BumpWatch: The Federline Family Beaches It

07/29/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
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Fun in the sun!

Kevin Federline‘s brood — sons Jayden, 4½, and Preston, 5½, with ex-wife Britney Spears; and son Kaleb, 7, and daughter Kori, 9 this week, with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson — pose with his pregnant girlfriend Victoria Prince on Tuesday in Malibu.

Federline, 33, and Prince expect their first child together — a daughter they plan to name Jordan — in August.

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Amber on


DD on

@ Amber- HaHa that is exactly what I thought when I looked at the pic!

Maggie on

You know, as much as the multiple children with multiple women icks me out, I have to say those look like a happy, healthy bunch of kids who love Victoria. Good for them and congrats on the new baby.

chelsea on

His kids look way to much like him.

Nicole on

At first glance, I thought it was Britney for a sec!

K on

I was thinking the same thing, Maggie. I do hope that Kevin puts an end to this at some point though. I can never decide if the boys look more like Britney or Kevin, but I think Kevin is a good-looking guy – when he cleans up!

Here’s to hoping for a healthy baby!

Melisss on

As far as I know, Kevin has always been portrayed as a wonderful father. He has been a constant in all of his kids life, and seems to have good relationships with both Britney and Shar.

His kids appear happy and healthy, in my book that is all that matters.

Melissa on

What a great picture, they all look so happy 🙂

Valerie on

Hey let’s be more positive. They look like a happy bunch having a fun time in the fresh air.

kendal on

Kori looks just like her mama Shar.

mommytoane on

Classy is right. Wonder if Kevin has heard of a vasectomy.

Cute kids tho

Capri on

I agree Maggie, well said!

meg on

How the heck do these people qualify for bumpwatch!? Hey, I’m 27 weeks pregnant, want to add me to the bump watch list too?

Shannon on

They look like a happy family. The two older boys looks just like Kevin.

Cute that Kori will have a little sister to play with. She already has an older sister but there’s quite an age gap.

Shannon on

Wait. Kori is 10 already? I guess there will still be a big age gap with her little sister, too. Oops.

J on

They’re fine Valerie, good Lord.

Adrienne on

Gah is he fertile!!!

Katie on

They all look happy. And she looks happy to be with his kids. I wish them the best. Its gods will, none of us can say or judge.

Annachestnut on

They look like happy healthy kids. I agree.

Kat on

We can (it’s so easy) dump on Kevin Federline for all the mistakes he’s made, but I have to say he does one thing right… being a present father. You can tell not only because there are pics of him with his kids and seeing how they relate to him, but because even his ex, Shar, has said so…

None of us are perfect… and I think the key here is to go… good for him for not being a deadbeat dad and forgetting his kids when things don’t work out with their mom/moms.

flmom on

if I were that woman, i’d be going insane. Being 8 months prego with 4 kids running wild. They all look cute and happy, but being THAT pregnant in the summer is not fun.

And can we PLEASE stop posting stuff about KFed? he is not the eensiest bit celebrity. His kids with Britney are more of a celeb than he is.

Kate on

They all seem happy. I think Kevin is lucky to have Victoria in his life.

e on

For as messed up as I think Kevin’s whole situation and life has been, I think it’s great that allllll the parents involved apparently keep things decent for the sake of the kids, and that these kids can know each other and have their half siblings in their lives.

I was not so lucky in the choices my own parents made!

kendrajoi on

I think this is a great picture. They all look great, and seem to be happy being together, which can be difficult for blended families. Say what you will about K-Fed (and I have), he seems to be a good father. I really wish that this would be his last kid, though.

momto3 on

I hope the spell it JORDYN with a “Y”, I think the “A” is too Masculin!!IMO:)

kimmie on

@Valerie, how much more positive would you like that? All the comments were just that, until you came along.

Terri on

It’s nice to see all the kids enjoying their day at the beach.

Bancie1031 on

They all look healthy and happy … that’s all that matters 🙂 All of Kevin’s kids are cuties …. Congratulations on the new baby girl …. I hope she’s healthy and happy …..

Marie on

When is he going to get a job to support all of these kids? A good father work to provide for his kids and I don’t mean off Britney Spears money. Britney’s two kids will be 18 and then how will Kevin support this last kid.

Ella on

His kids are super adorable and I think that’s a great family pic. I also like their name choice for their little girl on the way. Best of luck to them.

Sloanesmomma on

black, mexican, white kids….why did he knock up another white women he should of chose asian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jillian on

I think Kevin has done a wonderful job over the last many years being a father to his children. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the life HE has chosen for his children. It is HIS life and as long as the children are loved and supported for, as they appear to be, that is all that matters!

Marie, I haven’t heard one thing that states he doesn’t support his children.

J-Nelle on

@sloansmomma, Wha? He doesn’t have any Mexican kids does he?!

jessicad on

The kids do look happy and I have to give Kevin credit for stepping in and doing what a father should, but I honestly wonder if he works or just lives off of Britney’s money. Maybe he does and I just haven’t heard? They seem to be out of the spotlight lately.

Either way, precious kids and I’m sure the new one will be as well!

Sara on

Jayden and Jordan? Seriously?!

Nikki on

He such a wonderful father that he makes money off his kids by setting them up for PHOTO OPS. Everyone knows this. He pays the same photographers when he needs some money and they go to work.

Funny when he was going through the custody battle, he said he wanted a “normal life” for them. Yet now, every chance he gets he’s pimping them out to the photographers.

THATS how he provides for his children. He’s gross, he just had a great lawyer, who took advantage of a rich woman. ANYBODY who does that is scum man or woman.

lulu on

When I clicked on this, I thought they must be having another kid. Seems like this girl has been pregnant forever. They must’ve leaked it to the press the moment after conception…

And I agree, why are they on bumpwatch? He’s a former backup dancer & she’s a, um, a, um…. what does she do again?

Gianna on

Lol, if this were a woman instead of KFed everyone would be jumping all over her no matter how present she was in their life e.g. Mel B

Funny how the double standard works, right?

marina on

jessicad – I remember he saying that he indeen work, as producer, and he had a recording studio in his home, or something along those lines. I has been a while since he said that though.

I’m not a fan of the man, but he seems like a good dad!

Mina on

If I was Britney, I would be furious. I would NEVER work to support my ex’s new wife and their new kid. NEVER.

And the sad thing is….she doesn’t have a choice. The courts make her pay this scum…and courts can’t tell you what to do with child support as long as the kids are being housed, clothed, and fed. I know ppl who spend thier support on ciggarettes, alcohol, hair salon treatments, etc….and since Kevin isnt working and hasnt in a long time, I think its safe to say almost every penny he spends is BRITNEY’S money!

So I ask you all…what makes him a good father? What kind of a good example is he setting for his children? So he is present in his kids lives…big whoop. I know alot of BAD fathers who are present in their kids lives…doesnt AUTOMATICALLY make them a good dad.

And of course Shar would say he is a good dad…she doesnt pay Kevin, in fact, if she gets child support from Kevin then she is getting Britney’s money too!

Nella on

I have to say I agree with Mina on this one….Sorry I don’t have respect for people who live off of their exes money, that goes for both men and women in my opinion. As far as him being a good father, once again you have to set good examples for your kids and I am not sure if Keven sets the best examples, so I am not sure about that. I am glad that the kids seems happy and that they are able to get all the kids together and be a family, so that is nice to see. The kids are adorable. Also, Like some of the other posters said neither Kevin or Victoria are celebs so they shouldn’t even be on this website, but that’s just my opinion.

Rachel on

I’ve said this before here and I’ll say it again… this country (especially many of the women in this country – because face it, women are the majority of who comment here) have the most messed up beliefs I’ve ever heard! If the shoe was on the other foot… if Britney were the one who had children by three different men and if Kevin were the star making all the money and if he had been the one to lose his mind and leave her… don’t tell me for one second most of you wouldn’t think that HE would owe HER child support.

It’s simple. Britney makes MILLIONS of dollars per year – in 2010 she made over 38 million. She pays Kevin Federline $20,000 per month or $240,000 per year. Seriously? You people think that he’s ripping her off???? That is POCKET CHANGE for her.

Frankly it makes me ill.

I don’t care what kind of idiot you are or how many men or women you sleep with… if you care about your children then that means taking care of them regardless of which parent they’re with. Britney should want to give Kevin money to help maintain a stable life for his children in BOTH settings.

I work in an environment with at risk children. I’ve seen abuse, neglect, and constant fighting between divorced parents over their children. I’ve seen parents who don’t give a dang one way or the other if their children have even the most basic of needs. The fact that people get on here and bash someone who LOVES his kids is sick to me.

Indira on

These women laid down with this man and made these children with him. Why don’t you call them scum as well? What is wrong with having a lot of kids with consenting women?

Mina, how do you know Kevin doesn’t work, have you seen his tax returns? Even if he wasn’t working I could probably read off a list of women who were married to famous rich men had their children and no longer work.

I’m fairly sure that Kevin has primary custody of the two boys as well and looking at the boys on a beautiful beach in MALIBU it seems he’s using Britney’s money to give them nice life.

If Britney has that big of a problem with it, she’s can take him to court regain custody and cut him off financially. She doesn’t seem to have a problem with their situation as its been stable for sometime so why should any of us???

This seems to be truly a blended family because Britney has been photographed with Shar’s kids, Shar’s kids have been seen with Britney’s kids and Victoria seems like she’s fostered a nice relationship with them ALL.

All these kids are being raised as brother and sister, I think that is truly beautiful.

Jillian on

The thing of it is…..Shar and Brittney have both said he is a great dad. Brittney has never complained about him and isn’t annoyed about him. Not sure why the rest of you seem so up in arms.

None of you know that he is not working. Saying he is not working and has not in a long time is not true just because you think it.

I am not a fan of the guy, but I am not going to just make up stuff. I think he has every right to be raising his children with the amount of child support he is given and working the side/odd jobs he gets.

I do have to say that it always makes me laugh when people try and say that certain people are bad parents, not classy or bad role models….especially in this case.

When the judge sided with him AND his ex’s have repeatedly said what a wonderful father he is…..but the posters on here know everything from the gossip magazines. Okay!

And whether some of you like it or not…..he is a celeb. Look up the definition because clearly some of you forget what it means.

Colette on

Rachel He would still get the child support if he got a job. Then he could show his boys how to be a man and go to work everyday like most fathers do. Rather than showing them how to have another child out of wedlock that you don’t work outside the home to support. All his kids are school age so why not get a job. Also I see he is overweight again which is unhealthy. He can coach his kids be an attentive dad and work.

Valerie on

kimmie- the comments that were made before I posted were not positive- why don’t you read carefully before posting.

Patrice on

Ugh. Only 33 years old and he already has 5 children with 3 different women? I’m not sure what he does for money, but I hope he contributes to their support.

Rachel on

Colette — First of all, there is no proof that Kevin doesn’t work. He has definitely held paid gigs over the past few years (DJ gigs, spots on tv shows and in movies, and he was paid for his spot on celeb fitness or whatever it’s called). He may not work a full time job, but I suppose you could say the same thing about stay at home moms? The point is, it’s hypocrisy. In this country stay at home moms are valued immensely and dads are considered “dead beats” — it shouldn’t really matter which parent is making the money and who is staying home with the children so long as the children are being well cared for and loved. Hell I would be absolutely THRILLED to have a job making 38 million dollars per year if I knew my children could stay home with their dad.

As for Kevin needing to be a better role model for his boys… I’m sure we could all be better role models in some aspects of life. But really, of the two parents Preston and Jayden have, despite the fact that Britney is the working parent who brings in LOADS more money, I think it’s pretty obvious who the better role model between Britney and Kevin has been. The courts didn’t deny Britney custody for no reason at all.

Anna on

I don’t get why everyone is angry that he gets child support. Do you also believe mothers shouldn’t get child support?

He is raising the children. Do you want him to go to work and leave the children with a nanny? He was the constant in their lives when their mother went off the wall.

Victoria seems nice and the children always look happy when they are with them.

tate on

This site just needs to turn off ALL comments.

Awful people posting awful things.

Amanda on

He seems like a really involved dad, I give him props for that. But, does he work? Or does he simply live off Britney’s money he gets because he is the primary parent of the two younger boys? I really hope not. My mom lived off the child support she got from my dad for years and to this day that still bothers me that she did that.

Toya L. on

Sadly, when you lie down with dogs, sometimes you end up with fleas. Who in their right mind would propose to a man that has (not had at the time) a girlfriend, a child and a child on the way and really expect a great outcome? I saw their clips, she pursued and later proposed to Kevin (yes he was the one in a committed relationship and could/should have said no) while he was on tour with her as a backup dancer to help support his girlfriend, daughter and child on the way, Britney was fully aware of that. She could have avoided all of this.

When she filed for divorce, they came to a settlement agreement and agreed to share joint custody of their children (notice Kevin was satisfied with joint custody and wasn’t asking for full custody to get cs payments to live of off). He went for sole custody ONLY AFTER she admitted herself into a rehab for one day, the next day shaved her head, admitted herself into other treatment facilities for a few weeks after that, had nude crotch shots, hissing like a snake in stores, talking like she was from another planet etc…. let’s not make it seem as if he took advantage of a naive, rich, young superstar and got her pregnant for future child support payments to later help pay for his future with his children from a previous relationship, their children together and his future child(ren).

@Rachel, I agree. Britney pays Kevin $20,000 a month in child support. Russell Simmons and Diddy pay that amount PER CHILD a month and they all pay for extras of course and according to Forbes her gross income for 2010 was double theirs. Britney probably spends more than that on her hair, wardrobe and makeup per month (and she can because she worked for it). Anyway Kevin has worked, he and Britney both seem like good parents who both love their children, are raising seemingly healthy and happy children and who seem to co-parent well together and that is all that matters.

Mina on

It not that Britney pays child support. Its HOW MUCH she pays that will support children that are not even hers.

I am quite sure her TWO kids can be supported in home, clothes, and food for less than 20,000 a month. For most people, that is half a years salary. For a good paying job and 2 kids, average child support is around 1,000 a month. For a great paying job its probably more, and for a crappy job, its less.

If Britney is fine with it then cool. But like someone mentioned, shes not all there to begin with. I can see her being cool with supporting Kori and Kaleb since they were there first. But to support this new one that was INTENTIONALLY made with no means of support but its half siblings mom, is sick in my opinion. I hope she goes back to court!

Jenn on

Mina you’re a dip. Kevin could be getting triple what he is getting in support from Britney. Child support is to help maintain an equal lifestyle between both households…. Maybe you should learn more about the subjects that you speak about before you say more inaccuracies that make you look like a dope. It’s not your money so what do you care!?!?!?!???!??

ari on

Jayden and Jordan? Not so much. Yes, spell Jordyn with a “y” for a girl. Leave Jordan for the boys, for whom it belongs. People love wrecking a name.

NickyAngel on

what a nice pic…all his kids together 🙂

Alyssa on

He needs to be snipped

Miss Ann on

v-a-s-e-c-t-o-m-y. please.

Jo on

and who is supporting all “his” kids

canada on

Have you seen the movie “Idiocracy” …..enough said.