Neal McDonough, Wife Expecting Fourth Child

07/21/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Kevin Winter/Getty

There’s another baby on the way for Neal McDonough!

The actor, 45, and his wife Ruvé proudly showed off her growing baby bump on Tuesday while attending the premiere of his new film Captain America: The First Avenger in New York City.

Due mid-August, McDonough reveals they’re expecting a girl — the couple are already parents to son Morgan Patrick, 5½, and daughters Catherine Maggie, 4, and London Jane, 18 months — and couldn’t be happier.

“We feel extremely blessed beyond belief. She’s ready, this hasn’t been the easiest pregnancy, but we’re all excited,” he tells PEOPLE.

“My son Morgan and I will be in the McDonough House of Estrogen, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Julie Jordan

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kate on

who are these people?

mary on

LOVED him in BOB! Congrats!!!! Your four are a lot closer than mine! Have fun

Becky on

Congrats to them..Can’t wait to hear the name..Looks like they tend to stick to more “regular” names, which I think is great..

alexa on

kate can’t read!!!! hes an actor. congrats to the family. many years of health and happiness!!!!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! Although his character creeped me out on Desperate Housewives, I like Neal.

And I can’t wait to hear the baby’s name! I love all the ones they chose for their older kids.

Jeff on

He was on Desperate Housewives.

guest on

two sets of irish twins! That kid is going to be cute

Texasgirl on

@Kate…Neal played Lt. Buck Compton in Band of Brothers.

meri on

kate, do you not know how to read? He’s an actor. And even if that weren’t in the original post, it would take less time to google him yourself than it does to post an obnoxious comment.

Jennifer on

Love Neal! Great actor!!! I am so happy for them!

Pamela on

I thought Irish twins had to be less than a year apart? They’ll have 2 sets of children close in age, but I don’t think Irish twins is the right terminology.

Jillian on

They don’t have one set of Irish twins, let alone expecting another set.

Adey on

Yes- Irish twins must be born within 12 months of each other (365 days or less). Their kids will be close together but NOT Irish twins.

As for Neal – He did a fantastic job in Band of Brothers. Such a powerful series and you should watch it if you haven’t already!

Violet on

@ Kate. He is an actor who works pretty steadily in television and movies (Desperate Housewives, Boomtown, Band of Brothers, Tin Man, Flags of our Fathers, The Guardian, Minority Report, 88 Minutes etc, etc)

He’s not a reality star so maybe that’s why you don’t recognize him.

Congrats to the happy family!

Guest on

I too think that Irish Twins means 2 kids within a year, they will just have 2 kids under 2, (for the second time)

Susan on

Congratulations to the happy parents! And to the folks at People, could y’all please STOP using the phrase “baby bump?” It has to be one of the most annoying, stupid, overused phrases ever. Surely your writers can come up with some other ways of describing a celebrity’s pregnancy or impending parenthood.

Melissa on

He is also in the new Captain America movie.

Becky on

He was also in Walking Tall with the Rock..The one thing that makes him a good person (in my opinion) is that he lost a job on a new show called Scoundrels, because he refused to do sex scenes..To me that says that he’s a good guy..

Erika on

Aww congrats to them! It must be fun to have 3 little girls close in age and a big brother!

Jillian on

Becky, “the one thing that makes him a good person,” seriously……only one thing? He seems like a great guy or did I miss something?

dsfg on

Becky, some people just aren’t comfortable doing sex scenes; it doesn’t mean he’s a good guy. And it doesn’t mean people who do sex scenes are not good people.

12kewkadook on

Congrats! I’m thinking boy… but I’m always wrong. @dsfg re-read Becky’s comment.

12kewkadook on

I just reread the article = girl. Well, I did say I was always wrong!

Jillian on

reread dsfg’s comment……she is spot on!

Anonymous on

dsfg and Becky, I think you’re both right. Doing a sex scene doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not you’re a good person. But standing up for what you believe in even if it costs you is a mark of a good person.

Jillian on

Becky said, “.The one thing that makes him a good person (in my opinion) is that he lost a job on a new show called Scoundrels, because he refused to do sex scenes..To me that says that he’s a good guy..”

So, you don’t agree with her…..right? Dsfg, said it best…..just bc you say yes doesn’t make you a bad person and just bc you say no doesn’t make you a good person. None of us know the whole story behind why he didn’t do it……maybe his wife wouldn’t let him. Either way, it doesn’t make a person good or bad.

12kewkadook on

@ I must’ve been tired when I commented before!

12kewkadook on

@Anonymous I mean…

Mia on

He was a major player in Band of Brothers. He looks exactly the same for heaven’s sake.

DK on

What is it with these people? Are the earth’s resources so infinite that it’s ok to keep cranking out baby after baby? Has anyone noticed that the earth’s population has increased exponentially, but its resources have not? This idiotic baby explosion, even among the uber rich, is no cause for celebration!

J on

Did anyone else roll their eyes and say “Oh that guy?” when they panned in on him in Captain America. Very unecessary movie role.

Meri you could have been less obnoxious yourself and just listed a few shows he’s been ininstead of snapping at someone. Sheesh.

DOTSmom on

I agree who the heck are they?

Saoirse on

LOVE his kids’ names!