who gives birth but because of the way she said it, it could come across as insulting. So, on 3, start attacking Anna! Oh wait, she’s not a celebrity so she’s not held to the same standards? I see.

seaghda on

Sorry – it was carrie – not anna.

Anonymous on

UGH! My husband and I had a VERY difficult time having our first (and only) child. These kind of ignorant statements add so much insult to women who WANT to be a mom of more than one but can’t. Sure it’s “easier” in ways having one vs. two, that’s with anything in life. But making you an “official” mom when you have two, that’s just incredibly insensitive. This is a disrespectful comment to any mother out there no matter the # of children AND to her own daughter! “You sort of made me a mom but when your brother/sister came along, then it was real”…GIVE ME A BREAK!

Kelly on

Soco, You are an idiot!! It’s people like you who give pitt bulls a bad name. Go spend some time in a shelter. You are so dense and uninformed. For you people that say “take it with a grain of salt”, butt out. It may have been unintentional, but it was offensive. I don’t think she’s the brightest bulb on the tree. .

Cj's mom on

“It feels like you’re really officially, really truly a mom when you have two kids. [With] one kid you’re a mom for sure, but two takes it to another level.”

Most of you aren’t even quoting the whole statement. She isn’t disqualifying us mothers of one, she saying after you have more then one it takes it to a whole other level. So chill out ladies. There are many women, me included, who have been threw miscarriages, or still births or losing a child. we are still mothers. Just because she said that doesn’t take our mom badges away. So calm down, have some tea and relax. 🙂

Dimarso on

I have one child and I feel like I’m really officially, really truly a mom….for sure 🙂

carly on

whats up with all the 1 2 3 it makes you a mom? no matter how many you have. once you have that first child you are a mom. weather you continue to have more children or not. you are a mom.

Marla on

Poor Jessica, getting all this flack for a poorly worded answer. When I first read it, I was sort of offended too (as a mom of one), but her comment doesn’t irk me nearly as much as Gisele Bundchen’s claim that giving birth ‘didn’t hurt in the slightest.’ Personally, I think that was just a dig at Bridget Moynahan. But back to J.A., if she read this article, I’m guessing she’s regretting her choice of words.

Tena on

Wow! I’m glad it’s not just me. I was thinking the same thing that many of you have stated after I read this article (before reading the comments).

I am the mother r of two and I find her statement is weird on two levels, #1 -she hasn’t even had the second child and #2- you are officially a mom and SHOUDL FEEL officially like a mom after having one child.

I wonder how this makes mothers with one child feel. I guess fame and money can’t buy tact.

Emery on

It amazes me how much time people have to complain about other people’s opinions… Shouldn’t you be off mothering your 1, 2, 3 children?

anonomyus on

to all the ppl who are making negative comments about jessica, you all are just jealous! most of you are housewives who wish u can looklike her after having kids… everyone is entitled to thier own opinion and that doesn’t make them a bad person or a bad actress for it… she is a mom like all of us and she just may be speaking about how much more responsibility that is coming her way with this 2nd child.. so grow up people!! just my 2 cents

LeighAnn on

While I don’t agree with how it was said, I do understand what she meant. I have four kids. With my first (who is now 17) I had NO CLUE what was going on! When my 2nd came 20-months later, while I wasn’t a “supermom” I certainly knew what to expect, what for the most part was happening, etc. Now my youngest is 5 and about to start Kindergarten.

While having 4 in no way makes me more of a mom than anyone with only 1 child, for some, the amount of work I have in 1 day is the exact same in some cases as having 1 child, especially if they have a disability of some sort. So, the comment while very poorly phrased, I think was meant in the best possible context.

What I don’t appreciate is the comment from Soco about Pitbulls. What bull! My children have been around pitbulls since the day they were born, they have never been harmed, hurt intentionally, attacked, bit or otherwise by a family pet. Our dogs LOVE our children and would protect them from harm with their own life. They are my childrens playmates and best friends.

I take great offense to the comment which was made purely because of ignorance about the breed. They can be, with the correct owners, the SWEETEST dogs around. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. So before you make derogatory comments, read up on the subject first and don’t be so ignorant!!!

LeighAnn on

@ Smilenow!!

Perfect way to defuse a situation! LOVE IT! LMAO!!!

melissa c on

I totally get what she is saying. I’m the oldest of 17 grandkids and had to help raise my closest six cousins. When I had my first child it was cake. And i was completly bored. I couldn’t wait to have my second kid. Two makes you feel more like a mom instead of a playmate. With one, this little baby is your buddy and you bring him/her everywhere you go. With two u get sibling rivalry. The double strollers, the fighting for your attention. Yes I felt like a mom to my son when he was a singleton. But two made me work and i love it.

Sara on

How on earth would she know yet?!

Mama C on

As the mother of an only child, I have to admit that I thought her comment was absolutely ridiculous after reading it for the first time. After reading it again, I really don’t think she meant to insult parents of only children. She was probably just trying to say that she believes it’s more time consuming to be the parent of multiple children. Let’s just remember one thing; she is paid for her acting skills not for her intelligence level. Chalk it up to just another misguided comment by a vapid celebrity!

mommytwice on

Good gosh… just because she said that two children will make her feel more like a mom and that this new baby will take parenting to a whole new level does not in any way mean that moms of single children are any less of a mom. She made that comment about her own feelings, not to disrespect anyone else.

Not to mention, why on earth does a perceived flub in words on occasion cause anyone to bring her intelligence into question? Some of you here are incredibly cruel and hurtful! Do you really want your kids to grow up to be the kind of bullies you portray yourselves to be here? seriously! She seems to be smart on some level since she is starting a business that helps other moms and is eco-friendly.. get over yourselves…

I’m a mom of two and yes, having that second baby really brought parenting to a new level because everything simply changed in many ways.. my two cents here but I’m sure that those of you who are parents here definitely have better things to do than gang up and bash another young mom..

abbe on

how are some of these comments still posted?!?! The infertile myrtles are a bit bitter these days…

soph on

Wow, abbe, how wonderfully sensitive of you. And you wonder how OTHERS’ comments are posted?


Get a grip, single-child mothers. She is just talking out of excitement. Why would you get offended? Some people feel more and more rested into the role of “MOMMY” when they have more than one. I did! Now I have three and can’t wait for the next ten!!! I’m sure that since she is an actress, too, the role of mommy competes with that and feeds into the feeling of two making her more “mommy”. If you get offended over anything a celebrity says you probably need to stop reading the tabloids.