Garcelle Beauvais Gets an Earful From Her Twins 

07/30/2011 at 08:00 PM ET
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As her 3½-year-old twin boys Jax and Jaid graduate from tots to talkers, Garcelle Beauvais finds herself on the learning end of an unexpected — and somewhat bittersweet — master class in the art of expression.

“They’re just much more verbal with their feelings,” the actress tells PEOPLE while at the Lia Sophia Social Fashion Soiree at the Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood on Tuesday.

“The other day Jaid said to me, ‘Mommy, when I’m with you I really miss Daddy, and when I’m with Daddy I really miss you.’ It was unbelievable.”

What surprised the recently divorced actress wasn’t so much that her boys were struggling with splitting time between their parents, but the manner in which Jaid was able to crystallize his emotions in words.

“[It was] heartbreaking, because it’s not the ideal, but I was glad that he could share it with me. We could talk about it, and I could say, ‘I miss you too when you’re not here,'”  Beauvais, 44, says.

“To be able to have those words, to be able to use those words, at 3 years old. I can’t imagine that I could put those things together [at that age].”

And while her boys often flash an insightful wisdom that belies their years, the Franklin & Bash star also gets constant hilarious reminders that they are, in fact, not yet 4.

“[Jaid] was sitting on the couch and I said, ‘Jaid, what are you doing?!'” Beauvais says, breaking into laughter. “He goes, ‘I’m playing with my penis!’ and I said, ‘How does it feel?!’ He said, ‘Good!’ and I said, ‘That’s the end of that conversation! Let’s go out and play!'”

— Reagan Alexander

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Mia on

LOL-the last paragraph

klutzy_girl on

I can’t stop LOLing at the last paragraph.

And awww at the story about Jaid missing the other parent when he’s with the other one.

yo on

I can’t believe her hubby cheated on her and is the cause of the dissolution of their marriage and separation of their children.

Susan Albert on

OMG I just cannot believe that a child that young would express himself like that. That is so sweet and yet so sad at the same time.

Shannon on

Why would she share that? The boy will never live that down!

princess akai on

OMG!! I had the SAME penis conversation with my boys and I am pretty open minded but that does not cease to shock me hahahahaaaa LOL!! That is what happens when u live in a house hold of all men and your the only girl LOL!!

Shawna on

Why would you share that story?? And why would you ask how it feels to play with his penis? That is really inappropriate.

Colleen on

That is so cute! It is absolutely amazing the things that come out of kids mouths these days! That is so good that he can, first of all, understand how he is feeling, and second of all, express it to you in words. You must be doing an amazing job raising them.

Now, that last paragraph was HILARIOUS!!!! I am a single mom of both a boy and a girl. My son Brandon will be 11 next month and my daughter Hannah just turned 7 at the beginning of July. A couple of years ago we were outside ( it was summer and very,very sticky) and I looked over and saw my son jumping up and down and kind of pulling on his shorts. I asked him what he was doing and he looked at me and said, “My junk is stuck to my leg!” I could NOT stop laughing! There was another time when he was taking a bath and he was extremely tired. I was sitting in the bathroom with him trying to help him get washed up so he could go to bed. He wanted to sit and play for a little bit so I said he could. I looked away for a second and looked back and he was falling asleep with his mouth wide open. Right before I could say anything all of a sudden he just started peeing and it literally went right up, out of the bath tub and right into his wide open mouth!!!!! Boy, that definitely woke him up and we were both dying from laughing so hard!

Raising boys are a lot different than raising girls. Don’t get me wrong, my daughter has had some hilarious things happen to her also but being a girl myself, I can understand what is going on. Kids are the most amazingly wonderful way to help you have a wonderful day!!!

Jen DC on

Oh, Shawna… there is nothing wrong with telling a funny story about your 3 yr old son “discovering” himself. As a former childcare pro, there are parents who simply don’t know that this is going to happen and are shocked – SHOCKED! – when we tell them hey, you gotta let Billy know that it’s ok to play with his junk… just not in public. She shared it to balance the bittersweetness of the other story as well as to show that hey, he’s wise but still 3. On one hand, he comes up with these amazing insights (for a 3 yr old), but on the other, he’s just a boy.

It’s adorable, both stories.

Niche on

I also encourage my son how important it is to express his feelings. Its sweet when they do it but can also be so sad. Their situation, is a part of their life though and self expression will help them adjust in the long run.

I’ve also had the penis conversation too many times to count. Being in NC we’ve had some very high temps and humidity lately. A few days ago he asked if he could change his briefs for more comfortable boxers so his penis can “stretch out and relax a little”. Lol would be an understatement, he laughed louder than I did.

Dani on

I thought the penis thing was cute! As the Mom of a 9 year old son, we had those little chats when he was YOUNGER!!! LOL! To those of you who are grossed out or find that “inappropriate”, loosen up! It’s not like he’s 12 or 13, or she asked to join in. Some people will find ANYTHING to stink up this page with…

Terri on

Love those stories!

Nicolette on

Now guys, don’t get onto Shawna or anyone else that finds the last paragraph inappropriate. It’s not their faults they’re prudes. Maybe they were just raised that way and seem to want the world back in the 50’s.

Anyhow, as the mom of two sons who are now 19 and 16, and a girl that’s 13, I have heard it all when it comes to boys and their “junk” being stuck to their legs or whatever. Nothing wrong with a guy having to readjust. Us women just step behind a closed door to readjust a bra or whatever…lol

Love Garcelle and think her ex is a moron for putting her and the boys through this!

Shawna on

Nicolette – I have a 10.5 year old son, thank you very much. And I am certainly not a prude. I just don’t think you need to ask your son how it feels to play with his penis. And you certainly don’t need to share it with the whole world. The internet is forever. When she asked him and he said he was playing with his penis she should have just responded, “Okay, well that is something we do in private so you should go to your room to do that or please stop.” Simple, and not disrespectful.

Gracie on

Shawna, seriously..he’s 3 years old! It doesn’t sound disrespectful, but if you send a kid to their room it feels like a punishment! The way she handled the situation is great. He will learn when he’s older that it is something to do when he’s alone. Let kids be kids, honestly.

Shannon on

She can talk to her son about whatever she wants to but why speak about it in an interview? When he’s older he’ll resent her blabbing about this.

mommytoane on

I’m with Shawna. This story will embarass him in years to come, and its not something that should be made public. Its one thing to share a story like that between your girlfriends…but not with the entire world. I guess as a mom, I look at this from the stand point of not only how my child would feel, but how I would feel if MY parents had shared a story like that about me. I also look at from the point that there are a lot of sick people out there, and they read the internet.

Cute that the boys are so open with their emotions, but I don’t find it extrordinarly special. A lot of young children are good at expressing theirselves. Being as how these boys are almost 4, I would hope they can say how they feel.