Aaron Johnson, Sam Taylor-Wood Expecting Second Child

07/29/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Fred Duval/FilmMagic

Aaron Johnson is getting ready to pull double-daddy duty – his fiancée, filmmaker Sam Taylor-Wood, is expecting the couple’s second child, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The Kick-Ass star, 21, and Taylor-Wood, 44, whose romance raised eyebrows because of their 23-year age difference, are already the proud parents of a baby girl, Wylda Rae, who just turned 1.

After stepping out together as a couple last spring, Johnson defended their relationship.

“I’ve got a wonderful woman. I’m an old soul, and she’s a young soul.”

Taylor-Wood, who also has two daughters, Angelica, 14, and Jessie Phoenix, 4, from her first marriage to art dealer Jay Jopling, met in 2009 on the set of her directorial debut, Nowhere Boy.

— Alison Schwartz with reporting by Simon Perry

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Adrienne on

It’s my personal opinion that unless you are underage, age doesn’t really matter. It’s all about personal taste. Some people like onions, some people don’t…some people like people older/younger and some people don’t. So congrats to them. Wylda tho?

fuzibuni on

He’s pretty handsome in an old style romantic way. Lucky lady for snagging that. And I like their daughters name… it’s unique, but not crazy strange-o. Congrats on number two… she’s extra lucky to carry a second baby at 44.

elizabetholwigphotography on

Adrienne: Those were exactly my thoughts. Love knows no age. Congrats to them.

cn tower on

I say kudos to her for being willing to go through another pregnancy at her age – it’s no picnic. I had my 2nd and final child at 40 and I am done, done, done like dinner.

Mary on


Who are we to tell someone whom they can love and not love, old, young, gay, straight! It’s quite frankly none of our damn business. Their relationship, like others out there will have no effect on us!

Love their little girls name!

mommytoane on

I agree. Love knows no age.

Congrats to them on baby #2.

Chris on

Congrats to them! As long as they are happy with their age difference that is all that matters. What a blessing to be pregnant again at her age.

Susanna on

I am so sorry to say this, but he is so handsome and she is one fugly looking woman. What the hell gives?? What in God’s name would this 21 year old good looking man look at a 44 year old homely looking woman? Wow, I am stunned!

Jennifer on

I agree that age is nothing. I am 38 and my boyfriend is 28, we could careless about the age. But this article isn’t entirely accurate… they didn’t just step out as a couple last spring. They’ve been together since he was 18 and they’ve been “steppin out” since that time. 🙂

Alyssa on

Susanna: Maybe it’s the fact that most couples relationship isn’t solely based on looks. There’s more to love than how attractive someone finds their partner. That shouldn’t be their #1 priority.

Niche on

I just lol’d at Susanna’s comment because I totally agree. I’m going to be honest about it. What could they possibly have in common? He’s all of seven years older than her oldest child. But, I understand that there’s someone out here for everyone and we can’t choose who we fall in love with.

I am curious though, to all those who say age is just a number, how do you feel about Doug Hutchison marrying the 16/17 year old girl… do you still feel that love has no boundaries?

Sarah K. on

I have no problem with the age difference itself, but the fact that he was underage when they met is kind of creepy to me. He was only 17 when he shot Kick-ass. But, he’s an adult now so as long as their happy and the kids are happy, I guess it’s not that big of a deal.

meghan on

Niche, other posters clearly said as long as the people involved are of age…

Susanna obviously Aaron is more mature than you, because he is wise enough to know that one must look deeper at a person than whether or not they’re a bombshell or not. Most people put value on more important things, like is that person always there for them? Do they make you laugh? Do they make you feel like you hit the jackpot? That is worth it’s weight in gold.

We don’t all look like Catherine Zeta-Jones, but we all deserve a shot at love.

Mary on

16/17 is underage. Her parents had to give permission. When a parent must give permission than, YEAH that’s too young! One of the reasons why The Doug Hutchinson thing is creepy, when she gives interviews she seems to me, at least that she is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Perhaps if she did not seem under the influence and seemed like an intellect some of us wouldn’t be so crept out. And she should have finished high school!! WHY could they have not waited?

The Aaron and Sam relationship are two consulting adults.

Bella on

I wish they had chosen a better photograph for this announcement. Her facial expression makes the age more apparent and tries to focus the attention on that.

I never really put much thought into age differences. People make it work. I mean look at Demi and Ashton who everyone said wouldn’t work out.

Just wish this Sam Taylor-Wood (who I honestly have never heard of) looked…. better. But I guess we all take bad pictures.

kendrajoi on

I think it’s unusual, but they are consenting ADULTS. Also, this picture is just really unflattering of her. I looked her up, and she looks fine in other pictures. She is also a cancer survivor (twice). I think as long as they are happy, it’s great.

RKF on

Love may know no age, but he’s a kid barely out of his teens. I think it’s creepy. She’s old enough to be his mother, and certainly looks it.

e on

Mary I was thinking the same thing. Doug h’s wife creeps me out and her parents are worse.

I think positively about this couple though. It’s not like she’s in her sixtys having a baby. 44 is still young

Andrea on

Congrats to them. I thought she looked pregnant the last time I saw pictures of them.

I’m always amused by reactions focused on just her looks and age. From most accounts, she is one of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet. My reaction to this couple has always been good for them and how in the world did Aaron Johnson bag the Sam Taylor-Wood.

Caity on

Granted, I would never date someone older than 4 or 5 years, but that’s just me.

If they are happy, then that’s what the most important thing is. Like someone said earlier, love has no limits.

And who wouldnt want to be with him, he’s hott :), and she seems like a nice person.

ZaraB on

That’s not a very flattering picture of Sam Taylor-Wood – she’s actually very attractive, not to mention an incredibly talented artist and filmmaker, and one of the most successful British women of her generation. She is also pretty tough – having battled and survived cancer twice.

I have also had the pleasure of dealing with her personally through work, and she is a lovely and gracious woman. Maybe these are some of the qualities that Aaron Johnson found attractive when they met, and he’s not as shallow as some of the commentators here… I must admit to being a bit shocked when I first heard about their relationship, but they’ve been together a few years now, and it’s obviously going well if they’re having their second child together.

I wish them all the best.

Andrea on

Congrats to them. Finding love is hard enough, who cares what strangers think.

And to add to Andrea’s sentiment, she may not be widely known but Sam is seriously one of the coolest women around.

Molly on

The idiots commenting about the age difference are jealous because they are bitter and lonely. Congratulations and ignore the jealous immature brats like RFK who have nasty attitudes but can’t figure out why they are forever alone

Jessi on

If it were a 44 year old man society would call him a pig. But because it’s a 44 year old woman, we are all applauding her and patting her on the back telling her good job for snagging a younger man. Double standard much?

A. on

I don’t really have an opinion about their age difference when it comes to them being together. Things happen/you love who you love.
But! 21 is a little too young to have not 1 but 2 children, don’t you think? I know she isn’t getting any younger, but is that really any reason to have 2 kids, I’m assuming purposefully, at 21? Even though he can support them, 21 is very young…that’s where it gets weird for me. Not to mention, sexism is alive and well here…If Bristol Palin or Jamie Lynn Spears were to announce second pregnancies tomorrow, the world would scream with horror “they’re too young! they should have known better, they’ve already been through this once, we need to encourage young women not to get pregnant, stop glamorizing pregnancy ect.” Just my opinions.

Stef on

I’m not passing any judgements here, mostly because I don’t care, but I know if I were her oldest daughter I might be a little weirded out by it. She and Aaron are only 7 years apart.

Zoey on

He is two years older than me, and i think it is amazing that he is not immature or stupid like a lot of men around my age. This is clear because he is doesn’t care what anyone thinks and just loves his woman for who she is. Gosh! I wish he was my boyfriend now.

There is a clear double standard here though. If i started dating a man in his 40s because i fell in love with him, people would call him sick for loving a younger woman and not dating someone his own age. now that’s just not right. 😦

Two consenting adults should be able to love anyone they want.

Oh and Congrats Sam and Aaron on the new baby! I love the name Wylda Rae! Can’t wait to hear if its a boy or girl and the name! 😀

Erica on

I can see the appeal on Aaron’s end (inexperienced teenager with a crush on an older woman) but I wonder why a mature, 40 year old mother of two would even want an 18 year old kid? I’m only 25 and I can’t imagine being with someone barely out of high school. But to each their own.

Ali on

I don’t really get this. It kind of creeps me out honestly. I am 29 years old and I can’t imagine EVER dating someone who was 18. There is just no way I would do it. It’s too big of a difference in life experience and overall maturity to me. I don’t care how much people rant and rave about age being just a number. You can rant and rave about that all you want but I’m sure that tune would change if you had a 17-18 year old son who said, “Mom, Dad…I knocked up a 43 year old woman and we are getting married!” I can’t imagine a ton of smiles and cheers going around that family room. That’s just me. I send my congratulations to them though on the baby. Good luck to them!

Molly on

Jessi, shut up. I’m sick of is a privilege chauvinistic pigs like you. We don’t want your sexist comments. You disgust every single woman out there. You sound like someone who is a disgusting person. Shut up please

Molly on

LMAO Ali, Good try teenager. A 29 year old woman wouldn’t sound like a bored teenage girl who ignored all of her English classes. Now join Jessi and shut up

Hoopla on

Seriously Molly? You are consistently rude. If you don’t agree with someone, don’t just tell them to shut up and insult them.

Anyway, I think he is extremely good looking and I’m glad they’re happy together.

Toya L. on

Lmao @ these comments. @Andrea, hun, you are Andrea. Congratulations to them. They are two consenting adults, seem to be happy together and love each other and that’s all that matters.

Kat on

Did some of you have to be rude about other people’s opinions?you don’t have to agree with them but you can do so in a polite way.I have no problem with their relationship but to act as if it didn’t raised eyebrows is crazy,he was 16/17 when they started dating and she was in her forties,and he was 18 when they announced the first pregnancy,i’m glad that it’s working for them and hope it lasts but age at some point always matter,maybe not now but it will…As for choosing Demi Moore as an example?ummmmm,there were rumors of Ashton cheating and stuffs and the next thing we knew,Demi went on a bikini rampage on twitter,acting like a teenager and letting people know that Ashton was still hitting that.

Anna on

I just think he’s very young to be having children, although I understand they need to move fast because of her age.

Indira on

Jessi I agree!

There’s definitely a double standard. When it’s a woman, theres a lot of “love knows no age” when it’s an older man we see a lot more “the girl is barely out of her teens” and the man gets ridiculed for dating a much younger woman. I know nothing about him but, old soul or not, there are very few paths that a 21 year old can lead which would measure up to 23 extra years of life experience. 10 years ago he was 11. 10 years ago she was 34 with a four year old daughter. I have a 19 year old girlfriend dating a 44 year old man and I find it perverse honestly. She’s over age yes but theres not much difference between a 16 year old an a 19 year old.

Daniella on

To everyone jumping down others’ throats about their opinions, seriously, just grow up, to people on both sides of the issue. Insulting the opinions of others without anything constructive to back up your argument just makes you look like a rude fool.

Now, with that aside, as someone who is the exact same age as Aaron Johnson, let me just say that I’m happy they’re happy together, but most people my age would view their union as kinda creepy since he’s barely over the age of consent, ony 7 years older than her young daughter & it makes you wonder exactly how young he was when they first started dating.

Most people, or at least those in my age bracket, are a little creeped out or concerned by someone our age dating someone our parents’ age, that’s just a natural reaction for most of us. I consider myself to be extremely mature for my age with some pretty tough life-experience behind me already, but even I would not equate myself to having the maturity of most people my parents’ age.

I remember a psychology professor of mine asking a lecture hall of about 400 students how many of them would want children before 25….and no males at all raised their hands. None. And why did they not raise their hands? Because all of them admitted that there’s no way they were ready nor mature enough to have children yet.

And yes, there’s definitely a double standard here, because every girl I know here at college who dates a man more than 10 years older than her has gotten universally negative reactions to it.

I personally do not know any guys our age who are dating a woman Taylor-Wood’s age, but I can see the double standard here on this board from the messages.

Jump down my throat & call me a terrible person if you want, I know they are two consenting adults now & can do what they want, but I’m just calling it as I see it & that’s my honest opinion on the matter.

However, congrats on the baby & I hope she has a very healthy & safe pregnancy.

marina on

I’m starting to believe that some of you live in some other world. It’s much more common and much more social accepted that a older man dating with a young girl, than this case!

I would never go out with someone 20 years my senior, or 20 younger then me, but I don’t see anything wrong anyway.

Amanda on

If this were a 44 year old man who got a 21 year old pregnant for the second time the comments would be oh so different! Complete double standard. It definitely wouldn’t be all ‘love knows no age’ LOL

Either way, they are both consenting, though I don’t think turning the magical age of 18 makes someone an adult and technically they were together before he turned 18.

I wish them and their children the best. They seem happy

me on

Kudos to her for being a confident woman and keeping that hot young stud around. Imagine what it must be like having a twenty-year old in bed every night ^.^
You go girl!

kal on

These children are going to be quite talented if they’re anything like their very artistic parents!

They are brave for being open. Imagine how much flack they get just for loving each other. That anyone can criticize LOVE in a world full of SUFFERING is astounding to me.

Having healed from cancer twice, she knows better than most that there is NO guarantee we will live to see tomorrow. From that perspective, why miss out on deep connection with someone because of age? (Especially someone so gorgeous. 😉 The above is so unflattering of both.)

All of you who say, “I’d never have a relationship like that”, just wait until the day you fall madly in love with someone who, on paper, is “inappropriate” for you. No one knows until they’ve been there.

M on

Disgusting. A 44 year old woman being with a 21 year old man is just as creepy as a 44 year old man being with a 21 year old woman.

Its bizarre enough that a woman in her 40’s with teenage children would be involved with an 18 year old, but to have a baby with him?! That’s just ridiculous. She is very irresponsible. Obviously their relationship will NOT work, was it really necessary for her to get pregnant? She knew exactly what she was doing. She should have had an abortion with the first, and she should abort this one, too. The babies will only keep Aaron trapped in the relationship for a while, but its not a long term solution.

A 21 year old boy (not man!) should not have two children, especially not with a woman old enough to be his mother!

Anybody who is happy for them and actually thinks they have a chance as a couple is clearly delusional.

Molly on

Kal, you’re a great person. The world would be a better place if more people were like you

fuzibuni on

Being American, I didn’t know much about either of them, but I was curious and found some interviews online. From what I saw, Sam is a very talented artist and Aaron is quite a good actor. He seems very mature and grounded for 21.

I saw one interview with them together on the red carpet and they were so natural and sweet together. We should all be so lucky to have love like that.

Holiday on

I dont see what a woman her age would have in common with a guy that age! Especially considering he was 18 when the first got together. I am 27 and the thought of an 18 year old teenager would make me feel almost like a pedo!

Janey on

it is not the age difference that worries me, it is that he is so young.

sarawara on

When did 21 become “so young” to have children? My parents (happily married 35 years) had me at 21. Dad’s parents (happily married 50 years until my grandmother passed) had him at 22.

They aren’t 16… they aren’t even 18… they’re adults– successful and talented adults with careers, mutual love and who manage to stay out of jail. Let’s give them a break and congratulate them.

Congratulations Sam & Aaron!

Molly on

M, shut the f*** up. You’re a fucking sick puppy

Elizabeth on

I guess it’s only cool to be a “cougar” when you’re just having sex with younger guys, but with marriage is an entirely different story.

More power to em! If I could nab myself a guy in his 20s I’d be one happy lady 😉

Elena on


I just came over to this thread to see if you are dispensing more great advice to others, like you did to me. Turns out you are. Nice.

You are probably a 12 year old girl who cuts herself, so I will take it easy on you. Find a real person to talk to, OK? I am worried about you.

Elena on

By the way, Ali, I agree with what you said and I am also a 29 year old woman. Can’t imagine that this is a situation where the friends and family are entirely on board, but good luck to them with the baby.

Oh, and ignore Molly – she is a rude little girl without any guidance in life that similarly insulted me on another thread. She takes what other people say and responds to it with personal insults. What a sad and unhappy person.

Molly on

Elena, stop posting you heartless bitch.

Molly on

Also Elena, you have proven to me that you are a lonely bitter woman who can’t figure out why no one loves her and that I’m a better person than you morally. I keep laughing at your failures 😀

Indira on

“You are probably a 12 year old girl who cuts herself, so I will take it easy on you.”

This made me lol. Awful I know.

RKF on

@Elena – LOL! Greatest.post.ever. I too, am apparently “bitter”, “lonely”, jealous”, “nasty”, and “alone.” Apparently this blog doesn’t screen for the mentally ill. (And for posting this, said mentally ill individual will likely call me some other infantile adjective.) Or, I’ll be told to “Shut the f* up!” At least she’s predictable. 😉

Rhiannon on

It’s irresponsible to bring children into a union that has no chance of lasting (let’s check back in 5 years and see if they are still together)

I’m sure she is lovely, I’m sure he is too. But no. Absolutely not. Still, not my life so I don’t particularly care about them. But if he were my son I would tell him, “good luck, you are on your own”. If she were my daughter or mother, I’d laugh at her and tell her to get real. Both are delusional. And everyone who says love knows no age, is delusional too. It takes more than love to make a union last. When she is 60 he will be 37. Yeah, like that’s going to work.

Elena on


See, now I have to post since you asked me not to. I am just that heartless.

Talk to your Mom, OK? I know life seems hard now, but you won’t always be so unpopular and sad. You don’t have to be a crappy little troll on a celebrity website forever.



e on

Isn’t there anyone moderating these comments?!? I know CBB has been going downhill for a couple years now, but now I can’t even read the comments without feeling like I’m back in high school.

Elena on

RKF – yep, I’ve been called all that and worse by this “Molly” person, and also “vile and disgusting” and “creepy”. Also, she told me that I don’t have friends or a family.

At first I was offended, and then I realized that Molly is probably, as you say, mentally ill. That makes me not want to engage with her at all, since you never know when you can push that person to harm themselves or others. At the same time, it’s hard not to respond when someone calls you a “heartless bitch”.

I just hope People moderators take a look at all of the threads she posts in, realize that she adds nothing of value to any discussion and just randomly insults people, and ban her IP address permanently. Perhaps with all of that free time she can finally get the mental help she so clearly needs.

Rose on

I really don’t understand all the hoopla?? I mean you have Hugh Hefner who now resembles a corpse and has been screwing playmates since the beginning of time and they are more than 50yrs younger. Now THAT is disgusting.

K on

That is one beautiful man!

I have to say that our experiences make us up as people, not our age. While my initial reaction about their vast age difference is that it’s strange – because of people like Doug Hutchison and his now wife – but that it’s perfectly plausible. We don’t know them personally, and really have no idea what sort of people either of them are. And as was stated in a previous post, in a world of suffering, who are we to judge two people who have found love?

And I love the name Wylda!

denise on

Looks like his NANA! Too old and don’t give me love knows no bounds. He will be changing diapers including hers long enough. I am her age and I find it GROSS and wrong on so many levels as a mom with SONS his age. Good Luck!

J on

I was just thinking that too Jessi. One person said, “love knows no age” but if this were vice versa so many people would be bashing the man and talking about how he’s too old to have a baby and babies shouldn’t be born to older adults, etc, etc.

Elena on

My personal opinion ONLY: a man his age is really a child himself, and I think that odds are very, very good that one day he’ll want to have his crazy, fun youthful days back and leave her and their (soon to be) two children. Not saying that it’s right, but it’s almost a certainty with this relationship. So few relationships survive anyway, why get into one that has the cards stacked up so much against it, and especially why bring children into it? Now, I’m not saying I would kick him out of bed if I were her. But I certainly would think twice before having kids with him.

But who knows, maybe she knows that he’ll leave and she’s OK with it and with raising the kids on her own. In which case, more power to her. I just hope she’s not deluding herself that they are going to grow old together.

P.S. When she goes out with him and their kids, people will think he’s her son and the kids are her grandkids. That’s really going to suck.

Diana on

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW that woman has a horse face…

Sarah on

Whatever works for the couple, when you are pointing a finger there are three pointing back at you. And how come, while I don’t make mean comments get moderated, and meanwhile there is so much vitriol that gets posted, sigh.

heather on

you people are full of it. if this was a man and a much much younger lady, you’d be all over him. don’t even lie!

Kimberly on

For what seems like centuries, older men have dated younger women. It all depends upon the people involved in the relationship as to whether or not it is creepy. Since I doubt anyone on this message board is in this couple’s circle of friends, your opinions are just that YOUR opinions and you know what they say about opinions.

FYI – I am and have been for 6 years in a relationship with a man 21 years younger than me – whom I met when he was 18:) He has made me happier and given me more of a sense of security than my ex-husband ever did:)

Rainbowstar on

It’s great for them.. I wish that I could see him with her in another five years, but I’m sure that he’ll divorce her.. what ever time table that he has in Cailf law to stay married to her so that he may get the bigger piece of her pie..”Money that is”. I think it’s ten years but not for sure with all the changing laws.. and I’m very sure he wouldn’t have given her a second look if she wasn’t a movie producer… so sad.. Do I see divorce in their future…YES!!! ^_^

aged on


sha sha on

Everyone makes their own choices. I wish them the best with their family and their kids. I will say this though. I don’t necessarily think it’s smart for a 44 year old woman to take up with such a young man. I say this because they have yet to figure themselves out in the real world. When I look back at myself at 18 vs 26, I’m a completely different person with a different set of likes and dislikes and a whole different perspective on the world. No one can ever say another’s choice is wrong. I just think she should brace herself because a lot can and will change.

Saoirse on

I loved Nowhere Boy, it was such a great movie, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, Aaron Johnson looks so charming in it!! I hope they’re happy together, and I hope that they stay together for a long time because their children deserve it. I do think the age difference is a little startling, but I don’t know them personally and I’m sure that they’re happy because they are together after facing disapproval from lots of people.

C.J. on

You people are such hateful, clueless IDIOTS, it’s amazing! My parents are 20 years apart, and you couldn’t find two people more in love. I and my brothers grew up just fine, thank you very much, and our family has more love, understanding, and common interests than most people I know (who married close to their own age). I say GOOD FOR YOU, Aaron and Sam! If they love each other and love their children, who the %&$^ gives a damn about how old they are? Damn.

Gadget on

Sam Taylor-Wood is a critically acclaimed photographer, for those who don’t know. She had an exhibition at Brooklyn Museum just last year. Good for them!

JB on

I hold her completely responsible! She was his mentor and she was a parent for goodness sakes!

It was so incredibly selfish on her part. He has no way of getting those – best time in your life- years back! He had so much time ahead of him to experience, enjoy, discover… And now he has children at such a YOUNG age!! Children completely change your life… His had not experienced much and sure wasn’t ready for such a dramatic change. She should have known better instead of selfishly forgetting what all he would be missing out on. Shame on her! He was a baby! She should have discouraged it if she really did love or care about him. It’s just so heartbreaking! Imagine how his parents must have felt and still feel. Imagine if he was her son and he fell for a woman her age!!!???!! And that woman had the same feelings in return. I doubt she would be claiming the same views she is now.

I just discovered Mr. Johnson – how strange is that calling him Mr. at his age but he is a father. Anyway I watched Anna Karenina and was completely blown away by his brilliance! And then to learn that he has settled down with a woman in her mid 40’s and has 2 babies! Oh my goodness!! I am 48 and I think he is so incredibly handsome, and would love my daughter dating him. . . To think his wife was thinking at the time of her dating him! I’m just blown away by her selfish! Mr. Johnson has sacrificed more than he will ever know for her happiness!