Giuliana Rancic: We’re Trying IVF Once More ‘In the Near Future’

07/30/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Jeff Sciortino

After two unsuccessful rounds of in vitro fertilization, Giuliana and Bill Rancic still aren’t giving up hope of one day becoming parents.

“One time sadly we miscarried and the other time didn’t work, so it’s been really tough,” the E! News host, 35, shared during a Tuesday visit to The Talk.

“We’re going to do IVF another time in the near future because our doctor suggested, ‘I think I can get you pregnant.'”

And if their third try doesn’t end in a pregnancy, the couple are already considering their other option: adoption.

“When we were in Italy recently I felt very connected to Naples, where I’m from. We thought it would be really wonderful to be able to adopt a child from where I’m from and give a child there some opportunity,” Rancic explains.

Much to her surprise, however, news of the possibility of a foreign adoption struck a chord on Twitter.

“I got some Tweets … of people saying, ‘You should adopt from America’ and ‘A lot of kids need help’ and of course that’s true, but you know what? How can you tell a woman where she should adopt from?'” she questions. “You’ve got to follow your heart. So if it’s a foreign country, if it’s in your backyard … A child is a child.”

Despite their “really tough” battle with infertility, Rancic is determined to keep an upbeat attitude.

“Right now we’re doing a year of fun — we just needed time off,” she says. “You’ve got to look at the positive.”

— Anya Leon


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meg on

We adopted internationally and have had some similar comments. My response is usually to ask the person if they believe an American child is more deserving of a home than one from another country. Truly, all children deserve a home regardless of their race, country etc.. Our daughter lived in a orphanage, not recieving necessary medical care. She would not have survived. My personal feelings, are that while all children deserve and need a family, most American children in foster care are recieving medical care, being fed, and recieving an education. They have opportunities. Many children around the world, have none of the above.

Kelly on

i wish them all the best..I know the pain of infertility and miscarriage both. and my husband was not open to any kind of adoption. I hope they get the “family” they desperately want…whatever way it comes to be.

Indira on

A child obviously isn’t just a child to her if she’s spending thousands of dollars on IVF and essentially saying adoption is her second choice….

Adrienne on

Sad face. I hate to see people struggling with infertility. I remember that. I wish the very very best for these two. Healthy and Happy life.

jessicad on

Indira, adoption is not for everyone and there’s nothing wrong with that. They shouldn’t feel bad for trying IVF again.

I hope it works for them this time!

mary on

Regardless as to how your child comes into this world via your womb, a surrogate or adoption your child will be lucky to have fun and loving couple as they seem to be.

Sara on

Yes because there are going to be so many Italian children being put up for adoption, especially internationally…

Jen on

I am glad to hear this, I have been wondering about them. I hope they get to be parents no matter what path they chose in the very near future. I think they seem like a very sweet couple.

Kat on

it’s easy to judge when you are able to get pregnant and give birth on your own… remember, little girls grow up dreaming of how they will become mommies… it’s very hard when that dream hits a brick wall… and just because she wants to experience pregnancy and a biological child doesn’t mean she will never adopt.

Let them take this journey at their own time and place.

Anna on

Indira, option is the second choice for most people. That does not make the child any less wanted or loved. Most people that end up adopting have been trying to get pregnant first.

I agree with her that there is nothing wrong with adopting from abroad. It’s so strange to me to see people saying “help American children first”, why?

There are children dying in orphanages in 3rd world countries, I’m pretty sure the children in the US orphanages have it better than them.

Anon on

Way to be judgmental Indira!

Squillions of people around the world get to have children rather than adopt – it’s completely understandable that the Rancics want that opportunity too.

She sounded very positive about adoption, it’s hardly like she was dissing it as an option. Deciding to adopt is a big emotional hurdle that can take some time, and it’s not for everyone – and that doesn’t make them a bad person.

I hope they have a successful round this time.

kendrajoi on

I am wishing them the best of luck! They could have a baby through IVF then adopt a second one.

Lauren on

I love watching Giuliana & Bill’s show. They have been super-open about their fertility struggles. My mom went through the same thing with my sister. My mom strugled for years to conceive my little sister & was considering adoption if she didn’t get pregnant within a timeframe, since she’s an older mom. I had 2 miscarriages before I got pregnant with my daughter & I worried throughout the entire pregnancy. Now my daughter is 18 months old and I would love to give her a sibling, whether it be through adoption or another pregnancy, which is up in the air for me. I think adoption is great because kids are being given homes that they have never known and they are being given love and attention that they have never received throughout their lives.

DaisyMoon on

They should do whatever feels right to them…period!

Their child (no matter how it comes to them) will be so wanted and loved, which is what all children deserve.

Jennifer on

I wish them nothing but the best in there attempt to have a child. You can see how much care and respect these two people have for each other. I will say a prayer for them; that regardless of IFV, adoption, surrogate or al-natural; that they will someday have a child of there own.

K on

Indira, that was uncalled for. There is something very special about the experience of actually carrying a child. There is no reason to judge a woman who wants to feel that experience.

Whether they have a child of their own or end up adopting, Giuliana and Bill will be great parents. I love to watch their show simply because of their devotion to each other and their relationship.


They need to keep things positive which is easier said than done but their goal is to become parents, so they can achieve that goal one way or another. I love the fact that she feels connected to the idea of adopting a baby from Italy. It almost seems like she can envision that happening which gives her hope! They need to go with their hearts! I love them and wish them happiness. They will be amazing parents!

Indira on

I’m not saying adoption is for everyone, it’s not at all. It’s sad that they’re infertile.

I don’t agree that adoption should be a secondary choice, if it’s on the table at all. The article says she’ll adopt if she cannot conceive. It just contradicts her later statement “a child is a child”.

My boyfriend was adopted by a distant relative who couldn’t conceive and then poof she had a baby girl. From that point he was completely seconded because all along they really want a biological child.

Ariel on

who cares?? why do these people think we care about every little thing they do?

Jenni on

Indira, how can you judge another couple’s decision regarding IVF vs. adoption? Every aspect of infertility is very stressful and personal. Giuliana and Bill have bravely shared their struggle, in turn helping many couples, like myself who are also going through infertility. Wanting to try IVF once more before moving to adoption does not mean they would love an adopted child less. Maybe, you have to go through what they have been through to understand that. Regardless, you have no right to judge their decision!


I just love their show. As a mother of four, I just know what its like to have them and I don’t know what I would do without them. They are going to be great parents! Every child is a blessing no matter what continent they live on!

I can’t wait to see their happy ending!

Karen on

I hope it works!!

carson on

a child is a child. there is a very special connection that comes with having a biological child, but im sure they would love any child they will be blessed to have, whether adopted or biological, equally. i think that it is very special that she is looking into adopting from where she is from. best wishes to the lovely couple, may they be blessed

Mom2ES on

I have both adopted internationally and recently had a successful IVF cycle after years of trying; I wish them luck with both.

Palm Beach, FL on

I really like Giuliana and hope for the best but if that baby comes from his loins lets hope he is sweet like her and not smug, arrogant and condescending user like Mr. Bill.

erin on

Indira there are plenty of couples that try to get pregnant before deciding on adoption. There is nothing wrong with wanting to carry and give birth to a child. They aren’t saying that adoption is their second choice just that they are still trying to get pregnant and that adoption is a consideration. I wish them the best of luck, whatever path they may end up taking.

Dorene on

I married and man with 2 children and co-parented my sister’s 2 children (because their father wanted to be somewhere else) and am having a wonderful full life…my point, surround yourselves with children anyway you can – be happy.

Santa Clarita on

Is she really wants to have a baby, she should do what the doctors tell her and GAIN weight. But no…she’s actually lost more weight. She looked completely emaciated on The Talk. I saw her on The View and Whoopi called her out on it. If you’re willing to do “anything” to have a baby, then put your ego aside (she mentioned in her line of work, a few pounds is a lot) and put on a few!

jazzycakies on

Although my journey through assisted reproduction had a happy ending with the birth of my twins (I was 42), the pain of infertility never goes away. I hope they get the family they want through whatever method they can.

Kathleen on

Adoption isn’t about being a second choice. This woman wants to actually carry and birth her own child. Those are two totally different things. She is willing to explore all options before adopting and giving up hope of carrying her own child. The face that she will not just wallow in her own sadness of not being able to carry, and will still raise and love a child is a wonderful thing.

Rebecca on

Kat, not every little girl dreams of growing up wanting to be a mommy. Not every woman (or man) wants to have children that’s why there are choices to have children or not or to decide to adopt.

Shannon on

Best of luck to these two, LOVE them! Families are formed in all different ways. My husband and I did 3 IUI’s and 3 IVF’s before moving onto adoption. We both had to know that we did everything medically we could do before closing that chapter and moving into adoption. Grieving the loss of your biological child is very important before moving forward with adoption.

Now we have an amazing 18 month old baby girl that we adopted domestically. I now know why nothing else worked, because she was meant to be our daughter. In no way is she a second choice baby, we just had to go through everything else to get to her.

Adoption is not for everyone, but for those who build their families that way it’s a wonderful experience.

Kara on

It does not contradict what she said just because adoption is the second option. It is for alot of people. If they are unable to concieve, they term to adoption. There’s nothing wrong with that, or that adoption is their second option/choice. It naturally is for alot of couples. It doesn’t make the child anyless cared for just because they choose adoption after they were unsuccesful in convieving. They want a child and are trying out all the options. There’s nothing wrong with trying out all the options of having their own before they adopt. They are open to adopt and thats great, but I commend them for trying other options to concieve. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Julie Wishart on

I have had many friends use acupuncture to help them conceive.

Lori on

I wish them all the best.

Izzie on

Seriously, enough with these two and making their infertility issues everyone else’s business. While I liked Rancic on The Apprentice, he has become, and she has always been, far too self-absorbed for my liking.

Please get over yourselves. (And for those of you who are going to slam me for clicking on the article, I intentionally clicked on the article to post my comment.)

Kate on

I think the fact that they even want to adopt is beautiful. Alexis Stewart refused to adopt and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on IVF and I think thats ridiculous. Some people insist on genetic lineage and some will even do donor eggs before they adopt. I am trying to have a child myself as adoption is very expensive and I am single, and believe me, there is discrimination against single persons. I wish Bill and Guiliana the best and I’ll be following thier journey. Infertility sucks!!

Anne on

If she just gained some weight I bet she’d get pregnant real quick. She probably doesn’t even get her period anymore because she is so anorexic. Seriously, she looks like a horse (all teeth). It’s actually an insult to horses but seriously she really needs to gain some weight She would look so much prettier too.

Riya on

I am sick of others being so judgmental towards those who spend thousands of dollars on IVF and don’t adopt……first, it’s their money and second, adoption is not for everyone. I really like these two and think they would make wonderful parents. Any child would be lucky to have them. Either way I really hope they do have a baby of their own.


Try to gain some LBS


Bill is such a nice guy…she’s annoying

Elsa Polanco on

Hopefully she’ll get pregnant. My sister tried artificial insimination and didn’t get pregnant. She will try again until she gets her baby, if not, she will consider adoption. I wish them all the best and let’s keep our fingers crossed so that they do have their baby.

Andrea on

I wish them all the best!!! I think that documenting their difficulties is making it harder….IMHO…..however, I’m betting this ” year off ” their taking will result in conception just because it’ll be far from their minds.

In regards to them adopting from other countries, I think that whatever they choose to do is their business. I always wanted to adopt from China/Korea because I know of the overcrowding. However, I never needed to because I was blessed enough to conceive three times naturally and easily.

Kacie on

“remember, little girls grow up dreaming of how they will become mommies”

No, not true. Not all girls dream of becoming mommies. Some of us dont want kids.

Chipperchick on

Having a child, not having a child, adopting, or going through IVF…these are ALL very PERSONAL decisions. Many years ago I dined with a couple of my friends who were struggling with infertility. These were strong career-minded women who were happily married. One of the actually wept when she described the disappointment when an IVF was unsuccessful. While she and her husband were open to adoption, I saw that night that this was TRULY a physiological need her body had to have a baby; it wasn’t just something she thought would be “better than” adoption. I also realized that I had been spared this need and was very thankful. As it turns out, both of my friends were pregnant that night and didn’t know yet. So, please, leave people along about their personal choices!

Donna on

Giuliana has shown such grace and love regarding the new babies surrounding her in her private life. Her sister having another one, her dear friend and agent having one, even others close to her; it all seems like it would be torture for her, yet she is so giving and loving to them all.

I truly hope she and Bill are blessed with a baby, biologically or by adoption. That child will get way more than an easy material life; he or she will have such devoted and adoring parents.

Sara on

It’s well-known that she was told by her doctor to gain 5 or 10 pounds to help carry the baby, and she wouldn’t even do that. Nobody CARES if you’re anorexic looking Giuliana, but if you really want to carry a child gain a little weight. Not the biggest deal. In 9 months you’ll have something special forever and it will have been worth it.

Unless I see her gain a little weight, I’m going to assume she’s not trying.

Erika on

Indira- adoption is a very long and difficult process and maybe they would rather try one last shot of IVF before starting that. IVF if difficult too, but if it works, they will have a baby in 9 months. It can take years to complete an adoption. I’m sure they would love an adopted child the same as a biological child.

I wish them the best of luck in starting their family! I hope whatever is meant to be happens soon!

Marie on

I feel so bad for this dear lady. She’d be a wonderful mother. Not trying to be mean, but she really needs to gain a few pounds to assist in getting pregnant. She’s so very thin. If you are underweight, it can be harder to get pregnant. I hope it works for them this time!! So heartbreaking….

Lynnemezzo on

I wish them luck in whichever route they choose to take. Be well, Giuliana; this native Marylander is keeping both of you in my prayers.

Tracy T on

Gulianna IS FROM ITALY so why would it seem strange to anyone that she would adopt from there? People need to be less judgemental and realize that this is each couples’ choice, NOT anyone elses. Best of luck to them both and any other couple struggling to have a child/children.

Ayana on

I felt so bad for them when they miscarried. I too know the pain of not being able to conceive when all you want is to be a mom. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for years with no luck. The unfortunate part for us is that we have not been able to get invitro due to the cost and my insurance won’t cover it because I have MS and I guess that makes me unworthy of having a child (at least with medical help). My husband really wants a biological child…his mom died when he was one year old and he was her only child…he feels strongly that if he doesn’t have a child his mother will never live on. I too am the only one to carry on my family blood line as well. We have also considered adoption but have learned that it is also very expensive and difficult when one of us has a progressive illness that may get worse as the years pass. If anyone has gone through something similar, your advice is much appreciated. Sometimes life just sucks but I pray that the Rancic’s are able to have some baby bliss soon. It makes me happy to see other people have their dreams come true so I wish them luck, love and blessings.

Shannon on

Good for them I guess.

Heather on

It worked for me on my third try! Now I’m broke with triplets, ha!

babymd on

Giuliana is not a healthy weight to carry a pregnancy to term. She has been told that repeatedly, but her career and appearance is more important to her than gaining 10-20 pounds and becoming pregnant naturally. There is a reason the human body may sometimes not conceive. It’s not rocket science…

gustafson on

I feel for her, but I remember in an interview, that she was told to gain weight, and she refused. So,maybe following the doctor’s advice would also help.

Tammy on

I don’t think it’s anyone’s business how a couple brings a child into their family. I wish Bill and Giuliana the best. I bet they’ll make awesome parents.

julia on

Why do they feel the need to tell such private things to the public..

Karen Adair on

A child that needs a home, no matter where in the world they were born, is a child in need of a home…and a loving parent(s). If one orphaned child in the world can become part of a family, does it really matter what country they are from?

Diana on

I think you do what makes you happy! If I could I would adopt all 10 kids we saw at a orphanage but we can only take life 1 day at a time. I have been trying to get pregnant now going on 8 years but I haven’t been really serious about it because in the back of my head I keep thinking….God will guide me to where I need to be and…what I need to do! The Sky is the limit…

cee on

while I do feel really bad for them, and i know that infertility is a struggle, I think everything is made worse by the fact that she insists on being rail thin. she insists on not gaining any weight and claims that she is at a “healthy” weight to carry a baby, which that is clearly not the case. gaining 15-20 lbs would clearly help them a lot in their journey to conceive.

Jackie on

I love them!!! I hope their prayers are answered! GOD BLESS YOU AGAIN!!!

rachel on

I really think if she gained at least 15 pounds she would get pregnant. And she would look so much better!

Annika on

I wonder if they have thought of a surrogate, that seems like a good option

suzy diamond on

You should put on weight like you were told by your doctor as you told the ladies on the view. That’s probably what’s wrong. 10lb. is FAR from making you fat. That is, of course, if you’re all that serious about getting pregnant!

Tee on

Good for them! Both for being willing to give IVF one more shot and for recognizing that if it doesn’t work, it will be time to persue other avenues! It really sounds like they are determined to add a child to their family, no matter how that comes about!

Audrey on

I understand what you’re saying.
There are so many children that suffer and that will never know what it’s like to have a safe, loving family and home. Just because you are capable of having your own children doesn’t mean that can’t/shouldn’t adopt. Do Both!

Appreciate on

I for one look forward to the day I read news of their parenthood, achieved through whatever means, on Celebrity Babies! All the best xo

Cynstional on

Indira, I really don’t understand why you are judging anyone that wants to have a child/ren via adoption. And who said it’s a “second” choice? It’s another option!! I adopted my child and our local news just did a story about my little girl and how she was abandoned at birth and her happy ending. I can’t concieve but I always knew that I wanted to adoped. There are so many children that deserve a family and a good home and just because your relative’s experience may have been a bad one doesn’t mean that you have to pass judgement on every adoption. Adoption is a very personal and sometimes difficult decision but it’s done out of love and wanting to be a parent. I hope you never experience infertility and the emotional pain that comes with it but if you did, you wouldn’t be so quick to judge someone else’s decision.

Amber on

3rd time was the one that finally worked for us! I hope success finds you quickly! I’m cheering for you!

Susan on

Indira- My first is adopted and then I did go on and end up having children. The old story, adopt and then you will get pregnant. I will tell you and everyone else, I LOVE my adopted child just as much as my others. Most of the time my husband, I and the whole family forget he is even adopted.

No difference in how I love my children!

Eleanor on

Santa Clarita is right. Underweight women with extremely low body fat index have a hard time getting and staying pregnant. She needs to gain at least 15 pounds and keep it on for several months and not shed the pounds when she does not get pregnant right away

Grey on

Indira –

Your statement shows that you lack common sense and a decent education. Biology drives us to want to carry on our own genes. If it were simply a choice to make, many animals would have become extinct eons ago since they don’t have the ability to make high level decisions like carry on the species or I’m not interested in procreating.

Many people have both their own children and adopted ones, what does that mean for them? Angelina and Brad had their own children after adopting many. All statements saying that it shouldn’t be about where you adopt a child from, simply that you’re help an innocent life in need.

Giuliana and Bill obviously both want children very much, no matter whether they’re biologically theirs’ or not. Most women and/or couples with infertility that come to the decision to adopt will tell you it is never an easy one (“am I selfish for wanting my own?” “am I giving up instead of pushing through?”). However, it is a statement that you want children regardless. It is a completely unselfish act to say you want to take care of someone you don’t know or have no relation to for the rest of their life.

Good Luck to Giuliana and Bill with any path that brings you the child you want.

All this said, what’s bigger than your ignorance is simply the fact that you have never suffered through any of the struggles and couldn’t begin to imagine how the can tear you up.

Elisabeth on

I know the pain all too well for the past 6 years we’ve been trying everything under the sun, in 2009 we lost our son I was 17 weeks pregnant. This past may we lost our daughter again I was nearly 20 weeks pregnant.

My friend adopted (she and her husband had 4 children first and adopted two from Ethiopia, their son who was adopted second) and brought home a few months ago would’ve died had they not adopted him when they did. He was malnurished and had several health issues. It wasn’t the orphanage’s fault they simply have so many children and so many hands and proper health care isn’t readily available.

Another thing is foreign adoption costs so much.

We’ve tried adoption only to have it fall through 9 months into it. Adoption isn’t an easy choice. Lots of people come up to us asking us why we don’t adopt my “favorite” tip came from a teen mom.

Indira- that was a thoughtless, ignorant and hurtful comment. I’m guessing that you’ve never been through IF stuggles and sadly your probably a parent or a dumb teenager who thinks she knows everything.

JP63 on

I’m praying for them – it’s not something I ordinarily do for celebrities since I don’t personally know them but I know their pain and we do have one of own, I just didn’t get to have the other 3 I wanted. But I thank God every day for the one we have and I understand their pain. I hope they adopt and find out they are expecting soon after. They seem so genuine and she is the 1st person to say outloud how I felt – about trying all those years not to get pregnant only to find out getting pregnant is so very hard – God Speed G&B!!!

Marie on

She really needs to gain some weight. It’s harder to conceive when you’re chronically underweight like that.

Jillian on

Palm Beach, FL
How long ago did you meet Bill, one on one? What happened that he was so rude to you? Just curious because he has never been rude or any of the words you mentioned to me. Nothing but nice, wonderful and kind!

Those of you speaking about the “weight issue” are all speculating and do not have all of the facts. I would suggest gathering all of those, which you will never have. It’s exhausting how people read or believe half of what they say and then pass judgement based on it.

The reason why they shared their story, which I think is great that they did, is to help others. And who cares? I do. As a mother who suffers from infertility, I have followed their story closely and hope they have the success I was able to reach.

Indira, There are many adopted children who don’t have that experience. Sucks that your boyfriend does, but that doesn’t mean that every other adopted child experiences it that way. There are biological children that feel they are second to the number one biological child… do you explain that?

So, adoption should be a first or only? Okay. So, on your theory…..A person should decide to adopt first off, just in case they were infertile, then it wouldn’t be a second choice. Then if they decide to have a biological child, wouldn’t that be (under your theory) second choice?

Julie on

Giuliana, have you actually tried having sex??? I mean really!!! Come on!!! You tried to conceive for not even a year without success!! And then tried IVF twice in 9 months. Some people take YEARS to conceive! Feel fortunate to have the $60K a pop it costs for IVF. try having your hubby between your legs for a while instead of a doctor!!!

Grey on

I think they should be thanked for documenting their struggles. Infertility has always been a secret and something to be embarrassed about. Now that celebrities are using their fame to talk about such a personal and horrible issue, it’s starting to bring to light what infertility really means and causes. As someone dealing with this, I take comfort in watching them and knowing that I’m not the only one with these issues and feelings. There are very few people in our everyday lives that would understand it, unless they’ve been through it. My husband has a large family and everyone has lots of children. I know that they will not understand any of this and resent when they bring up anything about children. It really is amazing when someone can talk about this and give support and comfort to those who are seeking it.

boo on

Guiliana needs to relax. She is a control freak and has to call the shots with everything – a trait many females are cursed with. If she just lets go … she’ll get pregnant. And she might have a shot at keeping that gem of a husband she’s got.

Meg on

I don’t think anyone can fault them for wanting a biological child. Most women dream about being pregnant and carrying their own child for years and years, often playing mommy as a young child. It’s a sad and horrible thing to have that dream taken away from you. I think it’s amazing that couples have the strength to go through that and then the strength to go through the adoption process afterwards. Adoption provides an amazing opportunity to become parents and it really shouldn’t matter where the child comes from. I think it makes total sense that Giuliana would want to adopt from her native Italy, raising the child in it’s own culture. She has personal ties to Italy, her family is steeped in the culture and traditions. What’s wrong with that? I think it’s amazing…

ELC on

A relative of mine adopted one from out of the country and one in the same state which they live. Two children got a happy home life and both are
loved equally because both parents couldn’t make a child of their own.
That to me is the greatest gift of all to give children a better life
than they might have had-so it doesn’t matter how or where they adopt
from-just adopt. As for this couple-if the procedure doesn’t work they
know there are children out there looking for a loving home. They look
like they would be able to do the job.

Jessie on

I think they would be wonderful parents to any child. I wish them all the luck in the world because they are such a beautiful couple! God Bless both of you in your journey to become parents!

Ali on

Giuliana needs to also realize when someone is underweight and malnourished (which she totally seems to appear);
it is almost impossible to carry a pregnancy!

I hope a physician has reminded her that the body needs the fat storage to help nourish the pregnancy!

I hope someone passes this along- wish them the best!

Alicia on

If she’s so determined?desperate to carry a child then why won’t she gain the weight the doctors told her she needs to??
Vanity or eating disorder, take your pick but that can be the only reasons (heck I’d be eating right after the appt) & frankly perhaps thats why its not working…she needs to work on herself first.
I may catch flack, but frankly not everyone should have children & if you’re not willing to gain 10lbs…

Stacey on

I wish them all the luck! It is no ones business where they adopt but them. My cousin and her husband adopted from South America and she is such a sweet little girl. Just because they’re not from America doesn’t make them less deserving.

Patty in Philadelphia on

First of all – to Giuliana – please, I mean this in the very best of ways, put on about 20 pounds. A doctor somewhere should have taken the time to be honest with you. When you are that thin, your whole reproductive system goes on hiatus. You often don’t get a period at all. Your ovaries get confused too. You absolutely NEED some body fat to be able to conceive and carry a pregnancy to full-term. That said, if after gaining 20 pounds and trying again it doesn’t work, then go for the adoption.

I would just hate for her not to have a biological child because the entertainment industry requires she be so thin! After years of medical study, I know this could very well be the only problem.

As for adopting, I agree with her 100%. Every child deserves a parent, and no one has any right to tell her where to adopt from. I hope she does follow her heart, and I wish the very best for both of them. One day they will have children, and I know they will be blessed.

The Fertile Garden on

it is very easy to judge when you have no fertility issues. i love Guiliana and Bill and wish the best for them! i hope their IVF is successful, and if it isnt, i wish them success with adoption as well. i hope they get the family they deserve, no matter what journey they take to get there! 🙂

Holiday on

I hope IVF works for them. That must be so hard to want a child so much but are unable to have one. Hopefully it will work this time!

Susan on

I hope everything works out for you. We tried infertility treatments and nothing worked. I told my husband I wanted to adopt and he said no way. I’ve had friends whose husbands had the same reponse. If that’s what you want to do then do it. I will never know what it is like to be a mother and that makes me sad. Don’t give up on adopting whatever you do. I don’t know why some men have a hard time with the idea of adoption. Most women want to take children in and love them. I wish some of you men could understand that!!

Julie on

And one more thing Giuliana, I have alot of friends with children and 99.9% of us eat (we arent veggie eating tree hugging prius driving California Girls). I dont know anyone as boney as you that have been able to conceive! You really need to eat more!!!

m on

… theres gestational surrogacy; workz ~ goodluck! All the best….

Joan on

Maybe she’s a horrible person that has treated the people around her badly…say for instance the people she stepped on to get ahead, the people she feels are “beneath her” at the studios, the production staff and anyone that isn’t wearing a 10K suit to work…maybe because she’s such a bad person she’s being punished by not being able to have children.

Maybe instead of IVF she needs to be a better human being.

Jillian on

Did Rachel Zoe have a child? Or did I dream that one?

Joan on

She’s a bad person, she treats everyone beneath her badly and did horrible things to get ahead in her career. She has put many people down and ruined a few careers because of her demands. She doesn’t deserve to have IVF work for her, what she needs to do is work on being a better human being.

liz on

International adoption is much less risky than domestic adoption is. US laws are so messed up, we were put off by it all together and chose international adoption. It is frustrating to hear people make comments like that–it isn’t anyone else’s business.

izzy on

She’s got love, but wants a child. I’ve got a child and desperately want love. God bless her and Bill. I don’t know how I would feel if I couldn’t get pregnant. It was the most anxiety-filled thing, but a blessing to be able to experience it. Every woman fit to be a mother should be able to experience it. I hope that IVF works for her.

Anon on

Do we even know if she can/has tried to gain weight? When I was in my 20s/30s I was skinny as a rake, and not by choice. It was just genetics – I didn’t work out, ate a lot of whatever I wanted but still stayed below 50kg (100 pounds, probably, to you Americans). Now of course I’m in my 40s I don’t have that problem any more!
But if she really is keeping it off for the sake of her career, that’s just silly. There are plenty of successful presenters that aren’t rail-thin.

But I also think she should be applauded for making her infertility public – at least it’s sending a realistic message. I get so sick of celebrities getting pregnant for the first time in their mid-40s and making out like it was thanks to their healthy lifestyle. Whatever!

Kara on

Amen to that! Why is it that it only seems women care about how other women become moms? Men don’t pull this crap. However a woman chooses to become a mother other women should just congratulate and help her out, not scold her choices. Best of luck to them whether IV works or if they choose to adopt.

Sue on

Does she know that if she does get pregnant, she’ll have to gain weight then?

Jillian on

When did she treat you bad? What was it you were doing with her? Maybe you were rude to her and being a b****.

Kim on

We tried to get pregnant for 4 years; right after I said, “maybe it’s just not meant to be for us,” we got pregnant, naturally, with identical twin boys! SO thrilled. Then, they were born sick and one passed away after 52 days and our other son passed away the day he turned 6 months. Total devastation. We then ended up adopting older children, from the US, because so many older kids don’t get adopted and it’s not their fault they end up in state custody. Prior to that we did try to adopt an infant – in the US and a “christian” organization robbed us of $7,500!!!! Then, we tried internationally and we just coudn’t afford it – or we would have. However you decide to make your own family be what you want is a personal decision and should not be judged by outsiders – including other family members!

Jonna on

It doesn’t metter that adoption is their second choice or that if that second choice is what presents it self that she chooses to adopt from her home country. I have three beautiful children after 7 pregnancies 4 of which ended in miscarriages and my last two pregnancies with my son and youngest daughter being extremely difficult. We chose that even though we would love to have more children it was in the best interest of myself to choose that when we decide to add to our family it will be through adoption. And when that time come that child will be loved no less than our 3 that our biological. Adopting is something that I have always wanted to do anyways. A person shouldn’t be judged on how they start their family. What matters is how they cherish that family once they get it.

Amanda on

Oh come on people, underweight and malnourished people in 3rd world countries become pregnant and carry babies to term every day. Sure, it might help her get pregnant sooner if her weight is causing her irregular periods but honestly I don’t follow this couple at all and by the picture she doesn’t look *extremely* skinny, just thin. I wonder what you all would be saying if her dr told her to lose 10-20lbs to get pregnant? Then he’d just be judgemental right? Cause being overweight can cause infertility too along with increase the risk of many pregnancy complications.



Deb J on

Giuliana and Bill, please consider just taking a good amount of time off from your jobs. Head over to Italy for a few months and just relax. Take in the sunshine, be near the water, dig your feet into the sand and just enjoy nature. I really believe all the stress in your lives has had an impact on you not being able to successfully conceive. Please, please think about it. I know you both will be terrific parents!

cee on

hey Anon,

if you check out her website, she has sample “meal plans” posted and it’s clear that she’s a a celery & carrot sticks kind of girl, if that much. it’s pretty well known that she has an ED. and she’s admitted before that her doctor’s have told her to gain weight in order to get pregnant, but she won’t.

An Adoptive Mom on

I’m guessing that a lot of the people who are jumping all over indira don’t have too much experience with adoption. As an adoptive mom, I can honestly say that adoption shouldn’t be something that’s looked upon as “well, if ‘x’ doesn’t work, then I guess we’ll just have to adopt.”

While adoption is a beautiful way to expand a family, but it’s also born out of a loss: the birthmother loses the ability to parent her birth child, the child loses his/her birthparents, and the adoptive parents need to let go of the fantasy of having their genes continued into the next generation.

I used to think like Guiliana–that I would try everything to have my own child and then I would just adopt and ‘save’ another child. How WRONG I was, and how grateful I am to have had my eyes opened prior to beginning our adoption journey. I didn’t “save” my daughter; she didn’t need saving. People who go into adoption thinking that they’re ‘saving’ a child will get a rude awakening in the first few months of that child being home. It’s NOT like adopting a puppy or kitten from the pound.

I should also add that while my daughter may not be the mini me I had dreamed about for so many years, she’s even better–she’s her own person with her own personality. I’m incredibly blessed and humbled to call myself my daughter’s mom. She didn’t grow nine months in my body, but she’s 100% my daughter.

I hope and pray that this couple looks deep within before starting the path to adoption. To look at it like a second choice or a way to save a child is just setting everyone up for heartbreak and failure.

Elizabeth on

Giuliana, you need to gain some weight. Your weight has a lot to do with how hormones work in the body. I am 5’7″. When I was 16, I was under-weight. I had not started my periods so my mom brought me to a gynecologist. They put me on estrogen for a week and then birth control pills for a month. I finally started my period. When I was 39 years old, I dieted/exercised from 125 lbs down to 110 lbs. I was having hot flashes and my immune system was a wreck. I gained the weight back and everything returned to normal. Seriously, try it. Gain some weight and see what happens.

gottabelieve on

Good luck to you both! IVF is very trying and emotionally painful. Finally after my third attempt, it was successful for my husband and I, and our second child came along soon after through IVF very easily. Do what you feel you need to do, and don’t worry about those who judge you for it. No one knows what it is like to long for a child of their own, and struggle to achieve it. Hoping to hear good news from you after this try!

Amaryllis on

I thought that they were taking time off for “a year of fun”? Not much that’s involved with IVF qualifies as fun!

Julie on

Why go public with such private information for a couple.I agree 100% with the message about adopting here in the USA, if not, go live in the country you adopt from. Then we will see see how you will adapt to a foreign culture. This woman is so darn ugly, it’s easy to figure out why she can’t get pregnant.

Julia on

Guiliana and Bill…..I too, adopted from another country….she has brought so much joy to our family and hearts….bless you both!

normajean on

I am hoping and praying that this time it happens! I love you both!

Amy on

Guiliana — we went through the exact thing. I was very skinny at first (size 2 maybe) and after gaining about 10 pounds, the 3rd IVF try worked. I know you think being thin doesn’t matter to conceive, but doctors really recommend having a few extra pounds and not being rail thin. PLEASE put on some weight and stop working out for a while. You’ll be so glad you did…when IVF works. I’m praying for you.

Ruby on

Honey, pray that God would intervene in this situation for you and give you the desires of your heart….

Kelli on

I don’t understand what’s wrong with some of you women. Julie, wow, just…wow.

Liz on

B & G- wish you all the luck- I really hope this round of IVF works for you! Ignore the negative comments…wishing you much happiness!

Gail on

Julie,. you are so rude. You say Guiliana is ugly and can’t get pregnant for that reason? You sound like a real idiot..what kind of stupid remark is that? Shame on you stupid!

Angel on

I love these two, they are a great couple. I really enjoy watching their show. The banter between the two of them is funny! They are great people, and fun to watch. I really hope they get pregnant this time around, they sure deserve it after all they have been through trying to have a baby. I think the offer on their Chicago house came at a good time for them. I think it was God’s way of getting them in the same city, so they have more time together, and things can settle down a bit, less travel and stress, and hopefully then they will get pregnant. 🙂 Definitely wish them all the best, and look forward to seeing more of the show.

Gail on

Julie, you must be fat and ugly!!!!

Christine on

Hang in there. Our first IVF cycle did not work with our surrogate, but the second did! Now we are busier than ever chasing OUR daughter around!! Just when you think all hope is lost, you will get your wish!

Amy on

I’ll be praying for them! I hope they will be able to get pregnant AND adopt before or after. Whatever happens, God has a plan for you Giuliana and Bill…and it’s better than you can imagine! Keep your head up!

Gigi on

There is a different journey for each and every child. They are all arrived at under different circumstances and for different reasons- wanted, unwanted, birthed, adopted….as long as they are loved and cared for, what’s the difference. There is no cookie cutter scenario and no reason other than our own insecurities that we judge one another. Good luck to B and G!

Christina on

It’s great she’s talking so openly about infertility. There’s so many couples that face this and people who can conceive have no idea what it feels like to suffer loss and heart break.

Whether she’s gets pregnant, adopts or choose surrogacy it’s a personal choice. No one should judge her for how she becomes a parent. The more things like this are discussed the more accepting people will become. Their children will have easier lives with less ignorance and more acceptance.

Bridget on

To each their own and I certainly do hope that they are blessed with a child, either via IVF or adoption. Personally, if I ever adopt it will be a child from the US…preferably an older child since they are so often forgotten in everyones’ quest for a newborn.

Donna Ward on

i love watching Guiliana on Fashion Police and on E! News and I wish all the best to her and her husband in their efforts to become parents…but I think they might stand a better chance if she would gain some weight…she has mentioned before on the View that her fertility doctor has told both of them that she needs to gain at least 10-15 lbs of body weight if she ever plans on being pregnant and she stated that the idea of gaining weight horrified her because in Hollywood she is expected to maintain a certain body type and weight gain is unacceptable….even for pregnancy!

Angelina on

The whole trendy, celebrity adopting from overseas things is really old for me. These kids are not souveniers from your favorite country, they are children and there are children here in the U.S. who need good homes but again, that isn’t the “in” thing to do. THAT is sad. And, I agree that if she is not willing to gain 10 pounds to get pregnant, then maybe it is just not that important to her or she should get help for her weight issues before she even thinks about being a mom. She is too skinny and she will not get pregnant or keep a pregnany being that skinny.

jojo on

Dear Santa Clarita

You have it the nail on the head if they really want a better chance of conceiving
and hopefully carrying a child to term, they need to determine if they are willing
to cut the stress of their lives out for a time. Their jobs are high pressure and that
cannot be helping.

I think if they could take a year off of everything – move to a small town or internationally and live an ordinary life – and that means that she JUST EAT what
she likes, sleep, relax and just enjoy living without the hollywood hype, perhaps
then she would set her body up to conceive.

This is a case where their lifestyle may actually be getting in the way of mother
nature. I hope the best for them and I hope they actually come to this conclusion
so that they can try something different to get the baby they want.

Molly on

The people attacking her about gaining weight are probably the same ones who criticize celebrities for even gaining five pounds. Unless you are HER medical doctor, just shut up about her weight. Some of you I have seen also say some babies posted here are ‘too fat’ and need a diet.

fuzibuni on

Hey people, chill out on Indira! She makes a good point and doesn’t deserve this kind of backlash.

This is obviously a sensitive issue for many people. I think some of you are reacting defensively because it’s hard to hear what she has to say.

lyly on

Im sending Baby dust your way! xoxo
the third its the charm.

Geraldine on

Oh how I wish them luck. I miscarried in my 2nd trimester and it was such a painful , sad feeling. I had never to this day exp. such a low point….packing away everything you had planned in your mind and heart… I later went through 2 rounds of IVF, its such a hard thing to do emotionally and physically….but I felt if there was a chance then I needed to try. I watch their show and felt their disappointment when she miscarried. Guilana & Bill people are rooting for you!

BKB on

I love the Rancics. They are wonderful people, and SO WHAT if they are in the wonderful world of Hollywood. They are still as nornmal as they see it! God Bless them with any child!!!! They deserve it!!!

s on

I agree- she needs to gain 10lbs. Her body is not prepped for pregnancy… and, I have a toddler and have also run three marathons this year. I am not saying this because I am chubby. I’m not. Too thin? No baby can just be one result.

celebsarah on

While a small weight gain might benefit their efforts, think of Nicole Richie when she conceived Harlow. Finding out that she was pregnant erased (for me) the idea that someone could be so skinny it would affect their fertility. You don’t get much skinnier or unhealthy-looking than Nicole at that time.

Juls on

Indira – I am the oldest of 3 children and I was adopted while both of my siblings are biological. My mother had 3 miscarriages before she and my father decided to adopt me. Three years later she gave birth to my brother, and 4 years after that my sister was born.

There was not a single day in my 39 years of life that I have ever felt like a second class family member. I have a fantastically funny, loving family and I feel that love every day.

As a matter of fact, I feel more part of the family as I was picked. My siblings were surprises.

Julie on

I might be considered fat to a California twig like Giuliana, but I can get pregnant!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!! I have 19 kids!!!

Rose on

Indira is always on here making negative comments. Just ignore her/him. Always trying to get people going. and if that is what he/she truly believes then so be it. Even closed-minded judgemental people have the right to say their peice.

Gail on

hahaha, Julie is another duggar, yeah right…I love the Duggars! I think Julie is fugly! Why else would she make remarks like she does????

rachel on

Well, they do say that things happen for a reason. Who will raise this child when they have one? The hired help? She is too much into herself and her career. It’s obvious when the dr. told her to gain weight and she lost it!

Abigail on

I love watching this couple and how much love and fun they have for each other! I only hope for the best for them in IVF or in adoption! It doesn’t matter where the child comes from, every child deserves loving parents!! Prayers that IVF works!!

Kristi on

Julie, that was really un-called for. And to all those out there, no one really knows all the details behind their journey to conceive, and whereas everyone is entitled to their opinion, not all the facts are given. So no one really knows for sure besides themselves and the doctors behind why they are having fertility issues. This is a sensitive topic, so hurtful things arent really necessary. If you are an adult, act like one.

Jenn on

I think she is so brave to talk about this. It is hard for women to admit they are having difficulty having children. Guiliana is opening th door for women to not be ashamed. I hope it works this time for you, Guiliana!

NebraskaGal on

It drives me crazy when people condemn you from adopting from the place that you have been called to. Most of the time it is from people who haven’t even adopted at all! Yes, I know that children in America need homes…but so do international children. Every child deserves a family and if every family who claim they are christians would adopt a child, then there would be no more orphans. Imagine that!

Karin on

I hope it works out for them. I was blessed with two sons who are now 21 and 25. I cannot imagine the stress they are under. Best of luck!

JS on

I hate to say it but a woman’s weight can hinder getting pregnant. Maybe she needs to gain some weight. She looks like a skeleton!

Holly on

My husband and I did IVF, it failed the first time, we miscarried the 2nd time and have 2 twins babies from our 3rd attempt.. so keep trying it could work. We couldn’t adopt because of our ages combined prevented adopting a baby from the US or another country. Plus, adoption is really expensive, and so is IVF. We also are considering foster care in the future.

guest on

Don’t give up on your dream of having kid of your own!
I know how hard it could be, I went trough IVF myself and I remember all the physical and emotional pain like it was yesterday, But when I look at
my 2-1/2 years old twin girls I know it was all worth it! And I will do it again in a second!

Shea on

Good for them. I hope it works. They are really good people!

Indira on

Thanks fuzibuni, people are really running with my comment. I really didn’t think it was that controversial…

Heidi on

we were told we had less then 5% chance even with IVF, I look at my b/g twins that are now 6 years of age and know that GOD blessed us. Sometimes changing the protocol helps. I know with IVF they told me to gain 10 lb when I finally did that is when I got pregnant. After the twins I lost the weight.

I am praying for you and the other show the “little couple”

lika on

when did it become fashionable to make one’s conception decisions public fodder for discussion? geez people, is nothing private anymore? can we hold nothing sacred, nothing secret, nothing to ourselves? who the bleep gives a bleep whether these two untalented, contributing nothing to the world egotistical nobodies have children. i read some of the comments and i would venture that not one of you knows either of them and yet you are all sure that they will make wonderful parents. i’ve only seen them on the apprentice and e news and they seem like they are shallow egotistical money grubbing selfish forty somethings…just right for parenting.

fuzibuni on

Rose, please speak for yourself, because personally I enjoy reading Indira’s comments. She makes intelligent and often witty responses that make this website fun to read and often provoke discourse. Without her, this thread would be a bore, so don’t chase her away, okay?

I don’t think there was anything in her comments above that warranted the personal attacks. We are all entitled to our opinions. Rock on Indira.

kcl on

What about surrogacy? If the embryos are viable, and there is someone willing to carry the child for her, it’s an excellent choice.

Molly on

Fuzibuni, you’re an idiot. Only idiots enjoy that heartless bitch’s comments

Nancy on

I have personally watched a life long friend go through infertility. It is heart breaking to watch, when joy of joys she got pregnant from IVF and I was pregnant at the same time. I was going to have a pregnancy buddy, then even more heartbreak happened, she miscarried at 14 weeks. I came home with twins and she knitted the blankets they came home in and had their first pictures taken in the hospital in. I hugged her as she bawled her eyes out, but never once was she upset that I was having two when she could not even have one. It took her a few years before she was willing to try the IVF again and joy of joys it worked again but this time it resulted in a full term 9 pound baby boy. IVF is not a easy choice either is adoption, but it is their CHOICE and how ever they want to have their family, just pray they can have what they want and the joys of raising a child weather you carry them under your heart or they come into your heart from adoption, it does not matter all that matters is that they were wanted and are loved.

Wintermute on

Caucasian children are very hard to adopt in the US, there aren’t that many available. It is fraught with tension among both the AA and white communities for white parents to adopt an African American child or vice versa. Adopting internationally has its own challenges but if you do it legally then those are manageable.

All children are deserving of love, wherever they were born.

SLB on

The only thing that upsets me (if I can even say it did upset me because it didn’t) was when the doctor told her she needed to gain 5lbs and she cried about it for days because of her career. I think she may have ended up gaining 10 before getting IVF on the show…but really…if you want a kid that bad you would gain 200 lbs if you were told to do it with out batting an eye. Her weight could definitely be a factor and I can’t believe 5 or 10 lbs would put her in a healthy weight range…she is super skinny. Although trying to conceive is a struggle I may never know I lost sympathy for her after that episode and stopped watching shortly after.

Molly on

Indira, everyone knows you’re heartless. Deal with it

Guest on

Meg: The world will be a better place if many people are like you.

juls on

Santa Clarita, no disrespect, but Rachel Zoe weight 6 pounds and she got pregnant, so why Giuliana can’t pregnant because of her weight, she will get pregnant when it’s for them to have a baby, you can’t rush time. Everthing take time, when the time righ her and husband will be having beautiful babies. God bless them both.

caroline on

They (and anyone else who is wanting to conceive but having a difficult time) should look into The Creighton Method of fertility care with the application of NaPro technology. It is 80% more effective in achieving pregnancy than IVF for those who have tried for more than a year without success. You don’t have to use any hormones/shots etc… either. I hope they are successful – IVF, adoption, whatever! Parenthood is a wonderful gift.

Anonymous on

She is talking about adopting from another country.

fuzibuni on

Molly dear, your comments actually made me chuckle. A word of advice… while insulting someone for being an “idiot” or “heartless bitch” it’s best to refrain from acting like one yourself. 🙂 Cheers.

eva on

She needs to eat some food !! simple..Her body does not have the necessary nourishment to sustain an embryo!! what happened to sacrifice!! She needs to try and gain weight then go IVF way..just try…

Kris on

Between the two of them, they probably make over $5 million a year. Why don’t they just adopt a darn child? I’m so sick of hearing about their attempts at IVF. There are so many underprivileged kids in this world and they could give a child such a wonderful life! Also, why don’t they try a darn surrogate? It’s not like they can’t afford it!

hope on

If they really want a child why don’t they put their materialistic ways aside?They are money and power hungry!Bill,stop pluging your career.Guiliana,maybe if you slowed down,stop running around for your job you would get pregnant and maybe not lose another baby.This couple just wants attention not a baby.They would do anything to make a buck!

Elena on

Wow, Molly, making more friends on another thread already? Your family must be so proud of you! Keep up the intelligent and insightful posts, and who knows, you might get your own show on Fox someday!

Polly on

I hope it works this time. I am rooting you both of you. ❤

Royan on

Not every child is a blessing, no. Of course not. Every “child” or every “human.” Sometimes good, sometimes disastrous. Depends on who is doing the rating.

Planet of course has too many people, but that too is a judgment; faster species extinction good/bad depending who is deciding.

I wish these heroic methods weren’t available and adoption seems like a great thing to me. Infertility is sad and challenging, but life is just what it is…..seems these two people have lots of GOOD news in their lives too (I know nothing about them)

soph on

“Your statement shows that you lack common sense and a decent education.”

“sadly your probably a parent or a dumb teenager who thinks she knows everything.”

Aww, there go Grey and Elisabeth showing their ignorance by making assumptions about someone they don’t know. What a shame.

Laughing at Gail…you might as well have just written “waahhh!” as your second comment.

Alicia on

You should adopt from USA. Look up how many children need YOUR HELP. We’re always helping 3rd world countries but now our own. It’s okay to adopt – but seriously – consider it. stay in your own country. I look up to Richardson for staying here. WTG!

Becky on

I was them all the luck 🙂 good luck

Anonymous on

Good luck to them! They should have a right, like everyone else, to pursue parenthood in the manner they feel most comfortable. I am all for international adoption. When Brangelina and Madonna go adopt internationally, does anyone say anything? Give them a break. If she wants to adopt from Italy, it’s her right.

Becky on

My prayers are with them that the third time is a charm! My friend got pregnant on her 4th attempt. I can only try to imagine what it’s like to struggle with infertility-I never had any problems-but my heart aches for people who are dealing with it. I hope they are blessed with a baby of their own soon!

Liz on

How much does anyone want to bet that fuzibuni and Indira are the same person?? I don’t believe two separate people can be so equally ignorant. And, Indira/fuzibuni, I won’t be back to read any comments, so don’t worry about responding!

Marky on

I really resent people acting as if international adoption is a “celebrity thing”! When my husband and I adopted our daughter from Korea after years of fertility treatments because of secondary infertility after the birth of our son, we spent every dime we had (except for $25), and we were still in our 20s. I weighed 102 lbs, when we started the process (primarily from the stress of all I had gone through, and never thinking people as young and very lower middle class as we were could adopt) and still weighed that when we found out I was 3 1/2 mo. pregnant just before our daughter came home. Our second daughter was born 5 months after our first daughter came to us. To this day, our first daughter is the one most like me in personality, in body build, and so many of the things we like. When she was first assigned to us, she had malnutrition, and was grossly underweight for her age, but she thrived and today is married with a family of her own, and we are still close, as I am to all my children.

Later, when we were a foster family for nearly 15 years, I never had a single child who was in nearly the condition she was, though I know it occasionally happens. Koreans in Korea (as opposed to ones in the States) do not, by and large believe in adoption, so these children languish in orphanages because they aren’t connected by blood to any one who will take them. Foster care is for only a few in these countries. Most of you get some big emotional reaction about international adoption, as opposed to domestic (which we have also done), but you haven’t done enough true research to realize, kids in the States ARE better off than those in other countries. The son we adopted domestically would easily have been adopted by someone, even at nearly 4 yrs old, and would never have starved or been in the distress our daughter was in. I know many foster parents who have done a magnificent job with all the children they had, many of them did fos-adopt and of the hundreds, perhaps more than a thousand, foster families I knew , only one was a family who was closed and that wasn’t because they weren’t caring for their foster children properly.

I would never tell someone how to build their family and, truthfully, these people share their story to help others going through the same thing, and for whatever other reasons. None of us have a right to judge, or choose for them.

walter on

I wish nothing but the best for them. They will be wonderful parents no matter what. I love their reality show! I just love how they feed off of each other. And how she calls her husband “Rancic”. I was crying my eyes out on the episode she found out she miscarried. They just seem like genuine nice people that deserve nothing but the best. Good luck you guys! xoxo.

paola on

The reality is that they will not be able to adopt from Italy. There are very few babies in Italy up for adoption. Most Italian couples who want to adopt look outside of Italy. I hope they are able to have the family that they have been dreaming of…but it won’t be with Italian adoption.

Indira on

lol the heartless bitch thing made me smile, Molly. Coming from you, who must be the second coming of SAR…It means a lot to me. P.S –I prefer the words callous or unfeeling they go better with bitch.

I can assure you that I am not fuzibuni, but I appreciate her kind words.

Anonymous on

Wishing you good thoughts. God has a plan for you , and either way you will be blessed. I believe your heart should guide you on when and from where you adopt .Best wishes .

Erica on

You know, out of curiosity I took a look at Giuliana’s meal journal and it is truly disturbing. Her daily intake mostly consists of tea, energy drinks, water, more tea, and oh, a couple protein bars. Honestly you would think the worst thing in her life would be gaining a single ounce. I get that the pressure to stay thin and “camera ready” must be immense but is it worth taking away your own fertility (especially when you are spending thousands of dollars to become pregnant?) She needs to step back and evaluate whether the attention is worth being so underweight. I hope she realizes it’s possible to be thin and healthy at the same time without starving yourself in the process.

When your own doctor tells you to gain weight in order to conceive that should trump all vanity if you truly want a biological child.

PS I remember when Giuliana first came on as an E! Correspondent and she was absolutely beautiful…not borderline gaunt as she is now.

Shannon on

@ Julie-This is so much more then she just needs to gain weight. She is 35 and he is almost 41 years old- they are not 21 trying to get pregnant, she most likely has egg issues and he has come out and said he has issues with his sperm, those issues together will reek havoc on it happening naturally. “Infertility” is defined as trying for more the 6 months without success (with their ages), under age 35 it’s defined as trying for one year without success, they have been married for 4 years, they tried the natural way for 2 years before starting any sort of fertility help, so before you start flapping your mouth get your facts correct.

And if Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie can get pregnant then Guiliana can- they are pin thin and no issues getting pregnant.

Lori on

It isn’t wrong to want to try for a biological child first. I am glad they are not going to spend YEARS trying though because maybe that is not the road God has in mind for them.

As for adopting from another country, Giuliana is right… you go with what your heart tells you. There are a lot of kids here in America, but honestly, as sad as it is, an American orphan is a lot better off than an orphan in many, many other countries.

Good luck to them and their new family! 🙂

Elena on

That Molly is a class act for sure. Posting hateful vitriol on all of the posts on this site, it really ruins the fun for me. Moderators, please ban her!

alicejane on

It blows my mind how many people feel that one should adopt from their own country, instead of internationally. There are children in EVERY country who need loving parents – what makes an American child needier than a child in Korea, or Romania, or any other country? No matter where a child is adopted from, that is one less little one without a home, and that’s all that counts in my books.

Becca on

It is nice to hear about others struggling to conceive a child, because some people don’t realize how hard it is. It seems like everyone around you is getting pregnant when they’re not even trying, and it’s tough when that is all you want in life. I hope that it works for them, or that they are able to have a child in some way, no matter what it is. I hope that my husband and I are able to have a child someday, too.

Jillian on


Even though you said you aren’t coming back, I am sure you will, so thought I’d respond. Fuzibani and indira the same person? I don’t believe so at all. Just because someone defends someone else doesn’t make them the same. Silly theory. They both have very strong, well thoughtout opinions and stick to them. Other than that, they are very different people with different lives. I may not agree with them all the time, but they seem like good AND different people!

theresa muir on

I am a child of adoption, who was adopted at six months old and I am grateful for the parents whom chose me. I was not only nurtured and loved by my parents, also by my grandparents, aunts and uncles.

My parents were told by doctors that my mother would never have children, and gave birth when I was eleven years old, having a baby brother, the answer to family prayers, faith, and patience. He is such a blessing, a good man. I hope that Giuliana and Bill have a child using IVF, that there last attempt is successful. I also hope that Giuliana takes extra special care of her body, as it concerns me the effects on a womans health using IVF. God bless them both.

Alpha on

Indira, you’re such a hypocrite. Of course, having your own biological child is always the first option and adoption isn’t for everyone. So don’t judge these people just because they chose to have their own baby first instead of adopting right away. There’s no other experience more personal and more profound to a woman than carrying her own child and bringing him/her to this world.

sally on

Just curious, Indira… so what you’re saying is that adoption was, is, or will be your first choice in having a child? That’s a very personal decision, and I don’t think you should judge another person’s choice based on your boyfriend’s unfortunate experience.

I had a child naturally, and I also fostered a beautiful baby girl for a year, from the time she was a newborn. I can tell you that the love that I had for both those babies was equal, and when our foster daughter was taken and given back to her incompetent mother, it broke my heart into a million pieces. Adoption is a long and difficult road… it’s either very expensive, difficult to be approved, or you adopt from the foster care system and risk losing the child you and your family has grown so attached to.

It’s very easy to sit at your keyboard and make naive comments on other people’s lives, but maybe you should think before you type.

Jackie on

I dont like this woman and go adopt a baby if its that hard instead of spending all that money

Mona Lisa on

Sara: “Yes because there are going to be so many Italian children being put up for adoption, especially internationally…”

Hahhah 😀 My thoughts exactly. How stupid can they be…

Tawny on

She says a child is a child meaning it does not matter where they come from or what race or religion they are they are a child, a human being like everyone else in the world. They have the choice to do whatever they please and it is a beautiful thing that they can share their struggle with everyone. Giuliana and Bill have really been positive for those who have been trying to conceive because it shows another couple and those in the spotlight are having trouble and aren’t perfect like everyone thinks.

Jess on

A good rebuttal to anyone who’s judgmental and rude enough to inquire as to why an American child wasn’t the first choice for adoption: “Oh yeah? How many American children have you adopted?” Simple.

Lori on

I have watched their show from the beginning and I can see how much they are in love and would be great parents. No matter where they adopt from. It should be their choice and everyone that tries to interject their opinions should just keep it to themselves. Why would anyone think it is their place to tell them where they should adopt from. Giuliana follow your heart and do what is right for you and Bill. I hope we get to see you become parents on your show because I know I will be watching and will be overjoyed for you both. Good luck with the IVF treatment and we will be praying for you both.

Barbara G Bowry on

Guilana take your doctor’s advice and gain 10 pounds,I guarantee you will be pregnant in 3 months!

soph on

Liz: Ah, there it is, a favorite with this crowd, saying “don’t bother responding” and then running away like a child. But you all love telling others to “grow up,” right? Hilarious.

Jodi-Ann Halkett on

Hi Giuliana & Bill,

I have watch your struggles on your show and say “You go for it it Girlfriend”. Everybody says a baby is a gift from God, just remember it doesn’t mattter how that precious gift of a baby comes to you (eg naturally, or IVF or adopation) the end result is you bemome patents and give a child a life. You keep believing because all good things come to those that wait, and you two are good people. Keep beleiving your dream of becomin parents. It will happen one way or another. Never give up.
Keep trying

Gessonia on

Go Gulie…It’s yo burfday!

Anonymous on

good luck to them

Cathy on

Someone wrote that it’s well known that she was told to gain weight and she wouldn’t even do that. Well, I don’t know where they get their information, but she has talked about gaining weight and what she has done to get pregnant.

I don’t know why everyone gets to sit in judgment of her; it’s really ridiculous. After all, it will be their child, not yours, and you won’t have to raise it. She’s making choices that she feels will be best for her, her husband, and for the child, even before it’s born. Where she has it through IVF, adopts here or internationally, why should anyone else think they get a say so? Just because you have access to the Internet doesn’t mean you should be able to bash someone for their choices and think it’s ok.If you wouldn’t say it to her in person if you ever met her, you shouldn’t say it at all. Free speech argument? Please. Rude people just use that as a way of getting away with whatever they want to say, don’t they?

Ohm on

I have to agree with the person that said something about her possibly having an eating disorder. Is she ready for the stress of motherhood? Or better yet, trying to balance motherhood with a high demand job such as television? Worrying about gaining weight at this point should not be her main focus…it doesn’t even make sense. She does understand that there WILL be weight gain with a pregnancy, right?

My sister almost lost my niece because she started eating less when she gained weight from the pregnancy and kept crying she was “fat”. She was both bulimic and anorexic for years and it finally took the doctor telling her she would lose her baby, for her to finally eat. And now my niece also has an eating disorder from watching my sister abuse her body for years after her pregnancy.

All I’m saying, is that if she wants a baby SOOOO badly, then she needs to nourish HER body before she can share it with another human that needs hers to grow. If she is SO paranoid about a few pounds showing up on television, or not fitting in to her designer clothes, then adoption is a better option for her and I pray that if it is truly an eating disorder, that she not pass it on to the child. It’s a disease just like alcoholism or drug addiction…it’s mental and tremendously hard to stop.

They appear to be nice people, never seen their show. Hope they find the happiness they are looking for, and hopefully for her, the peace she so desperately needs.

dsfg on

Alicia, I think you should adopt from the USA.

Anonymous on

I reallly think Guiliana would have an easier time getting pregnant if she slowed down, and put on some weight. She is very hard on herself as far as physical appearance is concerned.I follow her on Twitter- she travels alot and that alone is stressful, especially if you are already having trouble conceiving. Money is not an issue for these two-if she wanted to get pregnant bad enough, she would change her lifestyle a bit. She does not even get regular periods-not a good sign. Not all skinny women can conceive-the camera adds 10 lbs and she still looks too thin. She is still young enough that if she put on some weight and took some time off, she will probably end up pregnant. I dunno.. I do wish these two the best but Guiliana seems like her own worst enemy as far as conceiving is concerned.

christa on

What about a Surrogate for them

esme on

I will admit that their show is one of my guilty pleasures, they are very amuzing. However, to all those here posting that people attacking her about her weight should get all the background before talking, it was on last season that her doctor clearly told her she needed to gain weight! How much clearer does that get, clearly if she didn’t want to get grilled on that issued, she could have edited out, since she and Bill are in control of the show, or so the credits say. It’s just a little concerning that she is freaking out over a few pounds to get pregnant, when in reality, if she does end up getting pregnant, she’s expected to gain, what, 30 or 40 pounds? Does she not realize that? I’m just saying. And she probably will bounce right back to that thin figure of hers post pregnancy. In the end, I wish them the best, I think they’ll make great parents! Good luck Bill and Gules

BBB on

@Amanda, no if the doctor told her she were overweight and needed to lose 15-20 pounds instead of gain it I wouldn’t think it were being judgmental. Reproductive challenges come when someone is too thin or too large. She just happens to be on the thin end of the spectrum so people are encouraging her to gain weight. But if she were on the large end losing weight would definitely be advisable.

Anyway, that may not be the problem at all…but it is the only thing people really know about her medical history (her doctor advising her to gain weight) and so that’s where the input is aimed at.

Appreciate on

Kim, I’m sorry for your losses (and the many others here who have shared their experiences). You sound like a lovely person and I wish you, your partner, and your family all the best xo

Faith on

I guess all the people out there who have gone thought IVF have kind words…BUT….if she simply put on some healthy weight and took time off of her schedule…she would probably get pregnant…but I think she is actually too selfish to do those things……………….

marnie on

I understand the pressure that Giuliana is under to stay thin, however this is the time for her to decide what’s more important to her- staying rail thin or having a family. She keeps bringing up the fact that thin women like Rachael Zoe and Nicole Richie got pregnant. However, Rachael and Nicole are shorter, so if a 5’2 person weighs 95 pounds, that’s not nearly as bad as a 5’7″ person weighing 95 pounds. The fact is that her doctor said gaining weight would increase her chances of conceiving, so if she really wanted this child wouldn’t she make the effort to cooperate? The older she gets, the harder it’s going to be. Maybe she should work on her weight issues first, because if not, she will pass those on to her child, especially if it’s a girl, adopted or not.

MelindaC on

As someone who is also struggling with infertility and going through various rounds of IVF, I relate to their pain. It is refreshing to see Guiliana and Bill be so open and sharing of their experiences.

We have elected to simultaneously pursue one last round of IVF and adoption at the same time. There is no such thing as having too many irons in the fire at once. One way or another, we want a child. If these options don’t work for us, we will have to resign ourselves to being the best aunt and uncle we can be. Unfortunately for us, as good as the insurance was, this is the end of our funds for it. These processes are expensive.

I wish Guiliana and Bill all the best, and hope for good news for them (and us too!) shortly. 🙂

Flipper on

bottom line she needs to gain weight and alot of it shes a skeleton, start eating right and stop all the traveling if she expects any fertility treatments to work that is essential, you cannot have it all ive done them all and know what needs to be done to succeed, if she wants this bad enough then take a leave of absense from her job and just do the IVF and pregnancy they certainly have more than enough money to do this, as for adoption i dont see them doing it or they would of done it already

Shannon on

She needs to get her weight problem under control first. They seem like a dysfunctional couple.

Laurie on

I hope for them, 3rd time is a charm! But if not, best of luck to them in their journey. They are an adorable couple and seem to have so much to give. I hope they do adopt from Italy. 🙂

rachel on

Guilliana should really take care of her eating disorder before bringing a child into her life.

Brianna on

At 32, I battled with infertility for 3 years and finally am expecting our first child after IVF. It is a wonderful that a celebrity wants to share their infertility journey with the world. Infertility is so extremely lonely and isolating to go through. To witness someone else going through the same pain and emotions and knowing you are not alone is comforting. Good luck Bill and Giuliana

Insurance can cover a good chuck of IVF. Factor in flexible spending accounts, and people are NOT spending too huge amounts on IVF. Adoption, however, can cost 10’s of thousands of dollars with little to no reimbursement from an employer. It was MUCH more cost effective for us to have our own baby, then adopt. Adoption financially would not be an option for us. Plus, I wanted to carry my and my husband’s child.

Boston on

First, if they want to adopt, it is THEIR choice as to where they would like to adopt from. If you would like to adopt a child, the choice is yours. Please stop the judgement. Also, while adoption is wonderful for so many reasons, there is something to be said for the experience of carrying your child during pregnancy. The first movements, etc. Giving birth is an experience like no other. If her doctor says that he may be able to give her all of the experiences of having a child, they have a right to make that decision without criticism. This is their path to choose, not yours.

Gail on

I did hear once that Guiliana’s eggs are old, one reason she cannot get pregnant. Everyone stop being so negative and move on. If you are not interested in them, stop wasting your time and talking crap about them.

Flipper on

there are alot of young girls having babys in Italy with the right lawyer and alot of money you can very easily get a baby, i have two friends who had no problems adopting newborns from italy but it will cost you…………most are very private adoptions not agency related either…….

Flipper on

being thin and eating good ovulating etc is one thing but being a skeleton living on energy drinks and teas that make you go to the bathroom all day is a whole different story

Kacey on

“Conception begin in the heart not in the womb”. It does not matter whether they try to conceive via IVF or adoption as long as the love exists for a child. I was adopted and no first hand that a Mother’s love regardless of how you came in to the world is the most important thing. I wish them the best of luck as they travel down the sometimes difficult but definitely rewarding path to parenthood.

Kim on

Just read all the comments that everyone posted. Clearly there are some people who need to be educated in this subject, including myself. I must say I have three beautiful children and never struggled with infertility. I do have a sister who has had multiple miscarriages and tried very hard to adopt domestically and internationally. Because she has MS she was turned down and finally decided it wasn’t meant to be. I have three other sisters and they did not struggle at all with getting pregnant. It’s just how it is. Let’s just wish them both the best and enjoy the entertainment their show provides.

Alleson on

For someone who can not have a child with help I understand to continue to try, but the heart break that goes with not being able to have a child no one can describe. Good for them to try again. Maybe they will have a child and also adopt from where she was born. People think it is easy to adopt an American child. It is not always. I can speak from experience. It was long and painful, but in the end it worked out not because of the system but because of the bio mother.

Bored with This Topic on

All this for a brat?

Jen on

Indira must not had any problems having children.

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 4 years and we will either have to use donor egg IVF and if that doesn’t work, then we will adopt. Adoption is not a “last resort” for people. I believe everyone has the right to try to have a child on their own however they deem necessary. If not, then they have the right to adopt. We are doing the same as Bill and Giuliana and I wish them the very best with this horrible struggle.

kELLY on

She’s so thin, might help if she gained a little weight. But then again, even Victoria Beckham got pregnant, so I guess weight might not be an issue.

If she really wants a baby that badly, she should compromise a little with her figure.

Niche on

I agree with those that said she should follow her doctors orders and gain a little weight. There’s a big difference between doing whatever you have to do in order have a child and doing what you want to do to have a child. The difference being a little selfishness. Good luck to them though.

The thing that bothers me more are those women that have commented about having failed attempts at IVF and wanting to adopt but having husbands that are against adopting. How sad! Doesn’t that put strain on the marriage. Is that the end all and be all of hopes for having a child? That is beyond selfish and heartless. If you s desperately want to parent but wont or can’t because your husband says no, what now?

Diana Fetterman on

I can’t believe this column is up next to a whole slew of celebrities and their babies. That is a bit thoughtless.

Lisa on

I have never heard of these two, but Id like to commend them for talking publicly about infertility. Its nothing to be ashamed of and after reading the comments, its apparent how naive people are. I’m sorry they have to deal with all the hate/disrespect, but if by them talking openly about infertility helps just one other couple, its worth it.

Tina on

Bill and Guiliana,

I know that this has been real hard for the two of you and I only wish the utmost best for the both of you to finally become parents! I admire the both of you for allowing the public in on something that others keep private for the fear of the media backlash. May God Bless you both and give you the precious gift(s) of a child of your own.

Best Wishes,


Daisy on

This is a very dumb conversation and I can’t believe I am commenting. This issue of adopting international is funny to me. I believe someone commented that children here in the states are actually better off then children internationally. I think a child without a home with love and opportunties anywhere is pretty sad and all those you prefer adopting internationally I wish you would be honest and really explain why you chose to adopt internationally with all the children here in foster care many times for years. I would just like an honest answer then maybe I would understand because the excuses your talking about are pretty stupid.

Chelsea on

I wish them the best trying to have a baby. I’m pretty sure that when they do try IVF one more time she’s gonna end up having a baby or even twins. 🙂

Kristen on

Maybe it would help if she gained some weight!

Jackie on

You hear of a lot of stories of infertility and the stress of it all breaking up couples. I’m glad you two took a year off for fun (while many others cannot do that financially) and are not giving up! What’s meant to be will be, and it will all work out the way it’s planned. Good luck and just remember that there will always be others judging. Don’t let it bother you! It’s your life, not theirs.

Marta on

I wish you two all the best 🙂 I love watching your show. And truly Giuliana you are my idol 🙂 i wish i could be just like you someday when I grow up 🙂 Lots of love from Croatia :*

C on

Also, does anybody here realise Giuliana is Italian? They got married in Italy, too. So it’s hardly surprising they might want to adopt an italian child and raise it in the US. Indira, your ignorance and judgemental attitude towards couples struggling to conceive is tragic.

jessicad on

I had to google her comments on weight gain because I figured that was more of a rumor, but she said a lot of things about it. She admits to being insecure and going on a cleanse to lose the 7 lbs she gained trying to get pregnant, and she works in a superficial industry so she has to be thin. I would quit any industry that forced me to be unhealthy, especially if it could be keeping me from having a child. She could gain 15 lbs and still be the smallest person on that network! There are tons of famous women who aren’t stick figures and I can think of 3 or 4 off the top of my head who have shows on E!. I’m sad for her for different reasons now, instead of speaking out against the pressure she just lost the weight and let the industry and her insecurities win.

Flora on

Wow! I honestly cannot believe the insensitive comments on here. And for those who say, who cares? Why did you bother to click on the article and read it. Shame on all the people who made negative and rude comments. This truly proves how ignorant some people are and how more people need to seek God. And by the way, the dumd people that are upset that there are celebrities that can afford expensive treatments or anything else for that matter. Get over it! Their success is not a reflection of anyone’s failure or lack of. Pure jealousy is the devil. Don’t read People or entertainment articles if it bothers you that much. God bless you Guillana and Bill and may you be blessed with whatever you desire in your hearts.

sheryl on

Giuliana – My husband and I just found out 2 weeks ago that we are pregnant after 2 years of trying and 4 rounds of IUI. We suffered a miscarrage 2 years ago and wasn’t able to conceive until now. After 3 failed attempts you really start to believe it will never work. Going into round 4 I had no hope but was just going through the motions. This was our last attempt before going to IVF. I almost skipped the procedure. I’m so glad I didn’t and I’m so glad my husband kept pushing me to not lose faith and keep trying. It worked and your persistence will work for you too 🙂

I follow you on twitter and know you are reading these comments. I hope my story gives you some faith.

Jessyca on


Since I follow you on Twitter, I hope you are still reading these. My first opinion is that you need to gain some weight. 10 pounds wouldn’t hurt you, you have a very long figure with awesome long legs. I think that would help, especially since the doctor suggested it as well. Secondly, screw what Hollywood expects you to look like, you’re not going to be tiny carrying a baby for 10 months.
Thirdly, I’m glad that adoption is a choice but have you and Bill thought about surrogacy? I think that would be closer to having your own before having someone elses. I do agree with adoption, I hope to adopt myself one day. I just hope you have considered all options before giving up completely. I also hope that if you are able to conceive a child that you still adopt at a later time, just don’t be like Bragelina.

Good luck and God Bless.

Tory on

Guiliana, don’t listen to half of the idiots on this blog. The horrible comments that are said about you are from people who have nothing else better to do. Do what’s right for Bill and you. Best wishes 🙂

Marie on

Julie, I am a tree hugging, vegan eating, CA girl & I have a child.

Good Luck to both of them!

Jessyca on

what happened to my comment?

Capri on

I wish them all the luck in the world…their such a cute couple & deserve to have a baby. Eat a Big Mac Giuliana…please…no matter what your DR says…you need to gain some weight…you’re still beautiful regardless. I hope they get pregnant…. =-/

She's so anorexic on

They may as well adopt. Let’s face it, she doesn’t eat. She’s never get pregnant or be able to carry a baby when she’s 40 pounds.

Marilyn on

She is annoying. If she had maintained a decent weight instead of trying to be a 00 she would have gotten pregnant. She thinks she is a “movie star commentator” and she is tiresome. I feel sorry for him as he is caught in the middle of does he really believe her bs?

kaila on

im very proud of her for not giving up. i know that losing a baby can be hard and it takes a lot of strength to come back and accept it and live a normal life. i say keep trying and if not that. adopt from wherever you want you are your own person and this is your family

Mary on

Giuliana, I love your show, and I love the relationship you have with your husband. Its beautiful!

I know a few women who tried IVF, and it did not work for them, and the whole process was so hard. I really sympathize with your struggle. I know your probably have one trillion people throwing advice at you, and I will be one more 😉 Before you try IVF again, try this. Its natural, less invasive, and has a much much higher success rate than IVF. It has turned lives around.

Praying for you, Beautiful!

MLS on

It drives me nuts when people rush to judge other people and they always have a comment or suggestion about what they think somebody else should be doing. It’s their life, their decision. Unless you’ve walked a mile in someone else’s shoes you have no right to tell them that they should be adopting a kid from here. It’s their personal business.

Lisa on

Sure, people like Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie conceived when very slim, but those are two examples of exceptions. It does not take a doctor to know that you maximize your odds for a healthy pregnancy by being a healthy weight. If she was predisposed to infertility already, the weight thing will hurt her. Ironically, I cannot watch any of her shows because I can’t stand watching someone so emaciated. It’s not attractive.

I do wish them much luck though; infertility is heartbreaking.

Marie on

Giuliana, I meet you once last summer in chicago at a restaurant downtown (I’m sure you know which one it is, you went there kind of often). Anyways, you seemed so sweet & down to earth and I was so happy to meet you. At the time, I recently found out that I was pregnant and since I’m really young I was so embarassed about it but then I just realize how happy you would of been if you were pregnant and how difficult your journey has been so I decided to embrace my pregnancy and not be embarassed about it even though I was only at teenager at the time. You know what it is best for YOU and if you think you can handle doing IVF one more time then you should go for it. And if it doesn’t work out, adoption is also an amazing option that we have in our world today. Like you said, a child is a child and it does not matter if he it is from USA or Italy or Africa. Don’t listen to everyone judging you, you need to follow your heart and it would be amazing to be able to adopt someone from where you are from. Not only will that baby have amazing opportunities but what counts the most is how much love you are able to give that baby and that is all he/she needs. Follow your heart, God always has a plan for us. God knows what we are fighting for. One day we will know why things in our lifes ended up happening this way and if IVF doesn’t work out it is because God wanted you to adopt a baby that otherwise would not be able to have a family that loves them.

abdcmom on

Best of luck to you both. I’ll be praying for you.

angie on

I like this couple! I love watching their show! I think they are very real and very relatable. Celebrities are viewed as being perfect and having it all. Finally we have a celebrity couple who has a real marriage and goes through the same struggles as “normal” people! Best of luck to Giuliana and Bill!

Jen on

I love Bill & Giuliana and wish them the best of luck. Any child would be so lucky to have them as parents (it does not matter where that child comes from). Follow your heart!

Autumn on

I wish you all the luck in the world and thank you for making your struggle public. So many of us have struggled with infertility and miscarriage and yet we are still a silent minority. There was a door at the end of our suffering and I hope you are walking through yours soon. Courage! This journey is not for the faint of heart.

W-Blog on

She looks very starved to me and should definately gain some weight before becoming pregnant – to ensure that a possible baby and herself would not be malnourished during a pregnancy, which can have serious consequences for the health of both.

fuzibuni on

Hey Jillian… Thanks 🙂

Naiky B on

Giuliana and Bill…I am praying for your dream of becoming parents to become a reality no matter how it happens! You both seem like amazing people and deserve the blessing of having children. I have two amazing daughters whom I love with all my heart. I really hope and pray this next round of IVF works!!! Ignore all the negative and ridiculous comments on here and listen to all the wonderful and loving ones from those of us who want to see your dream of becoming come true. Lots of luck!!!

GeGe on

I think she should try and gain a little weight, she maybe under-weight and that could be affecting her fertility?!
If they are really determined to have a baby made up of their genetic material, using a surrogate is another option and is ‘in’ in Hollywood?!!

W-Blog on

I would at least try to gain weight untill my body mass index is at least 20 (=healthy weight) by eating a healthy diet containing a bit of everything (-> to ensure your body that it could fed a baby).


i love them but honestly i think i might just have to agree with the others….. she really needs to gain weight she like scares me skinny how can she carry a baby with what hips!! I LOVE U G BUT PLEASE GAIN LIKE 10 POUNDS!!! AND LEAVE HER ALONE EVERYONE HAS THERE OWN RIGHT TO WHAT THEY WANNA DO…ADOPTING IS BEAUITFUL FROM WHERE EVER U GO BUT U ALL GIRLS WANNA HAVE THERE HUSBANDS BABIES FEEL THEM KICK BOND WITH THEM EAT RIGHT FOR THEM BEST OF LUCK G&B I HOPEURE BLESSED WITH A BEAUTIFUL CHILD!!

amanda on

I agree she needs to gain a bit of weight. I hope it works out for them, I think they would be good parents.

Autumn on

I’m sure G. is under the care of a good reproductive endocrinologist who would have already suggested gaining weight if that were at all a factor but it’s likely not to be a factor – much to the reverse – overweight women are told to lose weight before IVF because it doesn’t work as well in very overweight women. Trust me that anyone willing to put themselves through IVF is willing to gain 10 pounds if it would help them because at that point you will do anything so I think this whole line of questioning her physique is not helpful/sound.

Sam on

I think it is incredibly brave that G & B are sharing their struggles with the world. I also struggle with infertility and it is often very lonely to go through. Watching their show has made my husband and I feel not alone in this. I admire their honesty and hopefulness. As for the weight issue, not everyone can gain wait at the drop of a hat. Her weight may not the reason she can’t get get pregnant so don’t judge her and badmouth her for that.

Kate on

I absolutely adore Giuliana and Bill’s show and completely respect the fact that they have chosen to make their infertility struggle public. It has helped many people realize that conceiving isn’t always a piece of cake.

They are such great people and honestly deserve a child in their lives. Whether it comes naturally, through IVF, or via adoption, that child will be so loved. I wish them the best of luck through this tough process. It is no one’s place to judge them, at all!!

Thanks G&B for creating such a real tv show that young people like me can enjoy and respect.

IF specialist on

Do they have unexplained infertility? Male factor infertility? Endometriosis, PCOS? There are so many other factors to consider here. G is 36-37 years old? Any RE will tell you that advanced maternal age and poor egg quality is an issue to consider after >35.

Dana on

I commend and respect this couple. I am one of 4 siblings. My mother is a Grandmother to 4 wonderful children, not one from me. My three siblings have all given her a Grandchild. I will not EVER be able to do that. I was born with a life long disease that leaves me infertile. My husband and I can not afford all the medical things that would be required for me to become pregnant and have a successful pregnancy. I am Biploar as well so adoption would never happen even though I am very stable with that. I am not sure what hurts more….never feeling the love for a child of my own and feeling a child grown inside me….OR not being able to provide a Grandchild/niece/nephew for my family. I don’t care HOW this couple gets a child/children. They deserve the blessing they are able to achieve whether by pregnancy or adoption. I know the empty feeling they must have right now and am glad they are able to fill the hole.

Angela on

I think it’s great they are talking abt these issues. I have Turner’s Syndrome and have known since around age 11 could not get pregnant due to no ovaries. Only option is IVF or adoption. Being married 11 yrs it is starting to get hard constantlly being asked “Any kids?” or “Do you not want children?” ANYWAYS, think it’s good to have infertility getting some attention.

Dana on

@Angela…..I have Turners as well! I have known since age 9 I would not easily have children. Married 7 years, can not afford to do anything to have a child. My family/friends never ask about us having kids. No one knows how badly I would love be pregnant 1 time and have a healthy baby. Sigh….I guess that just is how life goes.

Dana on

@Angela… have ovaries with Turners. I was told by my doctor at age 9, he’s a leader in the disease too. Worked directly under the person who discovered Turners….We have all the equipment to sustain a pregnancy….just no eggs to produce a pregnancy. SO I am not sure why you said no ovaries. That is not right. Whoever told you that was wrong.

kaylene on

I really hope that they are blessed with a baby or babies! I actually pray for them that they will have a miracle happen for them. No one understands the heartache of infertility treatments. Every month is like losing a baby you never had and its simply mentally and physically exhausting. I found success after 4 years of ttc and I hope they can find that joy as well. Everyone needs to stop all the rude comments about this its extremely private and personal.

Angela on

@Dana-would certainly love to be pregnant once, also. Really frustrating to think of all the people who get pregnant w/out wanting to or really trying for $0 & I’ll have to pay so much. W/ hubby being a Marine can get get discounted help, but still a lot esp w/ a needing a donor egg

Angela on

Sorry-meant no eggs, just tired I guess.

Kim on

I am single and I have been trying to conceive and I am in my late 30s and it is tough-I am having some infertility issues and have no fertility coverage whatsoever. Flexible spending accounts only cover so much and they balk at infertility stuff as I have only been reimbursed for tests and an IUI. Anyone who has fertility coverage with their employer is very lucky. I have had my government job for several years and cannot quit it to go work for someone who has better insurance. I am working two jobs right now trying to pay for this stuff and the stress alone is not helping. Money is not an object for Bill and Guiliana-because she is over 35, she is thin and having fertility issues, they really should just use a surrogate rather than waste good eggs trying to implant them in Guiliana. I know she probably wants to experience pregnancy, but she may not be able to. A child is a child, doesn’t matter how you get it. I would certainly step what I’m doing if I could afford it and I would have definitely done this sooner had I been stable financially. Anyone who has an employer that will even cover some infertility stuff is very lucky.

Dana on

@Angela….I was just making sure someone hadn’t mis-informed you. I have only met one other person with Turners. My sisters actually offered eggs. One actually had eggs extracted and saved because of her own issues. We just could and cannot afford the other side of the medical procedure. We can not afford implantation and high-risk pregnancy medical bills. Not to mention the money to use my husband’s sperm to fertilize. It’s now too late anyway….my sister ended up having to use the eggs she had saved for me to have her own pregnancy. She went through several unsuccessful attempts, including 2 miscarriages. She was so sweet and called to let me know there would be no more eggs if we could afford it anyway. Sad, but I guess me having a child just isn’t meant to be.

Leyla on

i wish you guys baby dust and nothing but the best of wishes!!

john on

Who cares…? Seriously? Why is this news? I cant wait until her career is in the rear view.

Anonymous on

I like her a lot but she needs to eat something and stop exercising like a lunatic..

The Truth 4u on

I study natural health & just by looking at her energy & vibrancy I still believe this woman is fertile.

She just refused to gain weight when trying to get pregnant naturally, claiming her infertility has nothing to do with her being underweight & “lots of skinny girls get pregnant”. I disagree, women need a healthy amount of fat for their hormones to produce and function properly. An example, women athletes (i.e. runners) stop having periods all together and & can become infertile bc they have no body fat.

She is sick in the head from being in the Hollywood machine for too long that she looks good skin and bones & 10 extra pounds would make her a whale. Look at Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz curvy and stunning!!

Guiliana needs to eat an avocado or 2 a day, lots of olive oil in your salad, organic cheeses, grass fed meat. Try that for a month or so, take Omega 3 fish oils everyday too. I would bet very soon after she could concieve.

I wish her the best bc she is a lovely person and deserves to be a mother.

Sara on

This should serve as a warning to all young women who are thinking “career career career.. I can have children whenever I want”….

p on

as someone who has gone through 4 IVFs, it’s nice to see infertility go “mainstream.” bravo G and B! thank you for being brave enough to share your IVF experiences with the world. Infertility is NOTHING to be ashamed of. I wish this couple nothing but success. they will be wonderful parents.

dsfg on

Sara, no man or woman should have a child before they are ready, regardless of fertility.

peacebeme on

While fertility is individual for each person, her DOCTOR told her to gain some weight and she said she couldn’t follow his advice because of her job. I think that is a huge part of this.

peacebeme on

Also, even if she gains weight now, it may be too late. Being chronically underweight for so long can permanently damage your fertility.

Kara on

G&B, I wish you well on your journey to build your family. I greatly admire the way you’ve gracefully talked about infertility so publicly. It is helping people. We faced some of the same things, considered anything and everything to have children. It’s all so difficult, and I can’t imagine how much harder it would be if someone were judging how we were going about it.

Many of our friends have adopted internationally and domestically. Others have gone the IVF route. All of our journeys to meet our children are different and met with varying challenges. Only God writes those stories; we’re just trying to get on the right page for us. There is no one path and no wrong way or right way to a family. Anytime someone becomes a parent it is absolute miracle–it’s just whether or not you realize. I have a feeling this couple more than gets it and how precious it is.

Clearly, we’re all passionate about this topic, or we wouldn’t be commenting, but please stop trying to tell someone you’ve never met what their story should be.

p on

my advice to G is to try TCM (traditional chinese medicine) with IVF. diet, herbs, supplements and acupuncture can work miracles when combined with westerm medicine. I’m proof!

Pat on

Do it, I had twin girls 15 years ago, via IVF. Have a lot of faith. God will be with you.

Kelly on

Whatever happened to, “If you don’t have anything nice to say; then don’t say anything at all?”

Amber on

I know the pain that comes with miscarriage and infertility!! I wish them nothing but the best, and pray their dreams of family come true. Don’t listen to the negative garbage people spew!! Most of it is jealousy, or ignorance, or both!! A lot of people do not know how much heartbreak, pain, anguish, guilt, anger, depression, etc comes with these two situations. It is a horrible experience to have to go through. And I would not wish it on anyone for any reason. It is devastating.

I believe if they choose to adopt, it is in God’s hands from where their child is from. And it shouldn’t matter. I wish them happiness and peace on their journey!!

God Bless!!

Beni on

To everyone out there who is “guaranteeing” that by gaining weight and/or relaxing, she will conceive, here is a newsflash: Infertitility is a medical issue caused by any number of issues absolutely unrelated to the woman’s weight or level of relaxation. Some possible causes include PCOS, endometriosis, male factory infertility, any combo of these or simply unexplained IF. None of these diseases can be cured by relaxing or weight gain. Please do some research before making such blanketed, ill informed statements.

Terri on

I hope her IVF is successful this round.

Holiday on

ITA with you Sara. If you have the chance to have children while you are young (20s) go for it! I had my son at 22 and surprise pregnancy daughter at 26 and I am so happy I didnt wait and risk fertility problems.

Anonymous on

I hope that all the people on here that posted negative comments never have to go through the heartbreaks of infertility. Shame on you for being so judgmental!

After 20 months of trying for baby #2, my husband and I got pregnant on our break from fertility treatments. I really hope that they are blessed with their own little miracle too.

A Rose on

I literally just yesterday crossed paths with Bill and Guiliana on the streets of Chicago, I didn’t realize who it was until after they passed me, but I wished to tell them, love the show! And many prayers for them to however it happens for them, to have a blessed family with many children. I can tell you, it was so neat to see them, and they truely are a happy and loving couple! At least for the few seconds I saw them:)

Stacey on

Speaking from personal experience. I see nothing wrong if they would like to give IVF another try. We did IVF five times before we decided to adopt. They are able to afford IVF why not give it a try again. Trust me when I say this it is a painful process. You have to have numerous shots that don’t feel good at all. I would have bruises for months. The numerous doctors visits that felt so intruding. The mood swings sometimes I think my husband was going to shoot me. The not knowing if it is even going to work and when it doesn’t the heartbreaking news. You might say why even put yourself through that. But it is a personal choice. For me I wanted to experience what it felt like to carry a human life inside me. What would our child be like and so on. None of us know their personal reason for wanting to try again .I don’t think anyone should judge either. Personally I think it’s great that they are sharing their journey with us. I knew no one when I went through the IVF process. It’s nice to see someone to relate to . On a good note I am proud to say that we have two beautiful adopted boys. I would not have traded any of it because in the end it brought us our sons.

Anonymous on

However it works out, that child will be so blessed to have parents like these two. Such fun people, full of laughter and life! You guys are great- I’m excited for you both and I know your future is blessed with CHILDREN!!!! 🙂

Jean on

Good luck to you both.

Now can we quit hearing about your every thought?

MW on

Sara and Holiday- Your comment is dumb. Not all people that wait have problems getting pregnant. I had my daughter at 30 and I am glad my husband and I waited to have her until we were financially ready. I am glad that we financially stable that I can stay home and take care of my daughter instead of paying someone else to raise her. So many young girls have children before they are mentally or financially ready to have them. Just because you can get pregnant at 16 doesn’t mean you should and allow the government to pay to raise their kids. You have no place to say it’s Giuliana’s fault because she wanted a career first that’s just stupid.

Gaia and labans mom on

I agree with adoptive mom and Indira. We actually began the adoption process right after our first child and are hoping our third child will be placed with us by fall. Our adoption counselor told us that reasons for having a biological child or adopting shouldn’t be any different. To paraphrase if you want to give an opportunity to a kid join big brothers big sisters.

I do not think Indira was trying to judge how a woman decides to bring a child into her family. From what I understand she was noting the contradiction in guiliana’s words. If a baby is a baby no matter how he arrived then she wouldn’t be going through IVF for the third time. IVF is financially and emotionally taxing. From her choosing to do that its clear becoming pregnant is important to her.

I rarely post on here anymore because everyone is on attack mode. Its pretty clear that some of you did not read Indira’s post. Where do you guys come from

Debra on

Good luck to both of them whatever they decide. When you want the experience of childbirth it hard to tell someone hey just go out and adopt. Experiencing childbirth and being a parent are 2 seperate desires and I think she wants to be pregnant. I’m italian too so I see nothing wrong with wanting to adopt from your own culture I think that makes complete sense for parent and adoptive child.

Molly on

fuzibuni and elena = Idiots who worship that bitch Indira. Both of you need to just shut the fuck up. I will comment more because I love irritating homophobic, racist, sexist bitches like you.

Maggie on

As St.Giuseppe Moscati, Italian Dr. to the poor said,
(I’m paraphrasing from the dvd), “Those who have no children, but want them, should seek out those children who have no parents.” Godspeed B/G!

Ashley on

Some people are not able to gain weight, some people are not able to lose weight. Unless you have been in a person’s shoes who is struggling with infertility- you really do not understand. I am thankful that they have been so open about it- Infertility is something that is happening more and more often and weneedto bring awareness to it- much like we do with breast cancer, ms, ect. I’ve struggled with infertility for 4 years now, done 4 iuis and now am going to begin the ivf process… Wanting to have your own children does not make you a selfish person, it makes you human. It’s not about a second choice- adoption is another step for many and if you do adopt after trying to conceive- you will still be able to love that child as though it was your own blood— and it many circumstances, adopting is more expensive than adoption. No one who wants to have children has ever asked to have infertility, just as no one hopes or wishes for cancer. I’m 24, underweight, (certainly not by choice) struggling with pcos, (most of the time ones with pcos are overweight and struggle with blood sugar) everyone has a story and if people want to share to let it be known to others struggling- god bless- you are the strength that others may need- for ignorant people- try putting yourself in someone elses shoes. I’m thankful for these two spreading the word and letting it be known to others that they are not alone. Thank you.

anon on

Giuliana was born in Italy but raised in the United States. Why does she keep saying “where I’m from”? Haha, anyway….

elisabeth on

An Adoptive mom- you guessed wrong. In my case at least. Several others said that it had been several ignorant comments and they were offensive as well.

My husband and I before we ever married and started our IF struggles planned on adopting. A friend of ours had brought home a son through the miracle of adoption and it was only a short time later that we started working towards adopting. We had two agencies take our money and run, one closing it’s doors and the director ran off with our money and it wasn’t a small sum.

Then my husband’s mom became deathly ill and passed away. I started a medication (not fertility) and I got pregnant with my first child in 2009. My son was stillborn. I felt destroyed.

2010 was spent in a deep dark depression that only others who’ve been through it can understand.

I became pregnant again. We were surprised because that cycle we hadn’t tried. Our daughter joined our son in heaven in May.

I read the other comments and based on what they said I don’t see how you could say that they have little experience with adoption. So what if they didn’t? I’s comment was offensive and ignorant.

Heidi on

The United Nations Commission on Human Rights said it best back in 2003:

“Regrettably, in many cases, the emphasis [in adoption] has changed from the desire to provide a needy child with a home, to that of providing a needy parent with a child. As a result, a whole industry has grown, generating millions of dollars of revenues each year . . .”

The way that society thinks about adoption is all out of whack…

toren on

youre selfish. this isnt about a baby at this point, its about you and your “needs”. a child is so much more than an egg and some sperm, DNA, being a mommy, daddy is so far beyond what you perceive. its sad and the typical “hollywood” “entitlement issues” thing. how many children, babies are left without parents. youve tried, youve spent thousands that wouldve fed, tended to many and what a wonderful life you could give a child, baby who otherwise, nevermind, those thoughts are not a part of your soul… I wish you well, and if you lay your heads down of a night and sleep undisturbed? then youve made the right choice. IVF. if it doesnt work, and you find yourselves adopting, surrogate way…will the baby/child you end up with ever feel, knowing….never mind, youll never get what Im trying to say it just isnt “in you” accept people for who they are…#1 lesson in life…makes it so much easier… entitlement issues blo.

toren on

eccept 2.

Gaia and labans mom on

Molly, you are mad.

jules on

Best of luck, but stop making it an “issue”. How much more pressure do you need….everyone looking and asking if your pregnant yet. Remember when Connie Chung was on the cover of People? Just go about your business and keep it a family matter.

Robin on

I don’t understand why anyone has to explain their reason for adopting domestically or internationally. It is the couples choice and for reasons that should be known only to them, just as it is the choice for couples to have a child when they do or when they choose to not have children for whatever reason. The couple alone are going to raise the child, nobody else, so why does anyone outside of their marriage need to have an answer as to why they choose a domestic or international adoption? Silliness. I wish them both the best of luck for whatever child rearing path that they take 🙂

Lisa on

What right does anyone have to say someone should ‘adopt American’. Are we buying a car? Give me a freakin’ break.

Barbi on

A child is a child no matter where they are from. If she feels it in her heart to adopt from Naples, then yay for her!! Let’s try and stay out of their personal business, and let them decide for themselves how they want to proceed.

Anykka on

It is her right to adopt from wherever she chooses. For some of those who say to adopt here, I ask how many have they adopted from here or anywhere?

Heidi on

What right does anyone have to say someone should ‘adopt American’. Are we buying a car? Give me a freakin’ break.


Considering that children are bought/sold and moved like commodities, adoption could be compared to buying a car.

Indira on

Jillian- Thanks!


Just curious, Indira… so what you’re saying is that adoption was, is, or will be your first choice in having a child? That’s a very personal decision, and I don’t think you should judge another person’s choice based on your boyfriend’s unfortunate experience.

I’ve always foreseen myself adopting but, my boyfriend is really against the idea. It’s funny, I never considered my partners feelings on the matter. I have always wanted to adopt and have biological children as well. They aren’t in a first or second category in my mind, they’re both equal options and, hopefully sometime down the road I can experience them both.

Kristin on

I wish them nothing but the best. I hope that IVF works for them because I know Guiliana really wants to be pregnant (from what I have seen on their show) But I know they will be thrilled with however a baby comes to them. Best wishes to them!

sally on

I wish them the best on their journey towards fulfilling the dream of having a child, in ANY way it comes about. After 6 years of infertility, mulitple surgeries and heartbreak, I gave birth to triplets on our 3rd ivf attempt. They are the joy of my life and I never knew love before them…they are now 16 and amazing human beings. Keep the faith! You can do it!!

p on

YIKES! why do people think adopting is so easy?! it’s a VERY loooong and $$$$ process that doesn’t always work out. one does not just “order up” a child overnight and then instantly become a parent.

people should get their facts straight before making such absurd and ignorant comments. I repeat — IGNORANT.

Indira on

AH I forgot to put the quotation mark on the paragraph from sally**

marina on

Indira are you talking to yourself? 😮

marina on

now I saw your other comment… ignore me…

Annie on

I commend them both for Sharing their struggles. Infertility is a lonely place that I know all too well and it certainly is not easy to deal with or share with anyone, let alone the world. Who knows why they are struggling, but I don’t think gaining a little weight would harm anything. I absolutely love this couple and hate saying it, since I am not in her shoes, but she does look exceptionally skinny. Guiliana is blessed to have Bill as her husband. I would die to have a guy a great as him. What a lucky girl!

IluvbeingaMom on

To be able to love is a beautiful thing. However, if this couple desires to adopt that is their option. I understand the desire to have a child. My husband and I went through IVF several years ago and conceived on the 1st try. Have a beautiful 4 y.o. daughter (along with another daughter and son conceived naturally). Adoption or natural conception it is all about creating a family. I sincerely wish them the best.

Layla on

I’ve never been a fan of Guilliana, btu I have to say that after reading this, i like her more. how dare anyone presume to tell someone what they should do in terms of reproduction. That is her business and her choice. How could you fault a woman for wanting to experience pregnancy and childbirth? Or wanting to have a child that shares a biology with her and her spouse?

As to where she adopts from… that is nobody’s business either. I want to adopt from my homeland as well. Perhaps she feels that she would like the bond of sharing a heritage with her child!She doesn’t need to explain herself to any of you! People are so judgemental! How about you worry about what’s going on in your own womb, or focus on your own family.
Best of luck to the Rancics!

Heather on

My husband and I spent 5 heartbreaking years trying to conceive. I never understood at the time why it was happening to us….until we finally had my daughter. Another 2 years of pain….but my son then was born. They healed all the pain we went through and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again…now that I know all the hard work is worth it. Do what you have to do, follow yor heart and don not listen to anyone’s negative opinion on how you choose to have your family. All that matters is your family regardless on how you get there!! Keep going…

Tia on

Hey, I agree with Indira. My parents wasted 14 years trying fertility treatments and by the time they got to adoption, they were in their late 30s. I love them and wouldn’t think of better parents but even they say people should move toward adoption sooner. With allthe money they are wasting, they could already have a brood.

jessica on

I agree with those saying she needs to gain weight. Her doctor suggested it and she said that she did gain 10 pounds and obviously the ivf still didn’t work. Those that are saying “well Rachel Zoe got pregnant” are just wrong. Every womans body is different and just because it worked for her or Posh Spice or whoever doesn’t mean anything. Having said that, she really should do everything possible with this last round of ivf, that way she will know that she really did the best she could. Gain more than 10 pounds, do acupuncture and stop traveling so much. Who knows if her weight is a factor but I would be doing EVERYTHING i could to make it happen. She should also try a Cryo cyle if she has any frozen eggs, i know several women who did not get preg with ivf but did with their cryo cycles. Good Luck to them 🙂

Julia on

There mrriage seems to be defined by their infertility issues, I think it’s rather side. Children are a joy but they do not complete your life, you are responsible for doing that for yourself. They both strike me as being incredibly self-centered.

Lala on

It took 2 months to conceive my first child, and it has taken 2 1/2 years to conceive my second. Through many rounds of infertility treatments, for our second, my husband I have considered adopting. That doesn’t mean we’ll stop infertility treatments, it just means we need to go about other means to build our family.

In the article, she says she’s going to try another round, and then turn to adoption, if it doesn’t work. That doesn’t mean adoption is completely off the table if she gets pregnant. A woman can only take so much, and if you’ve watched her show, she’s been through a lot. So I hope the best for them!

bugbabyblog on

For the people asking why anyone would share something private with the public… for people who struggle with infertility, like me, it is WONDERFUL to hear someone else talk about their struggle. No one talks about trying to get pregnant and failing. I see Facebook posts from friends EVERY DAY about their pregnancies and babies and children. I never see one about someone giving themselves their hCG shot for an IUI or what it feels like to be mid-IVF cycle. Personally, I love hearing about people who have done IVF, it makes me feel less alone. Though, I’m not so alone right now as I’m pregnant with twins from my first round of IVF!

Infertility is the most difficult painful thing I have ever been through, I don’t think anyone should ever judge anyone else who is dealing with infertility. Some people want a biological child or to experience pregnancy and when it doesn’t happen naturally like it does for the great majority of people, it’s 100% ok to take whatever measures you want and can afford to take to get there. I know I would have done IUI, IVF, FET and even donor eggs before giving up and moving on to adoption. Don’t judge.

bugbabyblog on

Also, to the person who said IVF is expensive and emotionally taxing… is adoption not?! If you haven’t been through an IVF cycle, you really don’t know anything about what it’s like or what it costs. To me, it was no more stressful than an IUI cycle, or any cycle where I was hoping to get pregnant. And the odds of getting pregnant with an IVF cycle are MUCH higher than a healthy normal woman has to conceive each cycle. I went in knowing I had a 50-60% chance of conceiving (per my RE).

My IVF cycle cost $8,900, not covered by insurance. Pretty sure a private adoption costs about 3x that! And from my first IVF injection to the birth of my babies, it will be about 9.5 months (or less, as I’m having twins). Show me a private adoption that happens that quickly.

janice on

Read between the lines people. She’s already come forth and said gaining weight was very difficult for her body image. Her struggle is a very real one and it’s no that easy to just let it go even if it means having a baby. Does it seem silly she’s upset she can’t conceive when all she has to do is gain weight? Absolutely. But we shouldn’t be here to judge.

G, hope you’re getting some therapy though, because I know that’s a very difficult place to be wedged in. Hopefully you will learn to let it go and will realize 10 lbs is not the end of the world. It’s not.

Elena on


Could you please quote something I’ve said that is sexist, homophobic or racist?

Oh, you can’t? Because I never did? Thought so.



P.S. By all means, keep posting. It doesn’t bother me, since every post just makes you look dumber.

JS on

I believe in a higher being, and that bill and guilliana’s lives are in good hands. Whatever is meant to be for them in terms of their future with children, is meant to be. Sometimes we cant make sense of our current situation, but when we take a moment to look back and reflect, it’s then when we are able to make sense of it all.

We only have so much control of our lives, and at some point we see that we can only really do so much. I hope and pray that the IVF will be successful this time around. Prayer is the most powerful tool I have that can make the impossible…possible. HE is always listening and knows the true desire of your heart. 🙂

guest on

Who is she? And how old is she?

jacquelineSA on

Since Giuliana n Bill are staying together full time , i’m praying that it works this time around ……. they have more time to have sex!
they must not giveup so soon….. giuliana must meet Celine Dion!

Gaia and labans mom on

Bugblog, our international adoption is costing less than that. There are ways to make adoption less costly. Anyway I think her point(she can clarify if I’m incorrect) is that no woman would put her body thru that if physically carrying the child herself wasn’t meaningful to her.

Janice I don’t know if her weight is such a big contributing factor to her infertility. If it is then doing ivf three times as opposed to gaining 20lbs and going on vacation seems really irrational. Career be damned.

Lisa on

It makes no difference to me where they adopt from. But it is just a lie to say that 1. it is hard to find a baby to adopt in the US and 2. Children are well cared for in our foster care system. Yes, it is more difficult to find a white baby, but if your are truly open to any baby it is not hard to adopt domestically. Biracial babies make up a large number of the children available for adoption. Also, time and time again there are horrific stories in the news about children being abused and murdered in out foster care system. Our foster care system is a death sentence to more children than we would like to admit to. Don’t kid yourselves by saying that a child in the foster care system gets a good education and medical care. This idea is the exception not the rule.

Jocost on

I wish I could send you the St. Gerard metal I have. Someone sent it to me from St. Lucy (973) 482-6663. St. Gerard is the Saint for Mothers. I keep the metal on me when I did IVP and all through my pregnancy. I had a 4% chance and now my son will be 18 in the fall. I wish you all the luck in the world.

Anonymous on

I can no longer have children because of cancer and I’d love and welcome a child from any country.
I wish Guiliana and Bill the best of luck.

Cassie on

Guiliana and Bill are my inspirations for getting thru the pain of infertility. My husband and I have been trying for almost 6 years to have a child, along with 6 failed IUI’s. The next step for us is IVF, but for now, we are taking a break from everything. It takes a toll physically, mentally, and emotionally. We both want to be parents. Seeing our friends’ children growing up before our eyes is heartbreaking, knowing we may never be able to be parents ourselves. We are both in our early 30’s, and our ages are starting to be a factor now. I hope one day we will have our miracle baby. For now, we try to enjoy every day, even though its difficult. Best of luck to Guiliana and Bill! I hope they get their own miracle.

Maggie Young on

Giuliana & Bill-

Don’t give up, my parents tried to get pregnant for 8 years before adopting me, 2 years later adopting my brother and then 2 years after that got pregnant with my other brother. Please just don’t give up it will happen when it’s supposed to happen even if you are meant to adopt! Thinking of you!

Marisa on

I am always amazed that people can’t be supportive of other peoples choices. Good for you Guiliana and Bill-you are doing what is right for YOU and should you adopt from Italy GOOD FOR YOU!!!! We adopted internationally and received “interesting” and unsolicited comments from others. I applaud the courage it takes to not only go thru IVF and possibly adoption, but opening your lives to other to learn along with you. Best of luck to both of you and how ever you grow your family, your child(ren) will be loved beyond measure. My son may not be originally from my body (or the US) but he is from my heart and it matters none. xoxoxoxoxxo

Nancy Lasocki on

Giuliana do what is right in your heart. My 2nd hubby & I haven’t been able to have children. we’ve been together 9 yrs, I’m 50 now & am too old. We met you at Hollywoods casino at your book signing. My hubby is Bob. Do you remember Bob?( The bug guy!) He was so impressed with you remembering his name. We still talk & laugh about that, you made our ordinary day great! So my prayers are with you. You’re not alone about adopting from another country, when Bosnia & albania were fighting, i considered adopting a child from Albania. My father was born there & it’s a very poor place. So I wish you & Bill the Best & all the prayers I can give.

Kam on

Good luck Guilana and Bill! I know from my daughter that the 3rd time is the charm with IVF. My daughter on her third attempt with IVF also did acupuncture for the first time and had a baby boy! Later, her 4th attempt at IVF, without acupuncture, was not successful, but her 5th attempt, along with acupuncture, produced twins! On top of all this, she is now expecting her 4th child all on her on….a blessing from above!! What was deemed impossible from her docs worked for her. When this baby arrives, she will have 4 kids under the age of 3 years, 3 months!! So please never give up the hope and faith!!

Luckytobemom on

I desperately wanted a child as did my husband, but we were unable to get pregnant the old fashioned way. We looked into adoption first and were dismayed by what we were told. Several years on a waiting list, age and income requirements, interviews with birth mothers, six months after birth where the child could be removed from our home, and high price tag. International adoption was even more expensive.

Disheartened we turned to a “less sure” method of having children: IUI and IVF. We were fortunate that our medical insurance covered some of the expense and after 2 rounds of IUI and 1 round of IVF I was luckily, blessedly pregnant. God gave me my child, my only child as a gift 14 yrs ago. We still do not qualify for adoption although we would adopt domestically in a heartbeat.

We wanted a large family with more than one child, but we have learned to live with the joys and the pain in creating our family. IVF/Adoption Domestic/International – none of it matters when parents are gifted withtheir children. The only important part is children having loving homes.

Green on

Indira, until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes, don’t judge!

SKW on

Isn’t ANYTHING sacred these days. Spare us the details.

Willy on

Endira-what an ignorant, obtuse comment….moron.

Someone on

Indira, she made her comment: “…a child is a child” referring to ADOPTING internationally OR domestically, NOT regarding IVF versus adoption. Your comments about your boyfriend’s experience are about a singular personal experience that you have confused with what this portion of the article is about. I am sorry for your boyfriend’s sad experience; it must have been heart-breaking. Please re-read what Mrs. Rancic stated clearly concerning just the issue of ADOPTION.

Flipper on

give up your career for a year and gain weight or you wont get pregnant its as simple as that, your body cant survive on cleansing teas and energy drinks, plane rides etc really now what will you do when you adopt drag the baby on a plane every other day??????

jenn on

I wish them the best of luck!!!

Flipper on

victoria beckham has never had any problems conceiving so you cant compare, its about age and ovulation plus the factor of his sperm count , nicole ritchie is alot younger also than Guilana, bottom line if you want a child that bad you have to listen to doctors order and put on the weight, eat better and be in one place more than a day, guiliana has gotten so thin since her show first started doesnt she see herself and realize shes a skeleton, its scary even watching her on tv , i think shes a great E correspondant but you have to give things up somethings to have a baby if you want it that bad, it took me 10 years and 10 IUUs, several surgurys and alot of pills and heartbreak to have my child but i gave up alot because THAT was my priority, we struggled financially but it was more important i stay home calm, eat right and do the procedures, Bill and her have enough money she doesnt need to work!!!

Marky on

Daisy, I will tell you why many people adopt internationally. The reasons generally fall into 2 categories. Open adoption can be a wonderful thing, but what a lot of people just don’t seem to get is that a young child has a difficult time having a biological mother and adoptive mother without beginning to feel stressed that they might hurt the other mother’s feelings, which puts a lot of stress on the child. You may say, “I don’t mind sharing, ” but then the cold hard facts sink in and you very well might not want to be considered the “babysitter” for the biological parents. As an adoptive parent, you LOVE that child so much you think your heart cannot contain it, you are the one who gets up with them when they are sick and weep when they have some childhood sorrow–because you don’t ever want YOUR child to have their heart broken, ever! You are the one who walks them into the school the first day, after you helped them choose just the right backpack and lunchbox, and you are the one who agonized for years while someone held your life in their hands and decided whether you were good enough to adopt or not. If you adopt internationally, at least you hope no one will come along and say, 1) I know you have loved and cared for this child for a year, but I changed my mind, my cousin wants the baby,2) daddy, who never cared before, but is now in prison so he sues for custody allowing him to be moved to county jail, which is soooo much nicer than prison, so even though he probably won’t win he can make your lives a living hell while the case drags on, or 3) bio grandparents suddenly decide they can’t bear to lose their first or fifth grandchild, so even though they can’t really do the job, it keeps the case open for several years. These are a few of the scenarios I saw as a foster parent for 13+ years, and while I worked adoption. Believe me, there were others.

When we adopted internationally after years of secondary infertility, I could not even imagine having someone take my child away after a year of loving her and her loving us, so that was the route we chose. American children were being adopted right and left, and certainly weren’t starving or dying because they didn’t have a place to call home. Our daughter was the size of a 1 mo. old at 6 mo., and had no hair or eyelashes because of malnutrition. In all my years as a foster parent, I never received a child in such bad condition, and I was deemed the emergency home for children with medical needs. You, who probably have not adopted or would never adopt at all, have no concept that it is like a death to lose that child you love so much. No one knows whether illness or tragic circumstances may take any family member, child or not, but to say you are going to intentionally invite that is more than many can do the first time they adopt. Lucky for those who have successful fos-adopt situations; our second adoption was exactly that, but we had that child for nearly 4 years before the adoption, and the whole time she could have stopped the adoption with a word. Fortunately, she liked us, and saw he was attached to us, so she finally said she thought it was the right thing, but it took almost 4 years! Most people have a really hard time going through that, and I’ve known people who did only to lose the child to that bio family the child hardly knows. It is disastrous for the child and for you. Many times, the bio family doesn’t really want the child, they just don’t want someone else to have them.

You asked, I’m just sayin’, this is the truth for most of us.

Linda on

I guess I am lucky that I dont have that problem. I had sex one time without protection, ONE TIME and my son is now turning 5. Thankfully, it was with my boyfriend at the time who is now my husband. Were talking about having another one, and I am sure all it will take is one time.

I agree with everyones posts about her being very thin. At a certain point when your body fat percentage is too low, you cannot conceive. She needs to stop being so vein about the way she looks, stop working, start eating and enjoying her life and then it will happen. She miscarried because she was too skinny. I am surprised her doctor hasnt told her that, or aybe she knows and would rather be a bag of bones.

As for adopting, I agree she should adopt here in the states. Our country should come 1st before theirs, just how it should be.

Pat on

Adopting a child from any corner of the globe is a wonderful thing.

arual on

wow, there are a lot of opinions on here and I couldn’t read all so I apologise if I repeat any. Unless a person goes through infertility, they have no idea the feelings of loss and grief, and tears one goes through, so don’t talk. Once you’ve accepted infertility you can move onto other options. Natural conception, pregnancy and birth are in most of instinctually so of course we try that first, after that it is very personal as to what option we feel drawn to so again no one should comment. One that is not too well known is embryonic adoption where couples donate their frozen embryos to a clinic once they feel they’ve completed their family. This gives infertile couples the chance to adopt but also for the mother to experience pregnancy. It also saves embryos, life, being destroyed, but again, very personal on everyone’s part. I’m excited to give my daughter siblings this way, what a journey it’s been, and still is actually.

ps. there are many reasons for infertility, so don’t just say, hey gain weight.they wouldn’t go through ivf if that was the solution. She has had many tests done to find the reason, not just using a scale.

angela on

Stress plays a BIG part of getting pregnant. I am a mom of three, and I knwo when I was trying to get Pregnant- that stress was a bIG factor. watching your show- it seems you have a lot on the go- with traveling and both of you living in different laces, try destressing and relaxing- you will fall preggers, and your option B is great too- to adopt. All the best of luck. Baby dust to you and Bill!~

e on

I hope they have checked her for B12 deficiency, MTHFR genetic abnormality, and food intolerance. I am infertile if I eat wheat and dairy, easily get preggo if I am GFCF. Carrying one to completion is another story, b/c I am MTHFR homozygous.

Being a child of adoption and just having met my biological mom YESTERDAY for the first time, adoption is a beautiful gift, no matter where from. Sometimes you are saving the child from a horrible, dangerous or medically lacking upbringing. But once they are yours, they don’t need saving anymore, they just need love.

Tasha on

Adopt, adopt, adopt!!!! There are so many children around the world that need families! For my husband and I adoption was our first choice…we saw no reason to get pregnant when there are millions already in this world that need homes. I feel bad for these two, but to go through all this when there are so many children here already just boggles my mind. I think if God wanted to bless you with a biological child…you would conceive. I don’t think humans should be playing the hand of God with these treatments. I do wish them all the best!!

W-Blog on

Please do your research: Italy is an old member of the European Union and no third world country – so I highly doubt that US citizens can easily “internationally” adopt a child from there (for sure not a healthy baby). If a child can get good medical care, food and new parents in its home country, I see no ‘healthy’ reason, why one should take this child far away from its roots, culture, language, etc. In contrast, for special needs children from very poor countries international adoption might probably be a good option. Anyway: worldwide many children get kidnapped and are only sold as “orphans”, so be carefull, when you want to do something good. I truely admire people who adopt older children and not go for the cute babies.

Indira on


You are one of the only people on here to make ANY sense at all. I can see what you are saying, it’s possible that I misinterpreted.

Everyone else- thanks for the laughs. Now stop wagging your fingers in my face. What’s the point of saying the same insult someone just used? Lame.

dsfg on

Tasha, did you and your husband seriously adopt a needy child, or did you adopt a healthy infant from the US?

Clara on

These two again, I am so tired of them. What’s wrong with being happy with what you have. Their miserable without children and they will be miserable with them. Especially when they find out how much work it is and the non stop worrying you feel when you have a child. Enjoy what you have people! With or without babies.

Kate on

Good luck Giuliana & Bill. I think People Mag. is being horribly insensitive to run this article on their “Celeb Babies” tab. When you are going through IF treatment and have suffered pregnancy loss, the last thing you need to see is the “Who’s due next?” link! These two have been very upfront and honest, sharing something that is so painful. How about giving them some consideration? IF hurts. I wish you guys success!

Allison on

I too understand the pain of infertility, not first-hand, but through the experiences of my sister. My sister was trying for a baby during the time that I met, got engaged, married, had my first child, and was pregnant with my second child before she had her first. Now we’ve had 2 more kids in the time that she has gotten her second. She has always said that she has wanted 2, and has adopted her husband’s nephew, but her husband really wants a son. I feel a little guilty for my luck, and I feel her pain. The treatments as well as the failures take so much out of her, and people just have to understand that it isn’t the same to adopt. Even though my adopted nephew looks exactly like his uncle/adoptive father, he just wants to share another child with his wife.

Becky on

1. It’s not “foreign” for you…its your hometown.

2. I was adopted. I tell my kids that my mommy couldn’t have anymore babies but that God knew she needed to have me specifically in her life & so He used what was a very tough position a 14yr old boy & 15yr old girl had gotten themselves into as a way to get me to her. Then He placed adoption on the hearts of these young parents & I was hand delivered to the mommy that was supposed to raise me & because of that, I was in the right place, at the right time for God to bring daddy & me all 3 of them.

Hang in there guys. My husband & I are praying for you…& your baby will find its way to you one way or another. And all of that stored up love you have for it because of what you have been through will be the greatest gift that baby will ever know.

Marky on

Allison, I wish your sister and brother-in-law had rethought the idea of adopting his nephew if they couldn’t truly love him as their own. This child shares his blood, but if your BIL can’t love him enough, then they should have let him go to someone who would love him the way he deserves.

My cousin was taken by our aunt and uncle, but they never truly cared about her. She walked out at 18 and no one knows where she is, because the love wasn’t there. When I was a child, I constantly thought, “Shame on you! How can you make her so sad?!?” Even today I remember how much they ignored her, but they did care for her brother. Everyone needs to know their limits, and the kids deserve better. If they had never taken her and treated her like a second-class citizen, she would have gone all the rest of her life believing her aunt and uncle at least cared for her.

Your BIL is on an ego trip if he thinks the only “son” he has must be a biological son. There is rarely any thing but ego telling a person, birth son is somehow grander than the one who’s adopted. Looking at my story above, it’s plain I wanted to have a baby, but when we finally saw the pictures of our possible daughter, that was gone! Just a thought…..

Barbie on

Since she’s so “vain” about her weight and her career is so important
to her she doesn’t need a child. She’s needs to understand that parenting is not about being self centered. I saw her on the Talk and the View whining about how weight makes you look bad on camera. But at the same time she’s also whining about how they’ve tried to conceive.I wonder if privately her husband is starting to get tired of her being so self centered to the point that he hasn’t said to her how foolish she sounds when she talks

chelsea on

It’s funny how many people jump all over the choices of celebrities no matter what their choice may be.

If a celebrity says she choses to adopt over having a biological child she is selfish for not wanting to sacrifice her body. If she wants to try to concieve her own child she is selfish because there are children who need to be adopted. If she adopts from a foreign country she is not being fair to the many American children who need a family. So many contradictions!

When it comes down to it every woman (or couple) deserve to make their own decisions about what is best for their family. Including whether they want to have one or not. We need to respect that and not be so critical. I don’t know if it’s jealousy or just having nothing better to do, but negative comments are so unnecessary.

Ellice on

I am so happy to read that Giuliana and Bill are trying IVF again to have a child. I watch their show and can feel how badly they want to be parents. I wish them all the strength and love they need to get them through the process. Good luck!

Cathy on

I applaud Giuliana and Bill for being so open about their struggles with infertility. So many couples deal with this problem in secret and shame. Talking about it opens you up to insensitive comments from ignorant and judgmental people. It is a real medical condition, which sometimes can be treated with modern technology. Why shouldn’t they try to treat it?

If more celebrities were honest about it, maybe it would lessen some of the stigma associated with fertility treatments. Of course, how open one wants to be about it is a very personal decision.

Good luck G&B!

Ed Norton on


You could have saved tens of thousands of dollars by just EATING SANDWICHES! Eat for crying out loud. You are tremendously underweight, and the camera adds pounds?

Again E-A-T. Eat food. Hire a chef to cook you food and learn to eat like a proper adult.

Kami on

I can’t even watch her on E anymore, she looks like a skeleton. She even made comments on her show about having to eat something fried – any kid will end up with a mental disorder with her!

Lee on

I have just one question about this article: Who the heck cares and why?

Lee on

May I suggest that she start eating and stop starving. Maybe her body is trying to tell her something. Duh! How can you take care of a child when you can’t even take care of yourself?????

IVFMomma on

To all the people who blasted Giuliana and Bill for making their struggle public, and those that told them to just relax and it will happen, AND those that told her to gain weight…shut the hell up! Until you’ve continually tried and struggled to conceive or maintain a viable pregnancy, you have no idea what infertility is like. Personally, I thank them for having the courage to go through this in the public eye. Infertility is not something that people should be ashamed of.

What kills me is when I see people who have no business having children, have them left and right because they are too stupid to use birth control. I work in social services and unfortunately have to deal with drug addicts, mentally ill and impoverished people who procreate like rabbits. Meanwhile, a couple who has everything to offer a child struggles. I hope Giuliana and Bill get blessed with multiple children. At least those children will be loved and cared for.

Ginny on

People actually think she is underweight? She looks like what was considered normal weight until practically everyone became supersized. Leave her alone.

Jillian on

Lee, I care. They are wonderful people and there story has given many hope and inspiration.

Regarding the weight……her doctor wouldn’t do ivf if he thought her weight would prevent her from getting pregnant. He already told her, the weight isnt the issue!

Maria on

Enough, already. Let’s be Italian about it. Go to Positano and have a really great time and don’t worry about having a baby. If you just
enjoy yourselves and stop worrying about it, miracles can happen.

Lilly on

My husband and I have been through a very similar situation to Guiliana & Bill. From fertility drugs, IUI, & IVF, I have conceived, but have lost 2 pregnancies. After the loss after IVF, they did some more extensive testing and found that I have a chromosome issue, which Guiliana has mentioned she has as well. We are in the midst of our 2nd IVF cycle & after some new testing that is available, where they biopsy the placenta of a day 5 blastocyst, we have 2 normal. I hope Guiliana & Bill do whatever feels right for them to be happy. I know exactly what they are going through. It’s hard keep the faith & keep trying. You get to the point that all though you don’t want to give up, you aren’t quite sure you can go through the heartache again. I am glad they have been public about their situation. There is a veil of secrecy about infertility because people feel it is something that is private. Each person deals with it in their own way. If it weren’t for people sharing their experiences, I would of felt so much more lost & alone.

zelda on

i watch every episode and i feel your pain you are such a lovely and my husband was struggling for 2 years we also tried everything possible but nothing seems to work we started praying and praying and when we almost gave up hope …. i was pregnant for 6 weeks and did’nt even know it so pray and pray and pray that was the only thing that helped us!good luck!!!

Rita on

I agree with what Lilly said (August 15). Being in the midst of IVF procedures myself, I think that only the ones who go through it know how it feels like. Having your life exposed to the public eye doesn’t help. For those of us who are not VIP’s it’s also a heartbreaking pain to deal with this type of loss simply because we feel we aren’t functioning well, or that something went wrong in the process. Conceiving is something everybody’s supposed to do, naturally and easily. I can only applaud those who have the courage to talk about a disease that doesn’t kill but leaves eternal scars, even if they eventually do become parents, whatever way.

I hope they too, like myself, have a baby someday





Leah on

Hi guys! Just saw your episode when u went to Denver and I was very excited to see you were going to the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine It’s the BEST! One of the doctors from there came to Houston to open up the same fertility center and we now have a four month old after many attempts by other doctors to get pregnant! I had gone through 3 IVF cycles before finding Dr. Hickman who has worked with Dr Schoolcraft in Denver! I got pregnant on my first IVF cycle with Dr Hickman but like u lost it at 8 weeks then did another round and got pregnant with our son! My experience with IVF was nothing but good I had no problems and it was a breeze(as long as you can get past the shots haha). I know this show was taped a couple months ago but I wish u the best there you are at the right place with the best success rates in the US! Hang in there I know it’s a tough road but it will happen! Took us
6 years but would have been sooner had I found Dr Hickman! Their stats don’t lie!!! Best oft luck always… Love your show and think you guys are a great role model for many!!

Jeff Burdick on

We use the same IVF doctor as the Rancics and wish them the best. It’s quite a journey, and one needs to keep your spirits and sense of humor up. Along these lines, here’s a humorous video I created about our fertility experience:

Jeanne dÁrc on

The jury’s in on this one: she is far too thin to conceive or carry a pregnancy to term. I totally agree with the writer who said if she REALLY wanted a baby, she’d gain some weight. She is making herself look like an ignoramus on national television. She actually looks like the monkeys in Angry Birds Rio. I don’t know how Joan Rivers lets her get away with how she looks and also be on her show. Her (lack of) weight just disgusts me.

deedee23 on

I feel her Pain 100%- My Fiance & I have not really tried but I was diagnosed with PCOS & I was never able to Conceive. We both do not use birth control, as this holloween- It will be 5 1/2 year’s together. It’s heart breaking when your friend’s are having babies & even younger girl’s that shouldn’t even be having kid’s can & I can’t. Can’t as in that’s what it feel’s like. I’m keeping positive (sometimes) And when the time is right my fiance & I will try the best we can seeing I’m only 23 & have all the time in the world so my mom say’s. But I don’t want to be too late to have a child! Wish us Luck!

GoodLuck on

Firstly, G (if u don’t mind me calling u G) I want to send you some praise for being the voice of all the infertile women out there. As someone who has struggled with this for 6 years I feel your pain babe. Being a celebrity is your job. But your show is not all about the fame and fortune, I know you really do want to be our voice and give us all the hope we desperately need. I feel bad that you get picked on for being thin, in an industry where you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t, right?
I have a really good feeling about your IVF in Denver. You may even be preggers if and when you ever read this. I hope you are.
Good Luck Guiliana & Bill.

Cathy on

For those asking why these people think we care about their personal issues, I greatly appreciate that they have been open about their struggles with infertility and miscarriage. Having experienced both, I was so grateful at the time when friends or public figures shared their own struggles. Realizing that others have gone through the same thing (and that many have emerged happy on the other side) really makes a difference when you are in the middle of what can be a very painful and isolating experience. Infertility is still a somewhat taboo subject and addressing it openly takes some courage. I for one appreciate the openness in this instance.

just me on

I think in the whole adoption debate, people are missing the main issue.

This is about the child, not just the parents.

Yes, it is sad that some people cannot conceive. Heartbreaking. Devastating. I have seen several people close to me go through that. I readily admit that I don’t know that pain first-hand – I conceived three healthy children naturally and easily. I am thankful every day for that.

BUT… adopting a child should not be about YOUR desire to have a child, or YOUR problems getting pregnant. That child exists apart from what YOU want and studies show that adopted children often do struggle with feelings of inferiority when they realize they were the “second choice.” Children taken far from their communities and adopted do suffer. I’m appalled that people are admitting to adopting internationally because they are at less risk of the biological family intervening. What if that is best for the child? No one is owed having a child… not even me… not people who adopt, not people who do IVF and not people who conceive naturally. We need to start looking at the best interests of the child and not assuming that they are the same as our interests.