Alexis Knapp’s Baby Carries Ryan Phillippe’s Name

08/01/2011 at 06:00 PM ET
Pedro Andrade/Gaz Shirley/Pacific Coast News

It’s still a mystery whether or not Ryan Phillippe is the father of ex-girlfriend Alexis Knapp‘s newborn daughter. But if the last name listed on the birth certificate of the baby girl is any indication, it’s likely Phillippe is indeed the dad.

The child, born on July 1, is named Kailani Merizalde Phillippe Knapp. Given the same middle name as her mom, 21, half of the last name is shared with Reese Witherspoon‘s ex-husband, 36.

Although Phillippe is included as part of the last name, the section of the certificate that officially lists the baby’s father is left blank.

Phillippe has yet to comment on matters, but he was by Knapp’s side in the hospital for the delivery.

A source told PEOPLE in March, “Ryan is aware of the situation [and] totally prepared to take responsibility should the child be his.”

— Dahvi Shira


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AmandaC on

If he is the father it’s great he’s there to support his daughter.

Meka on

Sounds like he’s the baby daddy. Why be with her during the delivery or allow the child to carry your name if you are not the dad?

kimmie on

It doesnt have to be the last name but the third middle name. But yeah, agree, he is likely the father too, if his name appears there. What is the origin of the name Merizalde ?

Margaux on

do we need to speculate any further??? he’s the father, already.

Sloanesmomma on

The mom has the right to give her baby any last name. Period. Without proof.

Indira on

she’s prettier than that picture they posted.

I wonder what her new career is ($)__($)….No shame in her game XD

Tee on

Hmm, that’s pretty telling. I can’t imagine that he would both be there for the birth and that the baby would have his name unless he was the father. Don’t really guess it matters to me, though! If he is, it sounds like he’s stepping up and taking care of his daughter and that’s the only thing that really matters!

Amanda on

Well, a mom can name her baby whatever she wants, last name included so if she is insistent he’s the dad why wouldn’t she include his last name? I rhink he’s smart, he’s being there in case it is his child but he’s also still going for a DNA test which any man who isn’t sure should do.

Miss Ann on

I am asking a question. So please don’t bite my head off. Is there a cultural reason why the assumed fathers name is not the last, last name? Just wondering.

** And I know that a mom can name her baby what she wants, I am just asking is it culturally related.** Only answer if you know. Thanks !!

Indira on

No it’s not cultural. I think it is just practical. She’s the main caregiver.

mommytoane on

Well. Unlike most men he stepped up to the plate, without positive proof…if anything he’s got that on his side. DNA tests will tell all tho.

Its not unimaginable a woman convinces a man shes carrying his child. If shes unsure of who the father is, or the father is a deadbeat. I can see why she’d pick him. Who else than someone that can provide thousands in child support.

Dawn Miller on

Wow, mommytoane…I am sure glad I don’t know the men you are referring to. The vast majority of the men I associate with have or would step up to the plate WITHOUT positive proof. Come on, the ONLY positive proof IS a DNA test. If you think being married or in a serious relationship means positive proof, you’re living in the stone age.

Plus….I don’t think this scenerio is anything like what you’re describing as “picking” him as the father if she weren’t sure….Even an idiot would know that a DNA test would be done to establish paternity…it’s not like declaring to someone you’re the daddy is enough.

You should probably give your thoughts a night sleep, and if they still make sense in the morning, run them by a friend – then post.

CCT06 on

well actually, everything that mommytoane posted made sense to me. We don’t know if this girl sleeps around or not but if she does, why wouldn’t she say Ryan is her childs father?? She can be financially supported while she’s pregnant and then later on get the DNA test!

JenLaw on

When I was 21, a 36 year-old guy would have grossed me out. I would have thought he was an “old man”. After his money I’m thinking.

Meka on

Jen, that cracked me up!!