Ivanka Trump Suffers Baby ‘Separation Anxiety’

07/27/2011 at 09:00 AM ET

Sounds like Ivanka Trump will be enjoying her maternity leave for at least a little while longer.

“Ventured into the office for a few hours today, but raced home to see Arabella this evening,” the new mom, who gave birth to daughter Arabella Rose July 17, Tweeted on Monday.

“I’m already experiencing separation anxiety!”

Trump, 29, who is married to New York Observer owner Jared Kushner, also said she’s had the “best” time playing with her daughter and “enjoying a mellow night at home with my husband and baby.”

“They’re going to be a great family,” Ivanka’s father, Donald Trump, tells PEOPLE.

“The baby looks like Ivanka. She has a beautiful face, just like her. I’m very happy and very proud of my daughter and her husband.”

— Charlotte Triggs

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Lis on

Well of course she’s experiencing anxiety…that baby is only a week old!!

Don’t rush back to work so soon, Ivanka…you won’t get this time with Arabella back.

Michelle on

Ok, is she shocked that she would have separation anxiety over leaving her 8 DAY OLD newborn to go to work for a few hours? That’s called maternal instinct. It means you shouldn’t do it. If she’s leaving Arabella at 8 days old to go to work, it’s not a good sign of what’s to come for poor Arabella. Nanny anyone?

Oh yes, I know most of you will say, what’s the problem, I’m sure she was with her dad, or grandma for a few hours. The longest I was ever away from my 8 day old was to go have a shower for 10 minutes. As it should be. Your mind should NOT be at work when you have a child less than 2 weeks old. Get a grip. Maybe she went to work to wait for her milk to come in?

showbizmom on

I’m all for working moms, but after week, back to work if you don’t have to? At the same time, I understand making that transition from everything being about work and you love it, to being a stay at home mom. I had some pretty important stuff going at work and I didn’t trust those taking over for me when on leave. So I made them come to me. I’m sure she could have done that. Technology is amazing you don’t have to leave your house if you don’t want to.

Tee on

Wow, I try really hard not to be judgemental of new Moms but this is crazy. Why would you leave an eight day old baby, even for a few hours? Of course you’re going to miss her!

joan on

with an 8 day old, i left her with her dad and went to the grocery store. I ran errands, because sometimes you need a break or need a different experience. Surely Ivanka felt the same way. Only a 10 minute shower with an 8 day old – get a grip. They can survive without you for a little longer.

Mandy on

Of course you have separation anxiety. How can you even think to go into the office 8 days later?!!?

We will be seeing Arabella more with a nanny then her own mother…so sad.

Kandy on

Wow – there are a lot of haters out there. She has a beautiful baby, she ventured in to the office for a few hours – she didn’t neglect or hurt her child. I wish I was as perfect as those of you out there casting stones.

Fab on

LOL!!!!! @ all the ASSumptions that the baby is with a nanny or will be in the future!?!?!?!?!!!! DUH…… She has a husband and her mother and his mother soooooo stop ASSuming…. Geez!!!! Even though I don’t agree with going back to work so soon ( because moms body has to heal also)… I don’t disagree with getting out for a few hours while baby is resting…. Lighten up folks!!!!!

Michelle on

Well I love Ivanka Trump. I think she is very smart, talented and educated. However to post that you have separation anxiety after leaving your 8 day old to go to the office is not very bright. She didn’t say, I needed a change of scenery so I went to the grocery store, or had a long bath by myself, or went for a walk alone to get some air. She went to work. With an 8 day old at home.

To find that weird does not make me a hater. It makes me realistic. Stay home with your baby!!!! I remember after having my first, I was DYING to get out of my house after about a week. I went for a drive to the bank machine and back home. And that was enough.

Even the poorest of the poor generally get a 6 week maternity leave in this country. I’m sure Ivanka can afford to set work aside for a few months. That is all.

Mathilde on

I really think the judgement so many people are passing is absurd. Everyone is different, not just in parenting but in EVERY situation. What is right for one person may not be right for someone else but it does not mean you have to criticize. I’m sure if some of you starting having stories posted about things you have or have not done with or for your children others would criticize you just as you are criticizing Ivanka Trump.

When I had my first child I ventured out to work for a few hours just after she was born because I work in fashion in Manhattan and just because you have a child does not mean that the industry stops for you.

I come on this site just to look at these pretty little babies and instead see a ton of judgemental comments by parents who are probably hypocritically teaching their own children to “not pass judgement”.

Hen on

I can’t relate sorry, I guess none of us can. If she wants to stay home, do it! She doesn’t have to go to work unless she wants to and if she wants to that is totally fine. But don’t complain, because she does have the luxury of choice. I find her comments annoying now. btw still love love love the baby’s name.

Gianna on

First of all its her baby, her life stop judging.

Why does no one blame her dad. So many dads aren’t even there for the birth of their kid so they are bad dads?

All the judgemental people are SAHMs with nothing else to do. Being a SAHM drove me nuts so I went back to work and I was a much better (happier, more laid back, relaxed) mom to my kids. Moreover my kids respected and valued time with me much much more.

Working moms are the women of the future – being a good role model for our daughters that their biological functions shouldn’t stop them from doing everything that men can and more.

Feminists FTW!

Michelle on

I am not judging. She is 8 days old. She needs her mom. Mom has to heal too from birth. I am not a stay at home Mom, Gianna. I have 2 kids, ages 3 and 2 and I work 40 hours per week. I did not leave them to go to work when they were 8 days old. If I was as rich as Ivanka, I could not care less about work for a few months until I got my bearings as a mom. If she was a few months old, I would not have a concern. 8 days in, yes there is concern. I would feel the same if it were my sister, neighbour or friend. Don’t be so upset by other’s opinions. If you feel like ditching your kid to go to work at 8 days old, feel free. But don’t think others are odd who find that weird.

Tee on

Um, for those of you complaining about the judgemental comments on this article, help me out. I don’t see any judgemental comments. I see people that are downright confused, just like me. Why would anyone be surprised that they are having seperation anxiety when they left their eight day old baby? That’s what people are questioning! It’s not judgement. It’s shock.

Gianna, a mother leaving their eight day old newborn and a father leaving the baby are two different things entirely. A mother has totally different hormones and a different connection to their child. A woman’s body was designed to carry, feed and nurture a baby, not the man’s body. That alone should tell you that there is a huge difference. So no, I don’t have a problem with a man getting up and going to work when his child is a newborn. I understand that in today’s day and time, people have the mentality that “men and women are exacty the same.” Sorry, but it’s just not true.

If being a SAHM was not right for you and you felt the need to go back to work, good for you! I’m glad that you were able to do what you felt was right for you and your family. But I hope you respect that other people won’t agree with you about the working Mom being the new Mom of the future. Quite frankly, I would not be a working Mom. My kids would deserve to have their Mom at home with them, which is the way I think it should be when at all possible. (And I know it isn’t always possible, nor does everyone agree with me.) Please don’t act like SAHM’s are lazy people who have nothing better to do with their time. I don’t call you a bad Mom for leaving your kids in the care of others instead of being with them yourself. Show a little bit of respect for others.

jamie on

I went back to work when my baby was 6 days old. Because I had to. Had a great boss, and was able to take him with me though:) Ivanka chose to go back so early because she wanted to. She wasn’t raising other children on 1 salary. She has her father’s genes. She should expect criticism for putting her personal (out of the ordinary) choices out there for people to read.

Mandy on

I just think she should be focusing on resting. Even giving herself 3-4 weeks to just relax and let her body heal. But she went to the office. Its not like she just ran to the store to buy some more formula.

What also bugs me is she doesn’t ‘HAVE’ to work to support her family like the above poster has said. They had to work to provide for their family. She was TONS AND TONS of money and honestly could be off work for years and not worry.

I am sorry if you are ‘married’ to your job Ivanka but you have a husband and tiny daughter at home who need you more. Maybe you shouldn’t have had a child if that meant rushing back to your ‘real baby’ your job.

Just my two cents so please don’t start bashing me.

I couldn’t imagine leaving my baby even after 6-8 weeks which is normal and Ivanka left after 1 week and 1 day.

Kelli on

I think it is AMAZING how many perfect mothes post comments on this site.

Michelle on

Kelli, nobody said anybody who posted here was a perfect mother. But really, you’re defending 8 days postpartum back to the office? Come on. Get it together!

Mira on

I don’t like her. I’ll refrain from rehashing the reasons. Michelle and others have covered them eloquently enough.

Michele on

I find it interesting that some people assume she has tons of money, just because she’s a Trump. It’s quite possible be she doesn’t get a dime of her dad’s money unless she’s actually earning it. It wouldn’t be the first time that some extravagantly wealthy parent tells their kids to get out and earn their own living.

Having said that, I’d be willing to wager that she and her husband both pull in a rather hefty income. But, for all we know they could have loads of debt (her dad did file for bankruptcy at one point, if I recall correctly) and so need to work to pay it off. Do I think it likely? No, but I’m not going to discount the possibility.

The fact is, none of us really know what her life’s like and what’s going on in it except the odd tidbits we get from sites like these. Just sayin’.

stacy on

I wish I had all the $$ she had, I’d stay home until my kids were in school, and I’d probably have another one, because I could afford too! That’s not the case. BOO!

Felicity on

What a double standard. What would your reactions be if the article was about her HUSBAND returning to work. Or better yet, if the article said, “Ivanka Trump’s Husband Comes Home a Few Hours Early to See Baby.” Everybody would be gushing at what a great dad this is that leaves work early to see his baby. If Ivanka chooses to go back to work for a short time for one day, that is her choice. Maybe her tweet shows that she realized it was too soon for her. It would only be bad if she thought she HAD to go back to work even if she didn’t want to.

Michelle on

I don’t know about any of you, but 8 days after I had my baby, my concerns were (sorry if TMI) my first postpartum poo, my stitches down below, trying to stay awake after 2 hours sleep, whether my baby was getting enough milk, whether I could think about trying on some regular pants, and trying to entertain my visitors without flashing my boobs. The thought of putting on “office worthy” clothes, doing my hair and leaving my home for a few hours would send me over the edge. Is it just me?

Liz on

Agree with the vast majority of the above posters….and for me, it’s not so much that she left the baby, but that she declared “separation anxiety” as if it was incredible, from an 8 day old! Well, DUH, Ivanka!

Personally, I went for a pedicure when my son was 5 days old, and it was a nice break.

Lena on

Gianna, please don’t get it confused. Feminism is about supporting and empowering women to live their lives how they see fit… Whether they be stay at home moms, working moms, or single. Attitudes like yours are what gives feminism a bad wrap.

Tia on

Ivanka has always lead a life of priveledge.In her world going to the office and leaving an 8 day old baby at home is fairly common place.She’s a very ambituos hard working woman and her going back to the office so soon doesn’t surprise me.Seems to me she’s always trying to prove something.

M on

Gianna – I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with you on so many of your points.

Dads – the bar is set a lot lower for dads than moms, there’s no doubt about it. We are expected to conform to society’s expectations of a perfect mother from day 1. A man changes a nappy and he’s a real catch. Paternity leave? Lovely if he takes it otherwise no big deal.

I do not buy the theory “she doesn’t have to work if she doesn’t want to”. Ms Trump has been a successful career woman for a long time before her gorgeous baby came along. So is she meant to ditch all she’s achieved for her child? With a career like hers, it’s impossible to take a year or even 6 months out with NO contact, no work being done and then expect to pick up where you left off when you’re ready to return. This is where the tricky balancing act between mothering and working comes in.

Honestly, at this age, if she can physically and mentally handle doing some work to keep things going, why shouldn’t she? I’m sorry, but I’m sure that this baby is surrounded by love from so many people especially her own mother. So what if mom isn’t there for an hour or even a few hours for ONE DAY? Will the baby know or remember it? Give me a break.

Rose-2 on

It’s ridiculous that so many are judging Ivanka for going to work for a few hours considering I don’t see fathers being judged for going back to work. A dad can go back to work the next day after his child is born and no one judges him. The double standards are sickening.

@Tee: Your comments are offensive not only to Dads but to adoptive parents everywhere. A connection to a baby has nothing to do with biology or gender.

Wow, sometimes I feel like I’m stepping back into the dark ages when I come on this site.

RKF on

Tee – I absolutely, 100% agree with every word you said. Nicely put.

J. on

Eh, I don’t see the big deal. My baby #3 was born on Saturday, we went home on Sunday, Monday I was driving and Wednesday night I was teaching a class (at church) while someone else held my baby for the 1 1/2 hours. Oh, the horror! I’m a SAHM that does more volunteer work than a full time job and my life doesn’t stop when a baby is born. But I’m thankful that I have such easy recoveries and I go crazy sitting in my house and most of what I do I can bring my kids with me.

Holiday on

I totally agree with everything you said Tee. I also think the baby is way over dressed for 100 degree weather. I have 2 kids and was told babies can over heat easily and not to bundle them up like they are dressed for a trip to Alaska.

sam and freya's mum on

No surprises there! A bit work obsessed – hardly as if she needs the money! She should set her priorities and spend some time with her little girl – you never get that time back.

Jillian on

What’s the difference if her few hours she went into work and another mother went to the mall or another mother got a pedicure and manicure? No one knows why she went into work…..do they? Maybe it was urgent and/or planned before she had the baby. Sometimes we as parents we have things we have to do and as long as our children are okay, we can do them.

Tee, your comments had my mouth hanging open. Boy oh boy! Did you forget about parents who use surrogates, adoptive parents and gays who are parents…..or do they not count?

ecl on

Ha ha ha Michelle! I feel you! I was going through the same thing at 8 days on. That said, I went back to grading papers a week after giving birth (could be done from bed) and went back to teaching 2 college classes a week, 2 weeks after. I was gone for about 8-10 hours a week. It’s not the end of the world. Daddy was home with our son during that time.

fuzibuni on

“A connection to a baby has nothing to do with biology or gender.”– Rose-2

Rose, the day a man gives birth is the day I will agree with you.

Kate on

women shouldn’t be even driving for 2 weeks after giving birth! and she ‘rushed home in the evening after few hours’, what a bunch of horse crap.

Sophia on

Uh, maybe ’cause your baby’s a week old. Don’t leave her for hours at a time!

jessicad on

I don’t understand the double standard either, she’s obviously a hard working business woman and I’m sure it will be a tough transition for her. It’s hard to go from working and doing what you want to being at home all the time with a newborn. She can do both, I think 8 days a tad too soon and she definitely should be resting, but it’s her life!

I went to dinner with friends when my daughter was about 2 weeks old, it was the weirdest dinner ever because it was the first time I had been without her in 9 and a half months, I made it 2 hours before I rushed home! I realized a part of my life was just over, at least for a little while, and I didn’t leave her again for a long time.

Sarah K. on

It sounds to me like she wanted to get out of the house for a little and then realized she wasn’t ready. Instead of getting a pedicure or going shopping, she stopped in at the office. Just because she didn’t do things the same way some of the mothers on here did, doesn’t make what she did wrong or bad. Her baby was taken care of for the few hours she was gone. No big deal and there was no harm done.

Lizett on

I understand what you all are saying, but I am a college student at Michigan State studying Chemical Engineering. I just found out I am pregnant and its going to be due while school is still in. So I am going to have to leave my baby with it’s father after a week so I can continue to go to classes and to work. Everyone can’t stay at home with their children all day long and for weeks like you all did.

J-Lin on

Michelle – why so defensive?

Who said she wasn’t concerned about her baby. After 9 months of a baby taking over your body, so women year for the normalcy they had prior to their pregnacy. It’s important to ensure you still have an identity besides being a milking cow.

Ivanka is a mother, wife and business woman. She has a great mind and with that the right to pursue any interests. I’m sure the baby was well taken care of.

And Michelle, many women aren’t guaranteed 6 weeks leave. You would be surprised at the number. Stop believing everything you see on Fox News.

kirsty on

most women are given 12 weeks under the FMLA act, it does have some rules like you must work there for a certain amount of time and the company must have 50 employees and you must have a certain number of hours. I think a large portion of American working women would qualify, of course there are exceptions. I do think its strange she went to work, but that is up to her.

Rose-2 on

@fizibunni: You’re missing my point. I said biology (hence, the giving birth part) has nothing to do with the connection a person has with their baby. A baby does not understand the concept of gender, or of biology, and they really don’t care, they are capable of bonding just as much with their fathers as with their mothers (their mothers, who by the way, may or may not have given birth to them.)

Annie W. on

Sorry if I don’t have much sympathy. Is she really surprised she has “seperation anxiety” from her 8 day old. Um, duh. This isn’t a poor woman that has to go back to work to survive here. Oh well, maybe she’s just a very driven individual.

Rose-2 on

I’m really not understanding the people who say her priorities are out of order. She spent 3 hours out of the day at work and 21 hours of that day at home with her baby, so to say her baby is not her priority makes no sense at all.

And it’s deeply disturbing to see so many women insist that a mother shouldn’t be allowed to take 3 hours out of a 24 hour cycle to do something other than be with their child. Mothers have a right to be complete human beings, with interests and pursuits outside of motherhood.

It’s kind of sad that in the year 2011 there are still people acting like mothers should have to chain themselves to their children 24/7 or they are bad mothers.

And all of you mothers who are spouting about how you never left your baby while he/she was young are not making a very strong case for that approach, you’re coming across sounding bitter, judgemental and narrow-minded.

Perhaps you should have taken a little time away from your child to decompress, maybe you would be happy enough people now that you wouldn’t feel the need to sit on the internet and tear down a mother for daring to act like she’s still a complete human being despite having a child.

Piper on

Fuzibuni-Say that to adoptive parents, straight or gay. Sorry but you have no bond or real emotional attachment with your baby really because you didn’t give birth to her.

It is such a double standard that I’m sick of. Is it surprising that so many father’s don’t take responsibility because its not expected of them. The woman i suppose to do everything.

What if a mother doesn’t breastfeed? So it means that both parents can feed, change,and nurture their child….but if a mom steps out for an hour, she is the horrible mother because she isn’t by her babies side 24/7. It’s sad

Also, here is a shocking thing for you, not every mother feels a bond or connection with their baby right away, so what do you have to say about that?

Jillian on

Please. The kid is not dressed like she is going to Alaska. The man in front of her has more clothes on than she does, as does most business men walking the streets of the cities of Chicago, NY and LA. It was 110 with the heat where I live and men were dressed like that. The baby is fine. Talk about nitpicking.

Michelle on

FYI J-Lin, I hate Fox news. Just calling it like I see it. Did you have a baby and ditch her at a few days old? Sounds like it. Sorry for your child.

fuzibuni on


I wasn’t referring to adoptive or gay parents… I was simply responding to Rose’s statement that there isn’t any biological component to bonding with your child.

Despite the fact that many people think otherwise, women and men ARE different. When a woman gives birth there are hormones and biological functions that kick in that contribute to bonding. There are plenty of scientific studies to back this fact up.

This isn’t to say that adoptive or gay parents can’t have a strong nurturing connection to their child if they work at it. I fully believe that is possible.

It just bugs me when people try to deny the facts of female biology.

Rebecca Jayne on

I have no doubt that her baby is very loved and very well cared for. Do any of you really doubt that? Come on. I also needed more than a few days of recovery after having my baby, but I bet she had the best postpartum care out there, and she probably has the best baby nurse in the world available to help her.

And btw, there is NOTHING wrong with having help if you can afford it. Even from day 1. I wish I had some expert baby nanny around for my first few weeks – man it was exhausting and overwhelming. Why don’t all you perfect mothers try giving other woman the benefit of the doubt. Just stop for a second and imagine that she’s not a horrible person and she is doing what is best for her family.

look on

Oh My Goodness. It hasn’t even been two weeks and she’s heading into the office????????? What’s wrong with her? Is her job more important than her baby?

She doesn’t even have to work.

look on

You have no doubt that her baby is loved? How in the world do you know. the only evidence you have is that she left her 8 day old baby to go back to the office.

From that one fact, that we know, where do you think she wants to spend her time: at her office or with her 8 day old baby [time she’ll never get back; whereas her office isn’t going anywhere].

Rose-2 on

@Look: She spent 3 hours at the office that day and 21 hours of that day at home, so clearly she wants to spend more time with her baby than at work.

look on

@rose-2, she didn’t spend 21 hours with her baby. She does have to sleep, right? And newborns sleep too, right? It just doesn’t make any sense why someone who doesn’t have to go into the office would only eight days after giving birth.

She literally just had a baby. She doesn’t have to go into the office. Where does she want to be if she’s heading into the office? The office, and not with the baby.

Is she going into the office tomorrow, nine days later? Will she allow herself time away from the office on the weekend?

It just doesn’t make sense because there’s thousands and thousands of women in the US who would love the chance to be able to stay home with their children for a few years after having them but can’t because they literally have to work because they can’t afford not to. And here’s this woman who’s married to a millionaire, who’s likely a millionaire herself, who leaves her baby for the office only eight days after giving birth.

It reminds me of those people who refuse to stay home from work when their sick because they “can’t” miss a day or it will hurt their impeccable record.

SS on

a newborn baby needs its mother 24/7! i have a 20 days-old son (my first) and am currently appalled by this fact.

Hea on

I honestly doubt it’s natural to leave your baby at such a tender age if the reason is not medical or something else truly serious.

Eliana on

My brother and his wife left their first child – 10 day old baby girl – with me for the evening while they went out to dinner and a hockey game. No one suffered for it – yes they missed their baby, but they also had some down time as new parents and I had the chance to bond with my niece.

A lady I babysat for had her third daughter – and literally called me when she walked in from the hospital to babysit. So I had a 1 day old baby, a 16 month old and a 3 year old. Everyone did fine.

The little babies in these stories were fine – their moms are good mothers and the kids are happy, confident and well-adjusted. It’s really all about what each person feels is right for their family.

Jillian on

Ss, that’s just not true. For starters, all babies don’t have mothers and a baby is perfectly content and safe with the dad.

Hea, I disagree. There is nothing wrong with stepping out for a few hours, whether you are a mother or a father.