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07/23/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
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It’s show time!

Angelina Jolie and her 3-year-old twin tots Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline make their way to a local movie theater for a Friday matinee of Cars 2 in London’s Richmond neighborhood.

The twins are the actress’s two youngest children with partner Brad Pitt.

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haley on

soooo cute!!!

12kewkadook on

So cute! Vivienne is so animated and Knox looks like such a “cool dude!” lol

Ali on

Vivienne looks just like Brad! How cute!!!

Anne on

Actually this pic was taken yesterday as they were leaving the film and all 6 kids were there. There are really cute pics of Angelina and Vivienne at a London flower shop today before she and Brad went out to the famous Dorchester hotel in London.

zappo on

these kids are sooooooo beautiful; they look like cherubs!

kELLY on

I am sooooooo sick of these people. It’s like the parade of 1000 kids. And, I’am sorry, but her kids are ugly. They look off,or wrong or something but not cute.

kELLY on

I am soooo sick of this woman and her 1000 children. And, I am sorry, but those kids are not cute! They look off, ugly, wrong, like something is not quit right.

Anne on

Kelly you are one sick “off” person. These kids are as cute as can be, and out with their Mom enjoying a film like all other kids do everyday. You really have a serious problem and need to examine why you feel the need to negatively blast this family.

kELLY on


It’s called an opinion stupid. It’s my freaking observation. You have to blind not to notice it. Look at all her three kids, they look strange: big forehead, puffy cheeks, gap tooth, short neck – they just look weird.

kELLY on

Then there’s the one that’s a boy or girl or Chaz or John – I am what the f—K?

Mikaylah on

I usually don’t leave comments on here, but I have to say to Kelly that your comments are outrageous. It is fine to have an opinion, but these are children. Every child is beautiful in their own way and they are still growing and changing. Shiloh may look like a boy sometimes, but what is the problem with that? So she doesn’t wear frilly dresses; All kids have different styles.

me on

Kelly, an opinion is one thing, attacking someone especially a child is another. You come off as sounding very immature and hostile.

krewcat on

Wow! Pretty low to attacks someones kids.

I swear some people on this board were not shown love as a child.

When you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. It takes alot of balls to attack somones kids while sitting at a computer screen.

Erika on

So cute! And look- a dress, and a pink one at that! Anyone who says Angelina ‘forces’ Shiloh to dress like a boy, this should prove that she doesn’t lol.

Mia on

Knox looks so much Angelina + Viv favors Brad–all kids have their own look where Shiloh is a strong combination of both parents.

Shannon on

How many different nannies do these children have?

tobeornottobe on

Geez CBB…I would have thought the ignorant posts by this “Kelly” would have been removed by now. They are taking up space that others could use to place intelligent (sane) posts.

Indira on

all her biological kids have the “pumpkin head” that she had as a child lol. Theyre cute tho!

Tee on

Kelly, expressing an opinion is fine. Being a jerk isn’t. And there’s a big difference.

FAB on

Kelly=IDIOT!!!!>>>> CBB and PEOPLE MAG are you really looking at posts before they are released to the SANE public….. GEEZ!!!……. OAN:Great pic of the kids and Angelina>>>:)

Manda on

Don’t feed the trolls, people.

Jillian on

Why do you people feed the troll?

Super cutie pies!

Silky on

Shannon, they have four nannies/teachers who travel with them. Angelina has spoken about them in interviews. I can’t remember exactly what she said but they are from all over the world and speak different languages (one speaks French, I think, one is American, one of Congolese descent from Belgium, etc).

lily on

People doesn’t moderate the post, this site has really gone downhill.

Marky on

Could anyone explain to me why a person would choose to be insulting to and about children who are 3 yrs old? AJ and BP seem to be attentive, caring parents who love their children, whether they have nannies or not. I personally don’t think it’s a bad thing if they have help, so their children are well cared for and both parents an pursue their careers, as well as caring for their children. I’m tired of the jabs at children because a poster hates the parents (who, may I say, none of us know personally), or beause the poster wants attention. CBB should be monitoring this site better–they have some responsibility somewhere. Kelly needs a boatload of serious help to call these darling children ugly. God knows what she says about kids of other races AJ and BP have adopted!

Cammy on

I remember the days when “Celebrity Babies” wasn’t owned by People but a lovely blogger – a mother. Then she got an offer and sold her blog for millions…. Any nasty comments were removed when it was under her control….but now this site has fallen under tabloid editors who do not mind if there are nasty comments…welcome to the new world of online journalism…

Silky on

Cammy – me too. The original owner stills comments here sometimes I think. Remember the old contributors.. Sarah, Shannon and there were others I forget now. Maybe they still contribute, but I don’t know because authors of each post aren’t usually listed anymore. Was it really sold for millions? Where did you hear that?

Niche on

Everyone is entitled to their opinons, however rude they may be. All the comments are quite humorous… Its such a shame that these kids (and others) get a pass and no one should say a negative opinionated word against them but others (whose names I wont mention) are ridiculed to no end.

All kids should be given the same consideration and respect. After all, they are children.

anon1 on

niche, i don’t think people are saying you can’t say negatives about these children but it should be more respectful than the way kelly put it. another reason people are disagreeing with kelly is the fact that she is more attacking the kids then stating an opinion.

Melanie on

Wow so rude Kelly. Amazing the things people will say on the internet.

Silky Sarah still is the editor. I do PR and we are still in contact with the same people except for Danielle. I think the comments are handled off site now and no longer moderated.

I see alot of Angelina in Vivienne.

Rose on

What kind of person attacks 3 year old children who are just out having a fun day with their Mother? Unbelievable. Sitting in judgement of kids who are still toddlers, totally terrible abberant behavior by an adult which I assume kelly to be in age at least.

Vivienne has Brad’s distinctive eyebrows but overall favors Angelina to me.

Knox and Shiloh appear to be a mixture of both parents looks, sometimes looking more like Brad and sometimes looking more like Angelina.

All 3 plus their siblings are cute kids.

eyeswideshut on

come on everyone, make peace. Besides the real issue is bringing THREE year olds into a movie. YUCK i’d have run out of the megaplex as fast as i could with a bunch of kids at the age where they make noise and throw stuff during a movie.

Missy on

I agree with niche. Kelly’s comments were rude and disgusting. However, there are other children on this blog who get rude comments like that all the time, and no one really seems to have a problem with it.

Meg on

Eyeswideshut – given they were watching a kids movie, people were probably expecting kids to be there.

Tink on

eyeswideshut: and you would be watching a movie made for children because???…what a dumb comment.

Sarah K. on

eyeswideshut, I think they went to a private screening, so there were probably no other people around. I doubt this family could actually just walk into a theater like a normal family.

Vivienne looks so much like Brad. Cute kids!

mary on

while I am not a fan of Brangelina in general, you can’t deny that their biological children are gorgeous. They just are. Shiloh missing her tooth makes her a little less “pretty” and her drab clothes don’t help, but all three of their gene-pool kids are very attractive. Not that the others aren’t cute too, but I am talking about the genetic part- they make gorgeous babies.

mary on

oh, and I take my 3 and 5 year old to the movies all the time, kid appropriate ones, but they are never loud and obnoxious, they are mesmerized by the screen. obviously eyeswideshut doesn’t have kids or has bratty ones.

Julie on

The kids are very cute. Knox lokos just like Angelina. Vivienne looks more like Brad and Shiloh looks more like Angelina.

lucy on

My husband is from Panama, and there is a saying there “beautiful people make ugly babies” which sounds harsh but does seem to be true sometimes. The kids are healthy, well loved and cute. and i am just glad to be seeing Viv in pink, and a floral print! what a change from Angelinas usual sort of drab solids, really nice.

Kitty on

Kelly is the one that’s off. Did you ever take a look in the mirror?

Catca on

Actually, I brought my nieces to the theater for the first time starting at age 3. They did not make noises nor did they throw stuff. I talked to them when we sat down about how you shouldn’t talk during the movie because it can disturb others around them and they listened and sat quietly and enjoyed the movie.

Angelina brought her twins to see a Disney animated movie with 3 year olds being part of the target audience. Angelina knows her kids and knows If the twins are mature enough to sit through a 1 1/2 to 2 hour movie, so really, unless you were actually there seeing them misbehave, how can you judge? There are plenty of 3 year olds who can handle the movie experience without misbehaving!

Hea on

I think that kELLY is just picking on someone her own size and I bet Vivianne and Knox would own her in a verbal discussion within a second if they all met face to face. 🙂

Sylvia on

Normally I don’t read comments, but found my way to this string which is lacking in compassion. To me it seems, Kelly has a hole in her heart and soul, begging for love and attention, so she lashes out in anger and jealousy. She’s found it with this string and can justify her actions.

The twins have high foreheads and hair lines. I noticed and my hope is that’s a baby thing they’ll grow out if it .

Other children can act cruel and can grow into adults who act cruelly without love and acceptance which they haven’t known.

As for the comments I’m glad they’re not removed. It gives us all a chance to look deeper. I wonder what Kelly’s comments would be like if she were loved, adored and accepted as a child by as many from up close and afar as these children on this blog are?

Send her love and healing vibes instead and show her your actions aren’t just for children.

kELLY on


I’ve seen other children torn to pieces in this comment section so don’t even pretend that it does not happen. And I can even thoroughly remember one 5 yr old in particular that has been called anything but the child of God.


They only reason some of you are here blasting me is b/c either you have ugly & retarded kids too or you’re blind.

Kat on

it’s funny how everyone jumped and attack Kelly for what she said(even though it was beyond rude),but some of you have no qualms calling Suri names,insulting her,and those insults started when she was around Knox and Vivienne’s age,while i do not agree with insulting kids(especially the ones you don’t even know personally),some of you should stop being hypocrite,you are the same one bashing Suri,trying to find something wrong to criticize about her everytime.

As for me,i think the kids are gorgeous.

SadieA on

Yes, everyone that thinks it’s inappropriate to call children ugly has “ugly & retarded” children….that, or class.

Ella on

@Cammy – I agree with you. I liked the site so much better the way it used to be run. Having an opinion is one thing, being nasty and hateful is another. Nothing is moderated now and the trolls can roam free on here.

Sienna on

Vivienne looks like Ruby Maguire

kELLY on


Torrie Spelling & Dean’kids Angelina & Brad Pitts Kids
Nicole Richies kids JL0 & Anthony’s kids
Jennifer & Ben Affleck kids Nicole Kidmans kids
Mathew McCaughnahay’s SON Mathew McCaughnahays Daughter
Gwen Stefani’s sons David & Victorias sons
Jessica Alba’s daughter Huge Jackmans daughter
Kendra Wilkinson’s son Courtney Kardashians son
Halle’s daughter (Nahla Aubrey) Heidi Klums kids

kELLY on

Torrie Spelling kids Angelina & Brad Pitts Kids
Nicole Richies kids JL0 & Anthony’s kids
Jennifer & Ben Affleck kids Nicole Kidmans kids
Mathew McCaughnahay’s SON Mathew McCaughnahays Daughter
Gwen Stefani’s sons David & Victorias sons
Jessica Alba’s daughter Huge Jackmans daughter
Kendra Wilkinson’s son Courtney Kardashians son
Halle’s daughter (Nahla Aubrey) Heidi Klums kids

loren on

Thanks for the picture of the twins, very cute little ones.
I don’t see them often. They are just adorable 🙂

soph on

Sylvia: really?

kELLY on

Torrie Spelling & Deans kids Angelina & Brad Pitts Kids
Nicole Richies kids JL0 & Anthony’s kids
Jennifer & Ben Affleck kids Nicole Kidmans kids
Mathew McCaughnahay’s SON Mathew McCaughnahays Daughter
Gwen Stefani’s sons David & Victorias sons
Jessica Alba’s daughter Huge Jackmans daughter
Kendra Wilkinson’s son Courtney Kardashians son
Halle’s daughter (Nahla Aubrey) Heidi Klums kids

meghan on

Sylvia, perhaps Kelly just thinks these kids are goofy looking. I don’t understand the whole ‘all babies are beautiful’ mentality. The twins look cute to me, but not all children are beautiful and it’s silly to suggest otherwise. You know full well you’ve seen your share of kids that you had to lie to the parent and say ‘what a cutie’ when you really wanted to cringe. Nobody is saying it to a parents face.

Fab on

I comment anytime someone says rude idiotic comments regarding children on this sight… And I have seen others comment as well on behalf of the children…. So for some of you to get on here and say folks are hypocrites is rudiculos… Sometimes I don’t post because as stated some folks are TROLLS and just seek attention for the wrong reasons… I still believe someone needs to police the comments on this page before they are posted….. So ridiculous…. SMH

anon1 on

i will be among the first to disagree with kelly’s choice of wording on her opinion, since i feel she is attacking instead of stating an opinion, but those of you who are attacking kelly are doing the same thing you are criticizing kelly for. do i feel that kelly could be kinder, yes, but i also think that everyone here can be kinder. and kelly does make a good point, there are some other rude comments made on other articles that do not get viciously attacked like the attacks that some are making on kelly.

elizabetholwig on

@Kat- There is a large difference between Kelly’s remarks and past comments about Suri. Kelly’s rude statements were targeting 3 year old children commenting on how ugly she thought they were. The majority of the comments on posts about Suri are targeted more at Katie and Tom. ie: allowing her to wear sundresses and sandals in the winter, using a binky at the age of 5, etc.

Catca on


Seriously, are you just trying to get a rise out of people? I’ve never actually encountered anyone in my life as mean spirited as you so I have to assume you are playing some kind of game. I suggest we all take Kelly’s fun out of her little “game” and stop responding to her.

M on

Shiloh is gorgeous, and Knox is a cutie pie, but I’m sorry, Vivienne looks like she has a disability. She has looked special ever since she was a few months old.

Missy on

Elizabeth, have you read the Suri posts? People absolutely do bash her and call her names. They aren’t simply criticizing her parents. It isn’t acceptable for Kelly to say these things about the Jolie-Pitt children, and it should not be acceptable for people to be making nasty comments about Suri.

I agree with those who say that it is better to ignore trolls like Kelly instead of engaging her.

Nella on

After reading all of these comments I have to say what Kelly said was rude, because of how she said it, she could have given her opinion without being mean. If she doesn’t think the kids are cute that’s fine, we all have different opinions what’s cute to us, but she could have worded it differently and not come off as mean. Now some of the other posters have said other mean things about other kids yet they are attacking Kelly. Let’s face it, some hollywood families are favored over others and that includes children which is really sad to me. Point is it isn’t good to be a hypocrite. I have never called a child “ugly” or “retarded” because to me those words are mean and uncalled for. I believe since we are all adults we should act like adults.

tlc on

While I don’t agree with Kelly’s delivery and her outright strange anger at these children, she has a right to her opinion. I also agree that most people here defend AJ and BP’s kids to no end while bashing others’ kids tenfold. Suri get ripped on here and not just because of who her parents are either. I’ve seen some really nasty comments about HER personally and her looks and her intelligence (although I don’t know how anyone who doesn’t KNOW her can say she’s unintelligent from photos.)

Sigh….such a double standard.

I also don’t think the sun and moon shine out of the Jolie Pitt’s kids butts, but would never critisize their looks. I think they are cute..not gorgeous, but cute in their own right. 🙂

Niche on

Wow… just wow.

Sarah K. on

Niche, I completely agree – wow. This site is going downhill fast.

Cindy on

My comment is a little more general – when you show a photo of a celeb and their children, why do you have to keep including their middle names? The only time that ever happened to me was when I was in trouble.

Michelle on

Freedom of speech is no excuse for bad banners. I would have thought your mother’s would have raised you better than that. Wouldn’t they be so pround to read your words now as you hide behind the anonymity of the internet.

bevvie on

I agree that we should not feed the troll! She just gets worse. Time for to exercise that discretion to remove comments. She is just getting worse.

torgster on

If so many of you think this site has gone to the dogs and miss the old blog, why do you keep coming on here? Just asking.

soph on

Michelle–one thing’s for sure, yours would not be proud of your spelling…


Barbie on

Kelly, just what is wrong with a big forehead? It probably means that they have a bigger brain than you do and need more space for it. You must have tiny forehead…shame on you for picking on children. Does this type of attention make you feel better about yourself?

dani on

I also miss the old site.

ecl on

I would never say that all children are cute. I would also realize that what I think is cute is subjective. I would I think, is there anything to be gained from saying a child is ugly? Is that even an interesting statement to make?

Some debates on this site have a purpose and have value, even if they often end with unproductive name-calling, but cute, not cute? Who cares?! It’s not even worth discussing.

Tee on

Torgster, I can only speak for myself. On occasion, I mention how much I miss the old CBB and the reason I miss it is always because of how ugly the commments get now that they aren’t moderated.

As for why I mention that? I think it’s out of the hope that if enough people complain, People magazine will start to moderate their comments a little bit. I know that the odds are that will never happen. Doesn’t mean I won’t stop trying, though.

I still come here because I enjoy reading most of the articles and looking at the pictures. Sometimes the comments section is really enjoyable to read. Other times, like this one, it is just insanely out of hand.

I’ll be curious to see if other people answer your question and what their reasoning is.

Marky on

I for one, have nothing ugly to say about Suri personally. If I ever comment on Suri (which I doubt), it would be about her parents’ not being parents because they want to be her friend. We all think our children are wonderful and amazing most of the time, but we don’t let them run the household. That is not saying anything rude about Suri, and it certainly isn’t saying she is mentally disabled or ugly.

What we are seeing here is comments about these children being totally ugly and mentally disabled, and I believe comments like that are wrong, period. I don’t care whether AJ and BP ever see these posts, any adult should have enough class to refrain from acting like a bully on the playground and either say something civilized or not post at all.

Hate-filled speech toward little children is not “freedom of speech”, it is bullying. Where I live, we have seen children 9 yrs old committing suicide from being constantly insulted and talked about the same way I see here!

Marky on

Sometimes children just have a big head with a seemingly receding hairline when they are toddlers. My youngest son was like that–we even had him checked to see if he had hydrocephalus! As a pre-teen, he had gorgeous hair, was just fine, and no one would have known he had ever looked the slightest bit different. His son is the same way. My son and GS are both just fine mentally, and both have an amazing sense of humor, so I see nothing weird to comment on.

Ashley on

Oh Vivienne is SO cute!!! 🙂

Capri on

Michelle simply want’s attention, stop giving it to her people…she’s a sad sad human being!!

Anyways, all their kids are so cute & always look so happy & fun. To bad they don’t have the pic of Pax sticking his tounge out at the paps on here lol!

tlc on

The funny thing is that most comments about ANY of these celebrities and their kids are laughable. Some people post as if they KNOW them personally. We get one second of their life in a photo and a snippet of an interview and people think it’s gospel. I find myself wondering half the time, if these people have no hobbies or anything else in life to worry about other than what Suri’s parents or Ben and Jen are doing wrong with their own lives!!! It’s utterly and completely ridiculous!! Don’t even get me started on people who get “disappointed” with names or gender of a star’s baby.

In all reality, sometimes the comments here borderline on stalking and that is a scary thought.

loren on

@Tee, I agree with you. I like the site and do hope they moderate a just little bit. Especially the foul language. It is a baby site and curse words just don’t need to get through, they are just not expected in comments about babies and children.

jessicad on

Torgster, I still come here out of habit and hoping they start moderating the comments. I’ve been visiting this site for 4 years and miss the way it was. I miss arguing different opinions in a respectful way, now it’s just hateful people taking their anger or insecurities out on others. I finally found a new celebrity baby site that regulates the comments and I like it much better, so hopefully I can break the habit of coming here.

Maggie on

I still visit because I like their photo selections better than other sites and because they get many exclusives and break a lot of news. I’m here for the posts, not the comment section. I usually just read and don’t participate as I find it a waste of my time.

Hea on


I don’t know if you’re ugly with a big forehead and retarded or just plain slow or something but can you fix your multiple “lists” over cute and ugly kids? You’ve posted them quite a few times now but you seem to have a problem editing them and, as of right now, they make no sense at all.

Reesca on

They look like twin girls

Jillian on

The people using the word retarded are far more ignorant than anyone on this page, especially in the context being used. Pick a new word.

Colette on

Now I see why this site rarely feature the JP kids this family is very polarizing .

Nora on

Vivienne is pretty.
All of these children are attractive in their own way.

jane on

compare these kids to suri; they are odd to look at, i noticed that from the first pictures. sorry but it is my opinion, they have every advantage and that is enough isnt it?

Aimee on

I think Kelly is being honest with her opinion and admitting what others don’t want to say!! Also, Ericka that is Vivienne in the pic not Shiloh. BTW, I’ve seen the family in person and the kids are a bit strange looking. They will grow out of it, though. Except, for Zahara…she is getting worse.