Autumn Reeser Makes Pampering Herself a ‘Priority’

08/01/2011 at 09:00 AM ET

It’s all about staying an ordinary family for new mom Autumn Reeser!

Since welcoming 11-week-old son Finneus James, her first child with husband Jesse Warren, the actress has done her best to maintain a seemingly normal schedule.

“I always feel better if I take the time to do my hair and makeup and get dressed well in the morning, so that was a priority to me to make work, even with a newborn,” the former No Ordinary Family star, 30, tells What to Expect.

“Our new routine: After I feed Finn in bed in the morning, I give him to my husband to cuddle for 20 minutes while I get time to myself.”

Fortunately, her years working onscreen more than prepared Reeser on covering up any evidence of late nights with baby!

“I’m very used to sleeping and waking at odd hours, so there are certainly days when I’m happy to have products I can count on,” she shares. “Right now I’m relying on Clé de Peau concealer, Nars Orgasm blush, and a good lip color when I go out.”

But even when the lack of shuteye is more than a new mama can stand, Reeser encourages new parents to still take time to “savor” each and every moment.

“Before you know it, your once teeny baby will be toddling around the house and you’ll be longing for the days when you could cuddle his tiny body in one arm,” she says. “Even while you’re fighting through the lack of sleep and diapers and leaking milk, recognize that not too far in the future you will be missing these days with this brand new little person.”

— Anya Leon

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Julia on

Seriously? If I had a personal chef, a full-time housekeeper, and a nanny I too could do my hair and makeup in the morning.

It nauseates me when celebrity moms glow about how “wonderful” motherhood is, and then you see them out and about without their kid, or with a nanny or two in tow. If I had twenty minutes in the morning when my husband took the baby, I’d sleep. Any new mom would. Hair and makeup? Pampering myself is a priority?

Mira on

What a stupid interview indeed. I hope it backfires and the sales of the stupid concealer actually fall.

LP on

Well, here is goes and I am ready for the back lash! After I had both of my children, I too, would do the early morning feeding and then my hubby would get his one on one morning time with our baby, I would also take a shower and do my hair, as this would help perk me up and at least feel like a human being! It also allowed me to nap while my baby was napping and I wouldn’t feel “gross” and have to work a shower in!

I didn’t have any help, nannies, house cleaners, cooks, though, somedays I really wished that I had! hee hee. I do agree that these “celebrity” moms take being a mother for granted b/c of all of the help that they have! I feel that at times they still live in thier “dream world” on set and have no clue about “real life”

Toni on

Good for her! I have 4 kids and one on the way. And it is really not all that hard to find 20 minutes in the morning to put yourself together. And it makes SUCH A difference in how you feel.

I promise that all my kids are cared for and happy too. A personal chef, nanny or housekeeper is not necessary. There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself too.

Erin on

Where does it say she has a nanny, chef, or a full-time housekeeper?

What is up with all the bitter, angry people who are always posting on these articles? Why do you read posts on the celebrity baby blog, if all it does is piss you off every time a celebrity opens their mouth to talk about their baby? To create a make-believe fabulous life where they have it totally easy, so you can feel superior in your crazy hard life of perfect parenting? Please.

oh my on

oh my…. I am afraid she is not alone. I see moms at the park that have painted toe nails and are done up to the 9’s. I say, I wish not to spend that much time on myself. I would rather be talking to my son or cooing my newborn daughter. People don’t care you look like, they are too busy caring about themselves. cover up? blush? not in the real world.

Sarah K. on

Julia, do you know that Autumn has a personal chef and a nanny? She isn’t all that famous, so I would actually be surprised if she was really wealthy.

She said she spends about 20 minutes on herself while her husband takes care of the baby – is that really such a big deal? 20 minutes to yourself isn’t very much time. I could put on concealer, blush and lip gloss on in about 5 minutes, so let’s not act like she spends hours in front of the mirror while a nanny raises her child.

klutzy_girl on

It says nothing about a nanny, a chef, and a full time housekeeper! In fact, she says that her husband and the baby have some one on one time.

Do people have to judge every single celeb here? I mean seriously. Now you’re just making things up to judge them about!

Lisa on

I am a mom of a 5 month old, after I feed my son, he goes with Daddy, and I get ready for either work, or get ready and shower on the weekends. I am lucky to have such a wonderful husband that wants to lay in bed with the little man too. I see nothing wrong with what she is saying, and I am going to look up that undereye conceler..people stop hating! Geeeze!!

mommytoane on

Ahhh the hyprocrisy of the posts here. Autumn has actually been in a few things….feel free to google her and check. IMDB has 37 titles for her. So its doubtful shes too poor to afford a nanny, chef, or housekeeper.

Babies don’t care what you look like. But its really not that hard with a newborn to find time to shower. Finding time to get glammed up I can’t really see….since those first few weeks are usually pretty exhausted. But definately time to shower….and there are so many thing in the shower that can make you feel better. Scented body wash, scented shampoos, and conditioners, exfoliating scrubs, heck even some shower mist tablets that make your shower smell heavenly. After the shower, theres lotions and creams that can make you feel a little better. Nothing wrong with perking yourself up, or giving yourself a little boost.

I have to say my dd’s infancy, I had time to shower but that was about it. Once a week or so, I would take the time to take a long, relaxing bubble bath with candles and scented bubbles. But those luxuries are best saved…then it feels more like being spoiled for those special occasions.

julia on

Who is she?

Sarah K. on

Mommytoane, I have to guess that the hypocrisy comment was directed to me since I suggested she wasn’t that famous or wealthy (although I’m not sure how that was hypocritical). You probably also noticed that most of what was listed under her IMDB credits are one-episode guest spots, so those don’t really pay the big bucks. I really only recognize her from the O.C. but maybe she’s more recognizable to others.

Anyways, I stand by my comment because to afford a nanny, chef, AND housekeeper, you do have to be wealthy and we do not know what her finances are like. Also, she’s never said she had any of those things.

Margaux on

Yeah, mom’s should take time out to “pamper” themselves or work a shower in…but the reality is that it’s more challenging than just pulling your hair back in a pony and throwing on a tshirt and jeans.

meghan on

Nanny, full time housekeeper and personal chef, Julia? Get real. Autumn Reeser is not that famous. Why do people like you always assume “Actress” automatically equals “Wealthy” The vast majority of working actors are not making Reese Witherspoon money. They DO have to worry where the next job is coming from, if there are jobs at all.

m on

I guess I just have a really great partner. I’m a mom of four and have always been able to get in a shower or do my makeup for three minutes.

Even if he’s at work, I can talk to my kids in the bathroom while I do my face or comb my hair. When my babies were infants I’d bring the swing in my bathroom while I got ready, if I needed or wanted to get ready that day. There were (and are) plenty of days when I plain didn’t feel like it–but I don’t fault any mom that does.

Autumn Reeser is a stunning girl. Absolutely stunning. This criticism is vapid and brainless!

momma2four on

I had 4 kids in four years. Moms deserve a shower and make up.

Give me a break that the 20-30 minutes that I spend on myself is depriving my children of anything. If anything it gave them an opportunity to figure stuff out (or scream themselves to sleep which didn’t hurt them either).

We do not need to spend every waking moment focused on our children.

Karla on

I also make the time to have a shower, do hair and get dressed in the morning before my hubby goes to work. She’s not exactly an “A” list celeb so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if if she DIDN’T have a nanny, housekeeper, chef etc. And I also find time to go to the gym 3 evening a week when hubby is home.

It’s important to still stay ‘you’ and try and make time for yourself. That’s important. I like Autumn Reeser : )

eribri on

@Julia way to assume every celebrity never does anything themselves! There are ones that actually still do most with their own hands. She’s not the only mother that tries to pamper herself a little after having kids.

Kristy on

I don’t see where it says that she has a nanny and a housekeeper.

I see nothing wrong with making yourself presentable. I have 4 kids- 13, 12 and 6 year old twins and my husband and I both worked full time. I took the normal six weeks off and was able to make myself presentable every day. I took a shower in the morning, did my hair and makeup– not to the extent that I did when I went back to work.

Just because you have a newborn at home doesn’t mean you need to look like a slob. You still have time to take care of yourself. I managed having twins while I worked days and my husband worked nights so I did the nighttime thing by myself and still managed to look presentable during the day. It’s completely possible without all the help.

Allison on

I’ve never seen Autumn Reeser before, but I have to say she is absolutely GORGEOUS! She is absolutely stunning. I see nothing wrong with this article. Every new mom needs to stop for a second every day and realize you still have needs aside from the baby and you need to take care of yourself. Congratulations Autumn and James!

Marky on

“Oh my”, I think I’ve seen you out and about with your little darlings. You’re the one with your hair slung back, wearing sloppy sweats and 40 lbs. overweight, all the while claiming you’re doing SO much for your beloved children, you have just NO time for yourself!

The truth is, you do yourself and injustice, all of you, when you fail to meet your basic needs and your need to feel at least as if you are worth a few minutes a day. I never even had either set of grandparents within 350 miles, we were lower middle class, and had 3 children in less than 4 years. I got up every day and put on my makeup and combed my hair and dressed comfortably. I spent all my time with my children, except for 1 1/2 hrs a week when I met with 2 other mothers for a time of support, and I took my children with me.

I was much better off for having gotten ready to face the day (and whatever it held) by making myself feel like a woman worth 20-30 minutes per day, and giving the care of OUR children to their very capable father during that time.

No wonder many fathers are not involved with their children, if you moms think they’re too stupid to hold their own children or play with them for half and hour! I’m not trying to be rude, but please! Stop acting like it’s 10 times harder to take care of children and teach them and play with them and still take care of yourself and your home than it really is. It’s called organization, and “everyone in the family counts”.

Steph on

Actually making time to get my self ready everyday was a suggestion made by my psychiatrist to help me avoid post-partum depression after my second pregnancy! It felt like an overwhelming suggestion at first, but it made a huge difference that I could go out and feel/look presentable! When I look like a slob, I feel bad about myself. When I look clean and brushed, everyone is happier for it!!!

torgster on

Ahhh new age mothering experts. God forbid you put your precious princes and princesses down for a few minutes to clean up your own damn self.

How have previous generations possibly made it through thousands of years without your expertise?

Cassie on

I personally don’t see anything wrong with this article at all. So what if she wants to make herself feel pretty and take a few moments for herself. I am sure once the day gets started she will be busy as can be (and likely by herself with her husband at work). No one should knock her becasue that’s what SHE wishes to do – if you find yourself getting jealous or angry while reading this then perhaps you should should make changes in your life, not criticize hers!

Furthermore – who says new mom’s, or mom’s in general have to be frumpy, sweat pant wearing, bedheaded, sans makeup beings!? You’re still women for crying out loud…no reason to let yourself go. Kudos to her!

New Mom on

I don’t see why so many people are judging her. I am a new mom to a 6 week old newborn, and my husband is more than happy to look after our baby while I take a few moments to shower and put myself together for the day.

It is actually recommended by a lot of caregivers that mom’s take that time because you will feel MUCH better and feel like yourself.

I’m not sure if other people’s husbands don’t want to be involved, or if other people don’t feel like it is ok to have your child in the room with you resting while you fix yourself up? Regardless, it IS possible to look and feel like yourself with a newborn!

Laura on

I am expecting my first child so far be it from to offer any advice worth taking as I have not yet experienced the hectic life of a mother….yet.

But I will say that my husband and I made a promise to eachother that we would not lose ourselves and that he would take the baby after I feed in the morning so that I can have a few moments to myself. Whether I use that time to have a shower, go for a 20 minute jog or simply have a cup of coffee outside on the patio. I think it is important to keep that time for yourself.

I recently read an article in that basically said the happiest mothers are the ones that take time for themselves and if your husband (nanny or anyone else helping) offer to take the child for a short time that it is best to make the most of that time for yourself and that you shouldn’t use the time to sleep (Even though it would be hard not to!). The article continued saying that even getting a small amount of time in for yourself was beneficial for you and baby…

Just some food for thought from a mom to be who only has experiencing reading articles about motherhood. I may be signing a different tune in a few month!

meghan on

cassie, I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Steph, I completely understand about taking time for yourself to help prevent PPD. If Mommy feels good, she can be a better Mommy, which is benefits baby and prevents strain on the marriage/relationship.

Crystal on

People are so uptight on here. It is %100 normal and well beyond acceptable to take a little time out of your day to ‘get ready’, why the h*ll not? My oh my. Good hygeine, forbid it if a mom should allow herself that. Why is it so taboo, who are you people, do you live in caves?

I have two boys another on the way. I love my children and husband more than anything else in the world and I do everything and anything for them. But(!), I ALSO love clothes, yoga, reading, learning new things, making good food, having busy family weekends and….having a social life(GASP!)now and then, along with so many other things. I must be a bad mom for these things as well.

I believe when you take care of yourself you are also taking care of your children, I have walked by too many people/families who actually stink and yes it sure looks like they should… for thought fellow moms.

Bren on

Amen! I am a new mom and I couldn’t agree more. It doesn’t happen all the time at all but I feel better when I can get myself together. It has nothing to do with her being an actress it has to do with her being emotionally healthy and taking care of her child and herself.

JLL on

I know for myself it feels good to take a little extra time to put on a cute outfit, style my hair, take care of my skin (moisturizer, make-up, etc….) before going to work, or out. My husband and I are able to look after, and care for the needs of our children on our own. They are always with one of us. (Sometimes Grandma and Grandpa want them and will take them for a few hours here and there)But If it feels good to a woman or a man to pamper themselves a little extra to help them get through the day, then all the more power to them. As long as they care for their children and give them tons of love, and never take for granted what a gift children truly are, there is nothing wrong with a little me time. I love being a mom, but everyone deserves a little break here and there.

JRW on

Wow! I can’t believe some of these post. I KNOW for a fact that Autumn and her husband do not have any help.No personal cooks, no nanny, no housekeeper. Maybe a Gardner. In fact she has taken her new born with her to auditions because there is NO nanny. She is just like any normal person with the exception that her job is in front of a camera. I should just ignore the haters but we need to stand up against these bullies.