Spotted: Gwen Stefani and Zuma Get Juiced

08/05/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

Juice box in hand — and Mom’s hair!

Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale, 3 this month, kicks back with Gwen Stefani during a park playdate Wednesday in Los Angeles.

This fall, the No Doubt frontwoman, 41, is bringing her sense of style to Target with a children’s line called Harajuku Mini

“Harajuku Mini is a dream come true,” Stefani says.

“I’ve always wanted to do a cool children’s fashion line inspired by the supercute and playful kid’s clothing you find in Japan.”

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Robin on

Zuma is adorable but in this picture he looks like a girl.

ClaireSamsmom on

Zuma looks like a little girl here!

Brooke on

Cue the “ZOMG!! He haz a PONYTAIL! comments…..

Shannon on

Mama’s boy! 🙂

WD on

Zuma is a doll.

Jen DC on

I loved it when the kid I nannied sat on my lap and played with my ear or hair… It was just so comforting for the both of us, quietly together like this pic. I love it – they are adorable, girlish ponytails and all.

kimmie on

She’s very pretty, but why doesnt she dress her in more girlie clothes? She looks like a little boy here

ari on

It is a boy!!! She really needs to have a daughter!!

bex on

You guys are so boring and old fashioned! He looks like a little beach boy for sure! Come to Australia, so many boys are rocking the long hair here and it looks great!

shannyn on

So agree with Bex!

He’s such a cutie!

Allison on

I can’t stand how she makes her boys always look so freaky.

Ashley on

Love this pics!! All my kids would/will(my 2 year old still does) rub my ear for comfort!

Amanda on

My little ones always liked to rub my ear or my hair too when they are on my lap. Sweet babies at this age!!! ❤

J on

So what if he has a ponytail Brook. I think the others meant his face was the reason he looked like a girl to them, not the ponytail.

Beeno on

Do Kingston and Zuma go to pre-school? Just wondering.

Indira on

He looks like Zuma here.

Jillian on

Beyond adorable! I love how he loves his mom and ponytails on boys are adorable.

Kimmie, she looks like a boy, because she is a boy.

Mia on

He looks just like his mama!

Amber on

I thought his hair would get darker with age but it seems he will be tow-headed forever. Love it! He looks like his Uncle Eric, Gwen’s bro.

AllisonJ on

Cute pic of Zuma – he looks a lot like Gwen in this photo.

anon1 on

His hair could still change, i was blonde until i was 7 or 8 and then it began to turn brown. I now have dark brown hair, and some people are surprised to hear that i was once blonde.

Rebecca on

Indira, he is Zuma! I think what you meant to say is he looks like Kingston (or at least I hope that is what you meant to say!).

I’m not sure why people have to make such a big deal about how other people dress/do up their children. It is THEIR child after all!

I think Zuma is a doll and appears very content and happy – no matter what any of you say about him (and I’m sure neither he nor Gwen are terribly worried about what any of you say in the least!!!).

kachacha on

Ooh, I am very interested in seeing the clothes! Too bad there is no Target in Canada!

MommytoanE on

You people are horrible. Picking on a TWO YEAR OLD CHILD for his hair. No one seemed to give a flying whoot when Celine Dion let her son grow his hair to his waist. But we can pick on a TWO year old? For gracious sake ladies. Take a walk…and stop picking on children.

Zuma looks absolutely adorable. Love the cute momma/son pic.

Kitty on

@kimmie Lol !!! Your comment cracked me up !

Camille on

Awwww… what a pretty girl. Good grief, cut that poor kid’s hair!

kimmie on

OMG It is a boy ! I dont really know Gwen well and i always thought she has one boy adn one girl until I read your comments and re-read the article. Oops… well at least I made someone laugh. Hope Gwen doesnt read this.

Mermaid on

I think mommy bleaches his hair. She highlights Kingston’s hair, and gets his nails done, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

andrea on

i doubt she beaches his hair my brothers both have hair like that and my nephew chase does as well

Alisa on

For thousands of years, little boys have had longer hair. That doesn’t mean their parents were trying to turn them into girls, “needed a daughter,” etc. People get so up in arms if they see a little boy that doesn’t have a super short, buzz cut. It’s silly.

Mel on

“Ooh, I am very interested in seeing the clothes! Too bad there is no Target in Canada!” – kachacha on August 5th, 2011

@kachacha actually Taget bought over within a few years Targer will be popping up here too!

I agree – some of you ladies are bust plain old boring. He’s a kid, let them have fun dressing him while they can. Soon they’ll get their own little style/senses and be out the door.

Allison on

I think she does bleach his hair, considering it is the same exact bleached out crispy hair that she has. She bleaches the older ones hair too.

Lucy on

@Allison…I know she does color their hair sometimes but Zuma’s hair is lighter than Kingston’s naturally and if he goes to the pool or beach every day I can see it getting this way naturally. I know my son’s does and mine used to at that age as well…(wish it did now it would save me a LOT of money lol 😉

zappo on

It’s summer, so why would you ask if they go to preschool? It’s irrelevant to this picture. School starts in Sept. He looks like a little boy to me. Not sure what some are fussing about.

Ashley on

Awwww, such a cute little girl ;—)

JLL on

That kid is soooo not cute!!!

dhendricks on

Cute little girl, cute outfit, cute necklace… but I see a gender identity crisis in the making.

Jamie on

I really like that Kingston looks so much like Gavin and Zuma looks so much like Gwen. They each of their own mini-me.

Dina on

speaking about a country with bisexuals everywhere, this is how they parents rise them… ohh come on !! this is a free country, no laws allowed… sick

lilly on

anyone who thinks she doesnt bleach his hair then your wrong, just shows u proof here, that kingstons hair is bleached, look how dark it is.

its crazy that someone would actually bleach a small kids hair, seems like shes always lookin for attention of some sort. makes me sick that this is done to kingston, whats next for this kid i wonder.

MiB on

It’s obvious that there are many of you that have never seen a proper towhead before, they go even blonder in summer, many almost get white hair. Zuma has been very fair since birth, and probably will stay very fair at least for a couple of more years.

FAB on

LILLY…GTF Outta here wit your stupid post….. that child hair is NOT bleached,,, Obviously you are not a hair stylist and dont know what BLEACHED hair looks like…. DAMN some of ya’ll on these post are some stoooooooopid degrading heffas!!!!…. tHAT CHILD LOOKS LIKE A BOY… And for the kimmie who said she didnt know who Gwen was…. REALLY…STFU and go seek attention somewhere else…. SMH at you people….