Jessica Alba Has a ‘French Country’ Baby Shower

07/25/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
SPW/Splash News Online

No better way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon than with some sweet tea! Jessica Alba’s pals celebrated her baby on the way with chic shower in Los Angeles.

Guests sipped watermelon-shiso sweet tea, strawberry spa water and peach bellinis while decorated onesies donated by Giggle for the new baby.

The ladies munched on delicious French cuisine with a southern twist prepared by Chef Jarrid Masse.

In lieu of gifts, many guests made donations to one of Alba’s favorite organizations, Baby2Baby, which supplies Los Angeles families in need with essential baby gear and clothing for their children.

But Alba’s guests certainly didn’t leave empty-handed: they walked away with a gift bag filled with Lia Sophia jewelry, Drybar gift cards, a Juicy Couture scarf and O.N.E. Coconut Water — all tucked into a Coach purse.

— Jennifer Garcia

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Kelly on

instead of giving her gifts they gave a donation…that is great!!!! I love that idea. I wish more of Hollywood would do that!! After all….yes every baby deserves a celebration and closest family and friends are bound to give gifts…but celebs can afford so much more than the average mom and dad so donating gifts to that charity makes sense. WTG Jessica!

c on

That’s a woman with CLASS!!! 🙂 Love her!!

Tatiana on

She looks gorgeous!

anon1 on

she looks great, and good for her for encouraging her guests to donate so other mothers can provide for their children. I am sure she can re-use some items from her first baby and has the ability to buy the new items she may need.

Whitney on

Jessica Alba is an amazing woman all around…

joan on

I remember the good ole days when most women had only one baby shower, not one for every kid. And a gift bag for attending? Thought only little kids got those?

With that said, I am glad she had friends donate funds.

Piper on

Joan- How is that the good ole days exactly? Where does it say adults can’t get gifts. Also a times are changing and people are not so uptight about friends wanting to celebrate new life.

Kaytee on

The good ole days or just the ole days? Her friends donated to a great cause and Jessica was the one handing out the gifts. Sounds like Jessica had a get together with friends to celebrate her pregnancy. Why would you only do that with your first pregnancy?

patricia on

Good for her. I didn’t necessarily want a second baby shower especially since my first was a girl and so was the second. Plus I had saved everythig. BUT, what do you write in the baby book for showers for baby #2 or 3, etc. Sorry, you didn’t get a shower b/c big sister had it? I now believe that a mayber a smaller or “diapers only” shower for the 2nd, 3rd babies is fine! It’s not all about the gifts!

Joni Sampel on

I think every baby should be celebrated, and gifts aren’t always necessary. I think babies are a gift and a shower for everyone is an awesome way to help a mom celebrate the birth of her new baby. That is just my opinion. I love that she had them donate to moms who can’t afford stuff, this is a great charity.

camille on

The Kardashian girls should take a lesson in class from Jessica Alba!! I love that her guests made contributions to her favorite charity. Way to go Alba-Cash family. I’m sure Honor will be a great big sister.

Anonymous on

@joan….I don’t know about you, but I would have LOVED to receive that gift bag lol. I had two showers with my first child, a girl. I ended up having two more daughters that are all close in age, so I didn’t see the need for more showers. I don’t care if people choose to have a shower for every child they have. If they truly need things or just want to celebrate a new baby it should be up to them.

mommytoane on

Joan, as far as I know…party favors have been given at parties for a very, very long time. I do agree, at one time it was more common to have one baby shower. But times change.

Eduarda on

That was very selfless of Jessica, I admire her and her dedication to helping babies and children in need.

stephanie on

it doesn’t make it clear whether she threw the shower or it was thrown for her, so why are we all assuming she threw it for herself?

i’m not sure how i feel about second showers for babies, but if someone is willing to throw it for you, why is that a problem? i just don’t think the mom should expect it. seems like she just wanted to celebrate the birth of her new baby, not beg for gifts she can easily afford.

and maybe we don’t all give out giftbags to guests, but they usually walk away with something small from the shower so being a celebrity to exaggerate that with more doesn’t seem like a big deal.

Kristin on

Just wondering why Giggle donated the onesies? She can afford them for her friends..instead Giggle should have donated onesies to a charity.

Laura on

While it is great that she requested donations to charity in lieu of gifts, it seems ironic that her guests left the shower which included gift cards and Coach purses.

Jennifer on

I wonder what would people say if they called it a party instead of a shower? Nothing wrong with celebrating a new life or any part of life for that matter. We only live once… why not celebrate it? I agree that it’s a bit tacky asking for gifts for a second + child but she didn’t… classy woman.

SMD on

There is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating a new life with a shower, whether it’s your first or tenth. My friends threw me a shower for my 2nd & I got tons of gifts for the baby. I didn’t save anything from the first one, nor did I expect a 2nd shower b/c I was well able to buy what my baby needed & Im super picky. My point is there is nothing tacky about celebrating any baby after the first & maybe those who have a problem with it no one cared to do it for them 🙂

Nicole on

I commend Jessica for asking her guests to donate to her favorite charity. Saying that, I think it is HILARIOUS all the women on here that think guests should receive “gift bags” when attending a shower. It’s about the mom and the baby, NOT you. Jesus, to quote Britney Spears, “gimme, gimme, gimme, GIMME MORE!!!”

Selfish cows.

Jillian on

I don’t think anyones assuming she threw it herself. Not that I think it would matter, since she didn’t take gifts! If a person has two or four showers, so be it……you don’t like it, you don’t have to go. I see it as a celebration for the child or in this case the charity.

I don’t get why the Kardashians are brought up. Kourt had every right to have a shower and accept gifts, just like any other first time celeb mother. They are not required to say no to presents because they have money. That doesn’t make someone classless. If it does, than Selma Blair is classless? Hmmm……

Stella Bella on

Love her outfit. Also glad donations were made as she probably has most of what she needs.

Jeannie on

I love that even though she is expecting her own baby, she thought to put other moms and their families above her own. I think it’s a great example and should be followed by other celebrities. She had a celebration for her new baby and what a wonderful thing to teach her kids. Way to go Jessica!!!

Kate on

As with any Hollywood party (Hens night, birthday, baby shower etc) they are generally thrown by “sponsors” who donate the goods for the gift bags in return for a mention in magazine/online articles just like this one for publicity. So it’s not really unusual that the guests would receive something.

Regardless of who threw it, who sponsored it etc what a lovely idea to gather your family and friends to celebrate the fact that you’re about to bring a new life into your world and the world of your loved ones as well. Just because it is her second child doesn’t make it any less special and exciting so why not celebrate! It would seem a little selfish if you were to throw multiple parties for subsequent pregnancies and expects gifts at each one but she didn’t so i think it’s a nice idea. Any excuse to gather family and friends together and have a nice afternoon together is a good excuse!

Aisha on

Alba is such a sweetheart and i am so happy that she asked her friends to donate for charity. As for baby showers i will give a baby shower to all my kids I had one for my first child (a little princess ) and i will do so for my second and if for my third one as well. Babies are the best thing that can happen to a women.

Love to all


Jes on

Love her outfit in the picture. So glad to see another star have the charity shower, so great that she is helping babies to be & new moms with her gift donation.

Cecelia on

You can most definitely celebrate the birth of a child without having a shower. After all, a shower is a gift and not a right.

Danielle Friedland, giggle on

The giggle Better Basics organic bodysuits that we donated for Jessica’s guests to decorate were donated to families in need via Baby2Baby, which Jessica serves on the Board of (

Here’s a photo of Jessica holding up one of the decorated bodysuits:

And here’s the bodysuit:

mia on

@camille lets stop judging I understand your point but lets keep this about ALBA WHO btw looks amazing 🙂 can’t wait til her baby is born to see the name although there speculations its eva