Lessen Your Load With Nurturme’s Lightweight Baby Food

07/20/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Nurturme

If your baby bag could talk, it would recommend a good chiropractor.

From diapers and wipes to pacifiers, bottles and jars of baby food, the list of baby stuff you have to lug around is endless.

It’s no wonder you’re not always hunching around.

If you’re looking for ways to lighten your load, try Nurturme‘s earth-friendly baby food packs.

The new all-organic dried baby food (the first of it’s kind in the U.S.) comes in lightweight pouches made from recyclable materials, which you can easily toss in a bag or coat pocket while on-the-go.

And, just because they’re dried, doesn’t mean they aren’t packed with nutrients — dried baby food actually retains more of its nutrients and phytochemicals, the company says.

To make a meal, just add water, milk or breast milk to one of the four flavors (apple, pea, sweet potato, squash). One pouch is the equivalent to one 2.5 oz. jar of baby food.

Created by a real mom and her longtime friend, it’s already popular with celeb moms including Ivanka Trump, Giada de Laurentiis and Laila Ali.

Try it out and give yourself — and your back! — a break. Nurturme will be available on Babies R Us shelves nationwide starting Aug. 6.

— Amy Jamieson

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Mira on

Wow, what a ridiculous concept.

miche on

How is this popular with Ivanka Trump when she just had her baby a couple days ago???

Grace2 on

Ha, ha ha, miche. Good observation. And jarred baby food weighs like four ounces…Even if your baby eats 3 jars, that’s still only 12 ounces. Add a few jars of glass and it still won’t cause back problems. Interesting, though.

tate on

While I think the fact they are focusing on it being “lightweight” is funny, I think this would be a great option for traveling. One less hassle with TSA…

April on

Not to mention if you’re “on the go” you’ll need to have water (breast milk, formula, whatever) with you to make the food so it totally defeats the lightweight concept. Just silly.

cn tower on

Miche, it probably means that they “gifted” Ivanka a year’s supply of the stuff. It is a little cheeky of them to say it’s a favourite though when her baby is nowhere near ready for solids!!

junesmama on

I found this product on Amazon.com and my daughter loves it! You can also stir it into mac-n-cheese to get them more veggies!! Genius!

Erin on

My kids are older, but we add it to mac-n-cheese too! My son is solidly anti-vegetables, but pro mac-n-cheese. Win-Win! I’ve also added the sweet potato to spaghetti sauce.

alex on

This product has been available in Austin for some time. My son eats every bite when we have it around. As soon as you mix a batch of Nurturme you can tell that it is of higher quality that other baby foods. It actually smells like food!

mommytoane on

Cute concept….But…I agree. A few jars aren’t that heavy. Not to mention, with those little plastic cups they can come in now days (and the cute little tuppeware cups you can buy to store home made ones) they aren’t as much of a pain to carry.

As for stir ins for mac n cheese….try puree’d, it adds a better texture, plus you can go sooo far with mac and cheese and kids will eat it. Try adding some chicken chunks and a handful of frozen peas. Or pairing it with veggie nuggets. Instead of powdered squash, add little chopped up roasted chunks of squash. It really helps later on when you’re trying to get your kids to try new foods. “Oh remember that day you had mac n cheese and it had little yellow sweet squares, those were squash!” Kids are amazed and willing to experiment more.

victoria on

i dont get how they are pushing it as ‘enviromental’ when clearly to get it into this state it is processed!! seems like a no brainer to me ( BUT i did not buy any baby food- really baby food is just regular food paired down and pureed! how hard is it to smoosh food?)

Suzanne on

I LOVE this baby food and so does my daughter! You can buy it online at diapers.com. It is incredibly convenient. The fact that you can mix it with breastmilk means that your baby is getting that much more nutrition with every bite. Now that my daughter is weaned we mix it with yogurt, cottage cheese, potatoes, pasta, you name it.

mary on

The package remindes me of my little girls Baby Alive doll food

stephanie on

Not sure why but my son has a noticeable preference for this stuff. It does smell very fresh and yummy! We have just now added his 3rd solid meal each day, and I like to use NurtureMe at dinner time to make sure he is still getting the nutrients he needs while he grows out of liquids.

robyn on

sounds brilliant! why has this never been around before?? can’t wait to try it on my little pumpkin when she gets here!

Meg on

All the positive comments in this thread sound like corporate shills. Note: Regular commenters don’t use the product name so prominently.

Rachel on

This is a wonderful product! I wish it was available when my kids were younger.

Jennifer on

Sorry but this just sounds gross…

Veronica on

who wouldn’t want to lighten the load of their diaper bag?! even though jars might not seem that terrible to carry around, think of all the space you’ll be saving. i know with my diaper bag, purse, etc every thing in it counts. it’d be crazy to not think these pouches were more convenient. plus, the food looks much more appetizing than regular jarred pureed baby food.

Momof3 on

Even further removed from real food then processed baby food. Fantastic.

Heather on

Our almost 10 month old son has been eating these since about 6.5 months, and I do vastly prefer them by far over jarred food. They mix up well, have vibrant colors and great taste, especially the peas. (I try all the baby food we offer to our son, if I won’t eat it I won’t make him eat it!) I like the pouches better than jars for space reasons in our cupboards as well as the diaper bag – I’m a huge klutz and know I’d drop and break a jar or two if I brought them along. As a working mom who would LOVE to make more of my own homemade baby food, this has been a good compromise for us when I’ve not had the chance (which is more often than not) to make my own squash, for example.

Molly on

I made all my daughter’s baby food and one of the reasons was because I thought jar/container baby food is disgusting. There is no way I’d give my kids this stuff.

jeri lynn on

my daughter totally loves this stuff. i have to say that my husband and i tasted the squash flavor with cottage cheese and actually thought it tasted good. i traveled a lot with my daughter as an infant i thought it was way easier than the jars i used before.

Sarah on

Try it first before you hate on it people. If you do truly care about what your kid eats, where it comes from, and how it is packaged then this is for you. There is way more to this baby food than this piece puts out there.

Molly on

For being such a new product (even if it’s been available for months) I find it highly unlikely that this many visitors to this site have already used this product, and of course rave about it. I second a previous comment about positive comments being planted.

Personally, I wouldn’t use this product for my child.

Kelly S. on

This product is actually GREAT. My son loves it and it significantly cuts down on the waste of glass jars. Love it!

MiB on

Dried food has been around for a very long time and they usually don’t contain additives (meat and fish need to be salted in order to dehydrate quick enough not to get bad). One of the reasons drying is used so often is that you loose very few nutrients, the taste remains more or less the same, the food lasts a very long time and it’s easy to store, carry and prepare (there is a reason why hikers eat a lot of dried food!). So, I have never heard of this product before, but it doesn’t surprise me that people who have tried it like it, I would rather eat dried peas than jarred peas myself.

Holiday on

I would not use this stuff for my baby. I made most of her food but did give her jarred food on occasion. That powder stuff just seems very odd to me and I personally would not even try it.

Holiday on

Oh and I agree 100 percent that all these raves about the product are fake!

Jillian on

I don’t thi k the comments are fake. They have a facebook page and posted a message telling people this was on here…….so obviously people come here and comment. I do for things I like. They have 950 fans and have been around awhile. Personally, I made my daughter all her food and if I have more kids I would do the same. I have no interest in this.

Mandy Mann on

i love Nuturme babyfood products! I felt proud to offer my baby such good nutrition and it was simple to use and yes, “lightweight”. I tried the baby food myself and it was delicious!!! ( esp. the sweet peas). It was nice to know when i was out and about eating at a yummy restaurant that my baby was eating something delicious too. THumbs up from me!!!!

Laura Garcia on

Actually, Gerber had a product like this in the 80’s. It was great because I travelled the world with babies and I could pack enough dried food in the diaperbag for several meals without being weighed down. Just rehydrate with bottled water . . .