Jessica Capshaw: I Have Hearty Children

07/31/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
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For Jessica Capshaw, bigger may be better — or at least what she’s used to!

“I don’t have slim children. I have hearty ones,” the Grey’s Anatomy actress, 34, tells PEOPLE with a laugh at the Ella Moss 10th anniversary party in Los Angeles on Thursday.

“My son [Luke Hudson, 3½] was almost 9 lbs. My babies keep getting heartier. [Eve Augusta, 9 months] is crawling like a crazy little monkey — she can move like a butterfly. She’s amazing.”

Her two children with husband Christopher Gavigan are fed with care, Capshaw says.

“I make all of her organic baby food, like I did with Luke,” the actress explains. “I don’t know how or why I decided that I was going to keep up with it, but I do. It’s like a second job! I say to my husband, ‘Why am I the only one that makes food?!'”

The actress admits the extra work is more for her own peace of mind than anything else, though.

“I’ve been making it all because I’m terrified of Eve choking,” Capshaw says. “She’s going to be able to eat more chunky foods [but meanwhile] I would feed her purées until she’s 18!”

— Michelle Ward

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ClaireSamsmom on

Doesn’t Earth’s Best make chunkier organic baby foods? Also, my son ate alot of chunkier foods that were soft that I made for him…like soft chunky butternut squash, avacado, cooked carrots…I didn’t completly puree them, just rough chopped them kind of small after cooked and cooled and he gummed them…though he did have several teeth at that age already.

Good for her to make her own. I did a mix of both…with a baby that had a milk protein intolerance, I had to be kind of careful what I fed him and I did lots of homemade things…but, also Gerber and Earth’s Best…EB was my favorite as well as Healthy Timz organics…esp. the barley cereal.

JessicaB on

does she seriously think she’s going the extra ,ile because she makes her kids food? celebs always make me laugh. so silly and self absorbed.

Crystal on

JessicaB-It IS going the extra mile because most people do not make their own baby food. I think it’s great that she’s looking out for the health and overall well-being of her children. More people should do it but we are all busy. Those that can DO and those that can’t BUY!!! 🙂

meghan on

Making homemade baby food is hardly a celebrity thing, JessicaB.

Katy on

Earth’s Best, while organic, is still processed baby food which is what many people who make their own are trying to avoid.

Janna on

We made our own, too, when our little ones were babies. And luckily we had a garden, so their food went from the garden to their mouths. Is that going the extra mile? I guess, but nobody’s looking for a pat on the back for doing right by their kids.

You know what I wished we’d had then? That new little Magic Bullet for baby food. I’m so jealous! That thing looks SOOOO cool!

Carol Senal on


Michelle on

Jessica, you are not the only one who makes their own baby food. Many people do, including myself, for my twins.

Molly on

Jessicab, you think you deserve respect after your idiotic, jealous comments. You make me laugh

klutzy_girl on

Carol Senal – What exactly is sickening here?

Carey on

Try HappyBaby Organics. It is all natural, certified organic. Nothing processed about this line!

Gaia and labans mom on

I make my own baby food as well. Honestly at this stage its easier and cheaper. A canister of oats, a few bunches of fruit and veggies in blender and we are done. I think a lot of women make their children’s food especially at that young age.

momoftwins on

Good for those who do, who cares if you don’t. I actually think it’s cool that she does, b/c you won’t find me doing that. You can want whats good for your kids, but I kinda think it’s more important that I’m sane

ClaireSamsmom on

Is Earths best really processed? Or just minimally so? I know it is Kosher and Organic… I did EB but made alot of my own baby food, too. Now, Sam is 2 and eats everything and anything…we do alot of organic..and farm fresh. Glad we are out of the baby food days….and the whole family can eat everything!

BTW….why is this site getting so ugly? Overall, I thought this was a fun blog that I have followed for 6 years and it never used to be so judgemental. What is wrong? Why are so many people ready to say nasty things and get worked up? Are we all stressed out moms who are looking to someone to yell at? What is the deal?

Heather on

Just curious and not ragging but momoftwins… what about making baby food would drive you insane? What’s so difficult about taking a little bit of what you’re eating and tossing it in the blender? Or throwing some peas on to boil and then pureeing them? It’s one of the easiest things you can do as a parent of a young baby!

I have a friend with an almost 2 year old who has been exclusively fed Heinz baby food from the jar and now he won’t touch a single table food but processed puffs and cheerios. He won’t even eat sweets or chocolate. Real food just has too much flavour for him. Sure he may not be the norm, but there IS something to be said about feeding your child table foods as soon as possible. My two kids were fed every single food we ate, and now both of them have amazingly diverse palates considering that they’re only 1 and 3!

trsquare on

Not to be snide, but it must be nice to be able to make your own baby food when you have a nanny or two, and other assorted help. After all, she’s Steven Spielberg’s stepdaughter, and these are his grandchildren — so it’s not like they would be living like the rest of us who did those things, or wished we could have.

clara on

or you can just skip baby food entirely! Check out baby led weaning, no purees, no rice cereal 🙂

gottabelieve on

Please don’t puree the food. My mother-in-law did that, and now I have a 12 year old who won’t eat anything with texture of chunkiness to it! Never would. Developed this fear of choking, because that is what she would say. Just feed your kids food the way it is supposed to be. You’ll only create problems for yourself down the road, with this mentality. Kids were mean’t to eat solid foods – that’s what god gave them teeth for.

Jennifer on

I made all of mine both times too, while working a full-time job and while my husband would be overseas for weeks at a time. I would spend a couple of hours once a month making a big batch and freeze them. One look at how the Gerber ‘organic’ carrot puree stained the plastic cup was enough for me.

Jillian on

You don’t need a nanny to make your own baby food. It’s very easy. You act like she is doing something complex. No one has to wish to be able to do it…..just do it. It’s simple. Stop complaining and blaming money and status as a reason why you can’t! It’s silly!

Cinder Lou on

Since we don’t have a photo of her kids, I’m wondering what she means buy her kids aren’t “slim”; they’re “hearty”. Is that a PC term for something less acceptable (big … fat … overweight)? Is this article more about Jessica making her own baby food – or is she trying to justify something else?

Layla on

They say if each child is born larger than the one before, the mother will develop diabetes later in life.

momuv4 on

My hat is off to anyone with th fortitute to make baby food. My sister tried it with her boys and my girls and it fell by the wayside with all 6 kids.

Anonymous on

I hate to break the news here, but she is not the only person who makes home made baby food. Oh please.

Jenner on

What happened to her chin? It looks like it was surgically reattached.

abb on

i made organice, veg, baby food as well…my son is going to be 30 this december. the comment sounds self-absorbed, but possibly she was being playful — as in saying to her husband, “why am I the ONly one who makes food..?” I don’t think it was written well (as many things on may not be..) As moms, when we are so enmeshed in our kids, we tend to think and sometimes promote that we feel like we may be the only ones doing one thing or another.

Lucy on

I thought her comment was towards her husband, as in why doesn’t he help make the baby food. Maybe she is the only one who cooks between them. She obviously knows other people who make baby food. I didn’t even look at it as she thinking she was the only one.

momof2 on

My daughters are 9 and 2, they also eat everything I put in front of them and I NEVER made an ounce of baby food. They are both very healthy, happy kids and I am happy to say that I think they are this way because I spend my time with them. Period! If you are able to, and have the time to set aside to make your own baby food then more power to you… just saying not every child is ruined for life if you don’t!

shalay on

I don’t get why people who obviously can’t stand hearing from celebrity parents even come to this website. Do you really have THAT much time on your hands?

My god, people will rip ANYONE to shreds. How can you bash someone for giving an interview and talking about how she makes her own baby food? Would you rather hear that she’s feeding her kids processed junk, so that you can feel better about your own parenting choices?

Julie on

I think she meant the comment towards her husband about her being the only one who makes it. I’m the same way, after seeing both of my kids choke as babies I am all for purees while they’ll still eat them! I’m sure she’ll introduce chunkier foods later!

Catca on


I think she meant that they were bigger babies when they were born – she specifically mentioned her son was 9 lbs when he was born and was talking about how strong and mobile her daughter is at 9 mos. I don’t think she meant overweight, but maybe I misinterpreted.

As far as the making your own baby food thing, I made all my own baby food for my son even though I worked as I decided I wanted to do that for my son (and also for myself as I was hoping he wouldn’t become a picky eater with a diverse palate). My sister works as well and used Gerber foods for my nieces. My nieces did just fine on Gerber and they are both straight A students so their brains seem to have developed just fine during the crucial stages on Gerber. Having said that, they are pickier eaters than my son.

Mary on

Layla, each of my 3 kids were bigger that the last, I got diabetices 12 years after my last kid was born. I am able to control it well, with a low dose of medicine, diet and exercise.

Melanie on

CinderLu there is a recent photo if you click “have hearty ones” in the post.

ClaireSamsMom and Shalay, I think it’s when the stories are also featured on the main page that all the crazies come over and comment. For the most part (except for some, as well all know!) the regular CBB readers are okay. But I’ve noticed when stories are also on the main site (this story, Giuliana, Elisabeth Rohm’s last blog) it brings over a whole other nastier class of people.

I think this story was a light-hearted way for Jessica to respond to all the “OMG THAT BABY IS SO FATTT1111!!!” comments that were on the last post about her, and also talk a little about her experiences feeding her kids. Really nothing to get up in arms about. I’m pleased to see how nice Jessica’s response was given how rude the comments on the last story about her were.

m on

I don’t know, I buy mostly organic baby food in the early solid stage but started simply mashing or shredding whatever our family was eating pretty early on. I have some friends that were really into making baby food but I just never felt compelled to do it.

We all have our “things” be it nursing, rear-facing, reading, schooling, tv, diet, discipline that we are passionate about. no need to criticize anyone for doing what they feel is right or important as long as they are loving and caring for their child!

JB on

Here’s a link to a picture of Jessica Capshaw’s cute kiddos.

Tee on

Cinder Lou, there was a picture on this site recently of Jessica with her children and the commenters absolutely tore her to shreds because her little girl is a cute, chubby, rolly baby! I mean, I had to stop reading the comments on that post because some of them made me physically sick. Talking about how Jessica was a horrible mother for not putting her nine month old on a diet. It was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read on here, to be quite honest. Downright disgusting, what some people will say.

I think it’s wonderful that Jessica makes her own baby’s food! It really doesn’t take much time at all and I honestly don’t see why a mother wouldn’t take the extra maybe 20 minutes a week to do it. However, that’s just my opinion and I respect that other people don’t see things the way I do!

Anonymous on

Yes, a lot of people do make their own food for their babies but many working moms don’t because they simply don’t have the time so they buy puréed baby foods in the jars and that. I have always make my babies food, but I’m a stay at home mom so I have more time but I don’t think that my children would miss out on any nutrients or whatever if i did buy the jars of food.

She’s a working momma & she’s amazing & clearly a very hands on mom. Her kids would be healthy and thriving & I am sure they still would be.

She might be a celeb but she’s a person too.

Each to their own.

Nunya on

More power to you if you want to make organic baby food in your own home. I wish people could own their decisions and let others do the same, i.e. “I choose to make my own food but I don’t think I’m better than moms who don’t.”

Quite frankly, just because you buy a vegetable out of the produce section at XYZ store and steam it and puree it yourself doesn’t mean it’s better than an organic brand purchased in a jar at XYZ store. Good for you if you do it, forgive yourself if you don’t.

mslizah on

Tee, thanks for sharing your thoughts about what people were saying. No baby should be on a diet, how stupid can people be. There was a time when a baby would be considered healthy with a little extra fat on them.

What kind of soceity are we when judge a baby who is still growing? Most babies thin out as they grow into toddlerhood. I think our biggest problem isn’t obesity but our total lack of compassion, respect and just being decent people, in other words I would rather have a nation full of overweight people who are treat each other with respect and decency than a nation full of “slim” people who are rude, crude and judgemental.

Jenn on

I work a full time job outside of the home. I also make my daughter’s food. It takes me about 30 minutes 1-3 times a week to make her enough food to last the week. So all total, 90 minutes a week.

I also have the baby bullet and love it!

Megan on

I agree w/ a previous poster, this site has really become very catty and judgemental.

Anonymous on

I think it’s funny that half the comments are people bashing her for making her own baby food, and about them not having the time to do it. Not only did you take the time to read this article, but then you spent more time posting a comment.

Seems to mean it’s not that you don’t have the time, it’s that you choose to spend your time on the internet reading about celebs instead of focusing on your children.

Anonymous on

PEOPLE the comment was meant TOWARD HER HUSBAND!!! Not toward anyone else!! Read it again before you bash the poor woman. Our mother never gave us baby food she gave us reguler food she mashed up until we had teeth and could eat chunky food.

mommytoane on

I fail to see where making your own baby food is that hard. Through out my daughter’s infancy, I simply puree’d whatever hubby and I were having to the correct texture and daughter ate that. No need to make *special* foods all the time, if mom and dad are eating healthy. Besides, it teaches a kid to eat what you are eating and gives them a good variety of tastes.

Love the chunky little arms on Eve tho. LOL She definately is one little hearty child. 🙂

rdavis on

Well by the time theyre 15 they’ll be at McDonalds drive thru like the rest. Give me a break.

Valla on

Wow, such judgmental people here! I

Gaia and labans mom on

Rdavis that may very well be true. My mom made my food and cooked me dinners into college(yes she dropped them off at my dorm) and I love five guys burgers and Chinese takeout! Even with that I think mom cooked meals gave me a Good foundation to know how to eat well if I wanted. Or maybe the nutrition to sustain by bad eating habits now LOL.

A little goes a long way on

I think ANYONE who makes their own baby food is going that extra mile, but I think what she’s trying to point out is that it IS extra work especially in comparison to popping open a jar of pureed baby food. My sister has been making my niece’s food and I know she really enjoys it because that way she knows what’s in her daughter’s food and it’s pretty cheap in comparison. But like one of the commenters said, each person chooses what’s best for their lifestyle and their children; it’s not for anyone of us to judge as long as their child is happy and healthy.

My hats off to all you moms out there. I don’t know how you work and raise your children. I’m learning a lot from my sister and hope to be like her when my own children come along.

jamie on

I think anyone who takes the time to make their child their baby food is going the extra mile. It takes a lot of work. Especially if you’re working full time AND doing the whole baby food making thing! Kuddos to you!! Good job mama’s!

Ashley on

So, I’m not meaning to sound like a wretch to all of you, but, are y’all insinuating that ones that DON’T make their babies food are incompetent mothers? I mean, kudos to the ones that do it, but what about the ones that don’t?

When my daughter was a baby, I worked all the time. I didn’t have time to cook for myself, ate a lot of fast food. When you work from ten in the morning to ten at night with just an hour or so break in the middle of the day, fast food is your best friend. So yes, she ate processed baby food out of the jar.

She’s five now and eats anything you put in front of her. She’s not picky at all and loves trying new things. And before you start asking, neither one of us are overweight. I’m about a hundred and twenty pounds and my daughter is about 45-50.

I was just asking because I started to get a bit insulted when I read the comments of “whats so hard about it?” and “i want my child to avoid processed food” I’m sorry, but…some of us would love to be honestly don’t have the few extra minutes to cook a meal.

Diana on

I think her comment why am I the only one that makes food was directed at her husband.

And after reading the previous article and comments tearing her baby to shreds I think that was totally why this article was written. I can’t believe some of the comments on that article just sickening what is wrong with people! There is nothing wrong with that baby!

Mom of 3, ohio on

I made my children’s food too. Grew it in the garden, pureed and froze. I also breastfed all of them (even the twins) into toddlerhood. I still cook the majority of their food at home with my own hands. I work full-time. I am a college graduate. I just love my kids and want to do what I feel is best for them. Any parent should want to do the same.

Victoria on

I have to commend anyone who makes their own baby food, celebrity or otherwise, props. I think it’s great and super fantastic that moms and dads are willing to go that extra mile. And for everyone who is saying that it isn’t an extra mile, it really is! When I have children, I will do the same thing. It opens their tastebuds to new things at an early age. That way, they won’t be picky eaters as they grow.

Boston on

She makes her own baby food for her daughter – good for her! (and I am not being sarcastic). More people should follow suit and kudos to those who already do.

The comment about being the only one that makes food is towards her HUSBAND, not towards the rest of the mothers in the world. Please stop being catty about a light hearted good article.

Chip on

LOL..I have to laugh at this too! “! I say to my husband, ‘Why am I the only one that makes food?!’”

Ummm…I work 40+ hours a week and have a 1.5 yr old and I don’t have any help and I ALSO MAKE ALL MY OWN BABY FOOD! Some nights I would be up until midnight making it for his daycare lunch the next day and then getting up at 5:30 AM!

meghan on

Chip, do you have reading comprehension issues? She was teasing her husband with that comment, she wasn’t refering to other people. I’m sure she is well aware that other moms and dads make baby food.

ClaireSamsmom on

sooooo judgemental over something that is positive. I did both, some homemade stuff, some storebought stuff. Whatever. My kids are healthy and happy. If you don’t have the time or the desire to make it, I am sure Gerber, Earths best and other products out there are completly fine for your baby. Stop being so judgemental and ugly!

Here’s one for you….I bottle fed my baby boy. OMG! Here’s another for you…I breastfed and bottlefed my little girl. OMG! Trash me! I am just an awful person! Get a grip, people! I just don’t understand why moms and women are so negative with one another. Esp. on here. Is it competition? Jessica seems like a great mom and her children are beautiful…

Chip on

Meghan…actually I have an MBA, so no reading comprehension issues here my dear. Why don’t you mind your own business and let people practice free speech since last time I checked we lived in a free country. If you are a mother, then act like one and grow-up and stop posting immature comments to others. But thanks for the good laugh you gave me when I read your comment to me….LOL…I needed that!

RKF on

LOL, Chip. How does having an MBA make you more/less able to comprehend material? Your comment clearly showed you misconstrued the quote – it doesn’t take an advanced degree to see that. If I see your argument correctly, then why are you “able” to comprehend a quote, yet write in run-on sentences?

Steph on

No need to be so catty, Chip! This site has gotten really ugly comments, with mothers just bickering and being mean! Most of the parents at my daughter’s school have nannies- no celebs there…just hard-working parents who need childcare and mortgage payments! I have been too lazy to make my own baby food, but now I am sort of inspired to do it with my 3rd baby!

Jillian on

For people who are saying, who cares and why is she telling us….the way interviews work is you are asked questions and you answer. Just something to think about.

It’s quite sad that this is a “follow up” story to they last one on here where her daughter was ridiculed. It actually made me sick to my stomach.

ClaireSamsmom on

yes, really. Who ridicules a little baby…? Why on earth would anyone want to make snide and ugly comments about a babys size? I am telling you..this site is really starting to go downhill with the comments.

Jenner on

I can’t believe no one else has commented on her chin! LOL

darnie on

Geez people, she’s just stating what she does. If anything she perhaps wants her husband to help, but that’s her only gripe. Obviously lots of people make their kids food. Good job being the parents that you are.

Oh and you people who criticize Jessica Capshaw’s looks, could you be any dumber. Good grief.

Jillian on

Looks aren’t everything Jenner

Natalie on

Wow…some of you people have ISSUES. Really? What makes you think every time a celebrity is asked a question and answers it that they’re directly snubbing YOU, insulting YOUR parenting choices, or living a life that in anyway affects YOU?

So she makes her own baby food. I know plenty of people who make that choice. I also know plenty of people who think nothing of putting orange soda in their kids bottles. Why don’t all of you that are all up in arms about stuff that doesn’t really matter just worry about your own lives? We have REAL problems to deal with in life people, so worrying about what Jessica Capshaw does or doesn’t mean by a comment is such a waste. Let the women raise her kids the way she sees fit and you all can raise your kids the way you choose.


yo on

There’s too much reading comprehension problems going on. I don’t even know who is woman is but I know the comment was directed at her husband who apparently does NOT make baby food. I.e. is not contribution to the process, hence her frustration.

Liz on

Hahahaha Chip, your hypocrisy makes me laugh. Your response to Meghan was the most immature and least “mommy like” comment on this whole post. Furthermore, having an MBA proves nothing as far as reading comprehension is concerned. When you’re qualified to teach English at the college level, then I’ll take you seriously.

And last, but most certainly not least, free speech works both ways. As much as it is your right to criticize Jessica Capshaw’s comment, it is my right to criticize your comment. So on behalf of Jessica Capshaw I’d like to tell you to “mind your own business and let people practice free speech.”

C on

It’s not just celebrities, that make their own baby food. For both my boys I made all their baby food. It’s more work, but at least I know what I was feeding my children and I don’t regret one bit of it…

kara on

Yeah people have such hate toward celebrity moms…jealousy?? I am sure there are a lot of celebrities that don’t make their own food..they either have a cook do it for them or they buy store bought.

katelisa on

WOW!!! I love these comments!!! Everyone here having a difference of opinions…From a beautiful Hollywood actress to a person with an MBA to folks that are parents…Yea!!! It is great to see that the first amendment is alive and well in the United States of America…Every one raises their children differently…so if Ms. Capshaw is comfortable in making her children’s food the way she does…who are we to judge her choices…Just remember…Life is made up of a series of choices…good or bad…wrong or right…these choices are hers to make…that is until her children can make them on their own…And her children, like all of your children, are just beautiful…

Jo on

I had more fun reading the extremely long thread of comments than I did reading the 15 second interview! It is amusing to see the controversy over strained peas has caused LOL. To the parents who make their children’s food at home, congratulations for making a choice to save some money or take pride in doing it from scratch; as well, to those parents who purchase their children’s food from stores, congratulations for supporting the economy and helping workers support their own families. Either method has it’s benefits.

Now, can we all please go back to loving our children and enjoying Ms.Capshaw’s amazing portrayal of Arizona Robbins on Grey’s Anatomy? Acting is her job ~ she is a mother and a wife, a real person just like the rest of us ~ please treat her with the respect you’d wish to be treated. If you wouldn’t say the comments you post online to her face (or anyone else’s for that matter), please refrain from making them. We’ve got enough negativity in the world, why don’t we all work together to find a way to make it more positive?

p.s. Shame on anyone who criticized that baby’s size or looks! Infants come in all shapes and sizes! My own child was so tiny and slim that people who held her were afraid she’d snap; my best friend’s daughter was a pudgy rolly baby just like Ms. C’s ~ now, they are both the exact same size! How would any of you like your own children put on public trial?! Think before you type, please!