Spotted: Adriana Lima and Valentina Go for a Swim

08/02/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

Welcome to Miami!

Adriana Lima and daughter Valentina wave to husband Marko Jarić, who was waiting onshore, as they take a dip Sunday in Florida.

The 20-month-old is the only child for the Victoria’s Secret Angel, 30, and her basketball player husband, 32.

“I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to lose the baby weight,” Lima, has said.

“To find time to go to the gym with sleepless nights is not easy — trust me. Every time Valentina would take a nap, I would go to the gym. So 50 pounds later, I’m here!”

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Nancy on

Good for you Adriana. It just shows that with hard work, it is possible to lose weight!!

Susannah on

oh, to be a celeb. her main concern was getting off the lbs. in fast, record time. her job is her money. put a shirt & hat on that baby.

M on

50 lbs? Really? Its not healthy to gain more than 25-30 lbs when you are pregnant, and those additional pounds are NOT made of fat. They are made of the baby, the placenta, the fluids your body is retaining, and breastmilk. More than half of that weight is lost immediately upon giving birth. The other half usually takes about a month to come off while your body is adjusting its hormone levels, and it is just water (not fat) that should come off effortlessly.

If a woman is thin prior to getting pregnant, she should be thin after. I expected better from a supermodel.

Now before anyone gets offended and starts insulting me let me just say that I am solely stating facts. I don’t care if you gained 50 or 100 lbs during your pregnancy, the truth is that 25-30 lbs is the standard by which all doctors and OB/GYNs live by.

Being pregnant does NOT mean “eating for two”. You actually do not have to add any calories to your diet until the second trimester, and when you do, you only have to add 200-300 calories. If you were exercising before pregnancy, you should continue to same exercise regimen for as long as physically possible throughout your pregnancy.

Just because America has a high obesity rate, and gaining an excessive amount of weight during pregnancy is the “norm”, does not mean it is healthy or recommended by ANY doctors.

Stella Bella on

What a cute photo!

Indira on

“I expected better from a supermodel.”


Are you her doctor? Perhaps her doctor recommended she gain extra weight. Maybe she was put on bed-rest. Or it could be just wanted to indulge a little because for the first time in her adult life, she had 9 months where how she looked wasn’t her first priority. That’s okay too. Jeez.

I think Adriana is awesome and congrats to her for dropping the weight.

Lillian on

@M,if you don’t care that someone gained 50 or 100 lbs. during pregnancy, then why make a long post about people gaining so much weight while pregnant? Why are u so upset about it? really, get a life. Adriana was probably happy that her eating habits were less restricted while pregnant. Good to see she was dedicated to lose the weight. Valentina is a cutie pie.

Nan on

Where does she imply her main concern was getting the weight off in record time?! Her daughter is 20 months old! Of course she would want to get back to her original shape…..she’s a model for god’s sake and that’s how she earns money at her job! Not only that, she said it was NOT easy….did you read the article?

Ali on

OMG @ M’s comment. Psycho!!!

jessicad on

Her daughter looks so precious!

Lis on

M – are you a doctor? I mean really…WTH???

I gained 40 with my son and NEVER not EVER did my doctor express ANY kind of concern. I was pregnant, and when I was hungry, I was going to eat. End of story. Even if that meant I was over my additional 200-300 calories for the day. Geesh.

B on

M, it is none of your business to judge other mother on how much she gained or did not gain.

I know what it feels like to have heard those kinds of words early in my pregnancy from a girl wasn’t even a mother and let me tell you it stayed with me my entire pregnancy.

You are not her doctor. You did not sit in that room with her and go over medical issues with her. In other words,do us all a favor and shut your mouth. You create damaging effects by what you say. Let the medical professionals do what they are suppose to do.

At least she was able to get back to a weight that SHE felt was healthy.

Cat on

Wow M, where did you get your facts? Women who are underweight are actually supposed to gain around 28-40 pounds.

Susannah on

@ Nan-Do you think she was not going to try to get the weight off as soon as she could? Of course, her job is her big money. It didn’t say how long it took. Did YOU read the article???

joan on

m- during my first pregnancy, I gained over 40 lbs, because i was thin to begin with. The doctor told me to gain weight faster, because I only gained 15 pounds in 3-4 months. She prescribed milk shakes and ice cream. I know lots of people who gain over 40 pounds. it happens.

Nan on

If you read the previous article that this one refers to (in pink) it says she lost the weight within 6 months by working hard. Not exactly record time. And again…what is your point ? That she lost the weight b/c she wanted too!?? Oooh…she’s so crazy!!!!!

JLL on

It is just my opinion, but if you know you and your child are going to most likely be photographed, and pictures of you are going to be everywhere, at least put a swimsuit on them. I think it is cute seeing my baby run around at home in her diaper, but when we are out, I always make sure she is dressed. (Just my thoughts)

JLL on

I say get a swimsuit on that baby girl. I let my little girl run around in her diaper at home, but when we go out she is always dressed. If you know you and your kid are going to be photographed, then all the more reason to get clothes on them. ( just my thoughts, and opinion)

Jillian on

I live in CA and IL and it’s very common to see children of that age and younger topless at the beach. I m not saying all the kids, but every time we go, there are a few kids. A persons background has to do with it. When my Italian relatives came in when they were younger they were always topless for many years. It is very European.

The Keogh Family on

In Europe we don’t put tops on baby girls, I think that’s crazy. They have nothing to hide, nothing sexual nor taboo…why see something wrong and devious in a little girl’s body!?? That’s so American…Yes, in Italy (where I grew up) they sell some one piece suits and a some bikinis, but mostly just to be frilly …the most used swimwear for little girls (until they start growing boobs) is just bottoms and no one flinches.

You wouldn’t know it’s a girl unless you pulled her bottom down…if the sight of her chest bothers you so much, then just pretend it’s a boy and move right along, k?

JLL on

Jillian thanks for the reminder. But Keogh family Calm down. No need to get soo fired up, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I said what I said because unfortunately we live in a world with a lot of perverts these days, and you have to be careful. I do think the human body is beautiful, and nothing to be ashamed of, but while in the public eye I was taught that we cover up.(bikini, swimsuit) Obviously there are many different views on this. Where individuals are from definitely plays into it. As I stated before it was just my opinion.RELAX.