Cadence Lee: Stylish Jewelry for Moms

07/22/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Cadence Lee

Mother’s Day is long gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself.

If you’re looking for something unique and one-of-a-kind, we suggest the gorgeous baby pendants from Cadence Lee.

Just email them a photo of your child and they’ll etch their likeness into the charm of your choice.

Available in 14K gold and sterling silver, the intricately designed necklaces ($255 – $460) are a beautiful way to honor your little ones.

To order, go to

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Tieraney on

Glad they’re so affordable! *eye roll* They are cute though, just waaay out of my budget!

Lynn on

I agree, a little too much money for me.

Niche on

Cute stuff. For those prices, I would expect more. Piercing Pagoda has charms and pieces similar to these for realistically affordable prices.

Jacqui on

Love it!

krewcat on

That should really say “Jewelry for people who have nothing better to spend their money on”…

Nice stuff…but highly overpriced. I am a jewelry designer and do very well without having to charge $400 for a necklace.

Jennifer on

I think they are beautiful. Love the classic look of a silhouette.

If everyone could afford them, they wouldn’t be unique and one of a kind.
You spend your money on what you want and I’ll do the same.

stacey mc on

Way overpriced,silver and gold may be “pricey”, however, not that pricey. Unfortunately if you link a celebrities name to any line of jewelry or clothing, it drives the price up by the designer. Ridiculous…….. The jewelry is not “unique” to charge these prices.


Saw a friend of mine wear one and it’s simply gorgeous and darling. Completely worth the splurge if you see the piece in person – unique and very well-crafted. Also love that it’s a silhouette of no one but my own little pumpkin.

Judy K. on

These are gorgeous! What a great idea.

Sally on

Absolutely beautiful! The prices are reasonable with the price of gold sky rocketing plus looking at the website it seems like the more expensive pieces have diamonds on it. Def worth it plus the fact that it is a one of a kind item of your baby…

AR on

Stunning and unique!

I’m personally ok with the price and plan to buy one.

Btw, for those that thing Gold is not pricey (Stacey me), pick up the wall street journal or google historical gold prices and you’ll see that gold and other commodities have risen to all time highs. Real head scratcher when people make unfound comments.

JL on

Love it!! It’s so sophisticated and the price seems very reasonable. Gold is not cheap!

Jessica on

My friend just got this pendant necklace of her daughter. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry. This isn’t the Piercing Pagoda jewelry that I bought myself in high school. You definitely get what you pay for. It’s a made to order piece of jewelry. It’s one of a kind and if you are a fashionista like me its great to know that no one else would be wearing the same pendant. I can’t wait until my hubby buys one for me after we have our little girl.

CJ on

I bought one of my son and one of my daughter about a year ago and I LOVE them. The are very high quality pieces and I get so many compliments on them all the time! Is it more pricey than a generic silhouette pendant you can get at any jewelry store? Of course, but then again, these are not generic. It is MY son and MY daughters unique silhouette- that’s what makes it unique and priceless. I loved the process of taking a picture of them and seeing the one of a kind mold created just for my kids. I imagine the process is quite expensive-since each is custom made– it’s not just about the metals you choose. My husband bought me a baby shoe from Aaron Basha when we had our first child and that was 3x more expensive and is cute…but when I look at my pendant I see my son. Totally worth the keepsake investment.

recipe on

They looks really beautiful.