Rachel Zoe Gives a Sneak Peek of Skyler’s Closet

07/28/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
John Shearer/Getty

Skyler Morrison is one lucky kid! Not only is his mom the uber-fashionable, celebrity stylist-turned-designer Rachel Zoe, but his nursery closet is bananas (as his mom would say!)

Lucky for us (and you!), Zoe gave ABC’s Juju Chang a full tour of her 4-month-old’s room and wardrobe, which would pretty much make any grown-up fashionista green with jealousy.

From mini Gucci bombers and Tod’s loafers to custom Missoni baby sweaters, Skyler is well on his way to becoming Hollywood’s best-dressed tot — and he has plenty of competition.

The pièce de résistance for the chic baby? His very own monogrammed Louis Vuitton bag. Could you die?

Want a sneak peek? Check out the video below.

TELL US: What are your favorite pieces from Skyler’s closet?

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Krissy on

If she wasn’t already hated for being rich, skinny and famous this is going to put her over the top. I say god bless her and her family and she is one lucky MOMMY. Good for her!!!!!! Haters have at it………

stacy on

I know I’ve heard her name, but I’m not quite sure who she is or what she has been in. Cute little boy clothes! I hope they don’t put him to bed in that crib. Or if they do they take everything out of it. Very dangerous to have anything but a tight fitted sheet.

Melanie on

It tells you who she is in the second sentence…

She also has a reality show that follows her business.

Beautiful nursery.

kendrajoi on

It’s as if she had a baby just so she could style it.

Anna on

I don’t care about brands myself and maybe that’s why I don’t see how he is going to be best dressed. Most of the clothes they showed in the video were ugly. That bomber jacket does not look nice at all.

The shoes are cute though.

She’s supposed to be a fashionista but what is she wearing in this video?

HeatherR on

It was a little over the top for me. There are so many kids that don’t even have the bare neccessities. But with that said, it is her baby and her money and she has the right to do as she pleases. The nursery is beautiful.

Jean on

People can do what they want with their own money, but geez, this is such a waste. My daughter wears Carter’s and Old Navy and it bugs me when she only gets to wear some cute dress I got for $20 twice before she’s outgrown it. And that’s only $20! Kids grow way too fast to merit spending that kind of money.

Jillb on

She’s actually friends with those designers, so I don’t doubt if most of those clothes didn’t cost her a dime and instead were gifts.

Kat on

Stacy – when they show the crib from the side (as they walk to the shoes), you can see a bassinet behind it. They probably haven’t moved him to the crib yet, and it is just for show now.

She seems so happy, I coo like that too our my daughter’s clothing (through I can’t afford Gucci!)

Macy on

His clothes and the nursery are a bit too white for my tastes, a bit of variety would be good. But her kid, her tastes…

annie on

She’s free to spend her money as she likes but I’m also free to say that I find it repulsive to place that much emphasis on material things, especially clothes that will rarely be worn. It makes me sad to think that her son is already being taught lessons about the importance of appearance. And, I’m free to decide never to watch or buy anything that Zoe is affiliated with.

SarahM on

Jillb, I guessed that’s how she got most of the clothes and she even kept saying that they made it for him. I think a lot of designers give clothes to celebrity children as free advertisement.

Kelly on

wow…I have never liked her style, I still don’t. I do like the actual nursery though..the crib and bedding and color scheme. The closet and all those clothes is a complete waste. He will never wear all that stuff..it’s overkill. My kids wore nice clothing..Carters, Baby Gap, etc…I got compliments all the time on their wardrobe. You don’t have to spend thousands on clothing for your baby…who will outgrow it in a couple months anyway..

M! on

*rolls eyes*

melissa on

AHhhh I DIE! LOL, Luv luv luv Rachel Zoe and Skyler! All of the clothes were beyond cute. I would expect nothing less from her. It makes me want to have a son!

p on

excessive and GROSS! little does she know, babies grow fast and that child won’t wear 1/8 of that absurd wardrobe. if she’s smart she’ll donate!!!

Jennifer Rice on

I watched the video. Most of the clothing reminded me of cooked oatmeal. I think he needs more color, blues and greens. But is is the mothers perogative. My daughter wears alot of Target and Old Navy too. I get lots of compliments. And of course she grows out of ther things really quickly. I just wash them up, and mail them to our cousin in Texas for their little girl to wear too. I throw away anything worn, or frayed or stained, or ripped (or otherwise damaged)…so they get alot, and I throw away some. I figure it saves them some money, and they actually like some of the clothes. What they don’t like, I just let em, pass em on to someone who likes it.

Pat on

For Sarah M.: You nailed it. Business is Business!

XOXO12 on

I love the nursery and I love all the little shoes!

I really like Rachel, I met her once (where else, STARBUCKS LOL) and she is the nicest person you could ever meet, very pretty and super skinny, her husband is very nice too they are also great tippers to the starbucks employees and they all had nothing but nice things to say about them..

anyways, I love fashion, of course I cant afford half the stuff she wears or advirtises, but I like to day dream and escape, her show is so fun with all those designers clothes and shoes and she is very funny, I love how she gets so excited for a pair of shoes lol or when she meets with a designer, she can also be such an airhead sometimes and Roger (her husband) brings her back to reality really fast lol.

This is her first child of course she has tons of clothes for him, when I had my first child I bought tons of stuff and tons of things I didnt even need or use, but I was just so excited to have a baby and everything is so cute lol. Now with my second I learned not to buy too much since they grow out of it in a minute.

I say, let her be, is her money and she can do what she likes with it.

Holiday on

Melissa all the cute clothes and nursery makes you want a son? There is SO much more to being a parent than buying cute clothes and putting a nursery together.

Before you have a baby imagine staying up all night long for days on end, doing everything in your power to comfort a screaming colicky baby for hours and hours at a time for weeks on end, giving up your time and your life as you knew it before to put the needs of your baby first. I hate when people decided they want kids because of the baby clothes!

Annie on

– Anna on July 28th, 2011″

She is a stylist and yes, her ward-robe is bangin’, the face that you said “I don’t care about brands myself” proves your ignorance and probably shouldn’t be commented on what she is wearing, because if you knew anything about fashion you’d know it is FABULOUS. I LOVE her.

Annie on

Holiday, why must you piss on the parade of what other people find enjoyable. Some people don’t have planned pregnancies, some do, but find it difficult to cope with the impending reality. If they find comfort in shopping for “material” objects then let them be…who are YOU to judge how people handle different life scenarios. Who cares if he may not wear it all, she can keep them as keepsakes for him to keep forever and give to his future kids. So SHOVE it.

Holiday on

Annie mind your own business, I was not talking to you and could care less what you have to say.

Brooke on

She didn’t pay for anything in that closet. It is the designers who are hoping she will dress Skyler Morrison up in that stuff for free advertising…..I see no harm in it.

Catca on

Rachel is a stylist so obviously fashion matters, but so does a baby’s need to be comfortable. I didn’t see anything shown that would qualify as comfortable play clothes for him. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have play clothes, it could just be the story was on the new trend of high end designer clothing for the rug rat set, so I’ll just say I hope there are some play clothes in that wardrobe.

As far as the costs of those clothes, Rachel has the right to spend her money on what she wants (I assume many of these clothes are donated by designers launching baby wear lines and looking for publicity).

Having said that, considering how impractical the clothes are in terms of their being for more dress up occasions than actual playing, coupled with the fact that her son will outgrow them quickly, from a financial standpoint, it’s not a smart thing to spend money – but again her decision and if she gets enjoyment out of it and her son is comfortable, she should go for it.

As far as the comments about her materialism goes, I watched her reality show once and she strikes me as being all about business and intelligent. I would be surprised if she wasn’t instilling values in her son and not just teaching him to be materialistic. I think she deserves a little credit.

amandamay on

I can’t wait until Skyler is 5 and wants a Transformers t-shirt or a Ninja Turtles backpack for kindergarten. Hope she lets him choose his own style instead of imposing this ridiculous (and ugly IMO) stuff on him (And I LOVE fashion, so it’s not that I don’t “get” it).

My sister-in-law is a fashionista and won’t let her 4 year old son choose what he wants. His bedroom is the same way – Only organic, wood toys and anything trendy. He desperately wants an Elmo doll and some Star Wars toys but she thinks plastic toys and cartoon characters are “garish” and don’t go with the “aesthetic of their house”… Vomit. Can’t wait til the teen years 🙂

Toya L. on

I love the nursery. I also believe she was given most of the clothes to promote designers. I doubt if he will be able to wear a lot of the clothes (outgrow) but I’m sure she along with other celebs have lots of clothes they will never wear or will wear just once too. It’s their money so….

mommytoane on

Holiday, get your panties out of a twist. I don’t think Melissa was saying “Oh I want a boy and only because of cute clothes”…I think that she was more saying that it gives her the desire to have a boy. In a week, she may see a bunch of girly stuff and get the desire to have a girl. I doubt this means she’s going to have a baby just for the clothes. A lot of women (and men) see something and think *Oh how cute, I want to have a boy/girl and dress her in that kinda stuff* but then are 1000000000% happy with whatever they are graced with.

And Its normal for a woman to have the *baby blues* and desire a baby for a few days…then go right back to being 100% happy with what they have. So…Take every comment with a grain of salt, and go eat yourself some chocolate…take a long relaxing shower/bath and chill out.

Cute closet/clothes. LOL I agree that most of its probably gifts. And I agree babies never seem to wear half of what they get. Tho…they DO start slowing down in size a hair as they get a little older….its still impossible to keep kids in clothes. I swear my DD starts school in one size and ends it in two sizes bigger.

p on

I just think in this horrid economy with people out of work and losing their homes to foreclosure and SO many families finding it difficult to feed their children, this video is disgusting.

that child, all decked out in his tods and gucci, is clearly just another fashion accessory for this woman.

K on

I love Rachel Zoe. She made a career out of nothing, and she has been extremely successful. Congratulations again on the beautiful baby boy.

RKF on

P- You find this video disgusting? Why? This is how celebrities live – everyone knows this is not the “norm” for the average person, which is why I take it in jest.

She is a fashion stylist, thus she likely received the majority as freebies, and if she didn’t, she has every right to spend her money as she pleases.

Also, she has PLENTY of accessories, so I find it highly unlikely she birthed a child to use as a mannequin.

FAB on

I would ACCEPT all those clothes from the designers too…. Hell she sends them clients to model their clothes in exchange she gets beautiful items for her baby!!!! WHO WOULDNT!!!!??? and if you answer “I wouldnt” then you know you are fooling yourself….. Way to go Rachel!!!!! Get everything you can!!!! You have worked all your life for it and you deserve it!!

Indira on

I think it’s natural for people to cringe at utterly frivolous displays such as clip above. I don’t know when fashion and fashion people became so important. Something is super abnormal about our society when a behind the scenes person has such reverence in the public eye. Our we really supposed to oo and awe?

For the record, i don’t think that celebs shouldn’t spend their earned (whether they worked hard or not) money. But it’s really crass to display your infant sons thousand dollar wardrobe on the same show that does segments on the war in Afghanistan and us housing foreclosures.

Tia on

Melissa,you took the words out of my mouth.I could not agree more.Rachel Zoe and her fabulousness rock.

jeepers on

Now that is one woman I could never admire. I get it…her money to spend however she wants… but not only is all that a huge waste, it is a slap in the face for all those out there with so little.

I have plenty of money, and would be considered quite well off by most, but my kids do not wear clothing over $10-$15 (aside from shoes and coats). They wear clothing only 3-9 months, staining it up for good measure. But worse yet, to flaunt it so egregiously. It is so very distasteful and ugly, really.

WHile I have never heard of this woman, other than on this site, some “celebrities” can be SO out of touch with reality.

Sloanesmomma on

this is a little embarrassing for her….i get it i totally would do the same if i was in her shoes but would never put it in the publics eye…wow she even looks like shes having fun showing everything off……its funny!!

Julie on

I spent my morning volunteering at the food shelf. I was feeling pretty good about the generosity of people in this difficult economy — then I see this ridiculous drivel.

A gift is supposed to be giving something without the expectation of receiving anything in return. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tod, etc are buying advertising on her show. It isn’t free, it’s product placement — all on the back of her 4 month old. Gross.

HeatherR on

Well said Julie, I agree. It is product placement. If I received all of that loot for my baby, I would probably keep a couple of things and donate the rest for a charity or cause. She could probably sell the Gucci jacket for over $1000 and that would really help someone who is less fortunate. I know some of you would say, “it’s not her responsibility to worry about everyone in the world”. But if I had that type of money I would ALWAYS be looking for little ways to help out….

sara on

Its too bad they didnt put a clip of the entire segment on because she came across as whole heartedly 100% in love with her new life. She brings him with her everywhere.

These clothes were probably all gifts to her.

I wish before judging her some of you would actually watch the show or atleast the entire segment.

This is her career! Dont knock her for doing what she loves…

Kresta on

I am 52 and have less lines on my face than her.

Mathilde on

For the people commenting that it’s nice that her child has all these expensive clothes but some kids don’t have anything…remember that back at the start of the year Rachel had a baby shower thrown for her by her sister and instead of gifts she asked that people donate money to Baby2Baby.

She works very hard(if you don’t believe me,watch her show) and I also work in the fashion industry and can tell you firsthand how exhausting it can sometimes be. While most of these clothes were probably gifts from the specific designers because she is friends with them, who cares if they weren’t?? She works hard for her money and SHOULD be able to spend it on her child as she pleases.

She looks like she is enjoying showing off her child’s clothes BECAUSE SHE IS..Gucci or not I loved showing off my child’s clothes to friends, yes not only because I too love fashion, but because everyone loves to enjoy all aspects of new lives,including the adorable little garments we get to dress them in.

melissa on


I had no idea my comment would cause you to write such reply. I highly suggest you hire a live in nanny for your children. My mother had one for me and her mother had one for her. A nanny will stay up with your screaming children when you want to sleep. I am sorry your child causes you so much trouble and you didn’t know of this simple solution. Anyways,I stay by my comments about Skyler. He is darling and so is his closet/nursery. Well done Rachel!

cc on

This makes no sense at all. This baby will outgrow most of those clothes before he can wear them.

Dina on

First of all, she looks super old, how old is she? my mom is 56 and has prettier skin than Rachael.
Second, now I understand why the kids of the famous and the rich, go to drugs, I cant imagine the preassure this woman is going to put on his son on always look thin, cool and well dressed. How boring, empty and waste of life this is.

LeeLeeW on

If I had the money to afford a closet like this for my baby , of course I would!!! why not!!! I would have one for me too!! lol

Brandi on

Holiday, I can only hope your kids never see the comments you leave describing motherhood. You don’t seem to enjoy it very much. I think it is amazing and yes, for those of us who do enjoy fashion, part of it IS dressing them up in cute little clothes. I highly doubt she thinks that is all it is, believe it or not some of these commenters seem to be in touch with reality and aren’t just rude, bitter moms.