Selma Blair Welcomes Son Arthur Saint

07/26/2011 at 05:05 PM ET
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It’s a boy for Selma Blair!

The actress, 39, and her fashion designer boyfriend, Jason Bleick, welcomed son Arthur Saint Bleickย on Monday, July 25, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Arthur weighed in at 7 lbs., 12 oz.

The couple, who met when collaborating on Bleick’s line EVER,ย announced her pregnancy in January. Blair chose to keep the sex of her baby under wraps until the delivery.

“I’m not going to say what it is yet. Hopefully, it’s one or the other,” she joked with PEOPLE.

The actress was recently nominated for a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album for Children for the audio book Anne Frank: The Diary Of A Young Girl: The Definitive Edition.

— Alla Byrne with reporting by Julie Jordan

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flmom on


Adrienne on

YAY! I’ve been stalking this site waiting for this news! Congrats. Not a bad name either- old fashioned and an actual name.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! I love the baby’s name.

And finally! It felt like she was pregnant forever.

ForeverMoore on

Yay! Congrats to them! I bet she is soooo happy to finally be holding her little boy – he was well worth the wait! Very average size considering she was pretty far overdue…maybe her EDD was wrong or she wanted to throw everyone off. Thrilled for her! Boys are awesome!

Cee on

Congrats to them! Love the name Arthur!!!

g on

ForeverMoore, my baby came a week past my (accurate) EDD, and she was only 6 lbs!

Congrats to Selma. Cute name!

Capri on

Arthur is a cute name…one of my fav shows as a kid! =)


Sarah on

Yay! Love the name!

eribri on

Finally! We’ve been expecting it but when I saw the baby arrived I was still surprised. Congrats on the new baby boy!

josy on

congrats!! I always look at the “who’s due next” list because im due right about the same time as Alyssa Milano, and looking at Selma Blair still there was making it seem like FOREVER! haha

Macy on

Awful name. Arthur is an old bore, Saint is just ridiculous.

K on

Congratulations! I can’t wait to see the little guy!

Zoey on

OMG! So Happy for Selma and Jason! Congrats to both of you on your new baby boy Arthur Saint! Oh and I love the name!! Arthur is on my top 10 list and Saint is cool. ๐Ÿ˜€

Katie on

Finally! Love Arthur, but hate the nickname Art. Saint? Not liking that. Congrats on a healthy baby!

Toya L. on

Congratulations to them.

mary on

congrats! not loving the name, but not hating it either. Arty ๐Ÿ™‚

A on

I was an entire month late (back before the “2 week rule” went into effect) and only weighed 6 pounds, 8 ounces!

kewky on

@ Macy What do you think Selma should’ve named the baby then? Honestly I’m interested!

Congrats To Selma and Jason!!!!

soph on

Love the name Arthur.

Kelly on

love the name!! Congrats!

Erica on

I predict Arthur, Tabitha and Marion Broderick, and Bob Sheen should form a kindergarten shuffle club.

Nella on

Congrats to the family! I had a feeling it was going to be a boy, don’t know why. Anyways, regarding the name, I’m not a fan of it,sounds a bit old to me and I wish they picked a better middle name, but that’s just my opinion. It is their child,their choice, so if they’re happy with it then that’s all that matters, but we are entitled to our opinions as this is a celeb blog free to the public to comment. Anyways, congrats and I wish them much happiness

Tee on

Yea! I’ve been waiting for this announcement and actually came to the site just to look for it! Congratulations, Selma!

mommytoane on

Congratulations!! Sweet little name too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love it.

Forever, not all babies are huge. Some women just carry smaller babies. I looked enormous end of my pregnancy…was 2 weeks overdue and dd was still under 7 lbs (but perfectly healthy). Really, depends on the woman.

Eduarda on

Congrats to Selma and her hubby! Baby boys are such a joy! I’m going to miss seeing pictures of her preggo, I always loved to see what she was wearing! lol

k on

@ Erica…LOL!!

AllisonJ on

Congrats to Selma and her husband and new baby boy! Cute name. Glad that baby finally decided to come out. LOL!

melissa c on

I like old fashioned names, *smile* one day all these babies will be in their 70’s and 80’s. Their names won’t sound weird then, it will suit them and since we can’t realistically change our name as we age, having a “old man or womans” name is just fine.

Krissa on

ahhh…so glad her wait is over!

I, too thought her baby would be much bigger considering that she said her EDD was July 6.

Congrats to them!!

sarawara on

SJP & Matthew Broderick call the twins Tabitha and Loretta, and I’m betting Selma & Jason call this little guy Art. Love the name.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Not a fan either. A bit old fashioned IMO. Not what I expected. For some reason I imagined a more modern name, but he’s their child and at least it’s not at the other end of the spectrum and not Pilot or Bear! Congrats to the new parents. Also thought he’d weigh more, had a friend though who had a baby about 10 days overdue and weighed about a pound later than Selma’s son, so does happen. She’ll no doubt be relieved he’s out!

SadieA on

lmao at Erica’s comment

elizabetholwigphotography on

Finally! I thought she was going to be pregnant forever. Congrats to Selma and Jason! I love their name choice. I think its nice that traditional names are making such a comeback.

M! on

I love the name Arthur! People hate on classic names for being too “old” all the time. You do want your child to live past the age of 7 right? They wont be little all the time…they’re going to get older and those modern trendy names that are “so cute”…aint gonna be so cute. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sarah on

Sadly, I read this news and my first thought was not, “Good for them.” It was, “I wonder what the women at the celeb baby blog will find to bitch about the name.” I’ve gotta quit reading the comments here!

sat on

Congrats baby Arthur!!

Jenn on

Yup, everyone is entitled to their opinion of course and it’s a free website and everyone can post.

But I often wonder why people voice the opinion that they think a *perfect stranger* should have named their child something else.

marieanne on

Congrats! Arthur is a fabulous name. Way better than the modern made up names all the other celbs are coming up with.

J on

Agreed Sarah. It’s like it’s a game to some to just mock or pick apart the names.

I would love for some of the name poopooers to just give a list of the names they find acceptable…lol!

Indira on

I think Saint Blair sounds a little cooler.

Lau on

Congrats! Finally. It seemed like forever, at least from the outside =P

As for the name, not a huge fan.

FAB on

YAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!! Congrats to the family!!

DD on

Love that name – love vintage names!

Sloanesmomma on

dont care for the name but congrats! think of that author book/show when i was a kid

Ava marcel on

Love arthur….but saint….Well i think its fine….
People’s choice….and one should respect it…
Anyway…congrats to the couple..! ๐Ÿ˜€

Ashley on

Arthur Saint. Arthur Saint? Holy God, what an awful name. To each their own, I guess. Still, just not a fan……

Amanda on

I really like the ‘old’ names, though Arthur isn’t one I’d choose it is MUCH better than many of the boy names out there right now. I’m sure she’s so happy to finally have her baby boy in her arms! I’m still a very weeks away from my due date and getting anxious.

Forever- I’ve heard that babies start to lose weight after their due date, not sure how true that is. I was 10 days late and 7lbs 10oz and my husband was 3 weeks late (before they’d induce you after 2 weeks) and he was 7lbs 7oz.

Lis on

I am totally LOVING his name!! Great choice! I really like classic, old fashioned names that are actually NAMES!! And the nickname ‘Artie’ is a-freaking-dorable!!!


Kat on

Yea for her! All her walking paid off!

I love the name, classic first and fun second.

Andrea on

I love the name Arthur. Maybe they’ll call him Artie! Also, there is nothing wrong w/choosing an old fashioned name, in fact, all three of my children have names as old fashioned as they come. I have a Sarah Mary, a Luke Matthew and an Elizabeth ( no nickname ) Kate. I chose old names because I like how they grow with the child, I mean can you picture an 80 year old man named Mason or an 80 year old woman named Addison? I certainly can’t.

Jes on

Congrat to the family on their new arrival. Arthur is a classic name, old yes, but still timely. Like the middle name of Saint, its playful, but not over the top crazy like we’ve seen come out of hollywood.


Of all the cute pregnancy outfits Selma wore…why would “People” choose the picture of Selma in the ugliest dress as the picture to announce the birth…why not a picture of Selma and Jason…Congrats on the birth of little Arthur!

soph on

Andrea, I’m willing to bet there are old men named Mason out there. What an odd example…

Jacqui on

I don’t dislike the name Saint, I just don’t understand it.

Cassie on

Aww, finally!! Congrats to the new parents! Love the name – reminds me of my Grandpa – who was a great man ๐Ÿ™‚

Ditto whoever made the comment about names, and kids living past the age of 7 – SO TRUE!

Abi on

Did anyone ever consider the middle name is a family or last name to honor someone? Why all the negativity? Congrats to the new family!

joan on

Andrea – your names aren’t old fashion. They are common and always have been.

not a big fan of arthur. an old name for a little baby. It will fit him with he is 40.

marieanne on


Those names are not common they are classic. They like Arthur will stand the test of time. Unlike say the Caden/Kaden/Cayden names wich will seem dated in 10 years. Much like the Britney/Tiffanys of the 80s.

Andrea on

@Joan: Common? That’s why there are my daughter is the only 2nd grader and my boy is the only K w/those names. As is my daughter Elizabeth ( no nickname) And although this has nothing to do with it….if I had to hire and experienced person w/the name of Charlotte Marie over an experienced person named Audio Science, I’m going to go with the person who named their child something normal

@Marianne….thank you so much!!! I agree 100%

Michelle on

Personally, I can’t imagine looking down at my beautiful newborn baby in my arms, and saying “His name should be…Arthur.” Unless he popped out as an 85 year old man. But to each their own I suppose.

Bree on

Congrats to them!! I agree that it seems like she was pregnant forever and I am sure she felt the same way!! I am 22 weeks pregnant and I already feel like this little girl is never going to come so I can’t imagine how Selma felt ๐Ÿ™‚

I am not a huge fan of the name itself but love that it is an old fashioned name, very classic and one that will stand the test of time. My husband and I have been looking at similar types of names for our little girl.

As for all the haters, everyone is entitled to name their child what they want. It is a huge responsiblity and most people feel alot of presure when it comes to finding the perfect name for their child. This is one that he will be able to grow up with, he is not going to be a little boy forever and this name will be much more appropriate as an adult then something “cute and little boy appropriate”

soph on

“Personally, I canโ€™t imagine looking down at my beautiful newborn baby in my arms, and saying โ€œHis name should beโ€ฆArthur.โ€”

Oh please. Maybe they had the name picked ahead of time. Maybe he’s named after a relative. Newsflash: we only spend a small part of our lives as babies. Exactly what did you think people “imagined” back when they were naming their children Donna, Walter, Ruth, Ernest, etc.?

Michelle on

Soph, I agree with you. That’s why I said, Personally I can’t imagine naming my newborn Arthur. I’m sure this name has some meaning to them.

However I think sometimes, not necessarily in this case, new parents are trying so hard to be original, hip, and “not trend followers,” that they end up doing their child a disservice. You are not naming yourself Arthur. You are naming your child. And the kids in school are not going to care what your rationale was for choosing that name. They won’t know he’s named after so-and-so, or the parents met at Arthur Square, or whatever. They will know his name is Arthur.

Not saying everyone has to be named Lukas or Kayden, but thinking about someone other than yourself when choosing a name is good advice. How would you feel to be a 10 year old boy named Arthur? That said, I respect their choice, and their kid has to live with it, not mine. And I love Selma Blair by the way. JUST MY OPINION!

Melanie on

You have to go with what YOU like for your child – after all, you’ll be dealing with it way longer than any schoolkids will. And if your kid does have a problem at school, you teach them to stand up for themselves and tell bullies to shove it, that they LIKE their name. Kids will find SOMETHING to pick on if they want to that badly, no matter the name. My name is Melanie and I used to get Smelly Melly!

And Arthur is a fine name, my uncle’s in fact. He was “Arty” as a child and is “Art” as an adult, and uses “Arthur” for his professional business dealings. It works.

Melanie on

And Erica, my guess is because this was the last event she attended with eye contact and a nice smile. I noticed they don’t usually use paparazzi photos/photos with sunglasses/non-smiley pictures for announcements. Too bad it was this dress!

Meghan on

congrats to selma and her husband! I think it’s a wonderful name that will stand the test of time. very tasteful and classy.

mmh on

Arthur was on our baby name list for our second boy!! My husband liked it more than I did but I am coming around a bit =) Although I still feel like we picked the perfect name for our guy… Congrats to them! Seemed like she was pregnant forever! =)

Grace2 on

Congrats to them! I’m sure he’s gorgeous.

And I would rather hear Arthur than any Caden/Brayden/Jaden/Aiden (and all the thousands of spellings).

KLS on

Congrats to Selma and Jason. Not a fan of the name but he’s not my baby.

Ellie on

I have never followed a pregnancy that lasted for 4 years before. It was just never going to end. Bet Selma thought that, too! It was to the point of being sickening to turn to this site, and yep, there she was over and over and over again!

ck on

love her!

Marcy on

I feel like she was pregnant for 2 years! Very happy for her, I’ve been a fan for years.

LSC on

Love the classic name of Arthur! Whether he grows up to be a lawyer, doctor, or something else, that classy name denotes strength, intelligence, and respect. Congratulations to the entire family!