Family Photo: The Wilkinson-Basketts Beach It

07/20/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

Working hard … or hardly working!

It’s a day at the beach for Kendra Wilkinson, husband Hank Baskett and their son Hank IV, 19 months, as they shoot promotional photos for the new season of their reality show, Kendra, on Monday in Malibu.

“[Hank’s] starting to talk a lot. He has such a sense of humor. When he burps, he laughs at himself — it’s so funny,” Wilkinson, 26,  told PEOPLE recently at The ESPYS.

“Whenever he drinks something, he goes, ‘Ahh.'”

— Reporting by Dahvi Shira

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AmandaC on

That child has great hair!

andi on

I so love this Hank is so cute!

lola on

pose much?

Cassie on

Hey Lola – it says …..”as they shoot promotional photos for the new season of their reality show, Kendra” – so yes, they are posed. Read much?

T on

Lola – they don’t try to hide the fact that it’s posed. It clearly says, “as they shoot promotional photos for the new season of their reality show, Kendra, on Monday in Malibu.”

Liz on

The baby is 19 months old and she’s still yapping about him? Who the heck cares about the prostitute and her phoney family!

BostonBabe on

@Liz–I’m sorry is there a cutoff when it not okay to brag about your child? Must of missed that memo

Amy on

@Liz – So once a child gets a certain age you aren’t allowed to “yap” about them? She is a mother, doing what mothers do – yap about their children. You are obviously not a mother.

Jillian on

1. When was Kendra a prostitute?
2. There is a age when you are suppose to stop talking about your children? I feel bad for your kids, Liz. 19 months and you stop talking about them? Yikes!

Cute picts, great family. Keep them coming!!

Toya L. on

Lil Hank is so darn cute.

Capri on

Harsh much, wow Liz…go sit down!

This family is so beautiful…love them. Can’t wait for the new season!

K on

That is one CUTE kid!

Fab on

Cute family… Handsome lil man!!!! Liz…. STHU!!!!

eribri on

scrolling to the comments I’ve learned people don’t read, make age limits for when to stop talking about your child and also make irrelevant assumptions….

Anyway, he is too cute!! This family seems to work well together. I love their show.

soph on

Liz saying Kendra yapping about her child means she’s “obviously not a mother”? You idiots need to stop taking these comments as personal affronts and assuming you know anything about anyone.

Kate on

soph, no mother would say that about another mother but the nasty bitch would, there are some nasty mothers as well.

Toya L. on

@Soph, Liz’s obviously wrong ASSumpation that Kendra was a prostitute (and her not knowing anything about her but what she chooses to realease) makes her what?

Sarah S. on

Love those perfect curls on Hank Jr.!

RKF on

The “obviously she’s not a mother” BS is getting so old. So, those of us who don’t have kids yet aren’t allowed to make a comment (both good or bad?) Moms and non-Mom’s alike can make idiotic comments. I’m not a Mom, but I sure as hell know I’d never stop talking about my children, ever. It doesn’t take being a mom to realize that.

Anyhoo – that kid is freaking adorable.

Crystal on

Wow, some people are ridiculous. Baby Hank is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen! Love Kendra & her family. I would love to see what a daughter from her & Hank would look like. Gorgeous I’m sure!

Mia on

They seem like a great/positive couple in-love + their son is adorable w/- great curls!

dsfg on

Kendra was paid lots of money to be Hugh Hefner’s “girlfriend” and to sleep with him . . . that’s what I would call a prostitute, although I’m not sure how that’s relevant to this article. Hooker or not, she’s allowed to talk/brag about her child all she wants–it’s only natural.

NickyAngel on

I love this family and never get tired of seeing pics of them…little Hank is such and beautiful and happy baba…:-)can’t wait for baby no. 2.

NickyAngel on

I seeing pics of this family…little Hank is such a beautiful and happy baba 🙂

Shannon on

He looks like a mini Justin Guarini (AI). 🙂

Ateya on

I love this family! Cant wait to see new season of Kendra

abc on

I cannot stand Kendra but little Hank is really cute! He has adorable hair.

Toya L. on

@dfsg -. Contrary to popular belief or a certain image that is/was portrayed of what happens behind closed doors in the pb mansion between Hugh and his bunnies; “from what I’ve read” he RARELY sleeps/slept with any of them (kendra included). I remember reading where she asked pbb Bridgett, “how could she remain faithful and stay in a relationship with no sex”. Kendra also got an allowance of $1000 a week.

dsfg on

Toya, I had thought that too, but I remember reading an interview with Kendra and some of the other girls where they talked about having group sex with him. Who knows, maybe they don’t sleep with him but they just say they do. But as long as she was doing anything sexual with him, even if it occurred rarely, that is still prostitution.

Jillian on

I don’t see it as prostitution. She was not paid to have sex with him. I never read about her having group sex with him and I read her book. She said several times, that it is a huge misconception that people think she was sleeping with him. Really she wanted to sleep with someone else because she wanted that intimacy, she missed it. Her book was very interesting and explained a lot.

Crow on

Even though its poised those smiles are genuine! 🙂

Who’d have thunk it. Kendra…the one settled and married with a kid?!?!? Life is so unpredictable.

JackieM on

Stop hatin’ on Kendra ! I think she’s fabulous. Oh and both Hanks are cute!!!

Julie on

Baby Hank is just adorable.By the way…I love his hair!!!:)