Family Photo: The Spelling-McDermotts Step Out

07/19/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Michael Germana/Globe

Check out that mohawk on Liam!

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott make Outfest 2011 a family affair, bringing children Liam, 4, and Stella, 3, to the closing night Sunday in Hollywood, Calif.

The actress, 38, appears in a new spoof video for Funny or Die, where it’s revealed that she’s been hoarding … gays.

The couple expect their third child together, a delivery surprise, this October.

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Liam rocks! I’m lovin the mohawk and aviator shades 🙂 Liam looks like he is full of personality while Stella is a shy and reserved. Tori’s bump always pops overnight. Dean looks ridiculous lol.

Cammy on

I love this family! I know Tori has a wedding reality show, but I do miss the show that centered around her family. Anyone know when her wedding show airs again?

chelsea on

Cammy, i think they are shooting another season of her family show. I suppose it will all be centered around her pregnancy again. With the finally being after the babies born again. All the same stuff again with new baby

Shannon on

OMG look at Liam! 🙂

jessicad on

I love her dress and the kids are just adorable!

alise on

I think she’s having a boy!

Romy on

this pic looks like a spoof. Tori looks fine

Romy on

oh wait it sounds like they were supposed to look off

TM on

I’m going to guess a boy too, Alise 🙂

Mina on

I’ll bet that baby is a girl

Sam on

hahahahahaha Mr. Spelling, you’re rocking that scarf! hahahahahaha Made me LOL for real! Kids are cuties. I’ll stop at that.

A.M on

Cute family! I wish this site would post a picture of Emily Deschanel who was at this same event so those nay-sayers could see how lovely and healthy she looks.

Maggie on

There was a picture of Emily posted, just go back a few pages.

Sheri on

How sweet! Dean was cold so Tori let him wear her wrap!

Taylor on

That spoof video was absolutely HILARIOUS! I loved it. Stella has gotten cuter with age, and I love Liam’s hair!

Jillian on

Seriously? Did you even look around?

Karen on

LOL at Sheri! Love it!

Jazzy on

Tori looks so pretty in that yellow. And her son’s swirly hair is funny! Her husband’s choice in sweaters is really different.

Kathy on

Dean looks like one of Tori’s Gays! He looks ridiculous! The kids look adorable!

flmom on

this picture is just odd. Hubs choice in sweaters is odd and Tori holdiing her belly is odd,

Jade Crystal on

Love that dress 🙂 What is wrong with the photo? I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Sam on

@Jade. You don’t see anything wrong with this picture above? I see home wreckers, cheaters, a litle boy that is continuously left out of pictures we see. But most of all I see a man trying too hard to be what he can never be, and lacking in morals, and a woman that has everything…..but morals. Maybe take another look.

Manda on

Sam, I gotta be honest, you making the same comments on every Tori post is getting a bit old.

Kait on

Sam – Have you ever thought that Dean’s ex-wife doesn’t want her son in all the photos? From what I can tell he’s barley even WITH his father… maybe she’s keeping her son out of the spotlight? You don’t know why he isn’t involved.. And before you nay-sayers go on about how Tori doesn’t even include him when she talks about her kids – maybe she’s actually being nice and letting Dean’s ex keep her son, and not say he’s hers?? I have a step-child, and I adore her, but she isn’t “mine” she has a mother, for better or for worse, and I respect that. Did anyone ever stop and think that maybe that’s why he’s left out? Becuase he’s with the parent that’s better for him? Because Tori is letting his mother be his mother, and not trying to take him away as well?

andi on

I recently read a book written by Dean’s ex Mary Jo and she said she does not want their son in the show hence the blurring of pics and never seeing him on the show. Apparently Dean went to make a movie in Canada for 3 weeks and came back, told his wife he met his “soulmate” and immediatley left her the same day he came back from Canada to be with Tori. They were on vacation in Palm Springs at the time with friends and he just up and left..jerk!

Toya L. on

According to Mary Jo, Dean wrecked their home many years and women ago. His cheating self did what she should have, “filed for divorce”. I don’t think Mary Jo wants Jack in event photos, she sure didn’t want him on the show (can’t blame her). Candids are one thing and there are several recent ones of all of them. I like the one when its just Jack and Dean and they got haircuts, shoes and went into a jewelry store. Cute kids!

AM on

Maggie – Thank you! Jillian – Seriously? Watch the tone.

Back on topic – I think it’s amazing how much Liam looks like his grandfather. Stella looks like her Dad. Their strawberry blonde hair is adorable!

Jillian on

Fully serious

Capri on

This picture would be perfect if Dean would take off that ridiculous scarf & sweater…it’s July…c’mon. Their a beautiful family regardless. Tori looks great & the kids are so adorable, as always!

Indi on

such a cute photo of the family!!! BUT really that dress does nothing for a pregnant women!!!!!!!

Sherron Teal on

He looks like he is wearing women’s clothes!!

Sherron Teal on

Well what his ex-wife basically said was, he came home one day and told her he had met his soul mate and he WOULD NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT $ AGAIN!! I think this is a beautiful family. However Tori Spelling works her ass off literally to make every buck while he does NOTHING! She is not to wise when it comes to a marital partnership. Obviously he got the $ he wanted!! So he is VERY happy.