Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz: It’s All About the Shoes for Son Egypt

07/31/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Jerritt Clark/Getty

According to proud parents Alicia Keys and Kaseem ‘Swizz Beatz’ Dean, their 9-month-old son Egypt Daoud already dresses to impress.

“He’s so cute. And you know his daddy always wants him in the cutest, most adorable sneakers,” the songstress, 30, told PEOPLE at the Reebok Classics and Swizz Beatz Reethym of Lite event on July 19 in New York City.

And while the couple also “love dressing each other,” Swizz Beatz admits he’s already molding his son to follow in his footsteps.

“He’s got sneakers already. Same thing I wear, you know, like father, like son,” he says.

But dressing his dapper little dude is only one small part of what the music producer calls “the best thing in the world” — fatherhood.

“It makes you grow up real quick,” he explains. “Because now you start making decisions based on how you want your kids to make decisions.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Jazmyn Tuberville

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Hope Noland on

I wonder why we haven’t seen their son Egypt in any pictures and he is already 9 months old. They must really not want him in the public eye, but good for them for being protective parents (:

Brooklyn on

@Hope Noland..they do have pics Of Egypt on the web and also on this site..u have to search…anyway love this couple!!

Niche on

People had a photo up maybe a month or so ago, click on “his son” and it’ll take you there. He’s a really cute child. Looks more like Alicia to me. Swizz’s other 3 (I think 2 boys and a girl) are undeniably all him in the resemblance department.
My son hated shoes, and socks for that matter, for a long time. I wasted so much money on cute sneakers that he only wore a handful of times. They were just so cute though 🙂

Shannon on

“It makes you grow up real quick,” he explains. “Because now you start making decisions based on how you want your kids to make decisions.”

This guy has four children by four women. Not really the best example of good decision making. Just saying.

Niche on

@Shannon, he isn’t the first and for darn sure won’t be the last. I think it’s time for people to get over it, the children are here now… can’t much change. No one is perfect and none of us are without problems and issues… its life. We may not agree with what other people do but hey, who are we?

Adrienne on

Another just eh for me.

Mira on

This guy always looks like a clown. He must have a pretty infectious personality, because he sure isn’t easy on the eyes.

Janna on

Shannon, I agree with you 100%, except I blame the women. He’s just a (man)whore taking what he can get, spreading his “seed”. No one forces the women into these relationships, especially Alicia, who got with him as #4 Baby Mama. She already know his track record and she STILL took him on? That by itself is NOT good decision making. Maybe she figures that SHE will be the one to “change” him. Good luck with that.

Patrice on

My thoughts exactly,Shannon, Mira, and Janna.

Isaac on

Haha, I agree with Mira, Shannon, and Patrice. I know you cannot turn back time but I still feel for Mashonda. I thought she was a strong woman for standing by this buffoon when he cheated on her during his marriage and fathered a son — but then, he goes on and gets with Alicia DURING their marriage? Ms. Keys — listen to the lyrics of your song “Karma”; what goes around, comes around. God bless you all.

Miss Ann on

@ Mira…. FUNNY. Funny. Funny. Wouldn’t it be something if he truly had ‘NO PERSONALITY’? I know he probably does but wouldn’t that be interesting to know?

@ Shannon… I was just about to type the exact same thing.

rita on

I had such respect for her, her causes, the way she lived her life… seemed as if she took it all so serious and made me feel as if she were worhty of so much more than a 4 time loser like swiss..although an accomplished beat maker in his own right–i feel she settled for a boy in man’s clothes…i hope she paid the money he owed th IRS—adult decisons—she made it seem as if she would get a real man—not take omeones man—she is better than that or so i thought

Dani on

Isaac: Thank you…. Karma’s not kind to those of us who’ve ever had the displeasure of running into her…. How you get him is usually how you lose him….

MollyF on

I love how people judge people they don’t know anything about except for gossip they read. Nuff said.

Nicola on

Son is cute but can’t really tell who he looks like in the pic, happy 1yr anniversary-(3yrs for me)and many more to come, life is short and need not to focus on the negative thought as no one knows of their path in life-enjoy motherhood as it is wonderfull and they grow so fast

Samantha on

That has to be one of the worst names ever given to a kid by a celeb. They all need serious help. Wow. And I feel sorry for the kid if he has his fashion sense. He looks like a clown and douche.

Adrienne on

*MollyF- I keep my judgment to myself. I just say eh on those I deem not a real celebrity, or if I think a picture is terrible, if I don’t like a couple etc. Because I don’t wanna say nasty things about someone yet I really don’t care too much about them. Not trying to be rude, just trying to find a way to express my opinion without killing my Karma.

Jen DC on

I don’t think he thought about that comment very much. Considering (as others have pointed out) that he has 4 children, it’s been PAST TIME for him to grow up and take responsibility for (a) himself and his sexual health and (b) ALL his children. As late as mid-2010, two of his childrens’ mothers were claiming that he was behind in child support – one in the courtroom.

Also… really? An infant in shoes in designer footwear? C’mon, man. That’s not “grown up.”