Spotted: Alyson Hannigan’s Seesaw Sweetheart

07/29/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
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Alyson Hannigan and 2-year-old daughter Satyana Marie prepare for liftoff Thursday while riding a seesaw at an Atlanta, Ga., playground.

The actress, 37, was in town to finish filming American Reunion, where she reprises her role as Michelle ‘One time, at band camp’ Flaherty.

“That’s a wrap!!! I had SO MUCH fun!!!” Hannigan Tweeted. “I think this one will be the best of the bunch.”

Satyana is the How I Met Your Mother star’s only child with husband Alexis Denisof.

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klutzy_girl on

Cute! I’m excited for both the new season of HIMYM and American Reunion!

And with all the celebs knocked up in Hollywood right now, I’d love for Aly to join them. Plus, it’d be perfect timing since her character Lily is pregnant.

Shannon on

What a cutie!

K on

What a precious little girl! She’s definitely a mini Alyson.

Heather on

This family is sooo adorable. I am hoping she has another baby soon. Satyana is too cute for words!

mommytoane on

Nothing wrong with Satyana being an only child.

Gotta admit, shes a definate cutie pie tho. 🙂 Love those little red curly pigtails. Tooo cute.

Susannah on

Each picture of them is more adorable than the last. It is not right when it is always stated that it is your only child. That may be hurtful to some.

Maggie on

Well when they used to say “this is the first child for..” people would bitch about that too. Can’t make everyone happy.

They are both adorable and I can’t wait to see this movie!! I used to love the American Pie flicks when I was in high school.

mommytoane on

You have a very valid point. I don’t think they make that comment to hurt anyone, but Maggie has a point as well. If it said “This is the first child” it could be hurtful as well. Perhaps if you have a way of saying how to point out how many children a person has in a nonhurtful way that comment might be thought about by the people who post these articles. Otherwise, I think they stick with what they do, because it hasn’t been a major issue.

Rebecca on

Although I personally don’t have any problem with the article saying “this is the only child for…” another way to say it would be “Satyana is the daughter of Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof.” I don’t think that’s hurtful at all.

Samantha on

I actually think Satyana looks a lot like Alexis and a bit of Alyson there also. She’s really adorable though 🙂 And I can’t wait for American Reunion always loved American Pie movies and hope its good as she says!

Jillian on

I agree with you Rebecca and they way you say it. That is the way, I feel it should be worded. This is the only site, I find that words it this way.

Nella on

What an adorable pair these two are! Satyana seems like such a happy and cute kid.

sara on

Huh? What is the problem with saying she’s their only child? It’s just a factual statement. (Saying “first child” wouldn’t make any sense because you can’t have a first of something unless there are more than one, and they don’t have other children.)

Tee on

I don’t understand why it could be seen as hurtful to say “this is the only child for.” Could someone explain it to me?

Holiday on

I also do not understand how it could be hurtful to say it is their only child?? Before my daughter was born and I just had my son people would ask if he was my only child… not offensive in the least.

Mariel on

It doesnt matter how try…. you girls always going to find something to complain about. You people are so negative and boring.

vicki on

oh good grief – now calling an only child and only child hurtful? I don’t understand to whom exactly? I mean, maybe you could stretch to see it being hurtful to them if they had two children and lost one, but that is not the case here. Right now, she’s their only child. What is the problem with calling her that?

Tara on

That baby is seriously the perfect blend of her parents which equals a whole lot of adorable. And I can’t believe that Alyson is 37 years old, she has aged soooooo well she doesn’t look much older than she did when she was on Buffy 😀

Jillian on

Some people don’t find calling a child ugly offensive and some do….. Some find this offensive…..

We are all different.

Holiday on

But HOW is it offensive? We all know why calling a child ugly is offensive, why is saying she is their only child offensive?