Spotted: Joely Fisher and Olivia Step Right Up

07/22/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Amanda Parks/Splash News Online

Off to the circus!

Joely Fisher and daughter Olivia Luna, 2½, pose at opening night of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus’s new show, Fully Charged, on Thursday night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The event benefitted the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

“She’s pretty awesome. She has two older sisters [True, 5, and Skylar, 10] and two older brothers [Colin, 25, and Cameron, 27] so she doesn’t lack for entertainment,” the actress, 43, told PEOPLE recently.

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Sherri on

Olivia’s a beautiful little girl! A future model 🙂

aimeedus on

SIGH…. if she doesnt do that babies hair and put some moisture in it its going to break off and she is going to be missing patches of hair FYI afircan american hair has no moisture she needs to invest in a good moisturizer asap and yes im african american.If your going to adopt an african american child please research how to care for their hair and skin.Olivia’s hair is matted and she proably doesnt like to get it combed because of this..just hire someone that can do black hair..I like how maddonna keeps mercy’s hair braided and beaded

K on

Definitely, Sherri! She’s beautiful!

aimeedus on

I wanted to add I wasnt trying to start anything ..but it is really bothering me that she is not taking care of that babies hair..I dont see her biological daughters hair looking a sure she means well but come you have money to pay someone to do her hair..anywhoo..

Olivia’s dress is very cute

Sarah K. on

gorgeous girl!

Patrice on

I’m trying to figure out how you can tell that from this picture.

kim on

Her hair looks like its in twists to me

Shannon on

Olivia is a pretty girl! Love her polka dot coat too!

momma803 on

She is a beautiful little girl. I agree – those adopting transracially should learn and/or get help in taking care of African American hair. However, I think Olivia’s hair looks like it has been done in twists (at least, that is what I can see from this picture). She looks well cared for and loved. She is simply adorable.

Olivia on

aimeedus: 1) I don’t know how you can tell anything from this picture I can’t see any bald spots, and 2) it’s really none of our business. Joley Fisher is a grown woman who has the intelligence and resources to know what to do with her daughter’s hair. Olivia will be fine.

This is an adorable picture.

Jen DC on

mmm, I am seeing twists in this picture and her hair actually looks pretty shiny and moisturized as does her skin. And while I agree with your general POV as a fellow African American, I think you’re just reacting to react and not LOOKING at this specific adoptive child/parent picture.

She is an adorable little girl.

Cecelia on

She is absolutely adorable!

loren on

Olivia has a pretty face and I like her coat/dress

Krissy on

Aimeedus, you are just looking to abuse……her hair is fine. The baby is adorable

Niche on

Olivia is a beautiful little girl. She looks as if she’s a little bashful 🙂 I agree that all parents should educate themselves on caring for their children’s hair. And from this picture, it does look a little unkempt… so I see where the above poster is coming from. It does take time though. Angelina seems to have finally gotten it right with Zahara’s hair. Its all a learning process.

Lizzielui on

So because she chooses to twist her baby’s hair, which is a very natural and healthy hairstyle because it does not require chemicals and does not add stress to the scalp, the child’s hair is unkempt and not taken care of? Give me a break.

The very people who are bashing Joely about needing to learn how to care for AA hair need to educate themselves on the many styles and care techniques that are available for AA hair. There is nothing wrong with this child’s hair.

Kat on

I love that she’s twisting it… braids and beads and stuff are pretty, too, but they can be done with the twists already in place… and twists are such an easy style to keep up and maintain…

I also love that it’s very natural… I’m not African-American, and I am always envious of the twists my friends have… yes, they require moisturizing and continued twisting as new growth comes, but they easily look good.

C on

As an African-American that proudly rocks her natural hair and thinks the natural beauty of all women should be celebrated as well -I have to agree in part with Aimeedus. I don’t think the issue would come up with those of us who are African-American in viewing the photographs if there weren’t some validity to the argument. While the picture itself is not complete proof as to how this child’s hair is being cared for, I think it does indicate that Ms. Fisher might be taking a misguided path in trying to embrace what black hair does naturally when not cared for daily/properly.

I am a dark-skinned woman with hair that is much like the texture of this beautiful child’s hair. (just happen to be wearing twists myself at this time;-) However, I suspect the poster who questions whether one could tell about this child’s hair texture from the photo most likely does not have hair of this type and therefore can not see what many of us do see.

The poster also seems to misunderstand the feeling behind wanting Ms. Fisher to better educate herself on combing her African-American daughter’s hair. Perhaps she has not seen exaggerated caricatures of her natural hair type (think Sambo ) Because if she had, she might understand or at least be sympathetic to the idea that like many issues where race relations are concerned- good intentions do not always equal a fair or equitable outcome…no one is saying this child isn’t beautiful or that Ms. Fisher does not have a good heart….but she very likely, does not know what it is to be seen as ugly or uncivilized because your appearance does not match what the media portrays as ideal or beautiful.

I do not see this website’s virtual makeover offering the trying on of any hairstyles like the one Mrs. Fisher is embracing in her child. With education and practice, she can give her child the confidence and access to what ALL young girls and women -kinky hair or straight- deserve. Education=Understanding=Acceptance=Unity 🙂

Niche on

Excuse me LizzieLui but you seemed to have zeroed in on the negative. I myself am a Black woman with natural hair. I would be upset if the child had a chemical process. What you fail to recognize is her hair isn’t twisted. The curly coils are part of her hair texture. I referenced the link that also shows little Olivia and her mommy when she was two. Her hair is the same in both pictures but the difference is that its longer but very obviously matted.
Taking care of natural hair really is a job and a learning experience but there’s a wealth of information available if googled. Even on YT there are videos dedicated to styling and maintaining.

I do think it’s great that you all are encouraging natural hair though! LOVE IT 🙂

Marcia on

Does anyone know which country Joely adopted Olivia? I know Angelina adopted Zahara from Ethiopia…Just wondering, is all.

Luci on

I have to agree with aimeedus – Olivia’s hair does appear to be dry and matted down. As another poster said, it took Angelina Jolie a little while (and maybe Brad Pitt ;-)) to figure out how to do Zahara’s hair and what products work best. Zahara’s hair always seemed to look pretty much how Olivia’s hair looks like in the picture above.

As an African-American woman who is the mother of 3 children (2 boys, 1 girl), I must admit that our hair comes in all different textures and, we have to learn to work with it, OR, pay someone else to do it. I am not very good at doing hair myself, so I take my daughter to the hair dresser every two weeks. She has a beautician who washes, conditions, blow dries, and then braids her hair. It took a while for her to get used to getting her hair done and she was “tender-headed”, but I had to do it. We had TOOO MANY rough mornings with me trying to do her hair and growing frustrated with her and her crying and in pain from the slightest movement of the comb.

I will say that Joely seems to love and adore Olivia and Olivia looks happy and loved. She’s also a gorgeous little girl – she just needs someone to work with her hair. It looks like she could probably get some decent pony tails or long braids.

Sorry for the long post….just had to add my 2 cents…

linda on

Sherri- Funny you should say that about future model! I was just thinking she looks a little like a baby Beverly Johnson (first Black model to appear on a Vogue cover) – her eyes, I think.

anomalygirl on

mama’s…. please do not support any type of circus that comes to your town, animals are treated terrible and it’s torturous work for them, they should be banned 😦 –

cris on

C- So eloquently stated! Your post was one of the best I have seen on this site in years!!

Sarah M. on

Marcia – According to an article I found she had a private adoption from the US.

I nannied for 6 months for a family that adopted a 1 year old from Ethiopia. Mom and I both researched a great deal with how to style/take care of her hair! I’m no longer with them, so I have not idea how it looks now. But we found some cute ways to style it beyond braiding (hers was still too short at the time). It was a learning experience, that’s for sure. But you do get used to if after a while.

She’s a gorgeous little girl!

dsfg on

I think the US, Marcia.

Sarah K. on

Marcia, Olivia was adopted domestically. Her birth mother was a teen and Joely and her husband brought Olivia right home from the hospital. There was an article about it a couple of years ago, so you might be able to find it still.

Angel on

Wow, what a strikingly beautiful little girl! I love her sweet smile.

Miss Ann on

This baby hair is a hot mess. It is not being cared for…. properly. I too am African American and unlike many other cultures, our hair has to be cared for daily… in a different way. We use different products of course. Take the time and learn about our hair by using beauticians that specialize in our hair texture.

This child hair does not look like it is in twists to me….. it looks like she rolled out of bed and her momma did NOTHING to her hair. If indeed it is in twists, it is time to redo her hair as it should not be a question if her hair is in twists or not. I actually see a missing patch of hair on the front. There are natural, heat (non chemical), and chemical options for this baby girls hair. As our hair can grow and thrive in either option.

Niche I could not agree more. You used the correct word… ‘Matted’.

Molly on

Miss Ann,, stop lying. You’re not African American and if you are, which I doubt, all us within the community would like for you to leave. You are embarrassing black women everywhere. Shut up and leave this blog. Your racism against white people is embarrassing . We get it, you hate white people

Molly on

Can the comments about her hair be removed. They are racist and offensive? Thank you

Jillian on

I find no “racism against white people,” and I am white. Miss Ann, please stay!!

Molly, how I have missed you soooooo much! I missed you calling people liars and accusing everything of being racist. Everyone always asks you to explain what you mean and you never answer……clearly bc it makes mo sense. But I will try! Why are the comments racist?

And just so ya know……I think her hair looks fine and that it’s a bad picture.

Indira on

I’m Arab and Black, with softer textured tightly coiled hair. Kinda like Johan Klum. Anyway, black hair varies a lot and also it can grow in a little funny. I have a cousin who is “all” black and her hair grew in fully on her crown but took FOREVER on the sides. I mean it didn’t fully grow in until she was close to six. Also, perhaps Olivia is really tender-headed(see i am black hahaha) and doesn’t like getting braids, twists or locks.

I agree her hair looks a little frazzled but, she’s a little girl and if you look at some white and latino celeb babies their hair looks just as wild. It’s just because the texture is different so it looks different. Plus, she’s only 2 1/2, perhaps Joely doesn’t want to make such a huge deal about her daughters appearance just yet. In my experience some black women put too much emphasis on hair and yes, it rubs off on their daughters.

C on

Thanks Cris 🙂

“The consciousness in you and the consciousness in me, apparently two, really one, seek unity and that is love.”
— Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Molly on

Also, can something be done about Jillian. The stalking is creepy and she always harasses me. I’m starting to think she has no social life or she is really a creepy old man who loves talking women online. Perhaps, she and Miss Ann are the same person. Both leave racist, homophobic comments 24/7 around here.

Molly on

Btw, Jillian are you in love with me or something? Why else would you stalk me so much? You need help, so leave this blog and talk to someone.

Rebecca on

Can something be done about Molly, while you’re at it, oh wise, people magazine gods? she’s so whiny and complains about people all the time, and claims that everyone is hateful, judgmental and racist even when her comments are worse!!!

Marcia on

To those who informed me of Olivia’s place of adoption, thank you! Appreciate it.

Olivia looks happy and I agree she is adorable.

Toya L. on

Lmao at Rebecca. – beautiful little girl.

Molly on

Jillian aka Rebecca, next time you attempt to sound like someone else, don’t leave the same heartless bitchy comments eh. Jillian , I feel so embarrassed for you. You need a social life asap. Seriously, People ban Jillian. I’m not the only person around here that dislikes her

Molly on

Toya, you still can’t accept that I was right about you? LMAO at your failure to accept that I hate you

Niche on

Omg, what is going on in here…?
Someone needs a timeout!

Fab on

Well said C…. Well said!!!! Being African American and also Rockin my natural beautiful hair I agree that Mommy loves her girl YES… But does need some education of natural chemical free hair… Natural hair is a lot of work but for 19 years I’ve enjoyed mine and enjoy doing others as well!!! Good luck to Joely on her hair journey with beautiful Olivia!!!

Gigi on

You can’t tell anything about her hair from this picture, but of course everyone is an expert on here.

Marky on

Someone, PLEASE do something about Molly. She is soooo negative, rude, hateful and most likely, a troll. What has to happen for her to be banned? Do the rest of us have to leave, or does the “bad guy” win again?

Miss Ann on

@ Molly… Read very carefully.

Again I do not have to prove my ethnicity. When I arrive into the world daily, others have a good idea what my race is at least partially composed of. I am a black female american and very proud to be one, who just so happens combs her hair daily AND can tell if other african americans have combed their hair. Imagine that.

I believe you are a 17 year old boy, who comes to this site for some limited interaction. What I need for you to do is: (1) a new school year is coming up, read up on some books that are required for you to read this upcoming semester. (2) make plans to be with other teens that are fun, well rounded, and non trouble makers. Believe me they exist EVERYWHERE!! (3) AND stop acting as if you know everything about everyone and every subject.

I am not going to argue with a kid as that is silly. I refuse to argue with an adult with a kid-like personality too. It is just so beneath this Black American, non racist chica.

The next time someone put their opinion about something on a board, be open to what they are typing, as you may find their opinion enlightening, interesting, and true. When school starts make sure you listen to your teachers and do your assignments and don’t argue with your teachers this year. I want you to have a safe and prosperous school year with your classmates.

Jillian on

Oh boy…….
Rebecca and Marky, you rock!

Nicky on

Olivia is a gorgeous little girl…and look how she’s grown 🙂

aimeedus on

my hair is natural…so im all for natural hair…Olivia’s hair is not saying she doesnt love her all im saying is her hair needs some attention and a good moisturizer .

Molly on

I will never change, so deal with it you heartless cowards. In fact, the more angry comments I get from you two idiots, the more happy I become. It shows that I’m doing something right if two homophobic, racist idiots can’t handle it. I plan to post even more now. Thanks for the motivation Miss Ann , Jillian. BTW, Jillian and Miss Ann, you have proven to me how full of hate you have for me. Can’t stand the fact that a N actually will not worship you since you’re white. I bet both of you are part of Nazi groups.

Molly on

BTW, Jillian , you have never denied being racist or homophobic. i was right about you. If you are sick of my comments,, leave this blog because I’m staying. Go hang out at your nazi websites

Ms.W on

@ C…comments like yours make my skin crawl. so many AA women who have natural hair have this “holier than thou/know everything” air about them that is so off-putting. come down from your high horse and just make sure your hair is healthy and fabulous-GEEZ! did it really take a dissertation of the history of hair? its a BABY! its HAIR! UGH!

sansim on

Just to clear up some of the confusion about this kids hair…

I have seen some other pictures from this event, some of whith were closer up. I have to say, her hair did look as if it hadn’t been combed in days (maybe weeks). What appears to be twists in this picture is actually clumped/knotted hair.

Unless she is trying to naturally give her daughter dreadlocks then she does need to invest some energy in proper care for her daughter’s hair (frequent clearing out with comb, moisturizing, and washing less often – maybe once a week). I hope she doesn’t wait too long to the point where she needs to cut it off. Either way Olivia is a very beautiful little girl 🙂