James and Kimberly Van Der Beek: Olivia Is Walking!

08/05/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Gary Gershoff/WireImage

First-time parents James and Kimberly Van Der Beek are celebrating a major milestone: daughter Olivia is on the move!

“She took her first steps last week on [the day she turned] 10 months,” the proud mama told PEOPLE during a Saturday Baby Buggy event in East Hampton, New York. “Just a couple of steps.”

And with the grandparents visiting, Olivia “waited for the spotlight” before showing off her latest skill.

“She was very careful, cruising along between the table and the couch,” says the actor, 34. “She decided, all right, I’ll just take a few steps to get there.”

Also on Olivia’s list of accomplishments? Testing out her vocals, says Mom.

“She’s doing a lot of babbling,” Kimberly shares. “She’s got the l’s, the m’s. She says, ‘Gabba’ for Yo Gabba Gabba! [and] Mama, Daddy.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Jeffrey Slonim

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kimmie on

Is this photoshopped to make her look thinner (and if so, why!!) or is the guy’s face really THAT long ?

ari on

What a naturally stunning wife he has!!

Melanie on

Kimmie, one has nothing to do with the other. If they wanted to make her thinner, it wouldn’t affect his face…and likewise. (I’m a photographer so I know how Photoshop works!)…I think his face just really is that long! Although since this was at an event, they are probably using a wider angle lens and that can make certain things look disproportionate!

Cee on

@ kimmie, i think that’s just the way they look. she is naturally thin. as for him, i was a big dawson’s creek fan and he looks exactly the same, just a little bit older now. 🙂

AllisonJ on

Wow, that’s an early walker!

Sara on

I’m just guessing … but I think Kimmie might mean tha tif they photoshopped her so thin, why dind’t thye also photoshop his head a little smaller?

I wonder if the baby is really saying Mama and Daddy. They can walk young, but 10 months seems awfuly early to talk. My 11 month old will repeat (sometimes) Mama, but isn’t he really just mimicking? I mean, I don’t think they actually associate words at 10 months.

erica2 on

James and Kimberly thanks for sharing this wonderful milestone.

Faith on

I walked at 10 months it is actually pretty common

camaguey on

My goodness! The size of this man’s head!!! Is there something wrong with him?

Azrielle on

I had to Google him – he actually has a ridiculously LARGE forehead. But it’s not soooo obvious when his hair is more floppy. I still think this is an exceptionally bad photo og him, but his wife is gorgeous. I love James Vanderbeek, but you could park a Buick on the space between his eyebrows and his hairline!!!

sar on

My child that walked at 10 months was actually my late walker out of my 3 kids lol..

Jennifer on

My son walked at 10 1/2 months and my daughter the week before she turned 10 months. So it can be totally normal.

Erin on

Big heads and thinness aside… Everyone has their own parenting style, but doesn’t it seem sort of bizarre to put their 10 month old in front of Nick Jr? I guess I’m just not a fan of screen time so early, but that is my preference. They have the rest of their lives to kill brain cells on the television, just wait! 🙂

manders on

excuse me but i dont know what you are not teaching your baby ,mine could speak at 6 months momma and dadda and dink and quite a few words …its not uncommon !

rachel on

SAR: you are clearly not telling the truth. 10 month was your late walker? keep bragging and lying.. you are making a fool of yourself..

and erin: really? GET A LIFE

meredith on

Its totally normal for her to walk at 10 months. I never even crawled, I only walked I started walking at like 9 or 10 months old. Same for my older sister.

Laura on

Sorry Rachel but my daughter walked at 9 months with no problems. She was just an early walker, not because I did anything different with her than my other children. My oldest child did not walk until 14 months even though he was really close to walking at about 9-10 months. He took a serious spill that scared him so he took his time getting his courage up. All children are different and calling someone a liar when they talk about their child that’s a bit much. You weren’t there. You have no idea.

Sorry James but that is one long face, course this comes from someone with an exceptionally large head. I’m a girl and wear a size 7 5/8 hat.

K&L'smommy on

Actually rachel it’s very common for children to walk at or before 10 months. My oldest walked at 8 1/2 months and my youngest didn’t walk until 11 months. It just depends on the child. Most developmental guidelines will say that babies typically walk between 9-15 months.

Sara, the talking also depends on the child. While most sounds at 10 months are just mimicking, it’s not uncommon for some children to know what mama, dada, baba, etc. are and to be able to associate those words with what they do mean. My oldest talked early and could speak in short sentences by the time he was one, my youngest is still just working on basic words and she’s almost 18 months (I suspect her speech took a bit longer due to some major ear troubles between 3-10 months of age). Both of them were/are in the normal age range for word development and speech though.

sar on

Rachel- What do you mean I’m lying??? My oldest walked at 10 months, my Second walked at 8.5 months and my youngest walked at 9 months. It’s not some BIZARRE thing. Clearly you are taking this all a little too seriously.

sar on

Also i’m not the Crazy SAR that post’s on here from time to time, i’m just sar short for Sarah. I didn’t think Rachel would take my post to heart geeze…. Sorry if my meant to be funny post sounded “braggy” 🙂

Holiday on

10 months is on the early side but quite common. Both my kids took steps at 10 months and full on walked at 11.5 months.

ej on

My oldest child walked at 9 months. The other two walked at 10 and 11 months. While it is early, it’s not freakishly early. Children all develop at different paces. I know some people whose babies walked much later.

kimmie on

Ok, Laura, 9 months without problems? I have a heard time believing it. I would imagine some kind of wobbliness and testing “the waters” but i havent seen a child 9 months old that already walks without problems.

And Sarah, I actually thought they photoshopped the picture to make her look thinner and it would make his head so long. I googled him after too, and it looks like he really looks like that

Samantha on

Nasty comments. I think they are a gorgeous couple! I’ve always thought James was a good looking man regardless how big his face/forehead is. And who are any of you to say that their daughter hasn’t walked any or hasn’t said mama or daddy ? everyone is different and also what is wrong with the baby watching a children’s program? Dam people are too judge mental. Sheesh

Mikaylah on

I walked at around 9 months, which I always thought was average, but every child reaches those milestones differently. As far as Nick Jr. is concerned, my nephew has been watching it since he was about that age and I think it really helped his development.

Hahahaha on

I think the only thing funnier than your petty back and forth comments , is the fact that I wasted 5 minutes of my life reading them! These websites really should turn off the comments on some of these articles. People will comment on ANYTHING! (just look at MY lame comment!)

AC on

My child started talking at around six months and is now reading at two! It’s not that unusual, especially for a girl to chat early, with repetitive words such as mama, dada.

Shannon on

Most children associate words for things starting at 6 months. Babies who are taught sign language start signing for thing at about 8 months…that’s what I’ve experienced from my 3 children any way. They’re a gorgeous couple!

Jade on

I can only imagine how excited they were! I want my daughter to hurry up and walk. Well, maybe she can learn to crawl first!!

CatCat on

I’m having quite a giggle at all of the early walking comments on this post… My son didn’t walk until he was 22 months old – we were so worried at the time that there may have been something wrong with him. He’s now 8 years old and we’ve learned that he just does things on his own time schedule – not anyone elses!

I’ve never heard of a 10 month old walking – so I was a bit sceptical on this article – but am glad everyone shared their early walking stories – guess it’s not so uncommon after all!

Jen on

My son was walking at 10 months too and two weeks later he was running full-force. =) It was fun to see, but I didn’t get to sit down for another year chasing him everywhere. We wondered, “why do we want him mobile again?” 😉

All kids hit milestones at different times. No big deal. Boys tend to walk and do the physical stuff earlier while girls tend to talk earlier and potty train easier. It all evens out as they get older so there’s really no need to worry about any of it (or argue about it). All kids are a little different.

beverly on

Be careful all you moms who want their kids to be first to walk—their little bones are not quite ready that early and you’ll end up with children who are bow-legged! Let them progress at their own pace.

Allie on

I know a lot of kids who started to walk at 9 months, and were walking quite well at that age! It honestly just depends on the child. My son started to walk on his first birthday and my daughter was closer to 15 months.

angela on

well my baby is the best. she is 2 years old, she was walking and talking at 4 months. reading and potty trained at 7 months, and now she has a 3 masters in chemistry and speaks french, spanish, italian and mandarin. i bet nobody else’s kids are smarter than mine!

KPro on

Ha! My daughter just turned 10 months and also just started walking. Her dad also walked at 10 months and her aunt and uncle both walked at 9 months. It could be hereditary. All of them have perfectly normal legs, of course.

Jennifer on

@beverly – are you serious or just delusional?? You think I wanted my 9 month old to walk?? They are way easier before they are mobile. Would you have suggested I tie her to a chair to keep her from walking??

Kris on

Meow. Enough with the competitive parenting comments.

Adrienne on

Both of my children were walking and talking at 10 months. Walking before but that’s when the communication really got fun.

Maryanne on

Well I have a big forehead and my kids walked at 10, 9.5 and 9 months so maybe it is because of my big forehead.

m on

I’m not being “competitive” here, who cares when your child walks! I just can’t believe the people calling others liars regarding the walking. My girls both took first steps at ten months, and my boy wasn’t even eight months (stood unassisted at 6 months). By eight and half/nine months he was running full steam around the house. He was big and we did get quite a few shocked reactions when people inquired as to his age, but I think he was just too impatient to wait for me to carry him everywhere he wanted to go.

However, my best friends children walk around 14-15 months. On the other hand, my girls barely talked before two and hers were speaking words around a year! Every child is different, no need to freak out because a child develops earlier than yours in some area or another–they all end up in the same place!

Dani on

LOL@ Angela!!! I loved your post! This is all absurd isn’t it? I guess MY children are dysfunctional, all of them walked at between 14-18 months! If I was an easily freaked out person these posts would have me screaming for my children’s pediatrician!!! LOL!

I, on the other hand, walked shortly after I turned 10 months old and their Dad started at 18 months, so maybe it does have something to do with genetics or maybe not. BUT I do know that some of the women on this board need to get a grip. It’s REALLY not that serious….

elizabeth on

babies can walk and talk at a very young age. my daughter was 8 months when she was talking and 9 when she started walking. goes to show not all babies are alike and they don’t have to have milestone at a certian age and there is nothing wrong with that!

Sara on

I sat at 7mo, crawled at 9mo, walked at 11mo. My daughter on the hand, sat at nearly 9mo, crawled at 11mo and walked at 13.5 mo. Is it seriously a competition? Because then parents who were more advanced than their children should pat themselves on their backs…

Anonymous on

Congrat’s to James and his wife on their baby! I met and spoke to Michelle Williams (one of his co-stars on Dawsons) and she was very nice..I bet they are friends.

Amy on

First of all, beautiful couple. It’s easy to sit at a computer without makeup, where nobody can see what you look like and comment on how terrible someone else looks. It’s obvious they are both attractive people.

Secondly, it’s fun to read when babies started walking- minus all of the terribly rude comments and accusations. Babies all do things at different times. To the best of my knowledge, this is bit on the earlier side of a really large range.

Anya on

My son took his first steps at 10 months but didn’t walk really well until closer to 11 months.

As for talking I absolutely believe she is talking! At 10 months my son had 15 words, it really all depends on the child and environment!

angela on

@ Dani, IKR these people are a little ridiculous!

Amanda on

Sounds like a round of anything you can do I can do better on here! Or in this case, anything your kid can do………

M! on

According to my mother and aunts…and well everyone…My brother walked at 9 months. He was a big boy. Weighed over 11 lbs at birth. His first birthday picture there’s a photo of him next to my cousin who was two years older than him they were pretty much the same size. He skipped crawling altogether.

soph on

Maryanne: lol!

Tom on

Wasn’t he in a Kesha video with Unicorns lately? Just saying

Cheryln on

Congrats to James & Kimberly! He’s still adorable, like he was on Dawson’s Creek, and she is beautiful! Love the red hair 🙂

meghan on

@Yeah, James works pretty steadily, lots of guest starring stuff. Just because its not high-profile like Dawson’s doesn’t make him unemployed. As far as his personal life goes, you don’t know how long he was separated before his divorce was finalized. My brother has been separated for two years and he still isn’t officially divorced. If he met a keeper tomorrow, no one in his life would accuse him of cheating or moving on too fast, including his ex-wife. Life goes on. There is rarely ever a clean break in relationships. He’s hardly Dean McDermott.

Melanie on

Yeah, he starred on Mercy last season. He’s certainly not off the radar as you imply.

Holiday on

CatCat you are kidding about your son walking at 22 months right? Did you mean 12 months? I think you must have done a typo because I have never heard of a kid not walking until right before his 2nd birthday.

AC on

It is a shame that @angela doesn’t actually understand through reading others’ comments, that readers are demonstrating differentiation in child gross motor development. It is not a competition as to who walked/talked first. All children are different and achieve these milestones at their own rate. For a parent to write their child(ren)’s achievement of walking etc, doesn’t mean that they are big-noting, merely stating the occurrence, which may (or may not) be of benefit to someone who may have had concerns about where their child fits in the walking/talking spectrum.

My child talked early, walked late – big deal! It doesn’t mean that she is a genius or have a gross motor deficit. It just means that she achieved her milestones differently to the next person!

JLL on

My babies were walking by 8 1/2 and 9 months. They know when it is time, and they go for it. Mine are just inquisitive and busy and you just let them do their thing. Early walking for many babies is really not that uncommon. My nephew was 7 months and walking.

Carrie on

AC- that’s how I took it too, these parents were just sharing their experiences, nothing competitive about that. Some of the comments were rude, but overwhelmingly just being examples of how different kids develop.

My godchild was sitting at 6 months, didn’t roll over until 9 started crawling at 11 months and by 12 months was walking. He was a late bloomer, also a little chunky which made it more difficult for him. My niece on the other hand was crawling by 6 months and walking by 9 months. And my friend’s baby never really crawled, she scooted around on her bottom, and didn’t walk until she was 17 months. All are normal. Kids do things at different times.

Indira on

yeah he was in Ke$ha’s video for “blow”. It was a very funny video.

holly on

I’m just wondering if Kimberly is wearing another shirt under that top. I can’t tell from my computer, but it looks like if she lifted her arm up you would be able to see everything. Those arm holes look huge.

Eonyk on

@Yeah has a point, even if a little harsh expressing it. JVDB is still working steadily (though maybe not in high-profile stuff), and I know he has a new sitcom ‘Apartment 23’ that’s been picked up. So no, he hasn’t disappeared completely. That said, it’s hard to believe People would be the ones ringing him. It’s obvious he (or his “people”) is deliberately seeking to promote his personal life in this way. It doesn’t make him evil, but perhaps a little desperate for attention. His work is not getting him enough interviews or exposure, so he turns to promoting his personal life at every chance he can. Like I said, “desperate” is the word that comes to mind.

Kelly on

@ Sara My daughter was actually talking at 9 months. Cow was her first “real” word, besides the usual mama, dada, etc. And my son was walking at 10 months. We were kinda hoping for 2 more months of a little more stability from him since he was everywhere! lol

Melissa on

My daughter started walking around 9 months. She would walk (holding on) from the couch to table, table to entertainment center etc. If she got to a spot and didn’t have anything to hold, she would scoot along the floor (she never crawled.) On her first birthday, with plates in her hand, she ran across the living room, mama, mama, mama and hasn’t stopped. She is now 21 months and climbs like a monkey. She started saying dada, mama and hi at a very early age, around 7 months. Now, she talks non-stop, not that I always understand what she’s saying. She’s now starting to put sentences together. She’ll say “see you later” or “it’s all gone.” My neice was talking in full sentences by a year old. My sister was reading by two & potty trained by a year.

All kids are different, and they will get there in their own time!

Aaron on

Man, why don’t some of you just bring out the cat claws already?? Geesh! And it’s not that unusual for a child to walk before a year old. There is no magic number when it comes to developmental milestones. My oldest son walked at 8 months…yes, walked. No steps, no nothing…it was literally like someone flipped on a switch and he just took off. My youngest son, however, was a little more careful and cautious. He started to take a few steps about a month before he actually walked, which was at 11 1/2 months. Every child is different, just like every adult is different. No big deal.

k on

Oh wow this is funny. Some people… Your a gorgeous couple!

Becky on

I love James Vander Beek and think his wife is very pretty..As for baby’s walking, my grandson was started walking exactly on his 10th month..His twin sister on the other hand didn’t walk until she was 17 months old..Does it really matter when they start walking? Kids usually walk when they are ready..I have a neice that walked at 9 months..That is about the youngest in my huge family..As for talking, don’t most kids start saying something that sounds like Mama, Dada around 7-8 months?

tnbc on

Who f’ing cares…. this is in a magazine, really??

Hmm on

My son was pulling up and traveling along furniture at 6 months, and he was walking on his own right after 8 mos and running by 9 mos!

My family is just full of early walkers. It’s totally normal to walk early, but it’s also early to begin walking at 14 mos.

My son never crawled, so he had to get around some how!

heather on

who cares when your kids started walking. that goes for everyone including dawson!

Jillian on

Holiday, some kids don’t walk until they are closer to 2. Quite often it is due to a problem, but not always. Just like some children don’t speak a lot until after 3. Many parents get concerned and often, there is nothing to be worried about. My niece barely spoke until her third birthday. After a million tests, therapy, etc……she spoke on her own and has no problems. Similar to what CatCat said children have a mind of their own!

Keli on

Back when my oldest was around one we went to his cousins first bday party and there was a little boy and I mean little boy running around. He was doing the hands in the air wobbling walk but was pretty darn good at it. I asked his mom how old he was and she said he just turned 7 months. He stared walking three days before he turned 7 months. I honestly wouldnt have believed it if I didnt see it for myself.

My oldest started walking at like 13 months. He took some steps here and there but didnt full on trying until then. My 2nd was about 10-11 months. But what I always thought was weird is that both my boys crawled and were very mobile that way real early but they couldnt sit up good on their own until they were like 8-9 months old. they also have real big heads and that might have messed up balance or something