BumpWatch: Rebecca Gayheart Totes Her Tot

07/26/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

She wears her heart on her sleeve (er, belly)!

Pregnant Rebecca Gayheart sports a smile as she arrives at the playground with daughter Billie Beatrice on Friday in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Billie, 16 months, will become a big sister this winter when parents Gayheart, 39, and Eric Dane welcome their second child.

For now, the two continue to enjoy park playdates as a pair, as Dane, 38, is currently undergoing rehabilitation for an addiction to pain medication he used to treat a sports injury.

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Fab on

Sweet lil face!!! And mommy looks great!!!!

Lis on

How sad that her husband is in rehab. 😦

That has to be hard on any wife…let alone being pregnant. Hopefully he well this winter by the time baby no. 2 arrives.

Maria on

Her daughter is so cute! My son is the same age so I have liked seeing pictures of this baby as she tranforms so quickly just like my son. Of course the rich and beautiful people have problems to- hopefully rehab will work- is he addicted to vicodin? odd! Anyway- she must be early in the pregnancy- she doens’t look pregnant. I like her though, I watched reruns of 90210 in it and was always curious about who that pretty person became!

Crystal on

Billie is adorable!

Regarding daddy Eric Dane it has been repoted that Grey’s production is already underway and he has been back at work for a few weeks.

Jillian on

There is no bumpwatch, unless there is a bump!

Crystal, the link listed above dated 7/20 stated he had entered rehab and was expected to join the cast that week…..which was less than a week ago, if he ended up doing so.

Maria, “addicted to vicodin? Odd!” not really…..it’s actually a pill that people get addicted to.

AmandaC on

It’s already been annouced she’s haveing another baby. Billie looks so much like her daddy!

Mina on

These people make me sick.

First she carelessly drives a MOTOR VEHICLE that kills a little boy because she didn’t want to stop (like everyone else did). Just another typical hollywood diva thinking she can do whatever she wants. Then the pics emerged of her on drugs in a tub naked with her “husband” and some other woman. Then she gets in ANOTHER car accident. Now she is pregnant while her drug bag husband is in rehab, and the only ones to suffer are those innocent kids who never asked to be brought into a life like that, nor should they have ever been!

Stupid ppl that deserve no congrats…if anything the kids deserve pity and sympathy.

Jillian on

Maggie, I am talking about here. They said bump watch. And showed this picture….no bump.

Amanda, what are you talking about? They announced it awhile ago….what’s your point?

AmandaC on

OMG Jillian – please go away! You ruin & distort all the comments made by people.

Lolly on

Her baby looks like big baby from Toy Story 3.

Holiday on

I agree with you Amanda! Jillian has something to say about EVERY comment I make!

Jillian on

Amanda, I am not going to leave and go anyone. If you don’t like my comments and if they bother you, you are free to leave and go to another site. Bye!

AmandaC on

Jillian – you are a self righteous pompous individual who sits on a high pedestal, careful that fall from it will really hurt, I actually think you need some serious counseling.