Maya Rudolph Welcomes Son Jack

07/19/2011 at 03:25 PM ET
LRRB and Co./WireImage

It’s a boy for Maya Rudolph.

The Bridesmaids star, 38, and director Paul Thomas Anderson welcomed their third child, son Jack, on Sunday, July 3, her rep tells PEOPLE.

Jack — who is home and doing great — joins big sisters Pearl, 5½, and Lucille, 20 months.

While pregnant, Rudolph said she was especially excited to discover the sex of the baby, which she and Anderson chose not to find out prior to the delivery.

“The exciting part is not knowing who’s coming,” she explained. “You have to wait nine months for a surprise, but then it’s a good payoff because it really is a surprise.”

Rudolph next appears in Up All Night, premiering this fall on NBC.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Blaine Zuckerman

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Lily on

Aww congrats to Maya and her family! I for sure thought it was going to be a girl. A boy will be a fun change :). Jack is nice and simple.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to Maya and Paul! I thought it was going to be another girl, too. Love the name Jack!

Nicole on

Yay! A perfectly normal name!

Indira on

Too bad they didn’t really keep with the retro name theme. I did a little googling and I can’t find a single photo of Lucille! Theres a recent picture of Pearl but none of the younger one. Bravo to Maya for keeping them off the radar.

AM on

Wow! I thought she was on number 2! Congrats to them!

Hope Noland on

Why are we just hearing about her new baby now when he was born almost 3 weeks ago?

Niche on

Congratulations to the family! Such a nice surprise … two girls and now a boy. 🙂

What’s even better is she was able to enjoy him this long without delivery speculation.

Maggie on

Wow a boy! I thought for sure another girl, as it seems many of you did, as well.

Hope, it sounds like Jack came a little early – Maya said at the end of May that she wasn’t due for another two months. So maybe they just wanted to keep things quiet for a bit.

Jen DC on

Jack? JACK?!? LOL – I really thought they’d hit us with an “Ernest” or a “Herbert” or something to match up with Pearl and Lucille. I’m sure he’s as adorable as his sisters and congrats!


crg on

Jack is an old school name, it’s just that it’s been revived for a while now (Titanic).

Capri on

Uhh Hope maybe because it’s her business & she chose when she wanted to share it. I like that name Jack, too simple for me though.

Zoey on

Aww I’m so happy that they get to enjoy a boy as well. I love all their names! Congrats Maya, Paul, Pearl, and Lucille on your baby boy Jack.

mommytoane on

Jack was very popular in the 1930’s, but it die drop in the charts for a while. LOL I don’t really think of Jack from Titanic, but I do think of Capt Jack Sparrow.

Cute name! I can see why they kept things under wraps for a while tho. 🙂 Every family deserves to be able to announce new arrivals in their own time.

Lis on

What a GREAT name!! Of course, that’s the name of my own little sweet pea. 🙂 And my Jack was a delivery surprise too!! So fun! We get soooo many compliments on his name…however, we’re expecting no. 2 and thinking of the name Gus if it’s a boy and we’re not exactly getting as warm as response as we did with Jack, lol.

Anyway, congrats on baby Jack. I’m sure Pearl and Lucille are mommy’s little helpers and over the moon with their new baby brother!

Jillian on


I didn’t know much about Maya Rudolph until I saw Bridesmaids. OMG, she is HILARIOUS!!!!!! I have to check out some of her other stuff now. She had me laughing the whole time.

Angelina on

Hope…I’m guessing that her first priority after having a baby wasn’t to report it to the rest of the world.

Good for her for keeeping it to herself for as long as she did 🙂 She deserves some time to just enjoy her family.

Shannon on

Congrats! She is so lovely.

Romy on

I like it, very girl names for her girls and very much a boy’s name for her boy. Maybe not my first choice, but I definitely like it.

Niche on

@ Jen in DC, your comment made me laugh… Earl, Ernest, even Joe would’ve fit right in with her girls’ names.

On another note, some commenters on this site are so predictable… I find it pathetic. Just congratulate the woman (women), no one asked if you were familiar with her. *eye roll*

ELO on

Congrats to Maya and her family! I was just watching SNL reruns and thinking about her this morning.

@Niche- What is wrong with people stating that they aren’t familiar with her?

Leslie on

Jack is a retro name. My (92) year old grandpa is named Jack. It’s been gaining popularity lately, but its still very old style.

Love the name, and her others as well. Congrats to all of their family.

Niche on

Hi ELO… Nothing at all, I guess.

Jen DC on

et al – Yes, “Jack” is an old-school name. Let me clarify: I thought she’d go with something not trendy and old-school. And EARL, yes, EARL! Niche, you’re brilliant. Although perhaps too rhymy with Pearl. (I picked Ernest b/c it’s my grandfather’s name. Ern would’ve been, gosh, about 110 this year I think.)

Sophia on

Lovely news! I love Maya Rudolph and I’m so happy for her and her husband and daughters. Jack is a good, solid name and I’m sure he’s an absolutely gorgeous boy!

Macy on


crg on

mommytoane- the name Jack realllly took off after that movie. There was definitely a correlation.

These pages mention it (one is from NZ, but it rings true in the US, too):

Jillian on

Let us know what we can an can’t say on here, k? Didn’t know there were rules….eye roll.

Serilda on

Congrats to her. I love the fact that she just had a baby and her next project out is called “Up all night” ~ very fitting! 😉

Minami86 on

July 3rd is my birthday!! Awesome sauce!!! CONGRATS MAYA!!! ❤

Jennifer Redgrave on

I heard his name’s Jackson Wright Anderson, but they’re calling him Jack!

AllisonJ on

How sweet! Congrats to Maya and her husband on little Jack!

dsfg on

Jack seems to be more popular a name among celebrities than non-celebrities for some reason . . . same with Kai and Lola.

Whitney on

My dad is Jack – not Jackson or Jackie – his legal name is Jack. Never went to school with a Jack or a variation but my uncle is also Jack – AGAIN legal name Jack.

My dad was called Jackie by his family growing up so to differentiate between the two Jacks my family calls my dad Jackie or uncle Jackie – it is odd to me.

It’s funny cause both Jack’s have sons named Christopher and my mom wanted my brother to be called CHRISTOPHER not CHRIS – again one is called by the full name and my ADHD brother is Chris because he hated writing his whole name out.

My story has no point other then I do hear the name Jack A TON now but I guess because I grew up with two in my own family it is not strange to me….I do actually think it is strange for a Jack to a be a John – don’t understand that one. A family that I grew up with, the dad was Jack but he was the “John Version” of Jack. So we called him fake Jack!

It is the same however with the name Sydney – it is my sisters name and I feel like it is now one of the names that there are at least 30 in a school now and so kids are Sydney S. or Sydney J….. Glad when my sister and I grew up we were the only Whitney and Sydney in our classes… only one time did I have a class with another Whitney. I always felt bad for those kids who had to add their last name to be known by kids and teachers…. all those Katie and Michelle’s….

Okay well congrats to Maya and her hubby and congrats to Pearl and Lucille on getting to be big sisters to a brother…. I only had a little sister and a MEAN older brother…

marion on

love the name lucille – my daughter. jacki s cool too. maya we want you back on snl – miss you.

Jillian on

not at all. i know a TON of non celebrity Jack’s.

Kari on

Congratulations!!! You are such a wonderful actress! I loved you on Saturday Night Live and was so happy to see you back out there acting and I can’t wait to see your movie, Bridemaids!!!

Sammi on

I considered the name Jack for my son. And btw Maya and Paul are NOT married.