David Beckham Explains Meaning Behind Daughter’s Name

07/20/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Jordan Strauss/Getty

It’s all in a name for David and Victoria Beckham.

“Obviously a lot of thought goes into our children’s names,” the soccer star, 36, said in a video message posted on his Facebook page.

And it was no different when the couple welcomed their fourth child — and first daughter — on July 10, deciding on the moniker Harper Seven.

“Harper was a name that we’ve loved for a long time for a couple of reasons. One of the reasons is Harper is an old English name which we love. One of the other reasons is Victoria’s favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird and the author was Harper Lee,” Beckham explains.

As for his daughter’s unusual middle name, Beckham admits fans are quick to point out the connection to his career — “people assume that it’s just because my shirt number … and part of it is” — but adds there’s much more to the choice.

“[Seven] symbolizes spiritual perfection: seven wonders of the world, seven colors of the rainbow,” he says. “In many cultures around the world it’s regarded as a lucky number.”

Although only 1-week-old, Harper is already making her presence known in the Beckham household — much to the proud papa’s delight!

“To have a girl in the family is really incredible. We’ve got three beautiful, healthy boys already and we’re so lucky to have that. Now, to have a beautiful little girl,” he says.

“Having a daughter is a whole new thing. Having pink in the house, lilac in the house … It’s a whole new experience, but it’s an amazing experience to have that little bundle of joy in your hands making her little noises.”

— Anya Leon

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showbizmom on

It’s a damn shame when you have to give a explanation to the world as to why you decided to give YOUR kid a certain name. At the end of the day we all have names we don’t like. I don’t like the name Gretchen because of a girl in JR High who repeatedly called me the ‘n’ word. Am I going to bash any parent who names their kid Gretchen? No, theyre not my kid and if they like it good for them. I’m happy for them.

Jenny on

I like the name and the thought that went behind it. I’m not sure why people are giving them grief about it.

A in Ontario on

Am I missing something?

What did having the name Gretchen set you up for being called the N word?

Toya L. on

Swoons – I think it was nice of them to explain how they came up with Harper’s name. They seem to be smitten with all of their children (as they should), but hearing/reading it is so sweet!

KLS on

@A in Ontario, you missed understood what she wrote. The girl who called the poster the “n” word was named Gretchen.

AllisonJ on

Sweet story!

Nathalie on

Oh, I thought People Mag wasn’t going to post this anymore. David posted this on his facebook page last Friday or Saturday and I had already read it around that time on Name Sociology (= facebook page) too.

Anyway, I don’t really like their sons’ names but I do like the name Harper Seven. Unfortunately Harper seems to be getting extremely popular so I had expected something more ‘creative’ from them.

MG on

I’m curious as to how ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ is Victoria Beckham’s favorite, when she has been quoted as saying “I haven’t read a book in my life. I don’t have the time. I prefer listening to music, although I do love fashion magazines.”

Oh well, I guess that interview was from a few years ago – maybe she’s changed her low opinion of books/reading since then.

Jenner on

Harper is soooooooooo overused. Along with Ella, Stella, Bella, Avery, Ava, Sophie. Be original, people!

K on

I also love the name Harper because of To Kill A Mockingbird. It’s sweet that they put so much thought into the names of their children. And as has been stated before, parents reserve the right to name their children whatever they like – original or otherwise. It blows my mind that we are trying to teach our children not to judge, when all we keep doing is judging. Shouldn’t we be practicing what we preach?

Brooklyn on

I liked the name even before they gave a meaning to them!

Capri on

No need to explain…I think it’s a beautiful name…people are just WAY too critical about absolutely nothing.

Fab on

Well said Capri!!!! I agree… I love the name and yes people are waaaay to critical!!!! Geeez!!!!

Amanda on

No name is ‘original’ and most of the people who try to be ‘original’ make fools of themselves in doing so. Some of the original names I’ve heard are just ridiculous and make me feel bad for the poor child stuck with the name because their a-hole parent thinks there is some originality prize when it comes to naming kids.

soph on

showbizmom: David did not HAVE to give an explanation–he chose to.

Emily on

@MG: I suspect “haven’t read a book in my life” was probably a bit of ironic exaggeration. It might have been a book she read as a child, teenager or early adult.

MamaGarcia on

I think the name is a gorgeous choice. We wanted to name our firstborn Harper but my sister in law stole it from us first! So we named our daughter after my great-great-great grandmother, her name was Ella. I love this family and I love the meaning behind sweet Harper’s name

A on

Correction: Harper Lee *IS* the author of To Kill a Mockingbird. She’s still very much alive, well and kicking in Alabama. She attends church most Sundays and is sweet to her neighbors but otherwise leads a very private life.

Jillian on

I am a fan of any name a family gives their child that has so much meaning. That is why I like Harper Seven.

Soph, I was thinking the same thing! He explained by choice.

A, You are really reading into things. He never said, she was deceased. You really are twisting things.

eyeswideshut on

MG – I’m with you, I don’t buy it for a moment. I believe she’s had a lacky read it for her to explain it or maybe stretched her starved brain to read the Cliffs Notes version of it, but no way in hell would this woman have read “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Just like I don’t believe for a second David made risotto (as per his FB pic). If he did, I doubt Victoria would’ve eaten it. She’s obsessed with being skinny.

Romy on

I doubt Victoria has read that book over and over again, not that I care. What is Cruz’s meaning and the reason for the spelling I wonder?

ana on

Cruz stands for “cross” referring to the cross that Jesus died on. They lived in Spain, and I assume this is where they learned this.

Tee on

No, the Beckham family did not owe the public the reason behind their daughter’s name. However, I think it’s sweet that he offered the name’s meaning, especially since little Harper’s middle name is unusual. Odds are that he was just trying to answer the many questions that they have gotten.

I like the name that they have chosen! Harper is becoming more common but there is nothing wrong with that! Seven took some getting use to for me but I like it! Harper is a beautiful little girl and I’m very happy for the Beckham family!

showbizmom on

To whomever said they don’t understand how me disliking the name Gretchen has to do with the ‘n’ word. A girl I knew named Gretchen use to call me the ‘n’ repeatedly. that’s why I make the connection.

I’m pretty sure he did have to give an explanation Soph. Most celebrities are aware of sites like these and what is said about them. Their ‘handlers’ or their ‘camp’ usually suggest things to address that are being talked about. At the end of the day yes, its up to them if they will talk about whatever is the latest gossip, but in most cases they do address it in some way.

RKF on

But Jenner, who cares what names are “overused”? Our names are not in competition with the rest of human beings – they’re personal to us, as a single individual. What is “overused” are people blabbing nonsensically about names being overused. If you consider “Jenner” an original name, I’d beg to differ.

Cynt on

Really people??

First I love the name Seven and its really my nephews middle name. Spiritual, fulfilling meaning and just cool if nothin else.

Second, David is far too kind of his fan base because i would not be on FB or anywhere else explaining MY kids name cause really its none of their business and it opens the door to unnecessary and immature judgment and opinions.

And lastly, if you dont have anything positive to say, why comment? You waste YOUR own time typing negative comments bout people you dont even know which is just dumb not to mention fake!

Marky on

Wow, some of you posters are so hateful! How do you know Victoria never eats? Because she’s skinny? I weighed 102 lbs, and I ate all the time. I ate a whole chicken once, for goodness’ sake, I just was active and didn’t gain weight. And, no, I wasn’t throwing up, either. I have skinny friends and they certainly eat. Sounds as if some of you are just p*&*%d you are overweight and think it’s okay to make stupid remarks to make yourself feel better.

These 2 have what seems to be a nice family, their kids are not in trouble and nobody who knows them says ugly things about them. They have a right to name their kids whatever they like, so curb your insults and be nice! Most of you just sound sooo petty and envious because they have money. Not attractive when you’re rude and unpleasant. They had a baby, say congratulations! Sheesh!

RKF on

@Marky – you are calling others insulting? You have managed (in one small paragraph) to insult the overweight, those with eating disorders, accused posters of jealousy, envy, and pettiness, etc… I’d say that’s “rude and unpleasant” and no different than anyone else posting.

Marky on

RKF, I don’t know if many understand how harsh these constant insults about how Victoria never eats, needs to eat, is too skinny, will keep her child from eating, etc, sound and feel to those who are thin. What I was trying to say, and perhaps didn’t do as good a job as I would have liked, is that it isn’t nicer to insult thin people than to insult fat people. There is just no attempt to acknowledge that it’s okay to be slender, just like people should understand she smiles a lot in private, but doesn’t like how she looks in photos, so why not exhibit understanding the same way you would hope someone would exhibit understanding for you or your sister, or child if they had the same issue.

These people are not my friends, I don’t know them personally, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to be cruel and hateful. You can say I’m accusing posters of being envious, but look how many make rude comments about nannies and having someone read for her because she wouldn’t read for herself. There are always going to be people who have more than others; big deal.

Like I said, David and Victoria had a new baby, they are excited and want to share their happiness with others, but so many make comments about her appearance, the possibility of David cheating, all the things I have previously listed, I just feel sad and frustrated for them fending off insult after insult, and I wonder what people are getting out of it? Seems so cruel and hateful.

Some of us think about having our child, showing him/her to people and then having someone say, “What a stupid name!”, “Your baby isn’t cute!”, “Did you know your husband is a cheating loser?”, and guess I just don’t get it. Isn’t that just another form of cyberbullying? Yes, I know they don’t read all these posts, but as Katie Holmes said, they know……

Jillian on

Your risotto claim is pretty funny. You clearly have never seen a “skinny” person eat! For being skinny, she had a good size baby….weird, huh? She must be doing something right!

And for those who said she couldnt like or have read the book……I don’t believe her original quote, but if you do, why couldn’t she have discovered, read and fallen in love with it in the last six yrs?

Rfk, totally agree with your assessment of Markys last statement. I hate when ppl complain about ppl insulting while they insult.

Romy on

A, Harper Lee’s real name is Nell right?

Indira on

At least posh has good taste in books!

J on

Is it just me, or does David look like a crack head in that pic?

Harper is a better name that some celebrities are giving their kids now, and either way, who cares the reasoning behind it. As long as the kid is healthy and everyone is happy.

Barbie on

I feel both names are dreadful and not suite for a beautiful little girl…totally dreadful! It’s their child…w/e.

Whitney on

I just love the Beckham family – and once he gets that MLS cup 2011 with the Galaxy is life really will be PERFECT!

Elizabeth on

No explanation needed….Harper is an absolutely beautiful name 🙂

ruby on

Somehow I really doubt Victoria has read To Kill A Mockingbird >_>

But I love the name, too.