Jessica Alba: Honor Is Ready to Grow Up, ‘Drink Vino and Drive’

07/28/2011 at 04:00 PM ET

As Jessica Alba prepares to welcome her second child “very soon,” her firstborn — 3-year-old daughter Honor Marie — is prepping for a milestone on her own: adulthood!

“She’s excited, she says she’s going to actually be the mommy [and] I’m going to be the grandma. That’s the way she phrases it,” Alba, 30, shared during a Monday visit to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. “My girlfriend asked her, ‘Are you excited about being a big sister?’ And she’s like, ‘Yeah, because I’m going to be a grown-up. I’m going to drink vino and drive.'”

Joking that she and husband Cash Warren make for “great examples as parents,” the Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World actress is still quick to lay down the law — especially when it comes to Honor’s love of all things dress up.

“I had to explain to her that only certain types of girls are allowed to wear plastic heels outdoors,” she laughs. “So she’s allowed to only wear her princess plastic heels indoors. I can’t really tell her why yet!”

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

And while she may be feeling like she’s on the brink of growing up, Alba admits the threat of a timeout — the couple “don’t believe” in spankings or other punishments — still strikes a chord with her daughter.

“We give her timeouts whenever she’s naughty. She says, ‘Am I getting a timeout in the bathroom with the lights off?'” Alba explains.

“Because just timeout in the bathroom isn’t bad enough and even though she’s in a lit bathroom that has big windows … it makes it seem that much worse. I’m like, ‘You’re going to have timeout in the bathroom,’ and then I’m like, ‘With the lights off!'”

— Anya Leon

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A. on

Lmao… this is too funny! Honor sounds like a fun little girl! 🙂

jessicad on

What a cute story. When my daughter was 2 I heard her playing in her pretend kitchen and talking to her dolls saying, “this will be your special wine glass”, I thought it was hilarious:)

For some reason I think Jessica will have another girl!

SadieA on

Reading this, I couldn’t help but think, “how many people will complain about Jessica letting her daughter think it’s okay to drink and drive?”

lol My first instinct is to think of all the ways people will twist a celeb’s comments and judge them.

klutzy_girl on

I loved the interview! And she didn’t deny it when Jay said he thought the baby was a girl, so yay!

LOL at Honor. That’s a cute story!

Sus on

Jessica seems like an excellent mother!

Laura on

Very cute article.

SadieA you shouldn’t have even posted that. That makes you no better than those that will “twist a celeb’s comments and judge them.” Personally, drinking and driving was not my thought at all since she’s 3 years old.

Grey’s Fan on

I thought she meant drink and drive as two separate acts. Kids always ask when they can drive, I didn’t read it as driving drunk. In any event, what a fun article! Jessica Alba seems very stand offish when the paps are snapping her picture (I don’t blame her) so this article was a pleasant surprise and she sounds rather funny and down to earth.

biddie on

i think its a girl too! and i bet she names her Eva….

biddie on

i think jessica uses honor and her pregnancy to promote her crapy career; and thats irresponsible and just shameful

AllisonJ on

what a cute little story! I think she is having another girl, too.

Amber on

She is the most STUNNING pregnant celeb. Look at her in that white dress. Work it, Alba!

Toya L. on

LOL. Jessica looks pretty and that is a cute story. She stared in Dark Angel at the age of 19 and hasn’t stopped since. Good for her!

Shannon on

One kid named Honor and one named Eva?

CelebBabyBlogAddict on

I hope she picks a nice baby name this time. I’m not a huge fan of the name Honour… maybe her next will be Grace or Faith or Obey hahaha!

Just kidding – they are a super cute family and I can’t wait to see what she has!

Mm, on

There are pics of the gifs from her baby shower and a lot of it was pink, so I also think she’s having a second girl.

SadieA on

Laura, I was just joking around. I’m sorry if I offended you.

mommytoane on

LOL CUTE story! I remember my DD thinking that because she hit a set age, or a set milestone happened she was all grown up…or “Growed up” as she put it. Ahhh those sweet innocent years.

CUTE story tho. I couldn’t help but to smile. Jessica sounds sooo down to earth…kinda girl next door.

FAB on

SMDH@ biddie…..**that moniker fits**….. That was hillarious watching her on Jay Leno…. Love childrens imagination!!!

Socalibaby on

Biddie……….YOU really are an OLD Biddie!!! X-( I think Jessica seems like a wonderful mother!!

Cara on

Why is she being so quiet and coy about the gender this time? She announced that Honour was a little girl during her pregnancy last time. I wonder what changed this time around? Hmmmm. I am thinking a boy though. Wish she would just say!! 🙂

Holiday on

I watched her on Jay Leno the other night and thought she seemed nice and down to earth. She also seems like a good mama!

I really think she is having another girl by the way she acted on the tv show.

Emma on

Really love Jessica,she looks stunning for a pregnant mama!

AmandaC on

I remember when I had my son my daughter was almost 3 and she told the doctors that it was her baby that she was his mommy amd at home she tried several times to nurse him!

Sarah K. on

biddie, guess what – every interview given by celebrities where they mention their kids is them “using their kids” for publicity. how is this that much worse?

Hea on

I am uncomfortable with the idea of time out in a dark bathroom.

Dani on

“Because just timeout in the bathroom isn’t bad enough and even though she’s in a LIT BATHROOM that has big windows”.

Calm down, Hea…. My goodness.

K on

Hea – She did say that the bathroom had very large windows. I doubt she would stick Honor into a room where she couldn’t see.

Amanda on

Cara- could just be a different preference. We announced the name and gender of our first child as soon as we found out she was a girl and that experience was enough to convince me not ever again!

We are expecting our 4th and while we’ve told everyone the gender (mostly due to us not being able to keep it in, I would have loved to not tell) we’re not telling the name, same thing we did with #2 and #3.

soph on

Wow, socalibaby, you sound just darling yelling at biddie there. Can no one write “I think” without morons like you and FAB getting bent out of shape?

Jenna on

@soph and biddie

biddie was just being negative… i will say i disagree with her… I don’t see her promoting herself/pregnancy anymore than any other celebrity honestly… People are apparently interested as well because we all read this article and many watched her interview… Celebs aren’t the only ones to blame since we as a viewing public buy into it all… Otherwise we wouldn’t be on this website! lol

I think Jessica Alba is beautiful and even moreso being pregnant… I love hearing stories about cute things kids do whether they are celebrity kids or not! 🙂

soph on

“biddie was just being negative…”

Freedom of speech, it’s a beautiful thing, no?

Annachestnut on

She’s so pretty

biddie on

biddie is probably short for bidelia; and everyone has their opinons and biddie is just stating hers. relax and be nice!

Jillian on

biddie is probably short for bidelia; and everyone has their opinons and biddie is just stating hers. relax and be nice!

– biddie on July 29th, 2011

Biddie, Biddie, Biddie……. You should really learn to not be so obvious. I mean, who would know that Biddie stands for Bidelia other than YOU?!? AND…….learn that you can’t change your name on this site!

Hea on

Dani – I am calm but I live in a country where corporal punishment/discipline through hits (whatever the right translation of our word is) is illegal. You are not allowed to harm your child for any reason. Time out is usually on a chair with an adult nearby if parents even practice the method. I am just not used to it. I am, however, very glad they don’t believe in spanking. It bothers me that spanking is legal there though.

collete on

thats a bit of a dig at suri/kate isn’t it?!

knowitall on

Jessica is indeed having a girl, and her name is Eva. for those of you who did not know, Honor spilled the beans to the paps when Jessica had her in front of the paps at the park.It was also confirmed in more than one mag, all you have to do is google to see.

knowitall on

Jessica has openly admitted that Honor has behavior problems getting along with other kids, she pulls hair, bites and hits when she thinks no one is watching, she also has a history of being mean to animals, I feel so sorry for the new baby, and hope that they start using more stern disipline with Honor because time out in a bathroom is not going to cut it. Honor needs her butt spanked good. and then put in a dark bathroom with NO lights, that kid is going to be nothing but trouble the older she gets the worse she behaves, it is so sad.

AW on

No spanking? The threat of spanking is what kept us in line. She sounds like a little manipulator already!

MiB on

I have put children in time out in other rooms (usually the adjacent room) since being in the same room tends to wind some kinds up. The point is to give them, and yourself a minute or so to calm down and think it over so that you can discuss the problem. And yes, most of them have been sent to time out in rooms without the lights on, because I’m not going to turn on the light in a room that is already perfectly lit by daylight!