Emma Bunton: Babies Have Bonded the Spice Girls Forever

07/28/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
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While the days of performing together may be in the past, the Spice Girls’ bond is as strong as ever, says Emma Bunton.

Now that they’re all mothers — including Bunton, who delivered her second son Tate Lee via c-section on May 6 — the singer admits the group has gone from sharing songs to basking in baby bliss.

“After I gave birth to Tate, the first bouquets through the door were from Victoria [Beckham], Geri [Halliwell] and Mel [Chisholm],” she tells Hello! in their latest issue.

“They came with little notes and that is always special to me, to get those from the girls.”

And the outpouring of love from her former bandmates didn’t stop there: Mel C. paid a personal visit to Bunton and her new baby boy shortly after the birth.

“We always make time for each other. Mel C. came to visit me in hospital and she got quite emotional — we do get very emotional for each other,” she says.

Following in their mother’s footsteps, the Dancing on Ice judge, 35, reveals the children have also formed fast friendships.

“It was lovely because Beau [3½, her elder son with fiancé Jade Jones] was there playing with her little girl Scarlet,” Bunton adds. “Now our kids are friends too and as they grow, it will be wonderful to watch them all and the different stages in their lives.”

As Beau has found a playmate in Scarlet, Bunton is hopeful for the same with Tate and Victoria and David Beckham‘s new baby girl Harper Seven.

“As soon as we can possibly meet up, we will — that’s how it’s always been. But for the moment we’re making do with emails,” she explains. “The fact our new babies are so close in age means we have lots to talk about. We’ve been swapping bits of advice and photos and sharing our excitement.”

Courtesy Hello!

— Anya Leon

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shannyn on

He’s so gorgeous!

Manal from Jordan! on

Not trying to be rude or anything but how come both of her sons look white?! isnt her husband black?! hes so adorable!

Brooke on

I think that Jade is bi-racial…

That being said…..could you DIE at how cute Tate is?

thejellybeaneffect on

Not all bi racial children are dark….not being funny but WHY do most people expect them to be?

Anonymous on

Children who have different coloured parents can come out any shade. Siblings aren’t necessarily have the same shade either. It’s all based on he genes they receive from their parents and it can be any combo

Toya L. on

He is gorgeous.

Rosy on

Manal – remember that Kendra’s husband Hank is (part) black and their son looks completely caucasian.

This little man is sooo cute.

Carli on

She and her fiance seriously make the most adorable babies!! I remember a family photo of her, Jade, and Beau when Beau was a baby and thought he was the cutest little thing!!!! Now he’s got some serious competition with his brother!! So adorable!!

Congrats Baby Spice!

Mandy on

I love how she didn’t mention Mel B….

Sasha on

What a beautiful photo! I love her choice of name too.

pia on

he looks totally cute and very cheeky

Erica on

Rosy, I disagree that Kendra’s son looks all Caucasian. Skin and hair color are not the most reliable indicators of ethnicity. Same goes for Emma’s kids–both boys are beautiful and look like both parents.

Indira on

kendra’s son does not look completely caucasian to me.

Lau on

@thejellybeaneffect: Most people expect children with one biracial parent to be darker rather than lighter because the darker tones are dominant while the lighter ones are recessive. As simple as that.

Even though genetics can be crazy, if there’s a black parent and a white one, it’s almost impossible (and I want to emphasize the word ALMOST) for their kid to be completely white. That was just an example anyway, I don’t know about Emma’s husband.

Tate is super cute. Love his expression (even though I’m not crazy for the name).

Jessica_H on

Love this picture and he is SO cute!! Congrats!!

katie on

what a precious baby!!

FAB on

What a Cutie!!!!! and REALLLYYYYYY people!!!!!!!!????? Why must we ALWAYS talk about why a child from mixed races coloring looks this way or that way???? Who cares!!!! They are CHILDREN from the HUMAN race with loving parents….GIVE IT A REST!!!!!

Piper on

Rosey- I agree little Hank will be viewed as white even though he is mixed.

My mother is black and my father is white, and I have green eyes, black hair, freckles, and am favor my father. Genetics are crazy because no one believes that she is my mom, even though she had a homebirth.

Sara on

He is just to cute for words! Probably one of the cutest babies I have ever seen!

nelle on

Wow they must really do not like Mel B! Sad…………….

fuzibuni on

insanely cute

Jillian on

“not being funny” huh? What does funny have to do with it. Do you mean your name, jelly bean? Most biracial children you can tell, so it’s understandable why someone would ask. Does it matter….no! I don’t care what race parents are, but I wouldn’t have known in this situation.

Rosy, with Hank jr, he is not completely Caucasian looking.

NickyAngel on

this picture just melts your heart…Emma and Jade sure make beautiful babies 🙂

Emily on

One word – CUTE!

jessie on

he’s adorable and since her kids are only 1/4 black they aren’t gonna be that dark anyway, but you can tell they’re mixed just like kendra and hanks son

Barbie on

My compliments to the photographer! That is one gorgeous photograph…everything from the lighting to the setting, magnificent! Bi-racial babies usually pick up the best of both genes, as this precious baby demonstrates. Great shot!

Ava marcel on

OMG….this little guy is just so….so….so….ADORABLE!! CUTE!! SWEET!! Muazz! :*

He’s like a small teddy bear..!!

And god that smile…! 😀

Love him! 🙂

yeaok on

Congrats to mama and baby!! he’s is too cute!

side note : as a African mom to a biracial child i can say for a fact that for the first 4 weeks of my son’s life he was as white as his father then started getting a little tan. Biracial kids come in all different colors 🙂

Brooklyn on

Oh my goodness, Tate is sooo cute!

Lori on

What a beautiful and sweet picture!

Capri on

How cute is that little man?! You obviously knew what race her fiance’ was so why even bother asking?! Some people are so ignorant, who cares anyways!

jennifer on

Bi-racial couples don’t always have dark kids. My mom is white and my dad is brown, all 4 of thier kids are white. We just get tan very quickly! My Uncle married a white woman and thier children are brown. As yeaok said we are all diffrent colours and shades. Congratulations to Emma on an adorable addition to her family!

Annetta on

Simply Beautiful

Melissa on

I am white and my husband is black and our daughter has the palest skin, freckles, red hair, and green eyes. Our son looks just like his father with very dark features. Genetics are crazy! Anything can happen! lol Tate is gorgeous by the way. Congrats Emma!

Jess on

that’s not true….i’ve heard of two black parents having a white child….dark genes aren’t dominant. any combination can create any kind of child…..Congrats Emma he is a cutie. It’s so good that their kids get along like that

Sara on

Beautiful mama & baby! Pure bliss 🙂

Kim on

OMG I can just eat this lil’ boy! SO CUTE!

Just to add my 2 cents, kids grow into their own and it’s always a surprise the older they get. I’m black and my son’s father is Puerto Rican. When my son was born he looked liked I baked him but didn’t make him because he was so light-skinned and spitting image of his father. People thought I was either his nanny or that my sister-in-law was his mom (she is German with blond-haired and eyes).

The older he got the more his looks have changed. He’s 7 now and looks exactly like me but with light-brown skin. Even his hair changed. It used to be light brown, silky, and bone straight and now it’s darker, curly, kinky (like mine) and even gotten some red shading like his abuela. I love his changing looks. I cannot wait to see what’s next for him as he goes through puberty and adulthood.

Paola on

Cutest little boy ever! Congrats to Baby Spice! But I can’t stop wondering why she didn’t mention Mel B? Just curious…

Nancy on


Li-Li on

my mom is caramel colored and my dad was nearly dark as coal and there are caucasians who are naturally darker than me!(and if i didn’t look so much like my dad, i’d swear i was adopted!) this is due to my great grandmother on my mom’s side being german and west indian. genetics are a trip!

but anyway, he’s a cutie pie baby! love those cheeks!

Sadie on

That is one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen! Congrats to Emma.

Firsttimer on

That baby is absolute perfection. So, so cute!

stef on

That is one beautiful little boy!

Paula on

He’s adorable. The little nose. I think that they favor the mom.

Just like the children of Pete Wentz, Kendra Wilkinson and Jamie Presley. Justin Timberlake is one of my favorite celebrities. So, I’m hopeful, there will be some little one’s who will grow up to look just like him.

Bi-racial children/Caucasian mistures are fascinating. I think that they preserve the light hair, light skin and light eyes which are absolutely ethnic markers. Of course light skin is a pain to deal with in the skin cancer risk.

R on

two darks can create white- but two whites can never create a complete black child- unless someone was cheating.. lol

Lisa on

Isn’t he ADORABLE??!!! I don’t even want kids, but I’d have a dozen if I knew they’d be as cute as him. Congrats, Emma!

Jazz on

I agree. Kendra’s kid doesnt look completely caucasian. Emma’s kid looks more caucasian than him.

Emily on

Those babies are both so beautiful!!

Sarah on

Tate is a GORGEOUS baby boy. Congrats to Emma, Jade, and Beau. 🙂

Mary Anne on

Gorgeous baby!

My husband and I have 3 biracial children and they are all different colours from very light to very dark. I am often (rudely) approached by people who don’t believe that I gave birth to all 3 of them.

Ella on

He is just absolutely adorable! Too cute for words. 🙂

I was wondering too why Mel B. wasn’t mentioned, especially as she is due anytime now. Are they all on the outs with her?

Jazz on

Why is race being mentioned here? The father is not black. And Emma’s other kid is white too, with reddish blonde hair.

Erica on

Jazz, the father IS half black…hence the comments…

Jillian on

What would he be, then?

Trish on

That baby is packing some serious cuteness!

JB on

Oh wow, what a gorgeous chubbly baby!!!

ae on

I have to laugh at all the bi-racial questions and comments on why the baby does not look a certain way . . .who cares. The baby is adorable and healthy and that is a beautiful picture.

Daisy on

Mandy and Nelle, you apparently didn’t read past the first couple of paragraphs.

St.Ephanie on

What a doll! Babies are the most precious gift.

Paula on

The baby isn’t bi-racial. The child is English. You cannot apply a racial standard dating 300 hundered years ago, to country “x” to citizens of country “y”. Not to mention, citizens who live in a different century.

Paula on


The father is half black or around that. It is absolutely possible for the child to be closer to the white “gamut” of genes, than the bi-racial “gamut”–depending upon whether the few genes that make a person completely white–were selected from the two parents.

Kelly on

what a seriously beautiful baby!!!!

twinmama on

Very cute baby except for the spock looking ears.

Sharon on

Both mom and baby are beautiful. He has the cutest little smile on the georgeous face.

Missy on

This is the CUTEST Baby I have seen in a LONG time

Sam on

Adorable, both he boys are cuties. I think my daughter had a Cabbage Patch Doll named ‘Tate Lee’. 🙂

Jillian on

Please share with us what you see that no one else does??? She makes no mention of Mel B.

JMagic on

He looks like Julian Thicke, Paula Patton’s son.

Terri on

Darker genes are dominant, but that doesn’t mean that fairer, recessive genes won’t express themselves when passed on from both parents.

That’s a beautiful picture of Emma and Tate.

Amy on

What a beautiful little boy.

queen me on

The daddy isnt very dark…

Mia on

Wow-he looks just like her!

gene on

nobody give a fuck about your racial backgrounds or your children’s background so please stop explaining to us hour u r mixed with this and mixed with that cuz i quite frankly i could care less.

Lena on

I just had a nephew born so I feel like I’m being a bad aunt saying this but WOW that is the most precious baby I’ve ever seen!

kitten on

what does race have to do with it,people are people ,and life is too shot to decide his color ,just be happy all of us have wonderfull kids in our lives .for our future .because one day it will all be gone,kids grow to fast so enjoy them while there young,CONGRATS EMMA

mary on

That is a beautiful baby!

Kat on

I get soooo tired of every celebrity’s kid being noted as “adorable,” “precious,” “perfect,” etc. BUT in this case, it is absolutely true – this is the most adorable, precious and perfect little baby ever. It’s his little secret smile that I find to be the sweetest thing. He’s got a secret that he’s not telling anyone. Too cute!

Carol Anderson on

Another of God’s beautiful blessings!!! Just look at that smile!
Does it “really” matter what a person’s race is??? NO!NO!NO! We are
“all” God’s children! Congratulations, Mommy & Daddy!

Melissa on

Congrats to her! He is adorable! Love the name too.

Tina on

OMG! He is just precious! So cute!!! Good job, Mom!

Emily on

I don’t think the questions about ‘race’ have at all indicated anything negative. They are simply a discussion – people curious and posing a question to help themselves understand. I for one find genetics completely fascinating, especially in observing how they appear in children. I don’t think a general curiosity or fascination warrants people saying, “Seriously people why do you care, black or white it doesn’t matter” because that’s not the point. I think as soon as the word ‘race’ or ‘colour’ or ‘black/white’ are mentioned, people start to get nervous automatically, as though the mere mention = racism. I haven’t seen that happen here, so to some of the people here (e.g. FAB) – it’s okay, people are just exchanging ideas!

Onto the main topic – TATE IS ADORABLE! Such a gorgeous photo!

It’s a shame about the Mel B thing but maybe they aren’t close anymore – gone their separate ways perhaps?

Terri on

I agree, Emily. Since when did race become a bad thing? Weird.

xoGertrude on

Kendra’s son looks mixed to me (and he’s sooo cute!).

My daughter’s father is bi-racial and I’m black. My daughter is darked skin… My baby daddy had a son before I met him and his son is white…

Babies from bi-racial parents can turn out to be light or dark. It doesn’t matter 😀

Dana on

That is one absolutely beautiful baby!

Autumn on

who cares what ethnic background the kid is, hes gorgeous…why should it matter

Anon on

Sweet! Beautiful picture of Emma and Tate. He looks like her– omg look at that sweet smile and those cheeks. Beautiful!

Ashley on

wow i am shocked by the racism here. Her baby is beyond beautiful, who cares the race. I think mixed childern are soo gorg.