BumpWatch: Selma Blair – On the Dot

07/20/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
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Waiting game!

Selma Blair may be overdue, but she’s still staying stylish while making her way to a midwife appointment with boyfriend Jason Bleick on Tuesday in Westwood, Calif.

The actress, 39, celebrated her baby shower — hosted by Cruel Intentions costar Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze back in May.

“I feel like the luckiest girl in the world,” Blair said at the time.

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Fab on

Come on baby…. Come on….. :)))

Cute dress!!!!

look on

I feel like she’s been pregnant forever. She looks great though.

Jgirl on

She looks beautiful!

annachestnut on

no swollen ankles or anything. she looks great.

K on

She looks amazing!

Stella Bella on

She has had such a stylish pregnancy!

Shelby on

Absolutely AMAZING. She looks so stunning throughout this pregnancy and I love her style. Newfound respect for her. ❤

Katie on

She looks great! How long is she overdue? I feel like that past two weeks its been an article about her being late.

Maggie on

She looks amazing!

She was due July 6 according to her baby registry (and it’s a boy).

Kat on

I’m surprised if she was due on the 6th, they usually don’t let you go that long overdue. Most doctors max at a week over.

Good luck to her, I hope she is comfortable!

Maggie on

I don’t think she’s using a doctor though – sounds like midwife/birthing center. I did the same – went 17 days over my estimated due date with my first son, but amniotic fluid was high and all was well so midwife saw no reason to induce. He was born healthy at 9 lbs., 3 oz. Luckily my second son came 12 days before his EDD so I feel like the pregnancies evened out. 😉

Sarah on

I just really want her to have a healthy delivery and baby. I wish her and her baby a lot of love.

Jenny on

She looks amazing!

Jillian on

Maggie, Just curious, how do you know what her registry says? I thought she had not announced what she was having. Are you sure it wasn’t a fake registry, as many of them are……not saying she isn’t having a boy.

A person technically isn’t considered overdue until they are two weeks past their due date, so if hers is the 6th, she has until today. She is all good.

Maggie on

It’s public on Juvenile Shop’s website … didn’t think it was fake as she was spotted in and out of there many times. Who knows though!

A. on

Very cute dress! And I can’t believe she hasn’t popped yet!

Capri on

I actually really love that dress…even though i’m not pregnant…with a tight belt around it…would be very cute! She seems like she’s been pregnant forevvver!

eribri on

I love her style during her pregnancy! This dress is adorable!

Toya L. on

She does look great, wishing her an easy and safe labor and delivery and a healthy baby.

Jillian on

The thing that is weird about the registry is that she was seen buying items on her registry for herself in pictures, the moses basket being one and the bedding being another. I know a lot of times celebs try and throw up people with the due dates and sex of the baby. People have been saying she has been having a boy for awhile.

The other reason I am not believing that sight is because she said her due date was 7/4 and that sight has another day. Anyway…..She should be having the baby any day.

Liz on

Where did she say she was due the 4th? I haven’t seen her say anything about a due date.

The boy thing is definitely true because her baby shower was in Us Weekly and all the items were blue. Unless she’s really dedicated to throwing people off … I say boy.

ZaraB on

“I’m surprised if she was due on the 6th, they usually don’t let you go that long overdue. Most doctors max at a week over.”

Kat, it always worries me to hear someone say that a doctor won’t “let” their patient do this or that. It’s entirely up to Selma whether she decides to wait and let nature take its course, or be induced before she goes into labour. As Jillian said, you are not technically ‘overdue’ until you are past 42 weeks, and even then, you are only ‘overdue’ if you are absolutely sure of the date you conceived (and even then you could be a day or two out, as you can’t know exactly when the egg and sperm met). After 41 weeks, most women are closely monitored by their midwives and/or OB to ensure that the baby is okay, that the placenta is still functioning well, and that there’s enough amniotic fluid . If all is well, the best course of action is usually to wait for the baby to time his/her own arrival, as an induction (which is also a lot more likely to result in an emergency c-section) comes with its own risks.

What of it? on

She looks fantastic!

Jillian on

Liz, I have read every US Magazine. Have them all and never saw her baby shower with baby boy items in there. Plus there is not one picture of them on the internet. Pretty weird…….

Liz on

?? It’s linked right in the post…

Jillian on

I must have missed that week’s magazine. But I just found pics online. Not sure why people are thinking boy from the pictures I saw. Hmmmm……maybe I saw different ones? The article didn’t mention it was a boy. No gossip blogs went crazy. The pics I saw had 3 onesies. One had an animal, one had a S and J (in blue), and the other had frilly looking decorations and a bow (in blue). From the looks of it……I would think either because a girl could wear any of those!! I actually lean more towards girl now! I don’t know that I would put a boy in all the frilliness.

Sarah S. on

Poor Selma…she’s wayy overdue according to the due-date calender here, but she looks FABULOUS!!

Manda on

Jillian, what is your deal with Selma? Of course it’s possible she’s not having a boy but lots of things point to that being true. Just because she didn’t announce the sex doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know. And the due date argument? Due dates are estimated and can change as the pregnancy progresses, I don’t see much of a difference between 7/4 and 7/6…

Jillian on

I don’t have a “deal” with Selma. I could turn that around to you, now couldn’t I? I mearly asked a simple question because I actually was interested. Selma has mentioned that she DOES know the sex of the baby, but will not reveal it. There is no “due date arguement” either. You really like to make stuff up. You should learn to not only read……but comprehend. Because if you did, you would understand the point I was trying to make.

Noelle on

Maria on

so how over due is she? When I had my baby I thought- oh, the baby knows when to come- I refused to be induced when he was late. I went way over- to 42 weeks- and it turned out that my placenta was starting to not give him enough nutrients 😦

I was trying to go all natural and I ended up with an emergency c section because by the time I “gave in” that baby needed to come out asap. So it swung in the other direction for me.

He was actually a little small when he came out poor guy- and I learned that sometimes we do need help from the doctors- anyway thankfully he is a happy plump healthy beautiful little toddler now- but just want to tell Selma if you are reading this- coming from me, a hippie all natural home birthy type- sometimes birth is different than we want it to be and when it comes down to it the health of the baby is #1- so please don’t go too far over!

abc on

She looks really, really great! Wow! Her maternity style is awesome! I love everything she wears. This polka dot dress is so cute and looks amazing on her.

mother on

42 weeks is not way over. It is past an EDD but not necessarily way over. I am sure Selma is healthy and monitoring baby as is the protocol. Bless this baby and mom.

Kat on

ZaraB, I was 2 weeks overdue and almost died – the amniotic fluid was breaking down. There are reason children that are running late are highly monitored, and that what would ‘worry me’. Due dates are very subjective because it hard to assume the actual time of conception for most children. My daughter was actually inducted early for size, so I know all about the nightmare of inducing!

Maggie, that make sense then and she is probably getting much more individualized care.

Manda on

Jillian, just because she stated she knows the sex but won’t reveal it (to the general public) doesn’t mean that her friends and family don’t know, hence the baby boy gift registry. You yourself brought up the due dates as a reason not to believe the registry – you said she stated at on one point that she was due July 4, and the registry lists her due date as July 6. You should learn to spell….dictionary.com is your friend.

Manda on

Oy. Jillian, I apologize for the last sentence of my comment. I reacted to something you said without really thinking. It sounds catty (and was), as does my previous comment…please accept my apology. I didn’t know she stated she knew the sex but wouldn’t reveal it, but that makes me more convinced that she knows it’s a boy. I just remember her statement back in March/April? that “she didn’t do ultrasounds” because she was using a midwife, and didn’t have all the information that other pregnant women have.