Gilles Marini: I ‘Absolutely’ Want to Adopt

07/25/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Amanda Parks/Splash News Online

Gilles Marini is no longer lending his good looks to create adorable children.

The actor and former Dancing With the Stars finalist says he and wife Carole are done reproducing — but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily over having children.

“If we ever have another child, it would absolutely be an adoption,” Marini, 35, told PEOPLE at opening night of Fully Charged, a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus production.

“In my mind, I’m like, ‘I have both of my kids. Done. Check. Let’s help someone who has no parents. It makes sense.'”

Marini, who is already the proud papa to Georges and Julianna, says the adoption process is “absolutely” likely to happen.

“Let’s see what my next two years work-wise are about, and if they’re bright, then easily,” Marini, who will guest-star on Switched at Birth Aug. 8, explains. “Even kids from the region — there are a lot of orphans in L.A. You’d be surprised.”

Joked the actor, “I’m going to ask for some advice from Angelina [Jolie].”

— Dahvi Shira

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Anni on

Can he adopt me? I may be 27, but I am still a good kid….

megan on

He sounds like a nice guy with a big heart, but I cringe when someone’s reason for adopting is “Let’s help someone who has no parents.” I’ve seen that cause problems between parents and kids when the adoptive parents think “We adopted you to help you / save you”

Mar on

@Megan, I agree with you. I am adopted and I hated when people said “oh you have great parents who saved your life”. My parents always told me, they didn’t do it to save me, they did it because they wanted children and this is just another way of doing it and they don’t expect me to be more grateful than their birth kids for having me. on

I know what you mean. I am guessing he comes from a wonderful place and I am also wondering if it was taken out of context or perhaps he doesn’t even understand the translation of what he said?

You are correct, it isn’t (or shouldn’t) be about “saving” someone because in my opinion (and I am an adoptee and almost completed adoptive parent) the parent(s)/family are the lucky ones to be able to receive such a precious gift as a child; it should be thought of as what this child will bring to my life in terms of joy, love and happiness. I am hoping and feeling that he is thinking that but isn’t aware of the way it sounds as he puts it? One can only hope and wish them well!

Adopting mom on

Megan – I could not agree more. I also took offense to the comment “I have both of my kids.”. Should he and his wife adopt, any future child would also be their child. I do think he’s got a good heart, I think he just needs to be exposed more.

Maggie on

He is French also and English isn’t his first language. What he said may have come out a little rough. I’m sure he means well. Loved Gilles on DWTS.

ceecee on

As a parent to bio children, and seven adopted children…I’m sure these are just his intial comments on adopting. Give him a chance! Once he has adopted, and the child is in his arms, he will realize that he is even more blessed than the child. He’ll also realize the child is as much “his” as are his bio children. I always tell people, that I am the one who is blessed! I get the gift of parenting my precious children.

Sara on

I’m not sure what is a “better” reason to adopt than wanting to help kids with no/ incapable parents. At the end of the day, there aren’t many people out there who adopt first, try and have their own after that (although there are exceptions obviously). Adopted children are mostly “second choice”. Sad, but true; I don’t think its right to jump on a comment that reflects that.

terri on

sara: as an adoptee and adoptive mother, i am totally offended by your statement. I was NOT my parent’s “second choice” and our daughter was NOT our “second choice”. I knew I couldn’t have a biological child and so she was our FIRST choice. I could have chosen to not be a parent at all.

Jill Scott on

He seems like the nicest man on the planet. I’ve been a big fan of his for a long time. I’m sure he meant no harm by that comment. Any child his family adopts is the luckiest child on the planet. There seems to be so much love in that family.

Susan Lewis on

Megan, sincerely, why else adopt?

Jonni on

I am sure that he meant well, but I too cringe at what he said. I have two little girls who are adopted and they are every bit my kids as much as if they were biologically mine. My hubby and I did not have infertility problems we just chose adoption. And let me tell you, there is no greater joy and if Mr. Marini is fortunate enough to one day adopt he will see that his newest addition will also be one of “his kids” just as much as the other ones. 🙂

Cinder Lou on

I’m not sure why people are getting in his face because of his “reason” to want to adopt. He seems like a classy guy with an equally classy family. Anyone adopted into his family will be truly blessed, as will the ‘original’ members of the family, themselves.

marie on

Before we adopted we didn’t always use the correct “adoption language”, and the fact is that what is considered correct today has changed over the years making it tough to keep up. So I don’t get too upset when somebody whose heart seems to be in the right place doesn’t get it quite right. I agree with others though that I didn’t save my children, they saved me.

Cynsation on

I feel that many of you are overreacting to his comment. I am an adoptive parent and I understand what he means and it shouldn’t be taken negatively. Many children adopted in Haiti after the earthquake were adopted to save their lives and give them a better life. Many of them lost their entire family. That doesn’t mean he’s not going to love the child like his own biological children. I think he was saying that every child deserves to have parents and he and his wife can give that child love and a family they may have never had. Don’t condemn him because of your interpretation.

My child was abandoned at birth and part of my reason for adopting her was because she deserved to have a loving home and family after being so traumatically rejected. I can’t have my own children and always new that I would adopt even before I found this out. I am also a foster parent and that is because children do deserve to have parents and a stable, loving foundation called a home. Adopted children should know that they were adopted because you wanted them, their circumstances are just that…circumstances.

Jessica E on

I am sure, like everyone else said, that his heart is in the right place. Between English being a second language and the fact that he hasn’t really gotten into the adoption process, most of his comments can be understood. The fact is there are a lot of children that need to be adopted by caring parents and if he is willing to do that and welcome a child into his family (and be blessed by that just like any new addition), that should be the focus, not the pc-ness of his comments.

db on

WOW! This guy is too good to be true…..I’m in love…..I agree….huge heart….lovely family….and I hope his success continues ……its nice to see nice people having a nice life….and wanting to share it…..;-}

Patrice on

I don’t understand the uproar over his choice of words. He seems to be a very nice man with a lovely family and would like to expand that family through adoption. Kudos. And to those who say the child should not be adopted because they need a family, but instead because the child will bring the the family joy and happiness… that line of thinking could also be picked apart. It should never be a child’s ‘job’ to bring their family anything. Adoption is wonderful for everyone involved. Period.

Kim on

As an adoptive parent, I shudder a bit to see a story like this. The idea that adopting is charity work is patently unfair to the children who are adopted. My husband and I adopted two amazing kids 10 years ago, and the only charity done was them making us so very happy and proud to be their parents. I should also mention we also have biological kids, and adopted our last two children by choice. But not for charity. I am sure after this family adopts, if they do, they will understand the difference. I wish them Godspeed.

Kat on

I get what he means… he means he wants to give a home to a child who is already on this earth, versus bringing another child into the world… that’s all.

Alyssa on

I don’t think he sees it as charity. He’s simply saying that, instead of bringing another child into the world, why not give a child a loving family and home who doesn’t have a family.

Lekili on

Adopt locally, our kids in the USA deserve a break as well. Good for you!

saigon on

I think that he is a great guy with a big heart. And while I think some of you maybe over reacting about his choice of words, at the end of the day, I think he and his family will love any child they decide to adopt. I was adopted myself and to be honest I think it did save my life, however my parents may not have phrased it that way, it isn’t any less true. what i really hate is when people refer to me as an adopted child in regards to my parents, like ” this is Sam and her adopted daughter” what is that? i can’t count the number of times other people refer to me in this way and it is really insulting to me and my parents.

Amy on

He didn’t say “save,” he said “help.” Of course adopting can help a child. Parents help their children all the time to prepare for college, to learn how to be a contributing member of society, and to learn to love others. Birth parents do that too, but sometimes for whatever reason they can’t.

I didn’t adopt to help, but I do help. So what?

Mar on

I am sure he means well but it is always good to be aware of how one say things. There is no uproar; Megan just made a good point. He sounds like a great person and I am happy he is considering adoption!

M on

WOW, you people are insane. Why would you turn his words around and try to take ANYTHING negative out of this sweet article?

All he was trying to say is that he already has two biological children, so he doesn’t feel its necessary to create more children when there are many children in the world who already exist and need families.

Terri – You are too sensitive. Sorry to say, but your daughter WAS your second choice because you said it yourself: you’re infertile. Infertility is the leading cause of adoption. Other couples who choose to adopt are usually like Gillies Marini; they already have biological children and they want more kids but don’t want to go through the birthing process again. It is very rare that people choose adoption as the first option. What Sara said is not offensive it all; she was merely stating facts.

C hris on

Uh Terri, you proved Sara’s point by saying “I knew I couldn’t have a biological child and so she was our FIRST choice.” If you could have biological children would she still have been the first child in your home?

M on

Angelina Jolie’s attitude on adoption is all about saving children, too, yet nobody complains. All Angelina does is preach about saving the orphans in underdeveloped countries. So when saint Angelina does it, its alright, but not when anyone else does it?

Alisa on

Sara… My husband and I want to adopt children AND have a biological child or two. Adoption, to us, is just as much our “first choice” as having biological kids is. I hope more and more people feel the same way I do, that even though I can have biological kids (as far as I know), I WANT to adopt too.

acorr on

Who cares what his reasoning is! He wants to adopt! He didn’t say he wants to adopt so that he can gag and torture a child, my goodness people!

LisaS on

Wow. He really can’t win, can he?

I thought he simply meant that while he was done with having children of his own, he is completely open to the idea of becoming a dad to some other child who doesn’t have one. From what I’ve seen and heard of Gilles Marini, he sounds like a wonderful man and father, and doesn’t deserve to have his every word picked apart when English isn’t even his first language and perhaps they didn’t quite come out the way he’d intended.

He’s a beautiful man, inside and out, and I hope to see him and his family with another child one day if adoption is what they truly wish.

M on

Alisa, you’re a rare case. Most people don’t adopt as a first choice, so what is your point?

Mari on

Don’t ask Angelina for help. She only helps 3rd world countries, hasn’t done a thing for this one.

Sarah K. on

No one has “condemned” him and not one post has said that his heart isn’t in the right place. Even the posters who said they cringed at his wording acknowledges that he seems to be a good guy with a big heart. This is a comment section and I think it’s an interesting debate about why people adopt. The fact is that everyone has different reasons and some people only turn to it after struggling with fertility issues or because they want to help needy children. Whatever the reason, more people should at least look into it to see if they would be good for their family.

Sarah K. on

Mari, actually Angelina and Brad donated a lot of time and resources down in New Orleans after the hurricane. Just because they haven’t adopted domestically doesn’t mean they’ve never done anything to help the U.S.

Indira on

While I agree that his reasoning isn’t the best. Is it better to be adopted by someone who wants to give a child a good life or let the child remain parentless because the reason seems a little hero-syndrome?

Sarah on

People who make such a big deal about the wording are some of the reason why people do not want to adopt. I plan to adopt as my first choice for multiple reasons (and am in the process of doing so), all of which have been mentioned here. Just be happy that he wants to share the love his family has with kids who aren’t so lucky. Who cares WHY he’s doing it, as long as it’s not for some harmful reason?

Jeremy on

Why does his son look so much like Shia Labeouf? Strange.

Mari on

Sarah, The only reason they donated time and money to New Orleans is because it was the thing to do. Everyone was helping out and great photo/press opts for them. It would have looked bad if they hadn’t. How about the river floodings that have wiped out towns, the fires that destroyed communities, the oil spill in the gulf? We have homeless, starving people right here. I’ve seen a 70+ year old man reduced to panhandling on the street to pay for his cancer meds. It’s sad what goes on in this country, but let’s save the rest of the world first. By the by, this really has nothing to do with the adoption issue. I’m an adopted child with great parents. I am all for adoption.

T on

Adoption was our first choice and it was the best decision we ever made!

MollyAna Mom on

As an adopted mom of an amazing little girl that we adopted at birth (domestically), I’ll agree with Meghan and all others. WE THE PARENTS ARE THE LUCKY ONES — she “saved” and blessed us more than words could ever say. As my daughter gets older, I am increasingly concerned how she will feel as she hears people say (as they frequently do) what a great thing we did saving her life.

Having said that, there ARE many older children in the foster care system who are seriously at risk. For those willing to take on those children and the parenting challenges they present, those parents may very well be saving the child’s life (emotionally if not literally). However, adopting an older child out of foster care is a whole different parenting experience and not for any who is not absolutely clear about the challenge they are taking on. It is not like a Lifetime Movie — “LOVE HEALS ALL WOUNDS” is a little naive when you are talking about the wounds these poor kids have suffered both from their birth families and the system that is supposed to help them.


ThIs guy would say anything to get on tabloids. Pathetic.

Sarah K. on

Mari, I’m not even sure how to respond to you because your opinion of them has no basis in fact. The truth is that you have no idea why they donated to New Orleans or how much they give to other U.S.-based causes (unless you secretly have their financial records). You’re basing you opinion solely off the fact that their international donations have received publicity, but you have no real knowledge about how much they donate and to where.

snow on

Good for them! I hope they adopt an older child. Babies get easily adopted and the older kids get left behind.

Jonni on

Mari – Your comment of “Don’t ask Angelina for help. She only helps 3rd world countries, hasn’t done a thing for this one” is tasteless. Who cares what country the child is from? Good grief, goodbye!

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

I would love it if I looked like him. He’s so sexy. His wife is very lucky.

Nancy on

For those of you who are NOT adopted and who have NOT been adopted, if you don’t have anything positive to say about Giles and his family, Shut up!!

When there are stories about pregnancy and giving birth, I don’t jump in with my 2 cents. Why?? Because I adopted, I didn’t give birth and I don’t know anything about pregnancy so how could I comment negatively on anything to do with it?

It is just like people who don’t have any children telling everyone else how to parent their child. Annoying!

sheila on

I am an adoptive mom of eight children under the age of 14. I would NEVER feel the need to get advice from the Bragelinas!!! Nor do I need nannies.

Clare on

two words that should never appear in the same sentence: “adopted” and “lucky”. well, its okay if adoptive parents say they are lucky to have their adoptee in their lives, like some of the comments here have.

but what people fail to realise is that to be adopted, you first have not been wanted by your genetic family. yeah, its great that someone wants to give us a home, but that doesn’t mitigate the loss we’ve suffered. it doesn’t make us feel better. we still want to know our roots, we still want to be with our relatives, we still want to see someone who looks like us, thinks like us, acts like us, just like everyone else.

at least open adoption allows some of these things to happen, unlike the closed system i experienced. but make no mistake, adoption is about loss. its not a trivial little thing that happens and then its over and done with. its with us for our whole lives. and its not lucky, its not fun. it hurts.

Daniel Ibn Zayd on

Let’s imagine we were discussing a cancer patient, and a doctor just came in and applied bandaids to the patients body in an effort to “help” or “save” the patient. You would all be aghast at the treatment of a symptom that doesn’t get to the core of the problem. It’s the same with adoption. You are all arguing as to his altruism, when this isn’t the point. Adoption is a function of inequality in this world. I have moved back to my country of birth, and have yet to find the end of the horror show that is trafficking, racist child selection from baby mills, religion masquerading as charity. This is adoption worldwide, and if you disagree with this statement, it is because you don’t know yet. This man needs to live outside of the Hollywood bubble for one day to see adoption for what it is. A crime.

Jillian on

Clare, I am sorry you feel that way. Not everyone has that experience. I have four adopted cousins, two in their 30’s and both of them have no negative feelings and no desire to know where they came from or know anything about their birth families, that they don’t already know. For them, they say they are lucky to have been adopted. So please, speak on behalf of yourself and not everyone.