Denise Richards Throws Baby Shower for Eloise

07/24/2011 at 02:00 PM ET

Three’s a charm! That was the theme of a baby shower Denise Richards threw in Beverly Hills for her daughter Eloise Joni, whom she adopted domestically in June.

“So excited for Eloise’s shower today,” Richards, 40, Tweeted Saturday. “Gonna be amazing!”

Famous pals including Tori Spelling, Melanie BrownNancy O’Dell,  Ali Landry, and Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin attended the party at the Montage Hotel.

Courtesy Patrick Muldoon

Guests sipped champagne and presented Richards and her daughter with gifts, including a pink Stokke stroller and baskets of baby clothes, plush toys and Baby JaR bibs, burpies and blankets.

The decor included pink and black flowers, inspired by the classic Eloise children’s book series, and a cake topper with a replica Eloise and her big sisters, Richards’s daughters Sam, 7, and Lola Rose, 6.

“She’s so excited,” a pal tells PEOPLE. “She’s so in love with her new daughter. This is a really special time for her. She can’t wait to introduce her to her friends.”

Sam and Lola, who helped name their new sibling, share their mom’s joy. “They love having a little baby sister,” a source says. “They have welcomed Eloise with open arms.”

— Reporting by Ulrica Wihlborg and Pernilla Cedenheim

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flmom on

why would you throw yourself a baby shower? wouldn’t this be more of a ‘meet the baby? type of shower? Something about Denise strikes me odd, but that’s just me. Congrats on the new daughter!

Alecia on

Yep, this was definitely a Baby welcoming party!

Deni on

I agree… both about throwing your own baby shower, and that something about her seems a bit odd. One thing I’ve noticed, her daughters are never smiling when they are photographed with her. On the other hand, I think she’s handled herself quite well during Charlie Sheen’s meltdown.

Mandy on

Where is Tori Spelling’s bump? I have seen recent pics and its getting quite big but in this pic you can’t even tell.

You would think one of her friends would have thrown her a shower or ‘meet the baby’ party and not herself. Hmm…. odd.

Hea on

*squints to see baby*

LC on

Congrats to Denise on her new daughter, I’m sure it was a beautiful shower!

meg on

how tacky to throw yourself a shower.

Kelli on

Throwing your own baby shower is not the end of the world. Why do people always have to say such nasty things about people on here? Why can’t we just be happy for one another.

Megan on

Perhaps we all need to stop being so cynical…I am sure it was more of a “meet the baby” type thing…and even if not, who cares…I am sure she was not expecting tons of gifts and didn’t register at Target for the love of Pete…she and the girls are in love with their new addition and wanted to have friends over to meet her, there’s nothing wrong with that…there is nothing “ODD” about it…onto the REALLY important stuff…there was a pic on a magazine of Eloise and she’s GORGEOUS…Denise seems absolutely elated and I am sure Sam and Lola are too…congrats to the happy and DESERVING family =) oh and grandpa Irv!

Kinsey on

My mom had her baby showers after each of her kids were born. I guess she’s doomed for hell as well *shrugs*

Momof3girls on

Crazy!! If she can’t afford all this baby stuff than she shouldn’t have adopted her!! The baby looks pretty dark in this pic, doesn’t she? I’m just curious, I’ve always read how difficult it is to adopt a healthy white newborn, I thought it would probably be even more difficult being that she’s single. I don’t know why she would add a third child to her mix, she must have her hands full with the two she already had and dealing with their screwed up Dad but congrats!!

jes on

I wonder if they left out info on the part, like maybe the gift are being donated to charity. I’ve seen other stars to do this w/their shower since they hardly need help buying baby gear. Also on the smiling daughters comments, or lacking of smiling daughters. I wonder if they’re both shy, I had a cousin that I’ve never seen a pic of her as a child w/a smile as she was shy & hated having her pic taken

Nicole on

OK, first click a couple of the links. The kids are smiling with their mother what a ridiculous thing to point out and secondly who cares if the baby is white, black or purple? Denise has love to give a child and she is doing it. As far as we know she asked for no gifts and people just brought them anyway. That poor woman has had a lot of stress and tragedy in her life lately. Stop being jealous and mean-spirited and get a life!

JMO on

Guys relax! This is hollywood. The place where people beat to their own drum!! Most women who are pregnant for the first time know they’re getting a shower anwyays. Now a days most know about it and help plan it themselves. My cousin was pregnant and she was the one that did the decorating, bought her own cake, and sent out her own invites w/ her first baby (put it this way it was a control issue) lol.

The only tacky thing is when people expect a baby shower for each child. My rule is 1 and done unless there is a 5 year gap then I’ll go again. But do not invited me to your baby shower if you just gave birth 18 months ago! I’ll buy you a gift when the child is born but will not show up to your shower ;)cky as the women who have 4 or 5 marriages and throw a bridal shower for each on…ugh!

Julie on

As an adoptive mom I’m all for the Welcoming the Baby party, but traditionally a baby shower means that the new mother is “showered” with gifts. That is why it’s tacky to throw yourself a baby shower… especially for a third child.

jessicad on

It’s a celebration for the baby and her new family, relax.

Mandy on

Not that color matters but the baby is white. Denise introduced her in a magazine on newsstands right now.

meghan on

Momof3girls, who said she can’t afford baby gear? Even wealthy people want to celebrate when their friend is blessed with a new child.

Jordan on

Is that Ross ‘the intern’ in the back?

Krissy on

What is the matter with you people? Such insecure and jealous people. Congrats to her and her family. I hope your baby shower was filled with joy and love. Move on people………

Piper on

I had a baby shower for all three of my kids. What is the big deal??? The first one I got a ton of gifts, the second one I got a ton of gifts, the third one I got a ton of gifts! I didn’t throw any of my showers and was surprised and humbled by my friends generosity. I kept what I needed and gave the rest to friends.

My friends didn’t have to get me anything for the second and third, the planner(my bff) even told them no gifts. It was just a party to celebrate the new baby since I wouldn’t be able to hangout with them as much.

But my friends wanted to get me gifts, so how is that tacky in anyway shape or form. I’m sorry some of you grew up with the idea that celebrating a new like was tacky and horrible. I truly think that mindset is tacky, horrible, and a bit sad and its crazy that people judge others for celebrating a birth.

mommytoane on

@Mandy, Tori seems to be leaning a bit, but you can tell she’s got a bump hidden under that dress.

Congratulations on little Eloise!
Love the name, and that they went with an “Eloise” theme. Eloise is a cute little series.

Throwing a baby shower one’s self, is considered perfectly acceptable in today’s etiquette. Not to mention the only ones calling it a “BABY shower” are the press. Denise hasn’t referred to it as anything besides a “Shower”. Typically adoptive parents throw an “adoption shower” after a child is welcomed into the family…and its typically the parents that throw the party, seeing as how adoption can be a tricky, and long process. So I don’t see where Denise is out of any social etiquette, or shower etiquette. Shes seems to be following all guidelines. But, I guess people need to bash on something…and bashing on some beautiful baby’s welcomimg party to the world seems to work.

Malin on

Is this thing about not throwing your own party something american? I am from Sweden and if I wanted a party I would throw it myself and not expect someone else to do it. And yes-that is Ross the intern 😀

RKF on

It looks like none of her friends care about her throwing herself a baby shower, so why should we? I’ll admit I find it slightly tacky when people have various baby showers for multiple children (with the expectation of elaborate gifts), but I’ve been to plenty of showers explicitly asking for no gifts. Unless I’m off base, most people I know have showers thrown FOR them, so it really is out of the Mom’s control. I have thrown various baby showers for friends – not for the expectation of gifts – but to celebrate the birth of their child.

kim on

I do think its tackeeeeee to throw your own shower(a shower being where you get gifts) wether its your first or 20th kid–sorry still tacky–i also belive the press worded this incorrectly and it was a meet the baby party–thats fine with me–and i do wish her the best..

my big question is WHY IS THIS NEWS?? seriously why do they feel the need to report this party nat all–she isnt the first cleb to adopt nor the first to have a meet the baby party—no idea why she is so special–but no skin off my nose either…

Marlee on

Kim, you said: “my big question is WHY IS THIS NEWS??”

The answer is simple. The existence of blogs such as this one that you are contributing to! There is a demand for news about all things baby.

Starlight on

I noticed the picture is courtesy of “Patrick Muldoon”. He and Denise dated on Starship Troopers. Are they back together? He also dated Tori Spelling. I wonder what he was doing at the party?

guest on

so happy for her-Eloise is beautiful!! what a nice celebration to welcome her daughter into their lives-just awesome!!

Cecelia on

While it is tacky to throw your own baby shower, the baby is already here; therefore, it’s a meet the baby type of celebration which parents can host and not a shower, like Denise called it. Gifts are not mandatory but the majority of guests feel more comfortable arriving with something in hand. It’s against the rules of etiquette to throw one’s own party or shower because both are gift-giving events and it seems as if you are soliciting gifts for yourself. The purpose of a shower, after all, is to shower the new mother with gifts to prepare her for motherhood.

As for the other obnoxious comments, please refrain from your ridiculous judgements. Obviously Denise can provide for all three of her children. She’s been in movies, countless television shows, magazine advertisements, has her own book, etc. If you think she doesn’t have the financial means to do so, you are quite naive.

Tee on

If this was simply a “meet the baby” party, I think that’s wonderful. There is nothing wrong with Denise throwing a party to invite her friends over to meet and coo over her new baby.

However, this was listed in several magazines as a ‘baby shower.’ If that’s the case, then I agree with the majority of the posters. It’s tacky. I do not think it’s appropriate to throw yourself a baby shower, which is a party customary to recieving gifts. Plain and simple.

eribri on

I’m sure this was more of a welcoming baby party, even if it was a baby shower I don’t see the tackiness of it when the baby was already BORN. So she didn’t have a choice to have one early on.

ecl on

Well …people have weddings and register for gifts and most people don’t find that tacky.

Luciana on

This blog was way better before it was sold to People.

It’s sad how women can be so judgmental, jealous and mean about every little teeny-tiny thing.

Hea on

Thank you, Silly Mama! 🙂 I think I need glasses. haha

Marsha on

I see nothing wrong with hosting a “meet the new baby” baby shower. After all, Scarlett Johannson hosted a “divorce party.” And, because Denise was not pregnant and aware of the gender of the baby, after seems to me to be the perfect time to celebrate the new addition.