Ethan Hawke Welcomes Daughter Indiana

08/06/2011 at 12:00 PM ET
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

Ethan Hawke, who has called fatherhood “the greatest pleasure in my life,” and his wife, Ryan, welcomed their second child together two weeks ago, a girl named Indiana, PEOPLE has confirmed.

She’s the fourth child for Hawke, who also has two kids with ex-wife Uma Thurman. News of this pregnancy was first reported in April.

On Friday, the family had lunch at La Bottega in the Maritime Hotel, in Manhattan. “He was very happy,” an onlooker tells PEOPLE. “Seemed like a proud daddy.”

Ethan, 40, and Ryan married in June 2008. Their daughter, Clementine Jane, is now 3.

Hawke’s children with Thurman are Maya, 13, and Levon, 9.

In 2006, Ethan Hawke said parenting brought him the greatest joy and was “the only role that, if I fail, I will consider my life a failure.”

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rebekah on

“we called the dog indiana.”

kendrajoi on

rebekah- LOL!!!!!

Alma on

I find the headline kinda weird it only says Eathan Hawke welcomes daughter Indiana, I know it’s written different in the article but still. Couldn’t it been Eathan Hawke and wife welcome….

Anyways congratulation! Love the name Indiana.

cris on

Not a fan of the name, sounds a bit ‘hill-billy-ish” to me… goes well with her tatoo(s)-is that a beehive?

KM on

I’m sorry, but that picture freaks me out. She has psycho eyes.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them!

I love the name Indiana, but it’s still a state…

Patrice on

Hideous tattos

ELS on

Huh…that IS the name of my dog.

Adrienne on

I like the name Clementine but Indiana feels like they were trying too hard to be different and edgy.. and failed miserably. Just my opinion. And Im NOT against the use of states/cities/countries as a name…ie bryce DALLAS howard and all the Howard children whose middle names represent where they were conceived.And Brooklyn Beckham-they were in Brooklyn when Vic found out she was expecting. I just dont think Indiana has the best ring to it. Again..just my opinion

ClaireSamsmom on

This picture is so played out! Her mouth is just so, “Um, yeah…he’s all mine now!” Interesting name choice…I really love the name Clementine, though….but’s okay.

dawn on

I don’t comment on these things but @rebekah – awesome comment, I LOVE IT!!

Zoey on

The name Indiana made me laugh because it doesn’t sound great with Clementine Jane to me. It just seem so random! She is not my kid though! So I am happy for them! Congrats Ethan, Ryan, Maya, Levon, and Clememtine on your new baby girl! 😀

Carrie on

I dunno, I actually kind of like the name for a girl. (shrugs)

dsfg on

Pagesix said the name was India.

Jen DC on

@ Rebekah: My first thought EXACTLY.

My second thought? I am *sure* there is a more becoming picture of this woman out there somewhere that could use. C’mon, now.

anon on

I love, love, love the name Indiana! It was at the top of my list, but I’ll be marking it off now since once again, a celeb uses a favorite of mine!

Indira on

Clementine grew on me. Maybe Indiana will too.

Shannon on

Is it India or Indiana? There are conflicting reports. Anyway congrats to Ethan and family!

Zoey on

haha oops clementine*** not Clememtine! haha

Maria- lol I was thinking the same thing.

rebekah on

my partner has always loved the name henry. since it’s become so popular in the last five years, i said the only way i’d agree to that is if we called him indiana -like dr. jones. he didn’t think it was as funny as i did. 🙂

i think they’re both fine names, but “indiana” will always be dr. jones in my mind.

hannah on

the name Indiana is really popular for girls in Australia. Usually spelt Indianna though so I quite like it. I wouldnt call my daughter Indianna but thats only due to popularity!

Nathalie on

Not to be mean or anything but Ryan looks a bit trashy in that pic. And the look on her face is weird, to put it politely…

I love the name Clementine, but not Indiana :-(. I thought they would choose something more retro chic.

Appreciate on

What? Haven’t heard of any other female children called Indiana in Australia, let alone with the spelling Indianna.

Nicole on

The first thing I thought….errrr heard….was Sean Connery’s voice saying EXACTLY what was quoted above. Too funny!

Sus on

wasn’t she the nanny that he cheated on Uma with?

Anonymous on

she is so skanky and ugly. i bet you anything she’s wildly insecure knowing ethan was with uma before her 🙂

Erica on

Helena Bonham Carter’s daughter was rumored to be named Indiana for awhile but that turned out to be false. Hopefully the reports are wrong about this baby too.

PS. India, on the other hand, would be pretty IMO.

MommytoanE on

You ladies are horrible. Picking on an innocent baby’s name. Picking on someone for their looks. You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves. IS this elementary school? Or are we adults here?

Congratulations to Ethan and Ryan on the birth of their daughter.

LisaS on

Who’s never taken a bad picture? I think she’s quite pretty in other pictures I’ve seen of her.

Whatever. Congrats to Ethan and Ryan on the birth of their new baby girl and hope everybody’s healthy and doing well. I love the name “Indiana” (because of Indiana Jones of course, even if it was his dog’s name first) and I think it sounds lovely on a girl.

Tracy on

I have lived in Indiana my whole life and see nothing at all pretty about the name. It just reminds me of corn.

Sandra on

Congrats to Ethan and Ryan.

Personally, I do find the name cute, but I don’t think it flows well with Clementine.

I wouldn’t say she is ugly, think she is quite pretty when she isn’t making that face. But that tattoo is just tacky. :/

Sandra on

Congrats to Ethan and Ryan,

Personally, I quite like the name, but I don’t think it flows well with Clementine.

@Anonymous, when she is not making that face she is actually quite pretty, but that tattoo is tacky :/

Diana on

I thought the look on her face was quite odd too. Definitely not a flattering picture.

yo on

Can we stop asking if this was the nanny Ethan left Uma for? The answer is NO. Let’s reading that again, the answer is NO. He married this woman FIVE YEARS after Uma, and she was only the nanny for a brief period AFTER the split because she was a student.

yo on

At the time of his split from Uma, Ethan was rumored to be cheating with Jen Perzow and Uma Thurman, and who knows if the tabloids were right. This was in 2003. Now, I wish people could stop throwing this couple under the bus for an urban. Hate Ethan if you will but the tattoo lady (regardless of how you feel about her tats) was NOT behind the split.

I don’t like the name Indiana unless you’re from Indiana.

Siera on

@cris, No I saw a different picture of her tattoos upclose, its a pirate ship.

Lisa on

LOL, Pirate ship tattoo… nice. Sea hag does come to mind with this pic.

soph on

“You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves. IS this elementary school?”

No, but you certainly seem to think it is. Scold your own brats, not strangers on the internet.

sara on

Alma, it’s written that way because this site is about celebrities, and his wife isn’t a celeb. The reason it’s relevant to this site (and therefore “news”) is only because of him.

Alyssa on

Wow, you women are disgusting. This is an announcement of a birth and all you’re doing is ripping about THEIR choice of THEIR daughter’s name and commenting on his wife’s looks. I guarantee that the women picking on her looks aren’t the best looking of the bunch either. I hope you never go through that when you announce your child’s birth.

dsfg on

Yo, according to your post, Ethan cheated on Uma with Uma Thurman??? Not sure I understand . . .

gimma a break on

marina on

gimma a break – how does that link prove that he cheat with ryan? He might had cheated with Ryan, I don’t know, that link does not prove anything, it just repeat more rumors!

r on

LOL Rebekah, I heard Sean Connery in my head saying the exact same thing to Harrison Ford.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Prefer the name India but she’s not my daughter. Congrats to the family. Ethan’s now well and truly outnumbered by the ladies in his life…!

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Ethan and Ryan …. I’m not a fan of the name and I’m definitely NOT a fan of her tattoo’s … they make her look trashy IMO

Bancie1031 on

I don’t know why they chose this picture to use but I have to say that it makes her look super scary 8-|

Lyl on

so what if someone wants to comment on their daughter’s name? I don’t understand where is the problem? of course if people would write mean comments about their little girls or Levon I would understand and yes it’s mean to say Ryan is “ugly” or “trashy”, you can keep your own opinion for yourself or just say that she is not very sweet looking woman, on the other hand maybe she is fun loving and crazy a and sweet and I bet she loves her kids but what if someone wants to say their opinion on a name? no harm, take it easy, it’s not like they care or are gonna change her name just because of bunch of strangers.

personally I think that a name Indiana would fit to someone more exotic looking which their girl sure is not but their choice if they like it .. it’s not a bad name at all, people got used to the names Dakota, Georgia …

yo on

Dsfg, the rumor was the Jen woman and Angelina Jolie. It was a typo.

gimma a break on

marina- How do you know if any of the news on is real/gossip? Duh!

amandaK on

Are there any decent pics of his wife? The only ones I have seen she has a smirk or a deer in the headlights look.

Stella Bella on

There HAS to be a better photo of this couple on file somewhere. Ethan doesn’t look any better than she does in this one.

Lucky Tiger on

What an awful name Indiana? Can’t people think straight or what kind of drugs are they taking? Names like blue bear, apples, India, Indiana sound like garbage to me. Why not check out your bible for nice special names? I would hate to be growing up with a fruit name or animal name or one of the 50 states name or a candy bar name. THats all ridiculous. And Ryan the nanny looks like she has some demonic crazy eyes and shes uglyyyyyy the word FEYA. I like UMA THURMAN is the best. Ethan doesn’t know when to stop making babies he doesn’t love anyone but himself two time loser 40 yr old douche bag.

Stella Bella on

Meant to add, congratulations to Ethan and Ryan.

Jamie on

@ Trecy- I agree. I too, have lived in Indiana my whole life, and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I love the name and yes, it doesn remind me of corn too!! 🙂

eribri on

Not to be rude or anything but does she not like taking pictures or something? Her face doesn’t look like she is up for photographs in that pic. I remember the last picture was about the same (or it was this exact one)

mg on

wow…that woman is really unfortunate looking.

KimmiAnn on

I love the name Indiana..Indy for short..too cute. Her tattoo looks cheap and I don’t find her very pretty at all, but I’m sure there are those who would say the same about me. Not the tattoo everyone has their own opinion on what’s pretty. I love Uma Thurman and imo Ethan took about 2 flights of steps DOWN when he hooked up with this woman.

mmmm on

terrible picture of his wife.

DD on

Love both names…they have great taste in names

Andrea on

Who cares if your dog is named Indiana? Our dog’s name is Fred. Does that mean no one can name their child Fred?