Jason Momoa: No Conan the Barbarian for My Kids

08/01/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Alexandra Wyman/WireImage

Jason Momoa‘s son Nakoa-Wolf is only 2½, but the toddler is already taking after his action star dad.

“My son loves swords and shields and dragons,” the Conan the Barbarian star told reporters at a press event for the film at San Diego Comic-Con. “So he loves the Conan stuff … he just grabs sticks and [makes swords].”

Nakoa-Wolf is Momoa’s second child with actress Lisa Bonet. Their daughter, Lola Iolani, turned 4 last month.

“They love the action figures,” Momoa, who is also on HBO’s Game of Thrones, says of his kids.

Unfortunately for the duo, the plastic dolls may be as close as they get to experiencing Dad’s version of Conan for quite some time.

While Momoa allowed his children to view the trailer for his upcoming film – “not the [restricted] one,” he clarifies – the actor is adamant his offspring keep away from the full product.

“They’ll never see it till they’re 19,” he says. “They don’t need to see those parts of Daddy!”

The Momoa kids will have to settle for their memories of helping their dad get into character.

“My image of him was this lion or this panther,” Momoa says of playing Conan. “He was just this big cat, so I’d go to the zoo with my kids and I’d just watch and study lions.”

— Jessica Wedemeyer

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Indira on

Ugh he’s soooooo dreamy ❤ lol. I love him in game of thrones but, why do they keep saying he "stars" in game of thrones. Is he returning for season 2???? That would make my day!

Amy on

That is one beautiful man.

Angelina on

*SIGH* I second that with a WOW is he one dreamy beautiful man!

molly.one on

His wife, Lisa Bonet-Is that the woman from Cosby Show or another? i know she changed her name….he is WOWZERS!

cn tower on

He’s hot…

Katie on

Wait, he’s married to Lisa Bonnet? HOT DAMN!

monica on

he is so hot it’s scary!

KT on

Agreed, he’s sooooo handsome! They’re a really cute couple 🙂

Gigi on


Patti on

Yes,,,…He is beautiful:) haha.. I can only imagine how adorable the children are! Lucky Lisa!!!

Cara on

He is not starring in season two of Game Of Thrones. His character’s story is unfortunately over. 😦

Clara on

Lisa can sure pick them. First Lenny Kravitz and now Jason. Lucky.

Aerynne on

He was hot, hot, hot in Stargate Atlantis, too. And he likes older women! /swoon

Julie on

He is georgeous and she is beautiful. I love the fact that she is 10 years older than he is. Go Cougars!!!!!!!!!!

Julie on

They are both beautiful people. And she is 10 years older than he is. Is that cool or what?

Rene' on

I fell in love with Jason on Stargate Atlantis. He is absolutely gorgeous! I am not usually into movies like Conan, but if it is a chance to see Jason in action, I am totally there.

bevvie on

Loved him on Stargate Atlantis. He is a very handsome man!

Kristin on

Yes molly.one, Lisa was on the Cosby show. Although, I think he is one hot guy, I just cannot take him seriously. I am not usally one to say anything about parents’ names for their children, in this case I am. Nakoa-Wolf has like numerous middle names that are impossible to pronounce. Although, it is the parent’s right to name their children whatever they want, I just cannot take this couple seriously. That was just mean.

marina on

I’m not seeing the hotness everyone see on him, but he does sound as a good dad.

Lilianne on

Umm..Marina, google some images from him in Stargate Atlantis as Ronon Dex. He is gorgeous in any picture but there are definitely better ones of him than the one in this article. He is very sexy…in my humble opinion. 🙂

Anonymous on

Lisa Bonet?? isn’t she like 50?

Anonymous on

Re Kristin

The kids names are traditional Hawaiian names I think. He’s half Hawaiian.

Jemma on

Be still my beating heart. He’s so dreamy and looks like a man not some emaciated little boy like some of these other guys.

Lisa on

and no i’m not Lisa Bonet – lucky girl – like the earlier poster – first Lenny and now Jason – I love my husband but one of my “freebies” is Lenny – Kristen – please remember that decades/centuries ago your name was “impossible to pronounce”. The children are not going to be known by “their numerous middle names”. They seem like quite good parents — at least they didn’t name their children “Pilot Inspecter” or whatever Nicholas Cage named his kid…

Anonymous on

Nakoa means warriors in hawaiian. Iolani was the name of a hawaiian cheifess

Cindy on

He is soooooooo HOT!!!!!! Damn I wouldn’t kick him out of bed!!! That lucky Lisa Bonet!!

Anonymous on

@kristin… he is of native hawaiian ancestry. i believe both the childrens’ names are hawaiian.

marina on

Lilianne – I did, and I still don’t see it. There is nothing wrong about me not find him atractive (I don’t think he is ugly either), and there is nothing wrong with you guys find him hot. It just an opinion.

Faye on

Kristin, what’s mean about naming your child Nakoa. Tt is so easy to say but I guess since you’re not Hawaiian, it will be a problem for you but not us here on the islands. Stop saying we should name our kids Jane, john and sybil….we are island people and I’m sure Nakoa is just as beautiful as his dad and their names belongs to them not to you…..You should let your children take some foreign languages in that way, they can learn that English names are not the only ones rocking the world. You guys have problems pronouncing Nakoa, then that is your problem not his….We are so far into the 21st century, we should be able to adapt to the changes please…..

Kristi on

Wow, little did I know another guy from my hometown of Norwalk, IA is making another remake of an old movie.. Norwalk now has Superman and Conan.. Go figure.

Faye on

Come on peole, get oer yourselves. We are not in the 50’s and the 40’s where people were so prejudiced against anything foreign including the name Nakoa. It’s all Hawaiin and thankful this guys has the guts to give his son his native names instead of John, Jim and Fred…boring and so common…..

FAN on

LOVE HIM in game of thrones.

Sybil on

He’s fine like Gabriel Aubrey……it’s almost too good to be true. So delish!

DawnC on

Jason Momoa was simply amazing in Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo! He also seems like such a likeable, friendly, fun loving guy, and great father…not to mention he is the most beautiful human on the planet! I never thought I would hear the words “I can’t wait until Conan the Barbarian” come out of my mouth!! I will be first in line on August 19. He should DEFINITELY be on the cover of the next People’s Sexiest Man Alive! Here’s my nomination!

Indira on

I just returned back to drooooooooooool. I need to take a trip to Hawaii!!! jajaja

Tia on

Pilot Inspector is the name of Jason Lee’s son.

Sandra on

That is a tall, tanned drink of hotness! He is right up there with Dewayne Johnson.

Mariposa on

@ Kristin, I have a traditional first name (as I am from Africa originally) as well as one Christian middle name and a number of traditonal middle names. Each parent, depending on the culture, chooses the name they want. I think it’s a little narrow minded to say you can’t take this couple serious because they didn’t give their children a name you can pronouce. Unfortunately, it because of people like you that I had to shorten my first name because people just glance at it and don’t even attempt to pronounce it. Instead they just go “okay, wow I don’t even know how to pronounce this name.” It’s really unfortunate.
That being said, I love Hawaiian names because they have such beautiful meanings and they sound pretty cool.

Maura on

let’s not forget, 20 years ago no one knew how to pronounce *another* Hawaiian name and we all know how now: KEANU

also, a lot of people have trouble with my name, but it’s a traditional Irish name and I’m happy to help people pronounce it correctly. heck, there’s even a character on tv now with my name.

maybe in another 20 years there will be a character on tv named Nakoa and then no one will have to worry about mispronouncing it (though I think that one looks pretty straightforward, maybe it’s just me?).

Toya L. on

Ooooh weeee….. God he is so freakin hot! Why must thou tempth me. (LLL) Lol

Hoopla on

I personally don’t find him attractive (I Googled some pictures and he looks really good with short hair, but I don’t like it long), but I can definitely see why most of you do. Anyway, he seems like a loving father. 🙂

guest on

He died in the first season of game of thrones. I don’t think hes coming back to life.

Gabor on

I used to get up an hour earlier every weekend JUST to watch Baywatch Hawaii back then. I became such a fan of him that I collected every picture I could get hold of with my 28K Modem and Windows 95 computer. Those were the days. Such was year 2000.

Lilianne on

Marina, I didn’t mean to offend you in any way or to imply there is something wrong with you or your opinion.

Dee on

***********DROOOOOOOOOOLS************** nuff said!!!

Jill on

Yes absolutely the most gorgeous man in hollywood! Even sexier with his dreads…delish!

I agree Lisa knows how to pick ’em!

sharon little on

He’s definetly a hot looking guy.I can see him as “Peoples sexiest man alive”Hes not returning to Game Of Thrones.Hes 1/2 Hawaiian & 1/2 American Indian.The guy who use to be in My Name Is Earl{can’t remember his name?] has a kid named Pilot Inspector,not N.Cage.The names of Lisa & Jasons kids are fine.look at Christie Brinkleys poor daughter named SAILOR.Usually celebs with regular names tend to name their offspring ridiculous names.Like Banjo,good grief !!!

JenLaw on

Nope, no more Jason in GOT, he’s gone. Yeah, the marriage to Lisa kind of threw me, don’t get that one, but she is a lucky girl, we’ll see if it lasts once he gets huge in Hollyweird.

T on

OK, have to admit I’ve never even heard of him before and didn’t understand what all the “he’s hot” fuss was about…until I googled his name! Wowza!! The other pictures I’m finding don’t even look like the same guy though. His skin looks much lighter (I am not saying that as a judgement good or bad, just a statement of fact) here. I have to say the other pictures I found are indeed drool worthy!! 🙂

Traci on

Lisa Michelle Boney (Bonét) was born November 16, 1967 so that would make her 43 Miss Anonymous. BTW why does it matter how old she is. Geez, I sense jealousy. Get over yourself. I think her children have beautiful hawaiian names.

Jen DC on

The hilarious thing about Hawaiian names is once you have it down, it’s RIDICULOUSLY EASY. I spent 6 mos in Hawai’i and took about a week to get the pronunciations down. Glottal stops are really helpful! I still thrill myself saying the name of the former state fish: humuhumunukunukuapua’a! (hu-mu-hu-mu-nu-ku-nu-ku-ah-pua-ah)

Anyway, Nakoa-Wolf’s name is CHOCK FULL of meaning and refers to the story of the night he was born, attributes his parents hope he’ll have (Nakoa = warrior) and other stuff.

I myself don’t find him particularly attractive… But maybe the Conan movie will change my mind!

Jillian on

Marina, I also don’t see it. I googled him to look for more pics and still feel the same way.

But, I can see why some of you think he is good looking.

Really? on


No he won’t be back on Season 2 of Game of Thrones, that is unless they do a flashback (which I don’t remember one in the books).

If you had read the books you would know that. His character is dead, not soap opera dead where they come back in some unbelievable plot twist. Dead.

I do agree with you though, he is amazing.

opinions&thoughts on

He’s one of the few men that looks good with dreads, IMO. I like him with Lisa Bonet. Their daughter is lovely. I’m never seen their son. They have this hippie/earthy vibe together. When I see them together it just looks right. That’s how I felt about her and Lenny Kravitz. They probably would have lasted if they had met later in life.

Kristin on

I completely understand that his children have Hawaiian names and that he wanted to give his kids names from his heritage. I did not say that Nakoa was a difficult name to say either. I just think that giving his children numerous middle names that will take them 10 years to learn how to spell is just a bit rediculous.

I am normally the first one to say that parents should be and are allowed to give their kids unusual names. My kids have very unusual names, but I think occasionally that can me taken to far. Shannon Sosserman (probably spelled wrong) is another that I cannot take seriously. Her son’s name is Audio Science. It just think it is rediculous.

Miss Ann on

I need a life size pic of THIS man…

MiB on

Had to check Nakoa-Wolf’s middle names, and really, they are not that difficult even for someone who has never been to Hawaii. I doubt that he’ll need 10 years to learn how to spell it. Sure, I was 9 or 10 when I learned to spell my traditional Indonesian middle name, but that was because I had never actually used it until “My friends” books became fashionable, still only use it on official papers or when I’m travelling in SE Asia. Still have to spell my pretty common first name to people though.

Proudmama on

Jason is by far one of the most beautiful, gorgeous men I’ve ever seen. Lisa Bonet is one VERY lucky lady! You go girl…

Bella Mama on

oh man, he is hot as hell!!

alisa on

Jason is the most handsome man in Hollywood–quirky and sexy too.

Ric on

I first met Jason on the set of “Baywatch Hawaii”. He has always been my “Little Brother” and a very down to earth, great human being. I wish him the best. He deserves it. He is nothing but a great father, hard working professional and I have the utmost respect for him. I am proud and honored to call him friend. Aloha!

ashley on

He is a good actor! I enjoyed the movie a lot. But only his character lol. He’s very beautiful! Lisa bonet is beautiful as well! What a hot couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susie on

Oh my, Jason is so sexy! I have not seen sexy like this since, oh, I don’t know when. I would let him park his boots under my bed anytime, and I certainly I would not kick him out of bed with the cracker crumbs either. OH BABY! This is what a MAN looks like. I want him!

Susie on

– Kristin on August 1st, 2011

The quote above shows the ignorance of the person writing it. He is Hawaiian. Hawaiians often give their children many names meaning many things. There is an article online that explains the meaning of his son’s Hawaiian names. One of the son’s names is Jason’s own middle name. It is tradition in Hawaii.

So don’t judge other cultures for what they name their kids. It shows that some Americans are still very ignorant of world views and that is not very kind or open minded. And what others choose to name their kids is none of their business anyway!

Learn about other cultures before you judge why someone names their children what they do, please? It might make you wiser and understand the world better.

Susie on

– sharon little on August 2nd, 2011

He is half Hawaiian on his fathers side, and German, Irish and Native American on his mother’s side.

hatty s on

i was always a big fan of the conan, back when arnold was doing it, now that this hunk of a man is doing the part just makes it all the better. jason momoa, you are sexy,and i see alot of talent, and i hope you all the best that life, marriage, and fatherhood has to offer. i sure am hoping you do alot more movies for us women to watch, and not the kids

lindsay on

jason momoa is by far the hottest thing since johnny depp! johnny’s still hot as hell, but he is getting older and he was NEVER built like this!