Jessica Alba: Quality Over Quantity for My Future Films

08/02/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
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Now more than ever, life is imitating art for Jessica Alba.

Already mom to 3-year-old daughter Honor Marie, the actress — who is expecting her second child with husband Cash Warren next month — admits her latest role in Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World wasn’t a stretch in the least.

“I don’t know if I would have even done this movie if I weren’t a parent,” Alba, 30, told reporters during a Saturday press event for the film. “So I actually brought my real-life experience to work, for sure.”

However, while she finds herself widening her horizons on the big screen, Alba is more focused on finding the right project to suits her — and her growing family.

“It’s more about the time commitment and also the people I’m working with than anything,” she says. “Before it was more, ‘What’s the distribution, what’s it going to do for my career, how big is the paycheck?’ And now it’s like, ‘Am I going to grow as an actor and is this going to be a challenge? … Is it going to be six months out of the year or is it going to be two weeks?'”

And for her next big project, Alba already has her sights set on a return to a fast-moving project similar to Dark Angel.

“I’d like to do an action movie. It would be really fun to get back in that game,” she reveals, adding first she would need to shed her pregnancy pounds. “I would obviously have to train for whatever it is. After [the baby is born], I do have a workout routine to lose baby weight.”

Fortunately, her pregnancy cravings are in check, with Alba’s main request being fresh fruit.

“I’ve really craved watermelon,” she shares. “I think it’s because it’s summer — because it’s hot.”

Happy to talk about her upcoming arrival, the mother-of-two isn’t so forthcoming when it comes to her thoughts on expanding her brood even further.

“I’m at the end of a pregnancy!” she says with a laugh. “It’s sort of a cruel question to ask. ‘You’ve been pregnant for almost a year now. Want to have more?’ It’s like, ‘Ugh, I can’t really imagine that right now.'”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Gabrielle Olya

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weu on

great that she is thinking this ten years into her career considering she has never made a quality film

Karen on

She is so adorable in that picture.

Nella on

I also hope she starts acting in better movies, I just feel like she should expand her acting skills. None of her movies have been that great in my opinion and I feel like she is famous primarily for her looks so it would be nice if her talent was shown. She does look beautiful and I wish her much luck with the new arrival in the family.

Cape Town Mum on

I think she looks absolutely gorgeous in that pick. Gorgeous hair and skin 🙂

Emma’s Mommy on

What good quality movie has she ever made ?

Jean on

Yeah what good movies has she even been in? And you’re telling me “Spy Kids 4” is a quality film that will help her grow as an actor? Ok. I’ll look for her among the Oscar noms for that one.

Jessica lee on

Hahaha, quality, hahaha. The only quality about her is her beauty and amazing body. Other than that, her movies are horrible.

andrea on

awww you guys don’t think the love guru and idle hands were oscar worthy lol, she does look beautiful though

kendrajoi on

I’m with everyone on this. She’s not too good at picking movie parts. I do wish her the best though- Honor is so adorable!

Syd on

Dark Angel was quality. The first season was amazing, and so was she. She just needs to find that right story and script.

Kimmba on

Quality or not, she is a household name. Everyone knows who she is. So what if she starts making “better” movies ten years into her career? It’s happened to other stars =P

biddie on

what “good” quality film has she ever been a part of? at least she tries hard….

biddie on

and she doesnt seem very smart

Kristin on

Maybe I am in the minority here but I loved Valentines Day and Fantastic Four and she was in both of those movies. Anyway, hope the rest of her pregnancy and delivery go well. I wish her all the best.

SarahM on

Syd, I totally agree with you about Dark Angel. That show had so much potential.

Jillian on

Kristin, I agree! I also liked her in Little Fockers.

zappo on

she looks really pretty in this dress! She is a little droopy, though and may want to consider a bra with better support for future strapless or halter dresses. I noticed she’s not really keen on bras, ha ha.

Anonymous on

so, what has she been doing all this time? I can’t think of one movie that I actually wanted to see.

Anonymous on

She is a horrible actress who has no business being in any movie. She may be a nice person and a great Mom, but she simpy cannot act. I had to turn off Little Fockers after 10 minutes of watching her on screen. Instead of focusing on quality movies, she need to invest in acting lessons or hang it up.

Manal from Jordan! on

I love “Awake” for her! her acting in it was great! I also enjoyed watching the “The Eye”. Cant wait to her the name of her new daughter!

Jillian on

Manal, agree with you! She is great! She must be bc he keeps getting roles!

realist on

Jessica is a little self delusional. I remember reading an interview with her in gQ magazine and she was talking about how she told producers of her latest movies that she had the star power “to put asses in the seats”. The movie tanked. She also doesn’t seem to notice that she’s half naked in most of them, but doesn’t think it has anything to do with her success and hates her sex symbol image.