Lauryn Hill Hits the Stage – One Week After Baby!

08/01/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Tim Mosenfelder/Getty

Well, that was fast!

Just six days after welcoming her sixth child (a son!) on July 23, Lauryn Hill put her maternity leave on hold to perform at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for the L.A. Rising Festival this Saturday.

The singer flaunted her fab post-baby body in a white bra top, a flowing blue floral-print skirt and a matching A-line jacket.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Hill gave a solid performance.

“[Her] voice, though at times gruff, was filled with emotion; when she opened with a heavy version of ‘Killing Me Softly,’ the bottom end reverberated throughout the bowl.”

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Indira on

Lauryn Hill is a real beauty. One of these days she’ll come back with another album.!

opinions&thoughts on

Her kids are so cute.

Shannon on

She looks nice.

mommytoane on

I like how she’s rocking the post baby look. Congrats to her.

Angelina on

I think she looks like Oprah in this picture…and I love her post baby outfit! She looks beautiful.


Lauryn looks fabulous for not even one week postpartum!

Mira on

She is beautiful indeed. I want to know whether she really named her child Baby Boy Marley, when it looks like his father isn’t the Marley guy. That would be one of the most bizarre names ever.

Sarah K. on

Mira, “Baby Boy ________” is what is put on the birth certificate and used to identify the child in the hospital when a first name hasn’t been picked out yet. So, I highly doubt that his first name is actually “Baby Boy”

Tink on

Um why no screaming and raging and rude comments about her going back to work after less then 1 week?????????? I’m pretty sure Ivanka Trump waited a touch longer and she got ripped to shreds….hypocrites.

Fab on

LOL!!!!! Weren’t people on her a week ago bashing Ivanka Trump for going to the office and leaving her 8day old… Ya’ll are funny!!!!!She Does look great….**still feel (as I did with Ivanka) mommy needs time for her body to heal**

nettrice on

Perhaps it’s expected that black women are more able to go back to work 1 week after birthing a baby – lots of history behind that assumption!

Tee on

Tink and Fab… I read the Ivanka post and there’s one big difference between this article and that one. Ivanka Trump was complaining about missing her daughter after she went back to the office for a few hours. This woman isn’t.

Personally, I don’t agree with the decision that either of them made. But at least the woman in this article isn’t complaining about missing her child.

morgan on

why do we feel the need to comment on her body? Is the most important thing in life the way her post-baby body looks? That’s very sad.

christian on

From a glimpse I thought this was Oprah, haha!

Meela on

No one has mentioned that Ivanka’s family (husband and father) have very deep pockets and she could probably stay home until her baby goes to college and never miss a meal.

Lauryn has six mouths to feed and I’m sure she could use the $$$$$.
At least she’s earning her money and living off the system.

I’ve had a baby and you would not find me on any stage days after giving birth for LOVE or MONEY!

Plus it can’t be good for her health.

m on

She looks better than she’s looked in years. It’s not really about her being a week postpartum, she just looks great! Also who is to say that she didn’t have her new baby backstage? Lauryn almost always has her kids with her. Why is the assumption out there that she needs the money? She’s doing her job! She already cancelled the end of her tour to have her baby (a tour that while she was pregnant she had no problem being hrs late to stage and telling her fans to deal with it), she felt good enough to perform at this festival. More power to her! She’s fine, it’s not like she’s running a marathon or power lifiting, she’s standing on stage singing. For all you know that’s all she did all day.

Can't take my eyes on

She is so talented, one of the true talent left in the music business. Can’t wait for her next album,she never disappoints.

Jillian on

Tink and Fab, exactly! Double standards!

Nettrice, it has nothing to do with black versus white. You make everything on here about race.

Tee, the majority Of comments had nothing to do with that comment by Ivanka. People were commenting saying it was selfish, no one should leave a child unless of health reasons, a mother shouldn’t be without child for a long time.

Gosh the double standard is really sickening…

Hea on

She’s always been gorgeous. Is her latest baby also with Marley?

opinions&thoughts on

Lauryn does not look like Oprah.

Melissa on

Everyone freaked out when Kate Hudson was in her back yard at the beach for a few minutes with her son and Lauryn did a concert but thats ok i don’t get it.

Alecia on

Oh relax ppl. Lauryn was on stage for more than 25 minutes, if that, I hardly call that a full day away from your child.

Shannon on

The baby was probably backstage so technically she didn’t leave him. 😉

Alecia on

Ooops meant “no more than”

Leslee on

Great outfit, pregnant, not pregnant or just gave birth, the colors are gorgeous on her.

I think it’s great when women do what works for them and are not dictated only by “should” and “should not” rules. Stay home, go out, or a combo. As long as everyone is healthy and happy, it’s the right choice for them and certainly isn’t going to harm me.

Jillian on

I can’t believe the double standard and the hypocrites. It is really blowing me away. Kate Hudson was blasted for being on the beach with her older son for a few hours while her newborn was in the house with family, but Lauryn can perform and be praised. Then Ivanka goes in the office for a few hours and is blasted, but again Lauryn can be praised. What is bad for one is bad for the next.

Race, how many children a mother has, how much money they have, etc…..should make NO difference! If a statement is made that a mother should not leave a child for x amount of weeks, then nothing else matters. I personally, have no issue with Kate, Lauryn, or Ivanka leaving the house whenever they chose to because it is their life. Hypocrites are the people I have issues with. I think they are one of the worse type of people out there.

Sandra on

Why would a new mom WANT to leave her house just 6 days after giving birth, with or without the baby? Stay in bed and relax, a watermelon just came out of something the size of a lemon.

Toya L. on

She does look great. I personally have not said I find it wrong for Ivanka or any other celeb mother to go back to work soon or otherwise, so I’m not going to say it about her either.

Tee on

Jillian, that’s a good point! I guess I was just thinking about the comments I read and the one I made. I stand by what I said, though, because I’d be willing to bet the reason people made the comments against her for going back to work was because she was complaining about missing her daughter. Either way, like I said, I stand beside my comment. I don’t agree with either of them but it’s their life, not mine!

M, I don’t know anything about this woman. I hadn’t even heard of her until her pregnancy was announced on this site. Did she really do that at a concert? Run hours late and tell her fans to deal with it?

Jillian on

I agree with Jillian, Tee. Go back and look at the majority of the comments. I went back and looked. MOST of them had nothing to do with Ivanka’s comments but the fact that she shouldn’t have left her child so soon.

Indira on

She sang at a festival. It’s not like she’s Britney Spears shaking her bum on stage a week after birth. For all we know she did a 5 song set. That’s what? ten or twenty minutes on stage. Plus, she’s got six kids! She’s probably got used to being on the go right after the birth by kid # 3.

Maybe there isn’t a double standard. It could just be a different group of posters commenting.

Anonymouse on

i wouldn’t want to walk after giving birth. props to anyone who can get out of bed.

Jillian on

I see some of the same posters…..

So, because she has six children that makes it okay to be gone a week after birth but for someone who has their second child and wants to spend time with their first for an hour……that is not okay.

m on

Tee- Yes! Many of her shows she was hours late, but her fans stuck around and were happy to be there because (at the time) she hadn’t been doing many shows because she has been being a mom. It turns out she was early in pregnancy when those shows were happening. (She didn’t announce her pregnancy until a few weeks before she gave birth)

Jillian- It has nothing to do with how many kids she’s had. She was standing on stage for a couple of songs. She doesn’t even dance. It’s not that serious. Had she skipped it, people would be all up her butt about that.

Sandra- A baby is NOT the size of a watermelon at birth. And her body is made to birth babies. She didn’t have surgery or some medical emergency, she had a baby. A baby that was probably backstage waiting for her when she got done.

Indira on

Jillian go back and re-read.

She wasn’t gone a week after birth, some of her kids were at the show with her. And i thought it was pretty clear Jillian,that the more children you have the more you have to juggle and you’re on the go because mom has more than one kid to take care of.

lakisha on

she looks great and iam happy to hear from her again.

lakisha on