Jenna Elfman Was Eager to Be ‘Not Pregnant’

07/21/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
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After her second pregnancy — and acting the part for her role on Accidentally on PurposeJenna Elfman was ready to be unexpectant for a while.

“It was nice to act not pregnant, frankly, because I had just done a whole season pregnant,” the actress, 39, told PEOPLE at the Axe-sponsored Friends With Benefits premiere Monday. “I was like, ‘I do not have a baby in my belly, let me go act. Please.'”

Elfman began filming Friends With Benefits shortly after giving birth to her second son, Easton Quinn Monroe, in March 2010.

“When the opportunity came up to play Justin Timberlake‘s sister, I thought that would be a lot of fun,” she said. “I had also just had my second kid, and I was really looking forward to getting out of the house.”

Her elder son, Story Elias, who turns 4 this month, got to visit the set during filming, and Elfman describes him as an active, adventurous child.

“Story is up to many things and always is. He loves to paint; he’s now learning how to roller-skate. He just started riding his bike with no training wheels. He’s 3 and he rides a bike. And he continually blows my mind.”

Easton, 16 months, is also growing up fast. “Easton is running around and saying ‘I love you, Mama’ all the time. It melts my heart, and it’s the most amazing thing.”

The actress and her husband, Bodhi Elfman, celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary in February. She admits that their relationship has been “the complete opposite” of the one portrayed in the film.

“I really don’t see how it could work,” muses Elfman. “I don’t speak from the first-hand experience of trying to have a friends with benefits relationship, but I speak first-hand of having a 20-year relationship, and I know what it takes.”

Elfman credits honesty as the foundation of her lasting marriage. “We don’t keep secrets from each other and we talk about everything,” she notes.

— Asher Fogle

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kj on

16 year marriage??? 20 Year relationship?? Ever refreshing! I loved her in Dharma and Greg, she was high-larius on Two and Half Men too. Very pretty lady!

K on

I agree, kj! That is awesome!

librarylady75 on

oh gee, he rides a bike. Stop the presses…. yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Kendal on

I just love her haircut, so cute!!

mommytoane on

I agree! 16 years of marriage takes work..20 years together takes love. 🙂 Its very refreshing to see a marriage that does not disolve within 5 years.

LOL I think its cute shes excited to not be pregnant. 🙂 After being PG IRL then on the show…I can imagine she’s excited to walk around and see her toes all day. 😛

Jessy on

I love that they have been together for so long yet their children are so young. It shows that they really put thought into their relationship and what they wanted out of it. I hope these two have a lifetime of love and happiness. I am sure they are going to show their son’s what it is to truely love and respect your partner. It would be a Truely beautiful world if we could all be this lucky.

asdf on

This woman is dreadful.

Google her and her comments regarding AIDS…

Jacqui on

asdf, I Googled her comments on AIDS and was surprised until I also read that she is a Scientologist.

mommytoane on

asdf. The comment was made several years ago. Did you not see Jenna at the Elton John Aids foundation party recently? People change. Their outlooks change. 12 years is a long time to hold a grudge over an ignorant Scientology comment.

Clara on

“I had also just had my second kid, and I was really looking forward to getting out of the house.” Why bother to have a baby at all?!

Tina on

I was so disappointed that Accidentally on Purpose was cancelled after one season. It was hilarious! Jenna Elfman is such a stitch. I love that she’s been with her husband so long. All long term couples I’ve asked how they stay together have said the same thing she did. Good for her and her family.

Lia on

16 years, that’s amazing, go Jenna!

Alyssa on

Tina, I loved that show too!

Clara, why shouldn’t she be able to get out of the house? Mothers need time to themselves also.

Seether on

Clara – Relax. Anyone with children knows that its nice to get out once in a while. You can love your kids AND have a life, you know.

JJ on

Clara, even the best moms need a break sometime.

Donna on

Never liked this stuck up wanna be. She once said her favorite thing about herself is her eyes, that they make her look asian.

RKF on

asdf- I completely agree with you. Remember when she approached a person wearing an Anti-Scientology T-Shirt and screamed, verbatim, “Do you rape babies?!” Before anyone screams and moans – look it up anywhere on the internet – it’s 100% true with many witnesses. This woman is crazy, and her kids will be raised to believe they’re reincarnates of aliens…

showbizmom on

I’ve never really followed her, I’m more of a fan of her Husband’s uncle the great Danny Elfman. I have to say I’m not a fan of her ‘religion’ but to each their own,but those comments that she said about AIDS is utterly disturbing and ignorant. I hope she’s grown since then. I’m going to try to find the complete interview, I hope it was taken out of context.

K on

Ouch! I never knew anything about her, so I was never aware of the comments. I hope she’s changed as well. It’s just unfortunate that even if she has changed, those comments will always be out there.

jes on

Very beautiful women, great actress. She’s not mentioning her religious/social beliefs here so why bring them in to the conversation?

I enjoyed her in Accidentally, and look forward to her new movie. Cute hair cut also. Let her enjoy her children and work if she chooses, my mother worked and she was still my best friend.

SadieA on

RFK, I just looked up that story, her publicist didn’t even deny she said it. My favorite part of the story is when the guy wearing the anti-scientology shirt said things about Xenu, Jenna & Bodhi repeatedly instructed a young male they were with to move away and cover his ears lol. I guess he wasn’t high enough up yet to hear about Xenu.

I think she’s a kook, but I still like her. And 20 years together is insane in Hollywood, so something’s working for them.

Cricket on

It’s such a cliche to say “we don’t keep secrets and we talk about everything”. In most relationships, you talk about what you talk about. We don’t usually keep things from each other on purpose but you can’t talk about everything.

Sandra on

The only “ignorant” Scientology comments here are the ones made in defense of celebrities like Jenna who give $$$ to this organization (I refuse to call it a “church”). Scientology coerces people into spending tens (yes TENS) of thousands of dollars on pseudo-psychotherapy so that they can hear their bodies are filled with space alien parasites. If you have Scientologist family members and you speak out against the organization it has a policy called “disconnection” which forbids your family from talking to you. Scientology is extremely dangerous. It’s no joke.

Leigh on

She’s awesome. I’ve loved her in everything she’s done. She is funny and beautiful too. I think her and husband are incredibly admirable for making it work for so long. So rare and so refreshing.

ellen on

That’s one of my favorite 2.5 men episodes she guested on. I know what she’s talking about having a 25 year relationship if you don’t talk or tell the truth ..fuggedaboutit

Leigh on

Wow I think it is great how long they have been together! I love how refreshingly honest she is. And she looks amazing!

Jillian on

I have met a member of her family who she disowned a long time ago for very ignorant reasons. Scientology tore the family apart and IMO, that is horrible. The person she disowned is a wonder, amazing, and loving person, but because of who they are, Jenna will not allow them in her life. I have no respect for her and will not watch her in anything. I feel that any person who choses scientology over a person for the way they were born is an ignorant person and doesn’t deserve my support.

Patrice on

I must say that I agree with you, Jillian. Everyone has a right to belong to whatever church, organization, cult, etc that they want to. But it is also the public’s right not to support that choice by not paying to see them perform.

Not_A_Fan on

Jenna Elfman has participated in dirty tricks on behalf of the Scientology gestapo OSA.
Jenna Elfman is amoral and all her films and TV shows should be boycotted by anyone who believes in human rights. Google her nasty Scientology record and see the truth for yourself.

meghan on

If it can be googled it MUST be true. What does any of this have to do with celebrity babies?

Leigh on

Jenna’s awesome, I’ve been a fan for awhile. As for the made up quote, here’s what I found
Can’t wait to see her in Friends With Benefits. Looks hilarious.

Jillian on

I believe quotes, not sure about you.

Sandra on

Sure. Why voice your disgust over a celebrity’s endorsement of an organization as corrupt and destructive as Scientology when their kids are just SO DARN CUTE!

For those of you skeptical of the information you get about Scientology from Googling, I encourage you to read recent pieces about the organization in the New York Times and New Yorker. There’s also a well-reviewed book out now called Inside Scientology. $16 on Kindle.

Jacqui on

I am so glad to read people finally speaking out against Scientology here. It IS EXTREMELY dangerous and corrupt. Read the New Yorker article featuring Paul Haggis, just to scratch the surface.

Janna on

meghan… It has everything to do with a celebrity baby’s mom. People are just expressing their opinion so that maybe some of the people who support this woman and her career might know who they are truly supporting.

Sandra on

Personally I think she is a great actress, and her kids are SO cute. Why not just leave it at that? Why do people really feel the need to bash someone for not believing the same you do.

And I think that both her comments on AIDS (googled it, didn’t know she once said that) are ignorant and her involvement in Scientology is silly – but to each their own. At least she isn’t shy about her involvement in what she believes in.

AMAZING that they have lasted 20 years – in Hollywood no less. 🙂 Cannot wait to see more photos of their precious babies.

dsfg on

Sandra, Scientology isn’t just a “different belief,” it is a very very dangerous cult.

Jillian on

It has nothing to do with not having the same beliefs. I am friends with people who have different beliefs as me. I support and watch movies of people who have different beliefs as me all the time. It is the things she says and the things she does, that makes me think she is an ignorant person and makes me not like her or make me want to support her.

RKF on

Sandra, you think her involvement with Scientology is “silly”? I generally don’t correlate mind-control cults with silliness. As for leaving it at commenting on her acting and children, no, I won’t. There is a bigger picture involved, and I can’t support a mother whose cult supports the dissolution of families (along with other atrocities.)

Molly on

People really do believe EVERYTHING they see online. I guess some people’s family never told that you can’t believe everything you see on the internet. I guess the same people attacking her have also sent money for a ‘bridge’ from the USA to Russia after a ‘prince ‘ sent them an email.

Jillian on

There are plenty of facts that I have seen to support what I know about Jenna and what an ignorant person she is inside. Anyone notice that she doesn’t talk about certain people in her family……….

I don’t believe that link. Molly said we shouldn’t believe everything on the Internet! You shouldn’t believe it either.